Monday, 17 December 2012

Gollum Meets The Hobbit Bagginses

Last weekend I did no homework. Well done me! Pat on the back old chum :D But I did go to the cinema and watch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I mainly did do because the hobbit Bilbo Baggins is portrayed by Martin Freeman, my dear sweet John Watson from BBC's Sherlock. I only once watched one of the Lord Of The Rings film, but it doesn't really count because I didn't understand much and I thought it was pretty boring. So this was kind of my first Lord Of The Rings experience and I can't say it was bad.
Well, the film is set in the past, In the beginning of the film we can see an older Bilbo Baggins writing down the story for his nephew Frodo. The story starts with Gandalf coming to Bilbo's house inviting him to his adventure to travel to Eriador and he sends a bunch of dwarves to Bilbo's house for a party, the latter isn't very happy about people messing up his ordinary - quite boring - life and refuses to come, but decides otherwise when he realises the offer was genuine the next morning.
They travel together, fight mountain trolls and orcs and they become friends. They also find some elf made swords for Bilbo, Gandalf and the dwarf prince Thorin. They find the elf capital while running from the orcs and their horrible massive dog horses and they meet the elves. I really like them and their style because I kind of really imagine elfves that way!! I already always thought of them Christopher Paulani's Inheritance Cylce like that! Like really straight hair, tall and thin and graceful. No disappointments there. :D Especially the old elven king was really cool, he looked like he was about a thousand years old! I really respect actors who act their whole lives and keep on going because they love it so much. I was actually scared the guy would suddenly collapse!
Then Bilbo and his friends meet some really unfriendly rock giants. Like, literally massive giants made of rock. They were so bulky and stuff, they reminded me of Lego transformers, heheh. And then they fall into a trap and end up in the halls of the Goblin king who is really really fat. There Bilbo meets Gollum. Now let me tell you about that little monster creep. On the one side he is really cute and reminds me of Dobby with is massive eyes and bony body, but on the other hand he's an evil little bastard who creeps me the f*ck out!! I was sitting there with my hands clamped together in order not to hurt my self from a scared reaction. I have this perfect technique of teeth and hand clamping and putting my body in the perfect position so that I don't hurt myself when I get a fright. :P
Well yeah, Bilbo meets Gollum and makes him tell him the way out through a game of riddles and accidentally finds the ring that Gollum lost. When the latter realises this he goes into a full out frenzy which is also quite scary and Bilbo puts on the ring and turns invisible. *Sigh of relief*
After that little incident they have to fight more orcs including the big white orc who has a personal grudge against Thorin, so yeah fight ensues, Thorin nearly dead, massive eagles save everyone and they set of again. The film ends with them seeing Eriador on the horizon and the dragon Shmaug  awakening in the mountain.
Over all I quite enjoyed the film, it was only strange that the film took 190minutes.. That's three hours and ten minutes.. And it only represented A THIRD of the book. And I haven't even read the books and I know that The Hobbit was the shortest by far.. People really just wanna make a mountain of money. One of the thing I really enjoyed though was the quality of the CGI which was really apparent to me due to my previous pretty bad experience with it in Breaking Dawn 2. Another thing I only found out afterwards but totally love is that Benedict Cumberbatch played the evil Necromancer that also appears somewhere along the story. I hope they give him a bigger role in the follow up films :D

