Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My Youtube Family

So I've dedicated a few posts already to my youtube boys and recently I've been having more time to stalk them due to holidays and all, also there were events like VidCon and Summer in the City in America and the UK, which always means more content, more collaborations, blogs and fun stuff for us viewers. SO I again feel the need to talk about my boys on this public forum of my thoughts...
Grace Helbig (dailygrace) did a video with Louise (sprinkleofglitter) in which they built a pretend family with only youtubers, it sounded like a fun game and I wanted to give it a try as well! I liked their channels to their names in the picture caption,if you wanna find out more, just click! OK, here goesss:

Mum & Dad 

Jim Chapman
Sprinkle of Glitter

I chose these two 'cos both of them seem like genuinely succcch nice people and Louise actually has a baby and I can just imagine her being an amazing mum, Jim is really funny but also not assss immature as some of the other boys.

Auntie & Uncle

Tyler Oakley
Jenna Marbles

Jenna and Tyler were chosen because, they're both kind of crazy! In my family it's my aunts and younger uncles who are the cool ones, I love Jenna's randomness and Tyler's sass!! But at the same time they're really sweet, so it's a good contrast.

Brother & Sister

Grace Helbig
Alfie Deyes

These two were picked for different reasons, Alfie is still relatively young and immature and at the same time has a heart of gold and can always help with everything. Grace seems like the perfect older sister, similar to crazy auntie Jenna, I guess it runs in the family. (I really think Grace COULD give really good advice if she wanted to though!) PS.: Notice how I didn't let Zoe fill any position in my household? It's so that she can still date Alfie sans incest! #ProZalfie


Finn & Jack Harries

Jackamo and Finnola are totally sweet and gorgeous. They seem like reaaallly nice people and I would really like to hang out with them! Also they're bloody gorgeous and in general, I think it's not too unnatural to be able to appreciate it if your cousins are beautiful; less than if it was your brother or son!


Troye is a) only slightly older than me and b) seems like a really sweet guy. The fact that he is an internet junkie might bring us together, uniting us under a common cause. Also I bet he wouldn't mind me crying my eyes out in films. He seems like a boy who would join in!


Caspar Richard George Lee - my dearest slut!
My dearest husband. Caspar. I very much adore this particular human being. The fact that he's tall and blue eyed and South African only helps, but really it's his humour and his smile that makes him so awfully attractive. Again he seems like the nicest guy in the world even though he is a self proclaimed slut! And not even two years of age difference, that can totally be breached. And due to his youtube career he must have a flexible schedule so he can drive the kids to school and stuff. :)


Joe Sugg
Joey Graceffa

The only thing that confuses me is: why would I call both of my children Joseph? But beside that, look at them they could literally be brothers. I just like both of them loads! Joey seems like a really funny, but a bit hyper guy, his randomness kind of reminds me of my bestie Lo, and Joe just kind of got stuck in the little brother role due to Zoe and can never really grow up since. Also I love all those silly faces he pulls.

There have recently been major incidents of fangirling all over the world that all of you internet savvy people will probably have heard about. Yeees, I'm talking about ZALFIE! It has finally been confirmed by both of them on Zoe's blog and I was quite surprised to find it was actually true. They had been dating for some time already in private, and now they've gone public, I was never a ultramassive Zalfie shipper, but I'm really happy for them both, they're totally cute together, and I just thought, good for you Alfie! I don't knw Zoe awfully well, but I hope you two last.
And as one relationship goes public, another one breaks apart, or at least goes underground. Finn Harries and girlfriend Jo Dunbar apparently split up sometime earlier this year, it has only been confirmed by the lack of the statement ''in a relationship'' though, so it might not actually be over, as to my knowledge Finny hasn't spoken about it himself. I feel sad for him, it must be hard to have relationship being him, all those fangirls and the media and stuff. Noooo privacy! Oh well, I can't say I mind single Finny :)

I'm tired!!!! Nightynight, XX


''Hush little baby, don't you cry!....''

Monday, 19 August 2013

Happy Blogday TO YOU!

