Friday, 29 April 2011

Union Jacks

I'm back from England and I can only say it was amazing! Not only seeing my family again but having so much stuff to do. After the flight delay due to the stupid Portuguese laws under which I don't even actually belong because I am officially living in Germany. Anyway. 
After one day of relaxing and planning my now remaining 9 days, I went to see 'Red Riding Hood' with my awsome cousine Charlie :) I really liked it. Actually even more than the first twilight movie directed by the same director. The theme is very similar in both films there is a love triangle and a werewolf involed. It stars Amanda Seyfried (Valerie), who is beautiful, and two new hotties called Max Irons (Henry) and Shiloh Fernandez (Peter). The story was about a old village which was haunted by a werewolf every full moon. But in a 'blood moon' there can be a new werewolf created, by only one bite. The wolf is trying to turn Valerie were wolf and in the end it is revealed that her father is the wolf. After killing him there is another wolf created, but it is not her. The love story:  she was in love with Peter since she was a little girl but as he was only a woodcutter, her parents decided to marry her to Henry (who loves her and is a really good and sweet guy - I am Team Henry) who she doesn't love. In the end she does go with Peter, but there things are no less difficult. I can understand that this way was more the typical fairy tale romance but I had still hoped for Henry to 'get the girl'...
The next day we did some clothes shopping in a HUGE mall!! awsome shoes, shorts, bikinis... it's summer! The weather was better than it is in 'sunny' Portugal at the moment..... (which was fine then but now that im back... :S) One more day of relaxing on Thursday when my older beautiful cousine Kate, arrives.... Oh, and my aunt.... Meg...
The next day London was on the program, seeing the musical 'Chicago' in Cambridge Circus Theater was amazing. The film was very different from the musical mainly as it was not nearly as funny. But I still love both. And of course the music was incredible.
Nothing was planned for Saturday, but we decided to go to a point-to-point horse race. It was basicly, a racing course and opportunity to park all aroud it. Families got out blankets and had picnics. Also there was betting and cake sales, ice cream vans and how about a go on the bouncy castles...? Amazing photos and feeling sick because of all the food was the result.
Easter Sunday - lots of family, food and croquet, thats about it. :D
On my last real day, the beach. This really put Portugal to shame. A) The sand was way finer than back home B) the weather was equally much better and C) not even the water was much warmer.... seriously!
The flight back was no problem except for the fact that someone forgot to pick me up from the airport... brilliant!! still finally I've made it back, just in time to watch the Royal wedding.
Here I have to say, some people might be sick of hearing about it, but its a thing that happens just every 30 years or so. I mean the REALLY important ones. Like Kate, the first 'commener' to marry into the royal family. And did you see her dress? So beautiful. I really hope that this marriage will last, and not end in some sinister mystery, that is horrible every possible way.
Well anyway, I really enjoyed everything Union Jack related that has happened these holidays, it was an amazing holliday. Not even Ibiza or the Carribeans could have been better.
Thanx for the amazing time to the Hugills!! I love u all!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Lisboa to London Gatwick

So. After a complicated flight I am finally in England! YESSSSS....! Love it! Haven't been here for about 2 years, it's so weird!
The flight was complicated because appareantly by the portuguese law you are not allowed to travell alone with out a declaration signed by your parents with a lawyers stamp under neath... :S Well I was caught at the passport controll and the police wouldn't let me through. As a result i missed the flight and had to fly the next day... Now I am finally here and plans are being made. Shopping, cinema, theater, easter, so much to do, I am so excited for it all to start.
Yesterday when I had been able to fly (with declaration and everything) I stood in front of three Londoners at boading and allmost laughed out loud. I never believed that some people actually have an accent like that, it couldn't have become more chavvy... I really believed that it was just some exaggarated 'mockation' of some sort, but no. :) They really remided me of Lauren Cooper, except that this is in fact a'mockery'. And then they came to sit behind me on the plane which then DID become annoying...
Soon gonna review Red Ridinghood!
Byee! Happy Holidays :)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mike Tompkins

YouTube - Canal de pbpproductions

This guy is amazing! He is a 24 year old record producer and writer and he covers famous songs 'A Capella'. And he is REALLY good! The songs he does may gave become annoying by the 'radio over use'.... (you know what I mean...) BUT they're still amazingly done and he shows how he did them at the end of each song, it's so cool! Oh, and have I mentiond he is amazing?
Well, everything is going fine with me at the moment, I've got my rport which has not turned out as good as I hoped to, but still no Es or Fs so I'm kinda (not very) happy... Last week of school *YAY!* just 45 more minutes and a parents evening to go now and then I'm of to ENGLAND!!! I'm so happy! I'm visiting my english family there, celebrating my cousin's birthday and easter and hpoefully doing loads of shopping!! Also I am flying alone, which I love!
Oh, and appart form all this holiday stuff going on, there is perfect beach weather outside. (in comparison of Germany where it is raining :P lol!) Beach!! This years first sunburn has already shown up after a day in the full sun (Do not call me stupid!) at the sports festival... I am extremely white skinned and allthough because of this I am usually carefull and able to prevent a sunburn, I still burn very easily :( And I don't get tanned either, which here in Portugal is mildly depressing!
See you in England, if I can find the time :)

Friday, 1 April 2011

I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore - read the free ebook now from ePub Bud!

This is the eBook to "I am Number four", which is even more brilliant than the film, and at parts so devastingly sad. It came out only a month before the film because the film rights were already sold way before the book was finished being edited and stuff. It's brilliant and as most times I like it even more than the film, because there is no way of going into enough detail to make me happy in aproximately 120 minutes. (If I read the original book before.) Also the plot is shortened and bits left out. One thing that I preffer in the film, however is that the changed the amin characters age, John, from 15 to about 17 and that the end fight makes a) more sense and b) is much more awsome, the book lets him look like a total whimp.
So this is just a short blog in order to progress my feelings after just having finished reading and crying. I am happy though, that appareantly the second book, this time based on a different character of the remainig 6, called Marina, is going to be released in summer some time, and hopefully not shortly the second film. As I till think this is a good book-film convertion. In relation to the twilight series, I LOVE the books and was quite sad when the films came out as they did, especially as they have a brilliant cast.
So, it's already late and I finally feel tired enough to be able to sleep... :)
Good night, xx