Wednesday, 24 October 2012

From The Upper Eastside to 90210, LA

Hey Guyyys,

I'm really sorry that I'm lagging with my posting again! I don't even have an excuse! I had actually no homework yesterday and just procrastinated.. :S I feel so guilty!
Two shows started again recentlyyy :) Gossip Girl and 90210 so now I've got even more shows to watch and even less time. Oh joy! I love them though so I'll take the hardship upon me gladly!
GG started really strangely, with Serena refusing to fit in with her friends again for the sake of her new boyfriend, who has a seventeen year old daughter, who is VERY much like Serena herself at that age, due to her rebelliousness and her horrid personality. Her name is Sage, and she's also dating Nate, which is really weird because he is an actual adult! Another thing, she's a proper little b*tch! She pretty much hates Serena for dating her dad, and has some really annoying parent-issues, and all she does is try to split them up, and generally cause havoc wherever she can, like at Blaire's first ever runway show, which is relaunching her mother's old brand, with Ms. Waldorf Jr. in charge. Blaire is forced by S, who is being blackmailed by sweet little Sage to let the latter walk B's runway show. But darling Sage ruins a) Blaire's future in fashion and relationship with her mother and b) Serena's relationship with a guy who seems actually genuinely nice and whom S really likes.
You may notice by the frequent use of sarcastic nicknames for Sage, that I currently really detest her. I mean Blaire is Queen Bee, bully and major b*tch, but she was still likable enough because she didn't destroy things for fun, she did it because it ''needed'' to be done. And I really don't approve of Serena's super-boring relationship with daddy but, but she really doesn't deserve to be treated like that our of spite. I really hope the girls reunite, teach the girl a little lesson and then become the Upper Eastside's queens again!
 I am also really annoyed at Nate because he just continues to date the little minx, even though he knows that she hates all his friends and is basicly destroying all he has.. And FFS boy, shes about five years younger than you, I mean she's still a teen.. I'm her age in February.. I find that rrreaally bad of him that he is just ignoring all the contra's. Actually I just realized that he seems to be constantly into the younger girls... Who here rememberes Jenny Humpfrey?
Chuck Bass is still trying to outfox his father.. It IS going to happen sometime 'cos that guy truly was a selfish bastard, ans that TO HIS OWN SON! How much more of an a*shole can you be? Danny-boy is also having problems with his Daddy. He is sleeping with Dan's ex - which Dan had to walk in on. He must be scarred for life, and ohmigod how inconsiderate from the Rufus! You DON'T sleep with your best friend's ex, YOU NEVER SLEEP WITH YOUR SON'S EX! Consequently Lonely Boy wrote about it for Nate's Spectator and now hes a hotshot whom everybody wants and is now writing for Vanity Fair, and is friends with Nelly Yuki. Also though this, he crashed his friendship with Nate into the Titanic. WHY IS ALL THE FRIENDSHIPS FALLING APART!? The only nice person right now is Dorota!
SO after all these messed up city people, we get to the more chilled and tanned LA crowd. 90210 is good again, during some point in last season I really started to not care about it as much anymore, but now it's got new and pretty shocking storylines!
Dix in a wheelchair, Liam back together with Vanessa, Naomi married and Silver having a baby, are all such absurd concepts. But I liiikkkeee, there's gonna be a lot of dramaaaa! The Dixon storyline is a bit annoying, I don't particularly like Adriana and his relationship very much and his constant whinging is making me sick.. I'm sorry it I'm being disrespectful, but people are concerned, and trying to help him and he's playing the victim and making everybody feel bad for pitying him at the same time... Attention wh*re. I like the other wheelchair guy, the one who's pretty much an a*s and with whom Annie has countless fights with. He is really nice actually and he really does know what will help Dixon for his recovery. I soooo hope him and Annie end up together.. I mean it was clear for me from the beginning. I'm putting my bets on them! I am also putting my bets on Naomi getting a divorce. Yes, she loves Max, sure, but it's very typical for her to get bored quickly! And also who really wants to marry at twenty? Another thing, she kissed Max best friend, I mean she was horrified about it afterwards but she kinda had the right to after that! I don't think that she's gonna make it!
I love, love, love the Silver-Baby-Teddy thing that's going on! I think it's so nice for her to have chosen Teddy to be her sperm donor because that means that he'll also be able to have a kid, even though he's gay, and he can raise his kid well and kinda take his revenge on his own parents in that way! And it also just shows how amazing their friendship is!
On to the next really absurd thing. Liam and Vanessa. She is a witch. She is a horrible, warts and all witch. She MADE him do anything she wanted through blackmail, basically told the world that they were engaged, and Liam is HATING it all the time! So then she falls of the balcony into the sea and is deeeaaaad and never to be seen again.. And Liam just doesn't even call the police, what a corrupt world we have come to! I was soooo worried that he'd have to go to jail! I don't want him to go away! He's hot! Well the hottest of them all!
A thing that I've noticed more and more over the last two seasons was that now everyone is friends! Before when they were all still at school, they were sooo hurtful to one another, and now they're all really nice and supportive of each other, and the best friends!
I'm reeeally, reaaally tired so I'll post this tomorrow only OK? I'm sooo sorry!