Hey guys, I know it's been a loong time since I last wrote, as you might have guessed, I am currently enjoying my last school holidays ever. Which are now kinda coming to an end, sad really.. Also I've got
 sooo much work to do, it's fricking cray-zeee! LIES, I've not been doing much work all summer which is the ONLY reason that I now have to do EVERYTHING in the last two weeks, wish me luck that I get it all done!
ANYWAYS, today is a time for celebration! You might have noticed on the side board view counter it says that I hit 20,000 views on this blog last night I can't really believe it! It only seems suiting that I should write my 100th blog post TODAY! So double celebration: 20,000 views and 100 posts!!! GIMME A WHOOP WHOOP!
I don't have anything reeeally special to tell you all for this momentous occasion, I'll just do what I've done for the last two and a half years! WOW, I can still remember posting several times a day because I was so excited to tell you stuff about my life! I guess the novelty has worn off now, along with my laptop keyboard; my backspace key broke so now it's an effin pain to type just about anything and I have to make do with my 'Delete'and 'Ctrl+X' buttons. Now you should appreciate me doing this even more!!
In the time that has passed I have as you might have guessed, watched a lot of TV and I want to recount some of those experiences for you. First of all, - this is madness - I started watching historically inspired/drama kind of series, right when school ends! Why I don't use the time to shovel shallow sh*t down my throat I don't know, but I really got into two British shows called The White Queen and The Tudors. I really only got into them because they star Max Irons (his royal hotness) and Johnathan Rhys Meyers, and then I stayed because they're actually really interesting (to me) and they had me looking up stuff on wikipedia.com for hours. I think I taught myself more British history that way than I learn in class.
Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville - Love
I primarily want to talk about The White Queen, because Max, jokes.. Because it's reportedly closer to the truth than The Tudors except for that magic actually exists, I kinda just think the time period portrayed is older, hence, less is known about this time, hence you can invent a bit. I just liked it better, truthfully. It's the story of a widowed lady (Elizabeth Woodville), though a commoner, whom the young king falls in love with and eventually marries. There are enemies at court because suddenly the king listens to her and not his advisers and treachery, plots, death and magic happens. I like this story because even though she is not the kind of woman to completely control her husband she is fiercely strong in her own right and there are a couple of moments where you feel like reaching though the screen to give the other characters a bag of frozen peas to apply to the BURN!
It starts with her marriage and ends with a lot of death and betrayal. She had ten children and even though he slept around a bit, because she was pregnant most of the time, in the end as he dies, it is clear that she was the only woman he loved and is really sad to see him go. Also because Max Irons is definitely a hottie! (I'm not gonna say much about The Tudors, it's about Henry VIII's six marriages and it fits quite nicely to watch with TWQ as Elizabeth's daughter (portrayed by Freya Mavor from Skins) was the mother of Henry. Also it's got Henry Cavill in it and he doesn't have that horrid American accent that he put on for Man Of Steel. [TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE film, do not watch it. I hate Amy Adams in it and the story is shallow and stupid!])
Teen Wolf Cast!
My second love of the summer was something that I am truly embarrassed to admit that I now incredibly love: Teen Wolf. I had been successfully avoiding it for a really long time, but in the end the combined powers of Colton Haynes and Dylan O'Brien pulled me to the dark side, and I stayed there willingly. Teen Wolf is a fantasy series about a guy, Scott, who gets bitten by something in the woods and the turns into a werewolf. The first season is him kind of dealing with that and then he learns more and more about the horrors of the world and the other monsters there are. He even starts dating the daughter of the werewolf hunters and it immediately becomes a thousand times more predictable, bad teen TV-series. It's like a McDonald's burger dripping with frying fat and all things bad, but its JUST SO D*MN DELICIOUS. Like brain calories.
Teen Wolf's Stiles and Isaac
It's really the guys that make this series. There's Derek, totally hot werewolf and Scotts mentor and Scott himself isn't so bad, and then there's Stiles (Dylan) who is cute-ish but oh so funny, and Colton who plays a massive douche but still sexy as hell. And later on Isaach joins the crew, cue totally cute BRIT actor Daniel Sharman, who is really lovable and cute.
Along the same lines is Beauty And The Beast, I don't even KNOW why it is on the CW, because the CW is a good channel - it has True Blood and Game Of Thrones, I just couldn't keep watching that one! You know how some series have voice over recounts of what happened last? This show has it but it is so terrible I want to kill myself when I heard it. It's something like this:

''From the moment we met, we knew our lives would never be the same. Vincent saved my life.''
''And she saved mine.''
''We're destined.''

Beauty and the Beast - Guess who's who?
OH MY GOD, that last sentence kills me. Like I can feel my braincells dying, while screaming in agony. It's what happens one step on from fat dripping brain burger. LETHAL BRAIN BURGER. Oh well, the series might have been OK, but I wouldn't know, I could never get past that first voice over. Warning!! Death and destruction falls upon anyone who shall watch this disgusting pile of radioactive waste.
On a happier note I will now speak about an Australian show called Dance Academy, which is basically about a group of teenage students at an elite ballet academy. What makes it good is that it's a twenty minute program, insuring not only less time wasted, but also a fast paced story line. Another benefit, for me at least, Auzzie accents, I really enjoy listening to them talk and I find the slang funny and it's just kinda refreshing after constant American and British accents. The dancing is also quite nice, although the show is really more about the relationships and drama behind the scenes.
Dance Academy 'students' with Sammy <3
It's definitely worth a try, even though the main character Tara can annoy the living f*ck out of me. She is just a little bit immature and insecure and totally way too relatable. See, people wanna be able to relate but really they wanna be like the person (who is supposed to be idealised) rather than having them being like little old imperfect you. OK, after this little psych-self-analysis I just wanna say one more thing. There is love and drama and it's relatively realistic and that's what makes it good, but also makes you want to kill them. But yeah, I love dancing, if you do to you can put up with the rest!
Lastly, I want to thank everybody who visits my blog regularly, or just occasionally, or just once for coming here and making me actually want to write a new post every once in a while. I get inspired when I see that people actually read this stuff, so 20,000 is a really happy thing for me! I know I'm not a very good or reliable blogger, and I beg for your forgiveness :P, but I just wanted to say, if you're new to the site or you have any questions, add a comment and I will most likely respond. Except for if you're being a tw*t. So yeah, come tome with questions, and also suggestions, maybe you know something I may like! 


