Monday, 19 December 2011

Jingle Bell Rock

Ho, ho, ho from Germanyyy!
Yes, I am writing this post form Germany, where I will be spending my holidays with my lovely family :) At the moment it is just my grandma, my aunt and uncle and 8 of my cousines (of which 7 are male, and from the same  aunt :P), and my mom. Family Christmases are always a big deal, and they are always really nice but also extremely exhausting.
The only bad thing, I think I already mentioned this on a previous post, I have fricking exams the frist fricking day I get back to school! Soooooo, I need to study in Germany. For this purpose I carried my ~10kg heavy schoolbag around various airports and train stations.... And now even though it IS the first day here I deffinightly SOULDN'T be blogging instead of doing actual work :S buttt it's so much more funnn, as you may have guessed I am very good at procrastination, which is not one of my best traits.
My journey was good except for the part where I had to wake up at 4:30 am IN THE MORNING! Oh but the rest was good, I relatively like flying and after I had to take a 2hr train for which I ddn't pay because no one asked for my ticket (my mom was there too, so it wasn't my fault :P).
 The Strictly Come Dancing Season ended! Guess who won? HARRY JUDD OF COURSE! I mean I had no doubt that he would because I had amazing talent and a great chemistry with Aliona, who is an absolutely amazing choreographer too! He was the only one who got to perfect 40 scores in the finale! And he just looked so amazing in all four dances! I am going to be actually sad that the season is over because I loooove watching those dances, in my oppinions it's not thattt much about the celebrities but they also make the whole thing more interesting. It would be worth it to be a british celebrity just to have the chance to go on to SCD! I wouuuuld absolutely love to do a show like that.... Yeahhh, that's not happening :(
I finished Matched (by Ally Condie) the day after I first posted about it, and I was completely right about the ending and her ending up with Ky. I mean, I get the appeal of something forbidden, but why can't any girls EVER be happy with what they've got,... in books...  I mean first of all Catniss, who can't accept her love for Peeta and then Gale and the can't decide, and with that she ruins everything! And thhhen, in Matched, why the hellll can't Cassia just stay with Xander??? It was obvious that she was pretty much in love with him anyways before the whole microcard incident, so why does she have to rebell? Ally Condie might have thought that it would make a more interesting ending, it probably did, but I think the whole aspect of a ''forced'' marriage in modern days is pretty interesting. Whatever, I don't agree with Cassia endling up with Ky, I guess he is a thoughtful guy and mysterious and the rest but Xander is every bit as thoughtful and he is good looking and totally in love with her at the same time. All I have to say is that, I would have chosen  Xander.
I also ordered and ready Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. Actually, I read it in one night. Which already explaines how good it is. It's about a world in which everyone is ''ugly'' untli their 16th brithday, on which they have an extreme beautifying operation, to make them all symetrical and beautiful. This is to stop discrimination and hate between the people who live somewhere in the future, where the current civilisation had basicly been whiped out. All Tally wants is to ''turn pretty'', because as the youngest of her friends she feels lonely in the specified area of her city in which the uglies live. Then she gets to know a girl called Shay who is completely different, she is tought, happy with whom she is and how she looked like, and she doesn't want to ''turn''. When Shay runs away to a vilage called the Smoke, estabished  by former doctors and scientists who found out that in the operation not only the appearance of people get's changed but also part of their brain gets washed. On her birthday, Tally is not allowed to be ''turned'' as the officials from 'Special Circumstances' noticed Shay's disappearance and now foce Tally to bring back her  friend of for ever stay ugly. Of course, Tally chooses to betray her friend, but when she arrives at the Smoke after a hard journey, she falls in love with the honesty and the people of the Smoke. Especially David, who is the son of Maddy and Az, the founders of the Smoke, who turns out to be beautiful in his own way. In the end she betrays them, even if she doesn't want to and she decides to fight witht the Smokies against the oppression of free will by the Special Circumstances department.
This book I really liked, because it had everything in it that I really like: a romance, a bit of action, and some thought provoking topic (beauty orperation/brain liasions in this case). I just think it is a brilliant book, which is why I immediately bought all other books in or connected to the series.... I won't get them now that I'm in Germany as they will be delivered to my appartement in Portugal but, that is actually not a bad thing as in this way, I won't get tooo much ditracted by shiny new books when I'm supposed to be studying for my mock GCSE exams... WAAHHH!!!
Wellll first of all I will try to enjoy Xmas!!
Happy Holidayysss, XX

My favorite Xmas songs:
Last Christmas - Wham
Let It Snow! - Frank Sinatra
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee
Driving Home for Christmas . Chris Rea

Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms <3

Sunday, 11 December 2011

We're all wild about Harry!

