Thursday, 27 October 2011

Katniss and Peeta

Warning: This will be a long post!

First of all, I am finally in reach of my halfterm holidays!!! So happy, I am really starting to feel the pressure of Year 11 and having to be all responsible and grown up even if you don't want to be...  Holidays always mean reports and as far as mine goes I am really immensely happy, a string of As and Bs and even an A* (in Art). I am still wondering how i got out of the C range in subjects like French (Here we go again,... you know my hatred for these lessons!) or PE (I have NO idea what I did to convince them I was good a Badminton.....). I overstood parents evening without to many humiliating incidents, oh execpt for walking around with a big blob of paint on my face because i had stayed in school to finish my Art project, and no one bothered to tell me this.
Have just come home from an exhausting dance lesson, and I am ALMOST able to do the splits..! Almost! Just about 10 - 15cms missinggg... YAY yay YAY!!
I missed my last Ballroom lesson because there was a formal Debutant's Ball in a big Hotel in Lisbon and my teacher had to attend there... I was in fact invited too, but I found, as allready said, my scedule is fricking tight and Saturday is the one day to relax a little... I know it's a missed opportunity but I still have next year and I don't fell all that bad about not having to stand around in highheels while dancing with abnormally bad partners all night... :)
It started RAINING here..... Nooooo autumn go awayyy, and after half term I am going to have to wear my tie again. Rain also means that i seldomly can go surf... the last time i've been seems ages ago... the weather is horrible and I know that most people would shrouder at the idea if penetrating the freezing Atlantic when there is freezing weather anyways, but with my wetsuit dont think that should be much of a problem.. It's the fact that the bad weather produces ''low quality'' and/or too big waves for my level of capability.
Book news: I recently read a couple of very, very good books, which will definightly go down for my favourites!
The Power of Six - sequel to I am Number Four (by ''Pittacus Lore'') and ending in ahorrible cliffhanger. Now I have to wait another year to read the next one, Thr Rise of Nine. The books play on Earth at around this time, and is about John and in this book in particular his fellow alien Six have to fight against the opposing alien race trying to destroy Earth. There natturally is a romance involved... which escalated into a love triangle!!! All I can say is: I hope Six getts the guy. If you are also low on The Lorien Leagcies stories you should check out the new ebook  The Lost Files: Six's Legacy, haven't read it yet myself but I hope to soon!
Then I started reading The Hunger Games Triology (Suzanne Collins) and I am currently on book 3. I am absolutely obsessed witht he book and some of the funnest thing about them is actually that my two best friends  also read them and we are all fighting who ''the best'' guy in the series is... For me it's deffinightly Peeta but i can see the appeal of Gale and Finnik too :) I love Peeta because of the sweetness and protectiveness of him towards Katniss, also I hate/loce the way she really loves him but doesn't know thiss herself... M other friend was shocked when she found uot I was reading a ''blood-and-gore'' book but the HG's are so much more than that. I hate the principle of a tv-show like that because that is just inhumane and gross, but in this book it does not have such a frightening effect as it could have.
Actually, it as clear to anyone who knows me well that I would love these books, as they do reseble my still favourite book of all times Gracelling by Kristin Cashore.

Further more.... I convinced my Mom to be able to use her iPod (which she never uses [it doesn't even have music on it]) and I am now preparing it for myself... This means transferring my entrie online song libary onto my iTunes.... I promise myself to do at least one letter of the alphabet's worth in artists a day... It doesn't work most of the time though..... All I can say is ''Bye-bye Grooveshark and hello iPod''... Grooveshark was great though, I really like it... might still use it occasionally in remebrance of the good old days....
I promised this was going to be a long post... and I am now tired (not tired enough to not read a few more chapters though ;P)
Soooo, night! X

Monday, 3 October 2011

Quiksilver Pro France, Love and Life

SO, today it's one day before the begin of the Quiksilver Surf Pro in France, I am really excited and I really hope that its gonna be big waves and good surfing :) One thing which is really good for me is the fact that it takes place in Europe wich means that the times aren't so drastically different as they were the two last competitions. (They were in America)
I am most looking forward to seeing Owen Wright, who is definightly one of my favourite surfers, hes still young but already world number two! And he always gets really nice waves. Also, John John Florence who is another ''youngster'' and Josh Kerr who is reakky cool. I hope that some one except for Kelly slater will win this one because - even though hes undoubtedly an amazing surfer - I like to see a bit of a change up in the competition; and I don't like people who win all the time much...
Otherwise, schools back to normal and the teachers are giving me 5 tests and exams in the next 10 days, why does this feel like exam week? It's the beginning of October... :/
I am not completely terrified of French lessons anymore, which is really good news, as is that I am finally getting out of a crush on someone, which I have had for agessss and which has gotten kind of annoying... (he's not annoying, just my feelings towards him) and even though I am happy about this, my feelings are also really confused. Do it's like one day I like him the next I dont... :S
I have successfuly completed my 4th Ballroom lesson, which I am starting to really like partly because I am actually good at it and even if I have to dance with someone who is completely untalented it's at least a little fun (and it helps alot with me learning Portuguese). I did convince another friend to come along who also loves it so now I'm not alone which is good because it's just so much easier to start something new with a good friend at your side... :) Tomorrow I have Hip-Hop and I am looking forward to it!
As I finished HP and the Deathly Hallows I am now back at reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels (The books to True Blood). The last Harry Potter was definightly one of my favourite along with the Prisoner of Azkaban and the Half Blood Prince. I was really sad when it ended because I had gotten so used to Harry and the end IS really sad there is no denying. When Fred dies, and when Kreacher leads the house elves into battle :) I never thought I would feel so lovingly towards Kreacher....
I also bought the sequel to I am Number Four, which is called The Power of Six and I really look forward to reading it as I loved the first book so much :)
OK, tis late gotta GOooooo!

Music of the Moment:
Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes
Wish You Were Here - Avril Lavigne
Numb/Encore - Linkin Park and Jay-Z
Oh yeah and Ultraviolet - Stiff Dylans (This one is from the incredibly cheesy but AWSOME movie Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging :) I  it!)