Ma Tunez:
Medicine - Daughter ( I REALLY like Daughter at the moment. So much.)

Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Good Guys

Hey guys it's your favourite blog lazy blogger, I hope!?
Have been collecting some ideas of what to talk about, I've been watching and reading a lot, and especially I haven't been doing my real work, oopsies! Like for instance right now I should really be doing some work on my History Internal Assessment that was due in a week ago... Oopsies!~
Amongst the Series I've been watching were Once Upon A Time, Homeland and Dates, but those are the ones that I didn't want to talk about today, if someone really wants to know my thoughts on any of these shows, comment and I might just write something about them some other time!

Kat, Hicks, Rachel, Bill, Dr. Rosen, Nina and Gary
my favourites - Kat and Gary
The first of the shows that I actually did want to talk about was Alphas, a kind of X-Men-ish series that was cancelled pretty quickly but I thought it was awesome! *Sadface* It's been a while since I finished this show, so forgive me if I get something horribly wrong, or forget to say something. Alphas is a series about a group of specially gifted people, who were born with amplified abilities. They work with a human called Dr. Rosen who is studying alphas and their abilities, and they try to keep other alphas from turning bad, or crazy, or uncontrollable, because if that happens they have to be put into a special prison called Binghamton, where they get killed, and sometimes even 'sterelised'. The team is made up of Hicks (hyperkinesis, perfect mind-body co-ordination), Gary (transduction, can see and process electromagnetic waves), Rachel (synesthesia, ability to heighten all of her five senses), Nina (Brain override, can 'push' people to do things by looking into their eyes and talking to them [much like vampire hypnosis]) and Bill (increased fight-or-flight, resulting in increased durability, endurance, speed and strength). In the second season there is also the teenage Kat, who is able to learn anything by watching a video or reading about it, at the same time she loses her declarative memories every six weeks or so, to help her remember she vlogs on her smartphone.
I like this show because it is really original in the different skills that these people have, not just the off the mill mind reading or flying. I would recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi, my favourite of the all is Gary, he's just a darling, and it's really interesting because this it totally believable. People with these kind of neurological conditions actually exist.

Stephen Amell as billionaire Oliver Queen
Next up, let me talk about a little show called Arrow, sceptical at first I put off watching it for a while, it just seems so generic, but after a few episodes of Oliver Queen & Co. I just fell in lovvve. Helps that 90 percent of the guys are tots gorgeous... Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes since recently!! So this is another superhero/vigilante who goes after bad guys... A bit like Batman actually... There's obviously a love interest, who I'm not interested in, I'd much rather have him with the awesome techie girl Felicity who is hilarious and really smart too, and part of his ''the hood'' team, so he wouldn't have to hide anything from her. Also an awesome person is Oliver's little sister Thea, who is totally believable and gets together with HOTTIE Roy Harper, you guessed it, Colton Haynes. (Because of him and Dylan O'Brien I am actually considering watching Teen Wolf I have successfully avoided it, because it looks like utter crap, but the hot guys just keep on pulling me in!!)
Oliver and Felicity - I ship them!
Well yeah, it's basically one baddie an episode and it all gets interesting because it seems like the ultimate baddies are actually Oliver's mom and his best friends father, Malcom Merlin played by John Barrowman (Capt. Jack Harkness on Doctor Who and Torchwood), so some tense family dynamics. I also love seeing guest stars like Janina Gavankar (Luna on True Blood) and Alex Kingston (River Song on Doctor Who). I absolutely love John Barrowman who is brilliant as a charmer and joker, but I never knew that he was also so great at playing a really really unlikable character!
Pretty boy Roy Harper aka. Colton Haynes
One of the coolest things are the 'flashbacks' to Olivers life on the island where he learned how to defend himself. The characters he meets there are really cool, and the transition from rich boy to survivor is really visible and interesting.
If you like Marvel and DC Comics you will probably already know this character and I don't know how much you will approve of this adaption, but all I as a very comic-naive-enthusiast can say that I really really enjoy this series and would strongly encourage to watch this!

One more thing on my list today! I wanted to talk about a book I bought at the airport some time ago, you know when you have a really long time at some random airport and you just go around buying stuff because you're bored, and then you end up not actually being able to eat/read/whatever everything you just bought because you ran out of time? Well that happened to me, I bought The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and I didn't start it until some day where I shouldn't really have been procrastinating. I started it in the morning and I did nothing else but eat that day. I finished the whole 400-500 pages in one day. It's not that I haven't done that before, just, I haven't done that in a long time, I really should start reading more again, I love reading!
Well the story is kind of crime meets art and secret societies and religion and history and symbolism. It's all tangled up together and it reads very well as a narrative but at the same time it is really, really interesting intellectually. I am doing my Extended Essay on 'religious art' and I am very, very close to using it as a reference! All the stuff, sounds profoundly researched and really plausible.
So I loved the book, I have to say, I am really glad I did buy this book on impulse, just because I had heard that people liked it, and I was amazed how fascinating it really was. The end was not very good I thought, it just seemed like the author was tired of the story and wanted to get it over and done with. It ends up being a romance, that is not very well developed through out the story line at all. And I just have to say that bit, I wasn't very fond of.
But other wise... Again: highly recommendable, very interesting and totally engrossing.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Story Of Getting Chased By A Deer With No Horns

''Review of the small things in life: Getting chased by a FRICKIN DEER!!!! (at least it ...: OhMyGod... I just got chased by A FRICKIN DEER!!!! So scary.  SO SCARY!!!! I always thought they were quite passive creatures... but no.''