Omg, I love him so absolutely-fricking-much! I just HAD to share this really quickly because he's sooo talented. And normally I am NOT the biggest fan of the Charleston because of the cheesy expressions ect. but this is rlly fun to watch and well done. I think Craig is a f**ktard for giving him a 9. I deserved that one more point! I love and hate Craig equally much because his criticism is always funny but true, but it's annoying that he always has to whine about something... But I mostly only feel this way when stuff is about Harry :D And last year it was Gavin Henson... 
Sooo, my modays posting schedule was rudely interrupted by this event, but whatever :) I'll just do it todayyy, YAY! First of all I'm happy right now because of all of Harry's amazing scores and that he is in the effing FINAL! Yesssss! And the also, I have got more pageviews this month than EVER before and it's only the 11th, which makes me feel proud, thanx you guys!
I had quite an eventful week, starting with not having to go to school on Thursday, so I went out with some friends and had a sleepover on Wednesday, which was really fun! And quite interesting actually, I learnt that it is possible to sleep with your face in a cussion and NOT suffocate, this is the preffered way of sleeping of one of my retarded friends (just kidding, luv u loaaads Lozza!), I call it planking with a death wish. Oh yeah, I forgot to say, that this method of sleeping requires you to have 95% of the duvet, most of which just randomy hangs of your side of the bed. Leaving ME, without ANY duvet. Thanks you very much *fake smile*...
I missed out on Thursd's and Sat's dance lessons.. :S because of time management problems (I'm very, VERY bad at getting things done in time.) annnd the fact that I went ice skating yesterdayyyy, Yeahhh! I used to skate a LOT in the winters, in Germany we had a huuuge pond right in the middle of the village where I would spend the majority of my afer school days! Sooo, it was good going again in the first time in maybe 2 years.... I didn't even fall. I even jumped over this kids annoying pusharound seal which would have probably been my cause of death otherwise.... I'm quite proud of that, as you can see :P As a treat, I allowed myself to have a thingy/stick (how the hell do you call that??) of candyfloss and a carousel ride... I'm SO immature... 
Further more, the Billabong Pipe Masters competition went of in Hawaii, and it was pretty cool I guess.. This competition was so much different from the ones I had watched previously, huge, perfect tubes and barrels and only the wish to come out the other end.... Also I saw alot of surfers which don't regularly take part in normal contests, such as Evan Valiere, with whom I am now also 'in love' with... Evan though it was particularily cruel that my darling Owen Wright went out because of him.... They had a good heat and Evan won, but not very highly... They were quite evenly matched even though Evan's been surfing there for 22 years of his life and Owen only started Pipe when he was 16 I think. John John Florence got two ''perfect 10's'' which is pretty impressive, he won against Kelly Slater (11 time world Champ) and he's only 18. But with him Pipe is also his backdoor wave so no surprise there... Oh, and I quickly have to mention, another favourite Gabriel Medinaaaa, 17 year old wunderkind from brazil!!! It was his first time EVER surfing Pipeline and he immediately won his first heat, he is amazing! I am competely in love with him as well... (I have a long list of guys I love) And I need to show you this pic of him which I found the other day, CRAZY IM TELLING YOU!
I diddd surf today but the waves were no where as perfect for me as last weekend, stilll, a good day for me. 
I got a book, which I had ordered on amazon, and where I hadn't actually thought it would still come before xmas, so YAY again...  It's called Matched (by Ally Condie) and it's about a girl living somewhere in the future, where in the name of planet preserverance, the govenment makes most decisions in the people's lives. It is a little bit similar to the HG's district 13, just that the people even get 'matched' their husband/wife gets chosen for them, as well as their breakfast, lunch and dinner. And the main, character, Cassia, get's matched to her best friend (Xander) whch is obviously great, but then there is some confusion and she thinks she is matched to a different person (Ky), soo this stirrs up problems as she decides to find out if this wasn't her actual Match. I think the idea of the story is quite cool and im only halfay through the book, but I think that she will end up breaking Xander's heart, and choosing to be with Ky, which I am not OK with. I guess Ky is quite nice and she finds out a secret about him and blahhh, and I guess I am also against having every decision be made for you by the 'Officials', but, in the beginning when she was matched with Xander she was really happy, why the hell does she have to 'explore' and break her own, annnd Xander's heart? I think she is being utterly stupid and annoying! There is a sequel and I am only halfway through the book but I believe that this is the thing that is going to happen and I am really annoyed. I am 100% team Xander. If she doesn't want him, I do. 
That's all for tonight and my untypical Sunday's post :)