Ps.: I'm sorry for the excesive amount of swearing in this post! As you can see, I have a lot of feels!

Musik, Music, Musica:
Green Tractor - Masta Mic
Get Free -  Major Lazor ft. Amber Coffman (Andy C Remix)

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

A Lady In The Mountains

THEY F*CKING KILLED OFF SYBILL!!!!! CRUEL HUMANS, HOW COULD THEY DO THIS!???? I'm talking about the most recent episode of Downton Abbey.. Sybill was having her baby with a few complications and because of the bloody stupidity of her father who wouldn't listen to the right doctor, she then died. I was so hearbroken! Tom and Cora were crying so much in her last seconds, it was horrible. They did an absolutely amazing job with the filming though. I was so shocked, even though I knew it was going to happen from the beginning of the episode.
They said in a spoiler there was going to be a baby, a wedding and a death. I hated that the baby and the death were so closely connected. Tom was a bit annoying with his dreadfully radical views and all of that but he never deserved his wife to die! Mary said something along the lines of ''she was the best person in this house'', which I totally agree with. She was the sweetest person whom everyone cared about, and Downton is going to be way sadder without her!
Ok, now I've got that of off my chest I'mma tell you about ''The Amazing Adventures of Rosa'', which is a book that should come out really soon... It's essentially about my amazing time on Gold Premio in Gredos, Spain!!
It was sooooo much fun! And soooo much hard work but, now that I look back at it, it was SO worth every bit of light headedness after a really steep hill and every bit of cow muck I stepped in! And believe me there was a lot of both. We went there by bus, so imagine twenty teenagers on an eight hour bus road trip! Actually, it was only a bit of that and a LOT of discussing suicide, abortion and other stuff.. (ô.õ) Well yeah, see, we're not just regular teens, we're private-school-with-geniuses-and-agument-lovers kinda teens... Was fun I guess! Then we got there and had a lot of stuff to do after realizing our bags were packed a hundred times to heavy!
We actually walked for four days and an approximate sixty-five kilometers. UP AND DOWN MOUNTAINS at a hight of one-thousand-sixhundered-and-something. We live at see level. My lungs hurt. A lot. Well I can't remeber a lot of the walking except for the pain in my shoulders, back and feet, but it was a bloody lot! I obviously got blisters, but they weren't tooo bad! My darling friend Nesi had blisters with a diameter of, like, five centimeters. I'm not even kiding! The nights were a lot of fun when we were just chilling and cooking and taking reeeeally improvised showers, and massages. Can't forget those! I was soo happy when we finished the whole thing, and you have nooo clue how close we all got through the trip! So niiice! My mom thinks I have Stockholm Syndrom, because I've been complaining that I have nothing to do and that I wanna build a tent and that I want to go back; poor woman!! :D
All in all the trip really can be accurately summarized as: walking up gigantic piles of cow poo!!
We even made a song! It's based on The Llama Song. (Check it out!!) Here goes:

Happy cow, sad cow, totally rad cow!
Super cow, drama cow, big fat mama cow!
Sebi, Juan Fran, Teachers! (Instructors who were realllly nice!)