Heya Peoplessss,
just another favour to ask... Acutally no. This isn't a favour, it's a blessing that I am bestowing on you!! This story is actually hillarious. I can HONESTLY say: ''made my day''.
The blog is new, my bezzie Laurita created it and it reflects her crazy pesonality and her darling dog (really it's the devil, even though it's ears are SO SOFT!) Zuza, and it's amazinnggg, so go check out and enjoy yourselves.. You can thank me later!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Dun, Dun, Dun!

It's been six weeks since I've last blogged, and I will apologise for that and tell you that it was partially due to the fact that I was just lazy as f*ck and really uninspired, but also 'cos I had exams, WHAAAAHH, and before you say summin like ''welll, shut the hell up, they don't even count!'' actually b*tch, they do... predicted grades are based on them, so yeah. If I don't do well on these.. I'm fucked for Uni.. I mean I know I can get the grades I need to get in by next year, but for them to admit me in the first place I need to do well NOW. Okok, rand over, sorry for being so aggressive.
Edmure Tully and Rosalind Frey's Wedding
But I am currently also over flooded with emotion from watching the latest fricking episode of Game Of Thrones. It started so well and happy making, and it ended so badly and horribly gross ans sad and just gruesome!! UUURGGHHH! Whaaaah, poor Starks!! And ohmigod the IRONY with Bran and Rikkon and Jon all in the same place. I was like bursting from the seams.. ''DRAMATIC IRONY! DRAMATIC IRONY!'' 'cos yeah, English Literature SL. And then I was sooo touched that Jon refused to kill that guy, but Ygritte still stuck by him!! I love her, she's so awesome! I hope they end up together.
Robb and Talisa 
And then in the next moment there's the Hound and Arya and their SO close to reuniting her with Mummy Stark and big brother Robb and it's all YAY *clap clap* happy!!! yay! And Lord Edmure gets married and when his bride is really pretty and Lord Frey just makes that face I was laughing so much!  As if he was saying to Robb ''thats what you could have gotten... SHAME!'' But I was happy that everything was happy and that Robb would attack Casterlee Rock and WIN and then that little "#$%& Joffrey can die. But I guess I had hoped too soon! Because DUN, DUN, DUN: After the bedding ceremony everyone attacks the STARKS and Talisa (Robb's wife) gets stabbed in the belly (F*CK she's pregnant!!) and dies. NOOOOOO!! And then Robb is crying on the floor over her and fighting and everyone dies and then Catelynn is all awesome and threatens to kill Frey's wife to make him let her son go unharmed, but he wont leave his wife so Catelynn kills the woman and then also gets her throat slit, and Robb is killed AND ARYA IS RIGHT OUTSIDE. Fuck. No. I hate it!!
I was sitting there with my jaw dropped down and like thinking 'What. The. F*ck.' and 'What am I supposed to do with my life now!! There is no way that they're still gonna win that damn war without Robb. And Joffrey needs to die.
Right now my perfect outcome is: The Khaleesi on the Iron Throne, Sansa married to a guy she loves, Arya part of the Kahleesi's guard or something, Rikkon heir to Winterfell, Bran some see-er or something.. Oh yeah, and Jon and Ygritte can also be at Winterfell to help Rikkon, and Theon can be master of the Iron Islands.. Oh my god, I JUST realised that they are now actually Orphans, that's so sad! Nawwww!! I hope that about covers it...
Daario Naharis - ''My heart is yours Khaleesi''
One more thing. The Khaleesi with Ser Jorah (who obviously loves her) or with Daario Naharis (the Second Sons guy, who is so prettty :D).. I feel sorry for Ser Jorah but I'll have to say Daario, just out of personal preference.. Seriously, have you seen him? He is such a wild cat.. like a Jaguar or a mountain Lion or something.. Well, I like him.
OK, enough rant. I just watched that latest episode just now, and I couldn't hold it in. This was the first time that I NEEDED to write in ages, sorry that it's been taking so long for me to find back here! I hope I find more inspiration next week! Bye byeeee!