Monday, 5 December 2011

WARNING! Murderous Plant!

I just got into our school musical, Little Shop of Horrors, Yay!! Hence the title of todays post... I had to go through two auditions and got in even though I don't take singing classes or drama, so I'm pretty happy with myself. I got the role of one of the narrators which is a crowd of 3 - 12 girls, who aren't really involved in the plot, but they keep the whole story together in a way. It's going to be run in March, so that's still a long time but I'm actually quite worried as I am going to have mock GCSE exams in January and the real exams in May :S

Yeah, mocks, Urghhh. I don't even want to think about them. I am going to Germany and I am going to have a nice Christmas. And the 1st day back at school: BANG! A ten hour art exam. I mean I'm happy its only art, beacuse it's something I love to do and I am kinda good at but the rest of the next two weeks are going to be horrible. And I have only 1 month to revise for about 8 subjects.... -.- Buhuhuhuuuuuu! I feel like crying.
In 3 days the Billabong Pipe Masters are starting! Yessssss! I thought it was today actually so I was a little disapointed buttt, its so close I can wait for 3 more days :) I had the most amaaazing time surfing yesterday! The waves were perfect for me, some small ones, some big ones. and I got three really nice ones. It's such an amazing feeling when you're up on a wave, and everything is going perfect. The take off was fast, you're balanced well and 'the drop' is yet to come. You don't have to concentrate just go with the moment... Adrenalin. I couldn't stop smiling afterwards :) And in the beginning I didn't want to go because the weather was grey and there was no sun. It turned out to be a bright day (literally, my eyes were squinting and watering for about 2 minutes before I got into the water)...

I watched The Debt with Helen Mirren and Sam Worthington. It's a really good but scary movie, the first one I worried that I was going to have nightmares in agesssss (but I didn't). It's about three agents which are supposed to kidnap the 'Surgeon of Birkenau' (a concentration camp, where he did medical 'testing' on humans) and bring him to court. It's about them being young and on the mission and all the drama that surronds it. Fight training, Rachel (who is played by Jessica Chastain and portrays a young Helen Mirren) getting pregnant from one guy on the mission but being in love with the other (Worthington), and in the end failing at bringing him to court as he manages to escape. And then it shows what happens 30 year later. They told the world that they killed him and are celebrated like heroes. But a journalist threatenes to find the truth about the surgeon escaping and Rachel needs to take out the surgoen for good as her two co-agents are both unable to do it (dead and wheelchair). Rachel was the one who nearly died in a struggle with the surgeon befor he escaped and now she manages to kill him, after they had another stuggle, typically, in a bathroom; after he stabbed her with a pair of scissors. The whole scene is gross but less so than in Breaking Dawn because for some reason, I can handle action/war movies better than birth scenes... All in all it's a really good movie if you like that sort of suff and you should go watch it. :D

Songs of the Moment:
Let the Sun Shine - Labyrinth
Titanium - David Guetta ft. Sia
Geronimo - Aura Dione
Up In Flames - Labyrinth ft- Devlin, Tinchy Stryder