Monday, 27 August 2012

Save Yourself From Billith

I meant to watch the True Blood season finale tonight but things changed and now I haven't seen it yet. Consequently I have decided to put blogging off for another day because even though I probably do have some interesting stuff to tell you I couln't wait another whole WEEK to blog about TB. So I'm really sorry you guys, but I think itll be worth the wait!
Night, XXX

Oh My Billith. Bloody Hell!

Hey Guys! I JUST finished watching the final episone ''Save Yourself'' of True Blood. Ohmigod, it was amazing. It started with all the fairies fighting Russell Edgington with their light and Sookies failing as it has in the past.. I really hope she didn't run out! I have a feeling like she is going to need it dearly next season! But, to stay on track, Eric showed up and staked Russell one and for all. Thank god. I mean Russell is such a weirldy attractive and charismatic character that it's even worse that he is an ancient, egoistic, manipulative vampire; not to forget evil.
''This felt even better than I thought it would!'' :)
Next we saw Eric, Nora and Tara team up with Jason, who was having weird hallucinations of his dead parents, and Sookie. Sookie, in my oppinion, had a WAAAY to boring and minor role this season! She kinda is the relatable main character, and she is always in the middle of everything, which makes the show exciting. But this year she kindof slid into the background, with her light failing, her action excluding storyline concerning Warlow etc. The only thing I liked was her reconecting with her fairy family. Sook doesn't have any family except for Jason so I think it's nice for her to have a 'new family' who seem to really care for her.
Mother and Daughter reunited!
At the same time in the vampire autority, Sam tries to reason with Bill but finds that the latter has gone ''bat sh*t'', so he and Luna try to find a way to escape with Emma. Luna finally changes into Steve and 'takes Emma for a walk' but ends up meeting Chancelor Rosalyn and is forced to make a national TV appearance as Steve, which she comletely messes up and consequently outs shifters live on air!!! To save Luna from Rosalyn Sam flies into her mouth (as a fly) and shifts into himself basicly exploding the Chancellor. I thought that scene was so cool! That was, like, the most original death scene ever on True Blood the person who thought of that is a genious in my oppinion!
Sometime inbetween Alcide and his dad team up with Martha after she brings in Rikki who has overdosed on V. Martha is actually a da*n cool character! She is just really protective or her kin, and would do anything to protect them. And luckily she hates vamps; which means that she refuses to take the blood. With help of a little V Alcide finally wins packmaster, ending up killing JD with his rage, for what he did to the pack, especially the younger girls. I think it going to be really hard for Alcide to have won that way in the future! I am thinking that he will feel he won undeservedly because he couldn't do it with out the blood. I fell really sorry for him, because he is such a GOOD guy at heart and I still want him to get together with Sookie.
Bill manipulates Salome into thinking she is the chosen one, even though he thinks he is, and makes her drink the silver poisoned blood, then stakes her! Salome is a beliver until the end! She tell's Bill that ''Lilith chose right'' because he proved that he is the stronger Vampire and she believes that that is who was supposed to lead the vapms into the next age or whatever. Still I was surprised that her survival instinct didn't finally cancel out her belief, and that she essentially was a matyrer. Also it kinda scares me because it proves just how strong that religion is... :S
Pam and her progeny Tara finally kiss!
Then there was a really sweet reunion scene where Tara and Sookie 'rescue' Jess and Pam, and Tara can't wait for Sookie to open the cell and risks burning her hand to get to her maker Pam, whom she meets with a kiss! Awwww, so the two of them DID get together in the end :) Sweeet! And I love Jessica's ecstatic expression and quote ''I knew it!'' Jessica also had a way to minor part in this season! The only thihis eyes and bng interesting about her was her relationship with Jason, which now ended because of his stupid hallucination induced oppinions about vamps. Poor Jess! I feel so sorry for her! first having to glamour herself out of Hoyt's head completely must have been heartbreaking and now her current boyfriend whom she said she actually loves breaks up with her too because her hates what she is, I could have slapped him! She is SO lonely most of the time because bloody Bill is running around calling trouble, and she really doesn't have any friends or family! I hope that that changes next year!
Jason playing real-life COD :D
There was so much killing in the last few minutes! From Jason killing every single vamp that came his way in a pair of ridiculous looking glasses, to Eric and Nora killing a dozen guards in flight. And then there was the last scene. Eric and Sookie were trying to convince Bill not to drink the flask of blood, but her gulped it down anyways, after saying some really hurtful things to Sookie. And then Bill dies. His eyes and moth and stuff start bleeding until he is just one pool of blood on the floor. Unfortunately, that's not all. While Sookie is crying her eyes out into Eric's chest he rises again from the blood in typical Lilith fashion. Great. Now we have Billith. And while all of that was happening the only thing I could really think about was: ''Wow, they've given him new fangs! These ones are much longer and pontier!'' The End. Season five has finished and I cannot wait for next year!
Andy as a proud father!
Ohh, I forgot one thing. Morella, Sheriff Andy Bellefleur's mistress, had her qaudrouplet girls in Merlotte's and left to leave Andy in charge of them ''to raide them until adulthood''. Poor Holly, but I think she's going to forgive him because she knows that he won't be able to handle four babies on his own, and it was so sweet how HAPPY he was with them!! His whole face pulled out of it's normal bored expression at the sight of them! Mwaw!!
Overall I liked this season but I disliked some of the sorylines a lot and I thought Sookie didn't have enough prominence. I liked last season better in that respect but, I still think it's abolutely amazing and I think, the show runner Allan Ball, who is only carrying on as exec. producer next year, did a fantastic job with the show. SO many characters that the fan's love and such grat cliffhangers and twists that keep us interested. I am deffenightly going to watch season six.
I don't want to review anything else for the moment, because I want this to stand alone, as True Blood deserves to. And I will write everything else next week. Which is also when school starts again :S *frowney* (frowning smiley).. Let's see what the next year brings!