Revision Tunes:
Get Lucky - Daft Punk (Daughter Cover)
Clown - Emeli Sandé
Clouds - Zach Sobiech (This guy is incredible. He has cancer and went into songwriting in his last months as a way to say goodbye to his family and friends. It is really heart wrenching and you should really watch the documentary about his last weeks HERE.)
Sandcastles - Zach Sobiech

Monday, 27 May 2013

Potential Graceling Movie Cast :)

SO, sometime ago I read on my favourite author, Kristin Cashore's blog that the film rights for the Graceling realm books have been bought. Graceling is my favourite book ever so you can imagine me leaping up and doing a little dance along the lines of:

Fangirling SO MUCH! Seriously I was SO happy! I even made my mom read that book, OK? It's absolutely incredilicious! DO READ if you haven't yet!! SO yah, the film rights were bought by Reliance Entertainment (Lincoln, Bodyguard, Cowboys VS Aliens) and so I hope that this endeavour won't take too long to happen!!!
But I guess that's not going to happen, it's at least going to be a few years, so in the meantime I can speculate along with the rest of the fandom!
Well, well, well, I really only wanted to write this post to discuss possible castings for my favourite characters! Yays! Let us start with the hardest of them all; the one and only Lady Katsa of the Middluns: So I was thinking really hard on this and I have come to the conclusion that she has to be small and lithe, but strong, as well as pretty (eventhough she doesn't know it), and most importantly incredibly fierce. So the actresses I was concidering for her role were Isabelle Fuhrman, Emilia Clarke and I also really like Alexandra Daddario, but she doesn't look quite elvish enough. I wouldn't mind an unknown actress to get a chance either, but it's just so much easier to find pictures this way. I know that all these actresses are iconicly linked to their roles as Khaleesi Daenerys, Annabeth and Clove but I just think that they all have the fighter qualities that make Katsa so special.

Next on our list we have Prince Greening Grandemalion / Po, he is another graced character, skilled with a kind of self conscience that makes him a great fighter, as well as a mind reader as long as the thoughts concern himself. He is lighthearted, charming, adventure seeking, unjudging and kind, and he later on becomes Katsa's other half. He is described to be tan and wearing loads of jewelry and due to other Lienid descriptions I think he must be dark haired. Not. I don't imagine him dark haired. No. To me he is to sunny of a person to have dark hair, I will have none of that Ian Somerhalder whispering (he can play Christian Grey if he wants to!). So for prince Po I was thinking along the lines of Drew van Acker. Maybe even - I hate to say it - Chace Crawford if you excuse his dreadful acting... Or Chris Zylka if he's up to a part where he actually get's to smile!! I'd say out of these six, it would be Chace with Alexandra, Chris with Isabelle and Drew with Emilia, these pictures I edited to give you a better idea of them, but now I won't anymore because the next characters aren't AS important. So, here you go, my three sunny boys from Lienied:

Now lets see for Katsa's friends.. I think that Max Irons would make an amazing Prince Raffin, Katsa's cousin and best friend, because I just love him. He's so cute and I want to see him play a more lighthearted role, with the blue hair and all :DD He is also a very clever, kind and peaceful guy, also he's gay but yeah, what actor doesn't like a challenge... For Giddeon, I do have to say why not Ian Somerhalder, after I so rudely banned him from being Po, I think he'd be a perfect Giddeon, charming, good looking, rich.. Likes Katsa but can never have her, tragic but ultimately funny. And now Bitterblue the little Monsean Princess, I have to admit I couldn't quite decide, because in the book she is said to be nine years old, but anyone I could think of was a lot older than that.. My top two choices are Elle Fanning, for her sweet and innocent look, and Georgie Henley.  Honestly I prefer Georgie, but I think she might look a bit too cheeky, but this is my blog so it will be Georgie! She might be a bit old for the part of young Bitterblue, but I doubt they will want to wait nine years to shoot part three, if they do decide to do the entire series, and I think she would be juuust perfect for Queen Bitterblue.

OK, now the rest of these aren't in the actual book Graceling but I have found some pretty perfect matches for other characters in my opinion. First of all, I'd like to say that I also really like Georgie Henley as Bitterblue because she can play the older Bitterblue as well, Queen Bitterblue. Her Boyfriend Saff is pretty perfectly described by Alex Pettyfer (I just want him in every film because he's so pretty!! Haha, get the pun?) Yeah, but imagine Alex with a lot of Jewelry on and a cheeky smile... Perfect.
Then we move to Fire also an amazing book about a very strong woman I find it SO hard to find any actress who could possibly play this Lady Monster. Fire is an incredibly self loathing, self conscious  beauty who is incredibly strong and beautiful at the same time, sound familiar? OK, for her I considered Saoirse Ronan because, imagine her with a whole mass of flaming red hair around her. Also, because she is pretty, but she's not conventionally beautiful, and I think that way it's easier to show that her beauty isn't like any other, it's magical. But then I went back to my dear Game of Thrones actors and decided, Rose Leslie would be even more perfect. Not just because she shares my name...
Cansrell only has a small role in the story, but wouldn't it be amazing if he was Johnny Depp? Yes, I know right? It's PERFECT. Also, Johnny with blue and silver hair would look awsommeeee!

OK, I think that's quite enough for now. I'm happy with that mini-cast I made the only one I haven't managed to pin down to anyone, who I feel is missing, is Brigan. Ohhh, and also Archer.. (but you know Viserys from GoT? I think he'd make a great Archer, I can't remember his name though!)
Well, I'd like you to leave me some idea's in the comments down below, if you too, are a MASSIVE fan of the series and have some ideas of who's be good, please no fighting though!

Here's the LINK to a goodreads.com thread talking about exactly THIS, from which I also took some of my inspiration! I love hearing what other people think!!!

