Monday, 30 January 2012

''Two can keep a Secret, if one of them is Dead''

''Got a secret, can you keep it?
Swear this one you'll save.
Better lock it, in your pocket,
taking this one to the grave.
And I show you that I know 
you won't tell what I said.
'Cause two can keep a secret, 
if one of them is dead.''

As some of you might have guessed from the title, my newest ''obsession'' is the American TV series Pretty Little Liars and that^^ is the into song. I especially love that song. It's kinda creepy, but it sticks to your brain and tays there... My favorite characters from the series are probably Aria and Spencer because I can somewhat identify myself with Aria and I just love the way Spencer's brain works. Hehe, I don't know but she is so amazingly clever but seriously sporty and modern and cool, and no one would dare to ever call her a nerd. I find it cool that the 4 girls are all so completely different, with Hanna the drama queen, Aria the crazy/hippie one, Spencer the intelectual and Emily the sweetheart. 
Also the show has quite a cast of hot guys. My personal favourite up to now is still Spencer's ex-boyfriend Alex Santiago (Diego Boneta). I fell in love with him mostly because he knew how to dance. Demonstrated in the kitchen scene. If you can remember.
The storyline is also really good, because it keeps the tension there, and there are always unexpected twists and turns. I also find that annoying though, because I just want them to finnaly find out something that is actually important. But before that ever happens ''A'' just makes sure that all proof of what ever is lost.
So in a very few days I have watched all of season one and nearly half of the second one. Thats just how exciting and good it is. I've even somewhat neglected Eragon because of it :/ 
I am now halfway through book 4. Oromis and Glaedr died, which was pretty obvious to happen but still annoyed me soo much... and then Roran succeeded with his crazy plan to ''capture'' Aroughs. Eragon and Arya are sword fighting and Glaedr finally comes out of his depression to instruct Eragon again. (Yup, he IS dead, but is ''heart of hearts'' survived and is with Eragon which means that only this physical body really died.) The funnies thing recently is that Saphira is so vain, she lost one of her scales on her nose and makes a huge fuss about it, like and human girl would about a spot :D
Tomorrow we are having an interhouse crosscountry ompetition... -.- YAY.... Not. I can hardly jog for the length if the run without stopping.... I haven't surfed in 6 weeks either..... :( so I am completely unfit. But good news is that we are now finally doiing basket ball in PE, instead of volley ball (which I hate) and also because of the competition, we are allowed to wear homeclothes tomorrow! Yayyyy!

This is my monday post, so byeeeee! oh and Thanx for the NEARLY 300 views this month! XX

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Monday, 23 January 2012

International Love

Brian Jeong & Ethan Leeman: "International Love" by Pitbull (Ft. Chris Brown) - YouTube

I absolutely love, love, looooooveee this! Especially Ethan.... the guy on the right, with the white cap. Wow those guys are so amazing! My lovely friend Laura showed me this video because she was researching dance for her GCSE PE Dance and she found it and now we are both absolutely obsessed.
I am still reading Brisingr but I am on the last 100 pages so I will hopefully finish it fairly quickly. Eragon is now in Ellesmèra and Oromis just told him that Brom is his father rather than Morzan! So that is a veryy good thing, and also Orik is now King of the dwarves thank god. Nasuada is really annoying me because she has become so posessive of Eragon, I kann understand that if you are on the brink of war, you woudn't want your best fighter to disappear but a) for a small about of time they would be fine without him and b) I think it's stupid of her to be like that, when her behaviour only aggrivates and alienates Eragon even more than necessary. It seem like she is really full of herself...
The some of the other books I bought via amazon have finally arrived, I was really beginning to worry. I have now got The Power of Six (by Pittacus Lore) which is a sequel to I Am Number Four and I had allready read on but now I have the book, which I preffer way more than just reading it. And a third squel was announced which is called The Rise of Nine. Yayy! Also I have now got Pretties by Scott Westerfeld and Extras also by him. Now I just need Specials to complete the series.
My birthday is in a little less than 2 weeks which on one hand is reallt good but on the other hand not because I have not fullfilled my list of things to do befor I'm 16.... But I am staying in Portugal this time! I'm going to Berlin another 2 weeks after thaat though, because I am taking a trip with my History class there in the Carnival Hols. I am really excited mostly because the program is quite fun (we're going ice skating!!!!) and also because I will be very much enjoying to boast about my German skills..... hehe...
This post isn't particularily long as I a) have to still do my homework and b) am watching Sherlock 2 again, for the 3rd time. Soooo byee! XX

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Ps.: I found a whoooole new bunch of Chaos Theory Crew vids just nowww yayyy! Check them out at

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Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Consulting Detective: Sherlock.