Something For The Ears:
Bom Bom - Sam and the Womp (This girl reminds me soo much of Becca from Geordie Shore!)
One More Night - Maroon 5
I Follow Rivers - Lykke Li and the The Magician Remix

Monday, 20 August 2012

Doors and Windows

Heyaa Guys! Got a lot to tell you today so lets go!
Last week I finally met up with my best friend, Nesi, again after she came back from partying in the USA. We went shopping for new school blazers in Zara, and it turned into a kind of binge-try-out-session. Ohmigod, so many gorgeous clothes in the new collection! I love the cocktail dresses and they have really fab jeans and I LOVE my new blazer. And I love the silky baggy trousers which I WISH (SO MUCH) I had gotten but didn't in the end.. After all my mom was buying.. :D Thanks Mami!
We also went to see Ted, which I only agreed to watching because the trailer is really funny. I originally thought it would be one of those films that seem hilarious in the trailer but then turn out not to have any other gags except those. But I was wrong! The film about a thirty-five-year-old and his teddy bear is hilarious and more than just a comedy! It started out as a comedy then turned into a bit of a romance and ended with a bit of action even. And a happily-ever-after! Perfect! Mila Kunis is a brilliant actress and the director did an absolutely brilliant job in my oppinion! All in all the film is about a guy who nearly loses his longtime girlfriend and realises he needs to finally grow up. 'Cos if you live with your teddy all your life it makes sense that you are still afraid of thunder at that age. Hence the thunder-song, which was my favourite comedy moment in the entire film. It's a really great film for teens and post-teens due to swearing and drug abuse and comedy that is not quite clean. Which makes it amazing, because it has a childish theme, which is packaged in a way that it is attactive for a slightly older audience without making them seem out of place, but identifyable - because who doesn't wish that you still had your teddy bear sometimes?
Goregeous and Talented Blake <3
Last week a few of my series ended, including The Glee Project. I am sooo happy with the out turn! My baby boy Blake won!!! He was my favourite right from the beginning partially because he's gorgeous probably, but also because he is insanely freaking talented... Weeeell as long as he doesn't have to sing harmonies :D But don't judge him, he'd never done it before!! Well, Blake was up against Aylin and Ali in the final, Aylin being one of my early favourites as well because she has an amazing and interesting voice and because her story would be perfect for Glee. She has such a unike story against everyone else in the show she could have easily won. But so could Ali, Ali is a really sweet and positive girl who actually is in a wheelchair. She is super talented and loves broadway, but I didn't like her because she was too talented and I was scared she would be competition foor Blake. Aylin I started disliking for the same reason in the end. Well I was so nervous because Ryan Murphy is always so clear when he says he wan't someone with a weakness and other than the harmony singing Blake really doesn't have one. Or he doesn't show it, because in reality everyone has one! Blake is gorgeous and funny and REALLY nice and I am really happy that he won because, being such a great actor they will surely give him a really interesting part to play! One more thing, people where 'shipping' him with different people all the time, Nellie, Aylin, Ali... I'm Team Blellie 100%! They'd be so sweet together... Had he not got a girlfriend :'(
Jay, Vicky, Ricci. Chaz, Gaz, Holly, Becca, Sophie and James