LISTEN: (So addicted to these songs!)
What Would You Do - High City (Bastille Cover)
Blurred Lines - Robin Thicke ft. T.I.
Somebody Told Me - The Killers

Monday, 13 May 2013


This girl is incredibly talented. Her name is Natscha Adams and she goes to my school and she really deserves to win this. I know everybody says this who wants to win this but, just listen to her song and see is it doesn't touch your heart!


Super talented 18 year old Natascha Adams!

Just click 'Like' on the bottom left of the video! We can do this!!
Thanks so much if you actually watched and liked that video!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Fangs: Love Nips and Blood Lust

Heyaaa, I'm back! Soooo, I went on my usual England Trip in the holidays! So much fun, I love seeing my British family and my older cousins! We did the usual stuff... A night out in London (we went to this cocktail bar 'Bluebird' and I had a drink called the 'Tiffany Rose' [what else? :P] and it was SO GOOD! Like seriously I was drinking it so much way faster than I should have that I ended up juuuust a little tipsy... :D OOoops! Well, yeah, we did that, I also went to see the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition at the Tate Modern and the Light Show at the Hayward Gallery! AND, BEST THING: I GOT TO SEE MY BESSTTIIIIEEE! LOZZA, I missed you so much! It was amazing to see you, and now I miss you again!

I also started watching a little series called The Vampire Diaries, mostly because it's on the CW, it's vampires and there's hot guys involved! It was supposed to be like a teenage kind of True Blood, turns out, without a few minor changes... It IS! Vampires can't be dis-invited from houses, daywalking rings, but there's still vamps and wheres and witches... The usual!
I think you probably know the story: girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, boy falls for girl, boy turns out to be a vampire... sound familiar?? Twilight much? Yeah but it's better. So Elena Gilbert is the main character, she's is portrayed by Nina Dobrev, who is super pretty etc, is in love with Stephan (Paul Wesley) and his bother Damon (Ian Sommerhalder) is in love with her. Et voilà, here we have the Human, Good Vamp, Bad Vamp sandwich we all know so well. Except for this time, Stephan and Damon are both equally hot, and at least for now I want her to end up with Stephan.. Even though I love Damon, he's a sweetheart deep down, and he deserves to have something good in his life. I find him hilarious, just as I find Eric Northman hilarious, they're both so cat-like and arrogant that they act all dramatic and shoot a bit over the top sometimes!
The Salvatore Brothers
Supernatural friends (vamp and witch BFF, werewolf friend) start popping up everywhere and death ensues. Typical, but I must say for a show where deaths are as gory - but maybe not as iconic - as in True Blood there is no sex what so ever. I get that it's a teen show and isn't supposed to be as explicit, the characters are younger and so forth, but it's supernatural my god there's supposed to be some rawness and it's supposed to get our blood pumping... *eyebrows raised suggestively* :P
I also dislike the aspects that are different as mentioned above, vamps that can walk in the day, my god they're becoming all powerful now!! Why? And if I invite some vamp into my house I f*cking want to be able to recede that invitation at some point! WHY Vamp Diaries, why? I understand that it's more realistic and dangerous and is probably supposed to make up for the serve lack of adult display of affection (;P) by an increase of suspense and danger, but this is just unrealistic. Also if there are vamps and there are weres then there must be some kind of curse (the 'Curse of the Sun and the Moon' has been discredited but there must be some kind of equivalent) and if vamps are able to defy that by walking in the sun, why can't were shift whenever they want or stop shifting at all..?
Battle of the Bloodsuckers
Both series are based on a different set of books so I'll just have to take them both as they are and try to love them the way they are, just as if they were my own children, hehe, weird metaphor :/ All in all, I prefer True Blood but that's because I've stuck with it longer, I've read all of the books and I love Jess and Alcide and Eric and Jason and obvs Sookie. The Vamp Diaries are really addictive and a great fill in show to numb my ''Saudades'' of True Blood. (Saudades is one of those untranslatable Portuguese words that mean homesick or missing something, hard to explain..) Especially as I'm feeling like TB is coming to an end.. Show runners swapping around constantly and the last season deffs wasn't the best, I mean too many different storylines and characters (seems to be a forté of the CW's, I mean look at Game of Thrones, not even all of the characters get to appear each episode!). I'll be really really sad if it isn't renewed but it's had a good five season run, and if they wrap it up well this season, I won't get too disappointed that they never cast Quinn the weretiger or let Alcide and Sook be together.
Enough with the emotional stuff! I've still got Game of Thrones which is only in season three and an absolutely BRILLIANT series, CW I applaud you: all the gore and sex you could want, along with a brilliant cast and script, as well as British actors :D. I'm not seeing that one going anywhere soon! Season three has just started and ohmigosh, I'm so exciteddddd!! I love them all, except for Joffrey the little c***! He needs to get slapped... Again... Over and over again. I also don't like Margery, but she's smart and I'll give her that,. In my humble oppinion a Stark should sit on the iron throne.. They seem to have loyalty and honesty running in their blood. Maybe Robb's girl gets killed (NOT that I'm hoping for that!! I like her) and then he can marry the Kahleesi... That'd be cool don'tcha think? My favourites Arya and I quite like Ygritte!