It's so beautiful!!!! :'( Poetry! Such artistry! I know, thank you, thank you!! You don't have to tell me how much you love it! I already know!
Now there's one probem 'though, I've missed a week of school. NOT COOL in the IB! NOT COOL! :S There's sooooo much stuff to catch up on!! Nooooooo! People are so mean! And here we're back to the beginning! It's a devils circle! You can never get out of it! First they kill off Sybill and then they give me waaaaay much homework!
One more thing I gotta say.. Gossip Girl premiered last week, yay! I watched the first episode but so far it's still pretty boring, I just like the Chuck-Translator-Dad storyline! Everything else is kinds boring! Blaire, blah, Serina, blah, Dan, blaaaahhhhhh! Whatever, we'll see how the season goes! 'Tis the last one after all! They better ake it good! Maybe they can even bring back Taylor Momsen??? Jenny was such a cool character! I loved her!!
Still got a bunch of stupid homeworks to do, so, I'mma leave you with thatt!!!

Songs on my fabulous iPod which recently went through the wach and didn't die:

Don't You Worry Child - Swedish House Mafia ft. John Martin
Not Giving In - Rudimental ft. John Newman, Alex Clare

PS.: Sorry I'm uploading late, internet was down yesterday :S

Friday, 5 October 2012

''History Is Just One F*cking Thing After Another''

Hey guyysss! I know I'm blogging early today, but, this is because I'm taking a trip to Spaaaaain next week. I am doing the Gold Premio, or Duke of Edinburgh Award or whatever you wanna call it. It's a six day ''walk'' in the mountains... Oh joy. Well I've already packed my bag, and bought special thermal clothes and all that sh*t, and we'll see. People say that it's so exhausting that they started crying, so I'm relatively nervous! But they also said it's one of the best experiences of your life; so I hope it's worth the coldness, tears and pain.
One thing that I'm really nervous about though is that Imma miss like six days of school and theres gonna be a LOT of stuff I'll havta do afterwards -.- Nooooo so much worrrrrkkkk! Art and Maths and Chem and German (actually that one's not rlly hard for me :D) and History and English... :'(
Oh, speaking of English, we are reading this amazing play called The History Boys by Alan Bennett. It's basicly about a bunch of boys in an all boys school studying History and trying to get into Oxbridge. There's Dakin (Dominic Cooper) the attractive, overly selfconfident guy, who thinks that everyone should love him, Posner, the youngest, who just discovered that he's gay, and, in love with Dakin, Scripps who is a really religious guy and Dakin's best friend, and my favourite character, and five other boys and a bunch of teachers.
It's a really modern play that includes a lot of swearing and pretty interesting themes... It starts with a French lesson where they pretend to be in a brothel and Dakin plays the client and Timms (James Gordon) the prostitute and Dakin actually strips down to his underwear and Timms comments ''aahh, quelles belles jambes''.. (excuse my bad French!) That made me laugh so much!!  And then the headmaster enters and they have to pretend to reinact a world war two hospital with shell shocked soldiers :D..
Then there's a new History teacher who, Dakin starts to like, even though he is heterosexual, and gets all annoyed when said teacher completely ignores him. One of the other teachers ''thouches'' the boys, and other topics are also discussed, like the unimportance of woman in history..