Geordie Shore also ended, Mwahhhhh :'( I am already missing the clique and they're not even gone a week! In the end Charlotte and Gaz still haven't got together, but they kinda both admitted that they both love eachother in a weird magnetic kinda way. Still they're trying really hard to stay just friends, which is really hard for Charlotte particularily because she hates seing him with other girls but she doesn't wanna fall for him all over again! I am actually kinda proud that they really didn't shag the entire season! I mean they wanted to but they did it! Gotta give them respect for their endurance! Jay also anounced he was leaving GS for good and everyone burst into tears especially Char and Gaz I mean he's kinda like a big bro and a best mate for each of them and I can totally understand when they all say it's not going to be the same anymore without him. I mean afer season one that one guy left and I really didn't care but Jay is so much part of 'the family' that it was actually, even for me, sad to see him go!
Curtis, Alesha, Nathan, Kelly and Simon
But as one door closes a window opens so I have found another few series I am enjoying watching including BNTM (Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model), Project Runway and Misfits. Misfits is my biggest new obsession! It's a British tv series about five youth offenders who get caught up in a storm which gives them super-powers as well as several incidents involving killing their probation workers. The characters are diverse and funny, my favourite is deffenightly Nathan who is immortal and has an incredible insensitivity and arogance in a way that makes him unbelievably funny to me. And I also like Kelly who is described as a bit of a chav sometimes, she has a bit of a temper and she can read minds. Kelly is actually a really sweet girl in a way, but the circumstances she lives in don't really allow her to put down her though exterior. The rest of the gang are Curtis, a former athelete who can manipulate time, Alesha a beautiful and flirty girl who has the power (or curse) to set anyone who touches her into a sexual frenzy and Simon who is an incredibly selfconcious and quiet, on the verge to creepy guy who has the power of invisibility as he often feels ignored.
I love all of the characters and I am only on season two but I have read that Nathan only stays for two seasons and the rest of the cast not much longer, which already makes me kinda sad!! I don't wan't them to leavvvve! Especially Nathan of course, no-one will be able to replace his twaty little hilarious personality!! :S
I'm just saying one more thing and that's about the Pretty Little Liars books, which I am totally obsessed with now, I love them! The characters may be slightly different from the ones in the show and the time is all warped if you compare them and some of the storylines are different.... Aria isn't with Ezra anymore and Hanna is dating Mike, Arias little brother??? Also one book incorporates like one week wich is seriously weird! As much stuff as happens in the book is reeeeally unlikely to happen in one week... Also Spencer is adopted!? And Emily likes boys again? It's so weird but I like it because there is still the same undertone int the story and the series which makes me love them equally and see them rather as different perpectives than as competing realities. I'm deffenightly not going to stop reading them!
Ok, let me finish up season two of Misfits before I go to bed! Night Guys! XX

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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Most Gorgeous Boy On Earth: Love Is In The Air

While researching new pictures for my Pinterest board of incredibly hot guys I found someone. I always new my favourite type of guy and I even know someone whom I liked for a long time who embodies about ninty-nine percent of that type, but now I have found my perfect one-hundred percent. This boy is giving me a heart attack, seriously, WOW. Just LOOK at him:

My future husband. I'm speechless.
And no, he's not wearing earrings. Hamdsome, gorgeous, beautiful, hot, perfect, cute, good looking, pretty, muscly, tanned, blue eyed. <3 We're engaged, he just doesn't know it yet.