At the moment it seems I am quite obsessed with Sherlock Holmes. No wonder, with the second film being even more brilliant than the first. (I have now already seen it twice and the devil pony and the urban camouflage are still as good as the first time! A lot of my friends said I should watch the BBC version of Sherlock. And because of this so called obsession, I did. I have now finished the first season :( which only has three episodes anyways :'( and I am absolutely in love with this modern portayal of Sherly, Watson and Moriaty. Where I have to compare Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch I just have to say that they are both brillian in their own way and completely suited for the different portrayals of Holmes that they act as. Downey Jr. is perfect in his 1890ish area in which modern technology has to be replaced with an even higher level of unike brilliancy which edges onto madness. And Cumberbatch presents Sherlock as a modern megamind who is droven by an aspegerish focus which repersents the modern day life well. Both Watsons are portayed amazingly as well of course, where I have to say that where in the film Sherlock is the childish one in the series Watson is the one who I worry about most of the time.
I have moved on to Brisingr. It is amazing as are all the others. I have just realised that he is only 28 and he has released four 1000-page-bestsellers already! WOW! I know that there is not going to be a 5th book of Eragon, since he had already only planned on writing tree books in the beginning but I really hope that there is another one to come beause I know I will miss Eragon once I have finished his story.
Brisingr is as espected, and already said a really good book, and Murtagh reappears. Yay... kind of... or not. I absolutely loved him in book one, but now he has become Galbatorix' tool and tries to kill his own brother, what a f**ktard! Also Elva, the girl who Eragon intended to bless, but actually cursed, has become a slightly annoying character. I find her decision to keep her gift good, it was exactly what I wanted, but I never wanted her to ABUSE her power!!! I guess she is just a two year old toddler but for the adult brain she owns she shud behave more wisely.
So one and a half more Eragon's to go and I am already dreading the end (which doesn't cause me to read any slower but still,..). I did buy the rest of the Uglies on Amazon some time ago but they havent arived yet... Arghhhhhh! *rage* I want them noooww! Also I want my newest Sookie book! I miss True Blood.
This is the first week I went back to normal school, mocks are over and I have already got some results... thre B's in History, Chemistry and Maths.... In all of which I am aming for A's at the end of the year. So life is just going on I guess... Oh, and I also had my first Little Shop of Horrors rehersal yesterday, which was basicly only learning parts of two of the songs but I am really happy because it sounds really good!
Nothing else to tell.... Byeeeeee!

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Little Shop of Horrors Song (Sorry, I don't know the composer)

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

29th of February

Ok, I am really sorry. I said I woudn't be late again but now I am -.-
So that said first, I only have one more day of examss! Yayy! Portuguese Foreign Language tomorrow and them I'm finished!
I DID get Crossed (by Ally Condie, sequel to Matched) the same day I posted the last post, and I've already finished it. I must say, I do not particularily like the books, mostly due to the fact that I still live Xander more, even if you did get to know Ky a bit better. I actually started to like Ky, since half of the chapters are written in his perspective but, even if I now sympathise with him more as an individual, I still don't like the fact that Cassia runs after him while Xander is just perfect for her. Also, Indie, I liked her in the beginning but seriously, get over yourself, your an Aberration, fine, I get it, but you dont have to steal peoples Matches...! So, I liked this book if I can block out the stupid love story...
More books arrived: Eldest, Brisingr and Inheritance which are the rest of the Eragon series, YAY! I'm halfway through Eldest right now so Murtagh is still ''dead'', which is actually better than being a traitor I think, and Arya was just prooven to be a 100 year old princess... Nice... I really do hope Eragon and Arya will end up together, even if there is a massive age difference, she could basicly be his great-great-great-grandmother.... WOW! I just realised tht....
Then I just watched Leap Year which is such a nice film!! I really liked it! It's about Anna (Amy Adams) who wants to marry her long time slimy boyfriend and when he doesn't propose to her she goes to Dublin to propose to him, on leap day. But since there are weather problems, she lands in Brittain and then has to make her journey with the slightly arrogant guy who is willing to drive her to Dublin because he is broke... An then the car breaks and they have to pretend to be married and they slowly fall in love.... yaayyyyy.... it's an absolute chick flick but every girl needs those once in a while....
Then some funny things happened in school, 1st of ll I found out that my friend Ines has a photographic memory of something ;P and 2nd the other day after school a guy from one of the higher years lost his glove and didn't notice and she ran after him screaming ''Your Glove!!! Your Gloooovee!!!! YOUR GLOVEE!!!'' and he and she hadn't even noticed that she had behaved really embarrassingly..... I still love you sweety don't worry, sometimes you are just hilarious!
So not a very long post today.... since I don't want to annoy everyone by posting up every little detail about my failed exams (aka. all of them), Byee XX

Happy (Without You) - Downtown Fiction
Get It Right - Downtown Fiction
Band Bang Sexy - Short Stack