The play is very educative and the characters are presented as really likable and you are ver able to connect with them emotionally. In the end of the book, all of the boys do get into Oxford and Hector, their touchy General Studies teacher, dies. I felt really sad about this and even got a little chocked up at the last few pages where the boys honour their favourite teacher and it is said what becomes of them. My favourite quote was from Hector, they are the closing words of the play, after he has already died and still make me sad when I read them: ''Pass the parcel. That's sometimes all you can do. Take it, feel it and pass it on. Not for me, not for you, but for someone, somewhere, one day. Pass it on, boys. That's the game I want you to learn. Pass it on.'' He may have done bad things sometimes but he was a very good teacher.
The posts title is a quote if one of the boys who is concidered as a bit stupid, answering the question of 'What is History?' in his mock entrance interview for Oxford (he does get in!).
This really is a good play and they made a film of it, with some brilliant actors, which I also love. The duality of human nature, is portrayed very well through the character of Hector whom you can't really help but like. Scripps I said was my favourite character through the way his religiousness and his swearing contrast and make him seem like he is a really genuine person. Dakin and Posner make some brilliant comedy and the play/film is full of litearture and actually does tach the reader some English and some History.
Hector says something else which is really true, he sums up a sensation I could completely relate to. ''The best moments in reading are when you come across something - a thought, a feeling, a way of looking at things - that you'd thought special, particular to you. And here it is, set down by someone else, a person you've never met, maybe even someone long dead. And it's as if a hand has come out, and taken yours.''
Something, one of my friends showed me the other day is the USA's interpretation of the BBC's Sherlock. It is called Elementary and stars Jonny Lee Miller as Sherlock Holmes and Lucy Liu as Joan Holmes... Ohhh, they gender swapped Watson... This will be interesting. It does make the series seem more modern in a way, also it enables people to speculate about the possibility of a relationship between the two. Ohmogod, I would hate that to happen, it would ruin their relationship forever in my eyes.. OR will they make Sherlock gay, in order to modernize the show even more?! So many possibilitiess! The story lines of the episodes - so far only two - do not relate to the original Sherlock series which I don't really mind.
Now, it is obviously IMPOSSIBLE for me not to judge Elementary and Sherlock against eachother, as they are basicly the same thing. I must say there is nothing that can touch on the geniusity of Steven Moffat and his sarcastic humor so there is no way that anything can ever be BETTER than Sherlock. I still really like the other show too, I just like the crime solving brilliancy of any Holmes, even if no one can ever replace Benedict Cumberbatch's narcisistic, toddlerlike Sherlock.
I will just let them exist paralelly and not juxtapose them so that I can enjoy them both!!!
The latest episode of glee was also awakening the feels!!! I mean how can alllllll the couples on the program break up!??? Howww, you cruel, cruel people. The only hope I have left is for Jake and Marley, pleaaaaase get together!! And one thing that was especially bad is that, it was said that this episode would be the one in which my baby bwoi Blake is introduced.... The only new character what the guy which whom Blake had cheated on Kurt... No. Mwaaaaw, why does he have to be a mean person? Actually, there's still hope. Maybe, he didn't know anything about the fact that Blaine had a boyfriend. Maybe. Oh and, Mr Schu also had a fight with Emma.. Those are two which HAVE to stay together.. Please..? You leave me with no hope that love sometimes actually works :'( Well, at least the episode had some nice songs.. The Scientist by Coldplay what the most tearjerking one of all.. 
Ok, I've got to do some more packingg!!! See ya in a weeeekkkk!