Love Songs:
I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) - The Proclaimers
Love Is In The Air - Tom Jones
And just 'cos I like it:
Heatwave - Wiley ft. Ms D
Bad Blood - Bastille

Monday, 13 August 2012

Being A Bridesmaid

Now, I've never been a bridesmaid, flowergirl yes but I guess I'm stilt too young to have one of my friends marry! Since I don't have any siblings... But I've always loved weddings and I hope that appart from my own I'll be a part of some of them! Yeah, that's also why I love wedding films... In addition to the fact that they tend to be chick-flicks and which sixteen year old female doesn't love those? SO, from The Wedding Crashers (deffs one of my fav films, like, ever) to my most recent wedding film Bachelorette, I'm aways gonna to enjoy them!
Bachelorette is a film about three bachelorettes who meet up for the first time since highschool for their ''third-wheel'' - or more appropriately ''fourth-wheel'' - friend, Becky, whom they secretly used to call Pig Face.
Kirsten Dunst as Regan
The three girls all have their seperate problems, Regan is a control freak, Katie a hardcore party-girl and Gena just doesn't give a f*ck about anything much in life since her highschool boyfriend ''messed up her life'' by getting her pergnant at fifteen and then not being there for her during her abortion or anything afterwards. In an attempt to liven up Becky's bachelorette party they bring in a stripper and get a hold on drugs and booze. But when Becky turns out to have changed and not enjoy theeir little surprise they decide to have a good time on their own. In the process they rip the wedding dress and have to go to great lengths to fix it before the wedding. Katie is too messed up to help so she is brought home by one of the grooms friends and hits it off with him. Gena is forced tro co-operate with this former ex-boyfriend who's mother is supposed to fix the wedding dress. He manages to convince her that he still loves her and it is clear that she still has feelings for him too. Regan meets the player best man who pursues her when his friends tell him that she is a super-woman due to her high expectations and controling personality, because he likes the challenge.
Lizzie Caplan as Gena
In the end they do manage to get the dress back in time for the wedding and each of the girls found someone who is good for their drastic life styles. Gena admits that she still loves her ex and realises that she might have made a few bad life choices. And Katie found someone who is going to control her outrageous partying so that she won't get into life threatening sitiations in a regular basis anymore.
I liked this film so much because each of their disfuntionality is hilarious and I especially love Gena's dry pesonality.
Isla Fisher as Katie
What I've also been watching is Torchwood a Doctor Who spin-off series about Captain Jack Harkness, whom I've always loved as a character due to his incredible firtatiousness and the gift (or curse) of not being able to die, cortsey of Rose Tyler. I have now watched the first two series and gotten to love all the characters. Owen is a selfabsorbed doctor who became cold and hard due to the death (through alien) of his yound fiancĂ©. Toshiko the incredibly brilliant technician who loves Owen but isn't selfconfident enough to arouse his attention. Gwen who is the protagonist who is incredibly sensible and keeps everyone from not caring about people. And Yanto who was desperate to get a job with Torchwood and now is receptionist/coffee maker/anything anyone needs and who is Jack's boyfriend in a way. All these caracters have really grown on me, in how they try to save the world on a daily basis and all have characteristical flaws of a real person. This explaines who I cried when Owen and Tosh just died. I loved Owen because I always like the slightly arrogant characters, as they amuse me, and Tosh because she is taken for granted and I felt sorry for her, but also because she keeps believing in love even though she gets pushed off again and again.
I'm trying to make this a short post because I really have to learn to stop myself from writing a book everytime I want to offer my opinion on something!
Ps: I'm SO proud that I've got this finished ON  TIME, at a decent time. Just like it is supposed to every Monday but kind of never is. :S :D

Soundtrack To My Current Life:
BBC Radio 1 but here are some songs that I recently downloaded:
Battle For Middle You - Julio Bashmore
Ai Se Eu Te Pego - Michel Telo (I just love how the English radio DJs pronounce this!)
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Heatwave - Wiley ft. Ms D