Thursday, 5 January 2012


Hmmmm, it's good to be back! I'm really sorry for the long break! First of all I am back in Portugal and school has already started. And as you might have guesses, with it, EXAMS. I'll talk about that later...
First of all, I hope U all had a nice Xmas and a happy New Year! I had a very good Xmas with loads of lovely prezzies and most of my family, YAY! (It was also really exhausting though!) I got mostly chlothes, and 2 DVD's and, the best part 2 (only :( ) new book's, YAAAY! 1st of all Plötzlich in Peru (Suddenly in Peru) by Chantal Schreiber, a German/Austrian book, which they have unfortunately not translated yet. It is a really nice book, one of the girlier kind I sometimes read, and even in that genre, I havn't read such a good book in a really long time. It's about a girl who finishes school and makes a snap decision to take part in a charity/tourism/holiday in peru for 3 months. She has a boyfriend, whom she loves overexaguratedly (is there such a word?), but with whom she has problems, and later breaks up, after he admits he cheated. So the girl, Elena, works in an orphanage, discoveres Cusco and the inka ruins and has spanish lessons, with a half Dutch, half Peruvian guy called, Sebastián. Who obviously turns out to be quite cocky and arogant, but also nice. And Elena slowly and unintentionally fals in love with. I said I love Cole (Wolves of Mercy Falls), but Sebas, I love equally if not more!!!! He is just perfect! Tall, dark but blue eyed, and the sightest bit full of himself :)
The other book I got was Eragon by Christopher Paolini. Which is also AMAZING! I absolutely loved it! I read it in about 4 days (and nights) during which most of my family complained I was being anti-social. Hmpf. But I'm ok with that because they didn't know on how much they were missing out! HAH! I didn't fall in love with anyone in specific , but my favourite character was probably Murtagh. I find the story amazing, because it is worked out untill the smallest details, has an independant language and species which are made real by all the details that are nown about them. I was nearly crying when Brom died and when Eragon fought the Shadow I was biting my finger nails. One thing I hope will hapen is a relationship between Eragon and Arya, but I expect that everyone is interested in that aspect so there will be another twist. Oh, and I hope that Murtagh will be accepted by everyone even though he is Morzan's son. Which I already know will not happen since he will betray the Warders and unite with Galbatorix :'( I bought the other three books in the series and I hope Eldest will arrive soon since I've already got Brisingr.
In the film world there is also news. I recently watched Mission Impossible: Ghost Protocol, New Year's Eve (who hasn't? :P) and Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. Which I all more or les loved.
Mission Impossible was just full of action and the typical kind of special agent film I love. Tom Cruise did a great job at playing Ethan Hunt, again, and there was the perfect mix of comedy and action provied to make a really good film. In this film, I especially loved Simon Pegg as Benji Dunn, who was just too comical. And I thought the twist with Ethan's wife was really interesting, but also hindering since now he can't randomly fall in love with any girl he has to save, anymore (which I thought was kind of fun :P).
New Year's Eve was essentially exactly like Valentine's Day as was predictable, but it was still a good comedy. I just love any film starring Ashton Kutcher.. ;) Not just that... But really of the many relation ships staring and ending Ashton and Lea were probably my favourites. And Zac Effron's ending was just absolutely unanticipated! Why does he end up with an 'old' woman?? I mean I thought it was sweet for him to let her New Year's Resolutions come true and I would have been fine with their kiss at the end IF she hadn't been his mother's age. Also Sarah Jessica Parker's ending was quite weird, since in the film it was all more about her daughter... But oh well, I liked everything else.....
And finally: Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows. One word: supercalifragilisticexpialidocious!!! Just amazingly hilarious! I completely and absolutely adore Robert Downey Jr. as Sherlock. And Jude Law did a brilliant job as ''Watson''. Already in the first movie I loved the way Holmes get's portrayed as a parcially-insane genious and how he though that keeps surviving and making the craziest ''Urban Camouflage'' suits ever. I loved that he and Watson come to his wedding all bloodly and dirty and beaten up, and that he pushes Mrs. Watson of the train into a lake, in order to ''earn her trust''! And the best part was the questionmark at the end. I just didn't like the part where they killed off (?) Irene Adler, who was also brilliantly played by Rachel McAdams. There are statements that they will make a 3rd Holmes film, so there is still hope that she isn't actually dead, because there could not be a happy ending to the trilogy without Holms and Adler ending up together. 
Great news from other new films in 2012 :) First of all Magic Mike is to be released in late June, starring ALEX FRICKING PETTYFER, Joe Maganiello ans Channing Tatum! Man, they're all good looking! And then What to Expect When You're Expecting comes out in May!! This ones also includes Joe :D YAY! But also Cameron Diaz, Jennifer Lopez, Matthew Morrison, the movie will just be a lot of fun I hope!
As I still am in exam week, this has actually already taken up too much of my time, I should be studying Chemistry right now so that is what I am going to do now. I have finished Art, Bio and my English Assessment on Macbeth, of which only Art went relatively well and which drastically increased my hatered for English.
I just got Crossed by Ally Condie, sequel to matched and will start reading it if I find any time!

Sé onr sverdar sitja hvass! May your swords stay sharp!

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