Listen to these while I'm gone!

Don't Speak - Glee Cast
The Scientist - Glee Cast
Mine - Glee Cast

Just awsome songs:
Say Nothing - Example (Hardwell and Dannic Remix)
What You Came For - Mosca

Not Giving In - Rudimental ft. Alex Clare, John Newman
Reaching Out - Nero

Monday, 1 October 2012

Amy's Last Goodbye

First of all I want to say thank you so, so, so, so much for all you people who read about my boring life and what I do and don't like, last month I got over six-hundred views in total which is double what I got in any other month before that. Thank you so much! I'll try to keep doing what I am doing now and create content that is atleast somewhat interesting to you guys!
So, who watched the last episode of the Ponds last night... You're right, I did, and I cried through out the end. Ohmigod. I hadn't even noticed how much I started to like Amy and Rory. As you all know, Rose Tyler is my favourite companion ever, and her leaving was the only time I cried before in Doctor Who. But with her and all the other companions their leaving was built up for a few episodes and the Ponds were just ripped out of the story really, really suddenly, I mean I knew it was coming, but I still wasn't prepared! It was an amazing episode after a few ones which I didn't like as much, but this one was perfection! Thank you Steven Moffat, for giving these amazing characters such a good last page to their story.
The episode's bad guys were the Weeping Angels which, for me, are the most terrifying DW monsters ever. Worse than the fricking Daleks or Cybermen. This is because, they give you reason to be affraid of the dark and scare you of statues, which are often pretty creepy anyways. Worst thing, you can't NOT BLINK forever!
Well it started off with a pretty little picknick but nothing ever goes smoothly with the Doctor so Rory goes to get coffee and ends up zapped back in time by a creepy baby angel and ends up in the book which Amy and the Doctor are reading in the present, so they know that something's wrong... In the past Rory meets River, who manages to get the Tardis to find their location, but by the time Amy and the Doc are there Rory's been zapped again. So they go find him and it's a weird kind of appartment building where there are more angels. Rory walks around in the building and finds a room called ''Williams, R.'' so he goes in and there he sees himself dying of old age. Amy, the Doctor and River find him, and Amy figures she and Rory have to flee to prevent that from happening. So they run to the roof where they're surprised by a giant Statue of Liberty Angel and in order to create a paradox, Rory decides to kill himself so that he can't die of old age and kill the angels.
Amy doesn't want to let him jump alone, she'd rather die with him than live alone in the present. Then they fall of the side of the roof and that was when I started crying. It was just so painful to see what Amy would do for Rory. They always say Rory loves her more, but I don't really know. I felt so sorry for the Doctor too, because he saw his best friends die that moment.
THE FEELS!!!!! ^^Explains it all!
But everything goes well and nobody dies and they all go back to the present. Just when they are about to leave, Rory sees his own gravestone in a cemetry and there is an Angel that surbived and he is so surprised to see it that he blinks. The Doctor can't cross his own timeline, so he can't go and save him. So then theres an absolutely heartbreaking scene in which Amy decides to go too, and the Doctor doesn't understand what's happening, (because in Galafreyan years he is only about twelve years old, really) River calls Amy ''mother'' for the first and only time and shows that she has gained respect for her and really does love her and is really sad to see her mother die. Amy tells her daughter to ''Melody, take good care of him, and be a good girl!'' and then thakes Rivers hand for support and blinks. The doctor breaks down and River again has to comfort him, as Amy's name is also written in stone. I can't imagine the strength of River. She obviously did live her parents even though they were a bit estranged to her and having to calm down the Doctor who looked much more like the child in the situation must not have been easy for her, I am so happy they are together. They both have enough hurt for ten people at least, but they can just rely on eachother.
Ruggedy Man,... Goodbye!
The episode ends whith the doctor reading the last page of the book detective novel which started the whole mess, it turns out to be written by Amy in the past. She also left an epilogue in which she tells the Doctor that she and Rory will never forget him and that they lived happily together for the rest of their lives. It brings the doctor a bit of comfort, but made me cry so much more again. It's really sad how much the doctor loves each of his companions (and they him) and how much of a little boy he still is really. And how they can never end happily ever after. :'(
The last thing is, River tells him not to travel alone.
We know that he won't because his new companion is Oswin, the Dalek-girl, from the first episode. It must have been overcrossing timelines again. Her past and his future, I really liked her, and am happy to see her again at Christmas.
Another thing that I realised the other day. Torchwood's Gwen would be a freaking amazing companion, I would reeeaaally want to see the Torchwood team on DW. Gwen's Welsh spirit would be very funny to have with the Doctor. And I want to see the Doc reunited with Jack, those two together are absolutely brilliant.
Talking about Welsh spirit, I've just watched the first episode of Mtv's new show The Valleys. It's basicly another version of Geordie Shore but I don't know if I will like it as much. The cast is I don't know, I immediately liked Carley, she reminds me a lot of GS's Viccy and is quite funny. I don't like the way the girls basicly all hate eachother, and are complete b*tches. From the guys I like all of them because they're all quite funny through their vanity, especially Chidgey, Leeroy's rapping is also hilarious and I like Aron, he's funny and he's a three times world champion kick-boxer.... Not bad.. But yeah, his t-shirts have more cleavage than any of mine, so he seems like another shallow little twit. Doesn't mean I won't watch them for my entertainment. And then there's Liam. He's gay. I found it quite nice of him to come out immediately so that he won't have misunderstandings, but the girl's reaction was gross. They were immediately all over him saying: ''Ohhh, I love gays and gays love me!'' and shtuff like that. I just thought poor guy, seriously, first everyone thinks he's weird and then u've got four girls hanging off ya, just cos you're gay, especially 'cos they didn't show any interest at all in him before they heard that. So yeah, I pretty much hated their reaction, and I think he probs did too.
It seems like a funny show so I will keep watching it, as long as GS is out!
I also got my first test back today... Maths SL... Not good.. I got eight out of thirty... That is precicely 27%. Yay. I must admit I didn't really study for this, but the topic is called presumed knowledge so, I guess I SHOULD have been able to do it... :S iuqwlbfv :(
Yh, I guess I have to study more...
Oh and by the way, I let my iPod go though the wash. Noooooo!!! My BABY! It's dead!
And on that note I will leave you.

Ps.: Just watched Amy's last goodbye again and I'm bawling like a newborn all over again. Horrible.

In memory of my beloved iPod:
Oliver Twist - D'banj (I just rediscovered this yesterday!!! YAAYYYY! Love when this happens!)