Finally found inspiration, hope you do actually enjoy reading my rants about stuff that really, isn't really of any importance what so ever.. See you next week, hopefully! :/
Ps: OMG, I just realised Paul Wesley is married to 'Melissa Hastings' from PLL!

All I Want - Kodaline
Laura Palmer - Bastille
Best Intentions - Bill Downs (only starts at 0:40 really but bear with him!!)

Saturday, 13 April 2013

Beautifulest Specimen Of Man And Music

Heyyaaaa Guyss! I know I haven't posted in forever.. I'm so sorry! It's just, I had holidays and decided not to post in them because I wanted to chill for a bit, also 'cos I was plain lazy and unmotivated. But here as an excuse for my irresposible actions is a gif of Finn Harries. This beautiful specimen of man has a youtube channel with his twin brother Jack. They are 19 year old Brits and every so hot! I've already posted about them twice I think so my obsession with these magestic creatures is becoming clear to you. 
I've been watching them for about half a year now and I am so proud, but also a little bit sad, to say that ''my babies'' are becoming famous! :') (It's sad because then they won't belong to just me.. [And I intend to marry this man]) Well they've recently been in newspapers and magazines and are becoming internationally known through their trips to the USA and South Africa, making videos everywhere and with everyone and gathering a bigger audience in the mean time! 
One thing, I think is really great is that they are part of a ''youtube community''.. Their friends also make videos and have channels on youtube, for example Caspar Lee, A South African dude who met them via the internet and now lives in London to be near them.. And is also one of my favourite males right now.
I really have no purpose for wrighting this post other than promoting my love for Finn and Jack (but especially Finn)... I found this gif and I HAD to share it on all of the social media because I love it so much! I mean it's so brain-shatteringly beautiful that I can only look at it for three seconds at a time! Hehe, I TOLD you... FULL ON obsession mode.. Not saying obsession is a good thing.. DON'T stalk people, OK? Except, like, on the internet where they dont know who you are :P And except if they are like Finn-Harries-gorgeous.. And if that is the case.. Stalk them from a distance, like you would stalk a deer on a hunt, but without the gun! HEAVENS WITHOU THE GUN! Don't scare him so that he will stop making public appearences or stop making videos or hire a bodyguard before I had the chance to run up to him and hug him!

Finn ''Finnegan'' or ''Finnola'' Harries - Beautiful Boy!!

Without further ado, I will leave you now to stare at this rare sample of human born with gorgeous gene... Have fun staring at those blue eyese and that cheeky smile..

Edit: I just found out that this fittie has actually got a girlfriend, sorry to break your hearts and destroy your hopes and dreams fangirls everywhere.. I was massively disappointed at first due to an obsessive streak that lies in my personality that I am not completely proud of, but after a few hours, the pain lessened and I began to feel happy for him. A) The boy's internet famous and super-hot, totally out of my league :'(  B) he's three years older than me which is the boarderline on my dating-age (don't tell me you don't have one :D) and also even more totally out of me league, so C) he's happy and I'm a loyal fangirl and decided that it was probably better if we just stayed friends anyways. 
Feel free to stalk her though, you can be sure I did, the name's Jo Dunbar and she's totall pretty.. Please don't give her any hate, imagine it was you, you'd feel lucky to have him just like she does, essentially she's one of us! (At least as long as she doesn't break his heart, then we can totally diss her!!)

Music that is just so brilliant I HAVE to share:
Brother - Matt Corby (SO good! Like eargasm-brainspaz good! LISTEN FOR GOODNESS SAKES!)
Demons - Imagine Dragons (One of my now fav bands!!!)
No Angels - Bastille ft. Ella (The other of my now fav bands!!)

 ^^SO good! All of them! Seriously! LISTEN!

Monday, 18 March 2013

Raging Hormones All Around

One week to holidays!! Yaaayy! I'm soo happy, I'mma see my English people, heheheheh!! Ohmigod, I'm so happy, I mean I know the last hols were just three weeks ago, but it's not every holidays that I get to see my awesome cousins and uncle and aunty!! Alsooo, I'm hoping to see my darlin' Laura too! Wild nights out and lots of shopping and maybe a showing of ''Les Mis'' (YAY, YAY, YAY!! <3) HERE I COME!!
Dean and Sam (Jensen Ackles <3 and Jared Padalecki)
In the mean time I've not been up to very much.. After I finished Smash I started my search for a new fill-in series again.. On my list: Revenge and Supernatural.  I tried Supernatural first and thought that I might really like it, I mean Jensen Ackles... Hello-o... Have you SEEN his pretty face? But then I watched episode two and episode three and I realised that it's a bit too scary for me! I might have liked it more if I hadn't tried watching it before bed, and then tossing and turning for some twenty minutes...  I mean it's proof of a brilliant series when that kinda stuff happens to the viewers but I just can't take the suspense. I don't even watch horror films because I'm such a softie. I wasn't too upset by the Woman In White but then the Wendigo.... I get shivers running down my spine just thinking about it.. So I might actually watch some more episodes at some point when I'm bored but it won't be my new fill-in.
Revenge was also interesting... I watched it 'cos my friends recommended it and stuff and it's on the same channel as Pretty Little Liars so I guessed it MIGHT be to my tastes.. But it turned out to be a bunch more boring than I expected.. I mean I am a person who doesn't support holing a grudge so I guess I'm kinda against the whole principle of the show.. Except for in Nikita.. That b*tch Amanda really needs to die. I digress.. (Hihi, I love that word :D) The concept of taking down rich b*stards one by one is rather attractive but U don't thing that they made the Hamptons crowd seem mean and evil enough to actually dislike them enough to wish for their downfall. Especially when the hot boy, who is totally supposed to be with Emily/Amanda, dies at the end and you know this from the beginning. The only thing that I actually like is finding out how she managed to kill their reputation.