Yanto, Gwen, Jack, Tosh, Owen

Thursday, 9 August 2012

Be Brave And Live La Vida Loca

Soooo, my mom made me come camping ''for some days'' on Sunday, hence the delay. Sorry. I refused to come without my laptop and an internet-USB-stick-thingy and on the five hour drive to our beach destination in the south of Portugal I watched Brave. I am a complete sucker for Pixar animated films, don't judge me! I just find the whole thing so cool, like, the production process of such a film is really intersting to me, and also Pixar has such an unique and awsome style.
Merida at the Waterfall by alicexz
I really liked the story and it is quite refreshing to watch a ''kiddie-film'' sometimes, in age and gender appropriate chick-flicks, the main topic is ALWAYS boys and love and shizzz! And yeah, most of the time I also love that genre of film but, it gets depressing sometimes. Like, when you wish you where with someone and he/she just doesn't recognize you're existance... Or when you've been friendzoned.... In chick-flicks everything always has a happy ending which is hope inspiring and blah, but on down days you just realize that it's totally un-fricking-realistic and that this deffs won't happen to you. Joy. So yeaaahhh, watching a totally non romantical movie was nice.
Real life version of Merida/Fire
Brave is about a girl, actually a princess, my age who is supposed to marry one of the other tribes leaders' sons but she doesn't want to. Merida wants to be independent and is much more of a tomboy in general. Nesi recons that it is based on Boudica, but the story is based in Scottland rather than Wales so that probably isn't true..  Well, anyways, her mother is not supportive of her strive for free will and Merida feels treated unfairly so one day when she is out in the woods with her horse she finds a witches house and begs her to mix her a concotion that will change her mother. Unfortunately, the potion litterally changes her mother into a bear; unfortunate 'cos her father is obsessed with bear hunting. In her new bear form the mother can't stay in the castle and Merida has to show her the ways of the wild as she knows much more about the forrest. In this time the two bond and Merida finally realizes that she actually was quite happy with the mother that she had before. In order to reverse the spell they have to, essencially, understand eachother, which is what was the problem with them all along. In addition to the fact that they are both strong minded and 'mildly' stubborn women.
Remind you of Fire at all?
All ends well, and the mother returns to her human form, and Merida doesn't have to marry any of the suitors at hand. The film is a great way to remind children and teenager to be thankfull that they have parents who love them so much that they may not realize their love is ''suffocating'' their offspring. I generally get along with my mother and once in a while, after a disgreement/argument that comes along sometimes :/, I realize how glad I am that I have her, and what a fantastic job she is doing at showing me the ropes of life. She isn't perfect, but who is? Thank you, Danke, for always being there for me! <3
Ps.: Does Merida not remind you of Fire by Kristin Cashore in the slightest?
Agentine Tango
On the remainder of the trip I used up my laptop battery pretty quickly so I has to resort to reading, not the worst second option.. :D I read Living La Vida Loca by Belinda Jones, which as you might guess has someting to do with Spanish and a certain Ricky :P.. Well, it is the perfect chick-lit, but it's more flirty and sexy rather than sodden with deep emotions, so it's more like a RosĂ© wine in comparison to a Tinto (red).. I think it can be described pretty well as Pimm's if I have to chose a drink! Acohol influenced, fruity and bubbly.
Paso Doble Attitude
The story is about a dancer and a costume desigenr who are best friends and who's earliest similarities in life was adoring Come Dancing on TV. Beth, the dancer, has through tragic incidents sunken to the level of concidering stripping in order to come up with some money. And Carmen is also on a low point in her life haing broken up with her verbally abusive boyfriend for the third time. Through a bit of trickery Beth get's cast on a reality TV show that follows her to three spanish speaking countires to dance the local dances and she gets to take Carmen. The dances being the tragic Tango, feisty Paso Doble and fliry Cuban Salsa, Carmen learns to let go of her ex-boyfriend and learn to love herself a-new. Severla romantic interests are involved but more on a holiday romance basis. Beth learns to let herself go and just have fun in dancing and not seing it as a job, and finally finds her man in the crew of the show. As Beth's relationship grows, Carmen becomes more independent and both of them find themselves having the best time of their lives in contrast to their low only three weeks before.
The book is so incredibly attractive to me especially because it isn't too serious (but does adress the issue of verbal abuse in a very adequate way), it made me laugh a lot and some parts where so cringeworthy I thought I wouldn't be able to carry on reading in a positive way. It's about dance and romance and fun and sun and spanish and living la vida loca. I could easily see relate to the characters and was following the story to excitedly I was wide awake at 2 o'clock in the mornings, AFTER I had put the book down to finally sleep. The book made me wish I had that opportunitly of dancing myself through the world and made me deffenightly interested in dance holidays.. Gap year maybe!? *Brow waggle* :D
Oh and about Ricky... The fictional TV shows ghastly snotty director was called Rick :D
Going to bed now but I can't resist saying this about the weeks True Blood: Bill's a douche. But I love Eric and Jason. I now call my cat Eric. Because he's got fangs and he's big and arogant and blond but I can't help loving him at the same time.
Niiiight! XX

What got me through writing this:
June '12 Mix - Jesse Burgess
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