Saturday, 6 July 2013

The Good Guys

Hey guys it's your favourite blog lazy blogger, I hope!?
Have been collecting some ideas of what to talk about, I've been watching and reading a lot, and especially I haven't been doing my real work, oopsies! Like for instance right now I should really be doing some work on my History Internal Assessment that was due in a week ago... Oopsies!~
Amongst the Series I've been watching were Once Upon A Time, Homeland and Dates, but those are the ones that I didn't want to talk about today, if someone really wants to know my thoughts on any of these shows, comment and I might just write something about them some other time!

Kat, Hicks, Rachel, Bill, Dr. Rosen, Nina and Gary
my favourites - Kat and Gary
The first of the shows that I actually did want to talk about was Alphas, a kind of X-Men-ish series that was cancelled pretty quickly but I thought it was awesome! *Sadface* It's been a while since I finished this show, so forgive me if I get something horribly wrong, or forget to say something. Alphas is a series about a group of specially gifted people, who were born with amplified abilities. They work with a human called Dr. Rosen who is studying alphas and their abilities, and they try to keep other alphas from turning bad, or crazy, or uncontrollable, because if that happens they have to be put into a special prison called Binghamton, where they get killed, and sometimes even 'sterelised'. The team is made up of Hicks (hyperkinesis, perfect mind-body co-ordination), Gary (transduction, can see and process electromagnetic waves), Rachel (synesthesia, ability to heighten all of her five senses), Nina (Brain override, can 'push' people to do things by looking into their eyes and talking to them [much like vampire hypnosis]) and Bill (increased fight-or-flight, resulting in increased durability, endurance, speed and strength). In the second season there is also the teenage Kat, who is able to learn anything by watching a video or reading about it, at the same time she loses her declarative memories every six weeks or so, to help her remember she vlogs on her smartphone.
I like this show because it is really original in the different skills that these people have, not just the off the mill mind reading or flying. I would recommend it to anyone who likes sci-fi, my favourite of the all is Gary, he's just a darling, and it's really interesting because this it totally believable. People with these kind of neurological conditions actually exist.

Stephen Amell as billionaire Oliver Queen
Next up, let me talk about a little show called Arrow, sceptical at first I put off watching it for a while, it just seems so generic, but after a few episodes of Oliver Queen & Co. I just fell in lovvve. Helps that 90 percent of the guys are tots gorgeous... Stephen Amell, Colton Haynes since recently!! So this is another superhero/vigilante who goes after bad guys... A bit like Batman actually... There's obviously a love interest, who I'm not interested in, I'd much rather have him with the awesome techie girl Felicity who is hilarious and really smart too, and part of his ''the hood'' team, so he wouldn't have to hide anything from her. Also an awesome person is Oliver's little sister Thea, who is totally believable and gets together with HOTTIE Roy Harper, you guessed it, Colton Haynes. (Because of him and Dylan O'Brien I am actually considering watching Teen Wolf I have successfully avoided it, because it looks like utter crap, but the hot guys just keep on pulling me in!!)
Oliver and Felicity - I ship them!
Well yeah, it's basically one baddie an episode and it all gets interesting because it seems like the ultimate baddies are actually Oliver's mom and his best friends father, Malcom Merlin played by John Barrowman (Capt. Jack Harkness on Doctor Who and Torchwood), so some tense family dynamics. I also love seeing guest stars like Janina Gavankar (Luna on True Blood) and Alex Kingston (River Song on Doctor Who). I absolutely love John Barrowman who is brilliant as a charmer and joker, but I never knew that he was also so great at playing a really really unlikable character!
Pretty boy Roy Harper aka. Colton Haynes
One of the coolest things are the 'flashbacks' to Olivers life on the island where he learned how to defend himself. The characters he meets there are really cool, and the transition from rich boy to survivor is really visible and interesting.
If you like Marvel and DC Comics you will probably already know this character and I don't know how much you will approve of this adaption, but all I as a very comic-naive-enthusiast can say that I really really enjoy this series and would strongly encourage to watch this!

One more thing on my list today! I wanted to talk about a book I bought at the airport some time ago, you know when you have a really long time at some random airport and you just go around buying stuff because you're bored, and then you end up not actually being able to eat/read/whatever everything you just bought because you ran out of time? Well that happened to me, I bought The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown and I didn't start it until some day where I shouldn't really have been procrastinating. I started it in the morning and I did nothing else but eat that day. I finished the whole 400-500 pages in one day. It's not that I haven't done that before, just, I haven't done that in a long time, I really should start reading more again, I love reading!
Well the story is kind of crime meets art and secret societies and religion and history and symbolism. It's all tangled up together and it reads very well as a narrative but at the same time it is really, really interesting intellectually. I am doing my Extended Essay on 'religious art' and I am very, very close to using it as a reference! All the stuff, sounds profoundly researched and really plausible.
So I loved the book, I have to say, I am really glad I did buy this book on impulse, just because I had heard that people liked it, and I was amazed how fascinating it really was. The end was not very good I thought, it just seemed like the author was tired of the story and wanted to get it over and done with. It ends up being a romance, that is not very well developed through out the story line at all. And I just have to say that bit, I wasn't very fond of.
But other wise... Again: highly recommendable, very interesting and totally engrossing.