The series that finally won the battle of the fill-in series last weekend ended up being... Drum roll... Game Of Thrones I thought about watching it some time earlier already, but then someone gave me a bad advice about it and I decided against it.. But now I thought ''this is apparently HBO's best series I should totally check it out..'' I mean, it's kind of a little bit like a brother of True Blood and ohmigod I LOVE True Blood, but you all know that anyways :D What I have to say about this show is much nicer than what I said about the others. I actually really enjoy it like really! SO much sex and violence - apparently like fourteen deaths per episode - but the story lines are very good and the characters are amazingly built, such good actors (all British which I think is pretty cool for an American production!!).
The Stark Family (without John and Theon)
Daenerys Targaryen
The story is about the conflicts and scandals of several noble families in kingdom where there are such things as dragons and magic. Most of the story lines are somehow including the Stark family, which consists of Eddard 'Ned' and Catelyn Stark, Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon, there is also Ned's bastard son John Snow and their ward Theon Greyjoy who have basically become part of the family but have to deal with still not really belonging. Ned is the best friend of the king Robert who is eventually killed by a boar while hunting and his teenage son Joffrey (who is actually the product of his mother, the queen, sleeping with her TWIN brother :S) becomes son. Sansa is wants to marry Joffrey, but he turns out to be a bit of an evil b*stard and after he kills Ned, Robb goes to war against him and Sansa has a hard time choosing between 'her beloved' and her family.
Khal and Khaleesi 
On the other side of the Narrow Sea Daenerys Targaryen the last surviving daughter of the king before Robert and the last person with ''dragon's blood in her veins'' is forced to marry a wild horse lord who is basically double her size and the whole arranged marriage thing is explored. I actually quite like 'Dany's' storyline because she comes to actually love Kahl Drogo and later becomes 'Mother of the Dragons' as three of the last and apparently ornamental dragon's eggs hatch. I don't want to spoil any more so I'm gonna move on to something else now it's deffs a good series to try out if you like medieval sci-fi kinda stuff.. It's a bit like Merlin.

On advice of my dearest Nesi I watched the amazing chick-flick The First Time last weekend too. It's typical boy meets girl they hit it off and kinda fall in love with each other rather quickly and, as you may guess from the title, sleep together and afterwards break up.. Themes explored in the film are the process of getting into a relationship at a teen age as well as being in the ''friendzone'' and the importance of loosing your virginity. It's a typical romantic comedy aimed at teenagers, but it is very refreshingly different. A little bit 'hipster', a little bit 'indie'.. I really enjoyed it because due to the lack of cheese it was way more realistic and just touched my heart in a different way (god, now I sound cheesy :S), and I must say I am normally a sucker for the traditional cheesy rom-coms.
Well it's a story about Dave and he meets this girl Aubrey who he clicks with immediately due to the fact that he thinks he's in love with another girl who 'really values him as a friend' and then they hang out more and slowly Aubrey realises that she is actually falling for him and he starts caring less and less about the other girl. Aubrey is totally artsy and has a seriously cool room, in which she has collage-ed all the walls with new papers to make giant waves and it's amazing and I don't even know why I'm going on about this but I just thought it was SO cool! Well yeah, there's loads and loads of butterfly moments, because they're just SO SWEET I was like... I can't.. I just can't!! And then also majorly awkward moments were I was having to look away as to bear the awkwardness without laughing out loud. So it basically describes a teenagers life perfectly. Awkwardness and raging hormones!!
The actress was Britt Robertson (formerly The Secret Circle) and she's such a sweetheart and such an everygirl that you can totally imagine yourself to be and the guy was Dylan O'Brien (Teen Wolf) who is super cute and rawr that body ;P hehe, but he still looks quite normal due to his not quite perfect looks and I can't even say how perfect the film was!! Just brilliant, I'm voting it best romantic comedy of 2012 for sure!

Kay, today I'm on schedule again.. Yay, hashtag-so-proud.. and yeah just before I leave I need to show you this new song I found.. It's a cover of Rihanna who I have started to not like anymore, she's not just become too commercial but her voice which is pretty unique, now just blends in with all the other pop singers :S Shame.. But yeah, I watched this cover by Lana McKissack and Chester See which is pretty much a parody but if you don't look at the video it's a f*cking amazing cover! I can't get this song out of my head since then! So, just give it a listen please, it's seriously good! Byeeee see ya!

Stay - Lana McKissack ft. Chester See