Something else I got into through a friend, Lissa, was the TV show Perception.  It stars Eric McCormac as a schizophrenic paranoid neuroscientist who helps the FBI with some of their brain involving cases. And I guess if the cases are serious enough to be sent to the FBI they often involve some brain damaged people. Dr. Daniel Pierce hallucinates and is a bit eccentric but he is a really nice guy who everyone actually likes even though he's a bit quirky.. :D His hallucinations are reflections of his own brain talking to him, which help him figure out his life of riddles and puzzles, because he's also kinda a genius who is so smart he doesn't even realise what brilliant thoughts he thinks consciously.
It's another variant of the Sherlock Holmes stories, I am aware of that, and I like it nowhere near as much as the actual Sherlock or even Elementary but it's still pretty good. I watched the ten episodes of with the first series consists just this weekend which probably also contributed to my lack of homework-doing. The series came out over the summer so I'm kinda a bit late in a way, but I'm glad I found it. It's already been promised a second series with more episodes next summer which I'm looking forward too!!
The series has also made me think that neuroscience is seriously interesting and cool and that it's something I might actually be interested in, but I couldn't be a brain surgeon. Mwaaahh, I couldn't be any surgeon!! But yeah, the brain is a seriously complex and interesting thing and I might never major in it or become a Dr. but maybe it'll be worth taking for a semester when I am at uni! We'll see! :D
See ya next week and thanks so much for all the view this month has been crazy! About halfway through and already more than in November! :O :D Keep reading!!
Byeee! XX

Lies - BURNS (Otto Knows Remix)
Bad Girls - M.I.A.
Paper Planes - M.I.A.

Monday, 10 December 2012

The Adventures Of Fat Amy

This week I finally feel inspired again and I actually know what I want to write about! Yaayy!
So I watched this film yesterday that is called Pitch Perfect, and it's been out since September, but I've only seen now, and I actually liked it a lot!
It's a musical comedy, it's cheesy and predictable, but sometimes even those films are good! :D Especially if they've got Rebel Wilson in them! She's such a funny person! I think she's the female Jonah Hill, ohmigod, if they got together and had babies!! :') But they're probably too similar for that! Well, she plays an auzzie girl who calls herself ''Fat Amy'' so that other ''twig b*tches'' don't do it behind her back, and she's quite funny and confident in herself and a really appealing character! But she's not the lead character.
That is a girl called Beca played by Anna Kendrick, who's best known for playing Twilight's Jessica. She's a really cool character I think! She's wants to be a DJ, and is mixing tunes all the time, and I actually think that's quite a cool job to do! Ever since I've started listening to BBC Radio 1, and especially Grimmy (Nick Grimshaw) and Scott Mills I've SO want to become a radio DJ! Well, Beca is forced to join a club in Uni by her Dad, who says that he will only support her quitting Uni and doing music instead if she really tries to fit in and like Uni. 
So she joins the ''Bellas'', an acapella group who is lead by a totally up-tight, controlling girl, Aubrey, who failed embarracingly at the last Collegial Accapella Nationals, which means she's even more up-tight and controlling because she wants to redeem herself. This girl is portrayed by Anna Camp, who is also True Blood's Sarah Newlin, which I realised about halfway through. Another reason to like the film. :)
The Bellas are a complete chaos with all the new members and the pressure. But they all get along quite well and Beca even finds herself a romantic interest, a fellow intern at the local radio station. And then they go to regionals and come in second place, and then they lose in the semi finals, but through Elimination of another finalist they're back in the running. They have a fight because of Aubrey's behaviour, and Beca finally shows them that they need to freshen up their song choice and do something more modern. So at finals they do a really cool mash up of 'Price Tag', 'Don't You (Forget About Me)', 'Give Me Everything', 'Just The Way You Are', 'Party In The USA' and 'Turn The Beat Around'. And then Beca and the guy finally kiss and the film ends on Beca leading the Bellas in the auditions for the past year, perhaps leaving space for a sequel...? 
I also got a new cutie from the film, the runner of the radio station that Beca interns at. He is a cute Brit played by Freddie Stroma, who is actually half German and half Swedish, and I must say he's got a nice six pack!!! And also he played Cormach McLaren in the Harry Potter series. I like him. He's cute! A lot cute! And German.. :D I wonder if he actually speaks German... 
Well yeah, really, really funny film that I enjoyed quite a lot, will watch sequel if they do make one and I haven't matured much more than I have now. :D
I'll leave you with a few of my absolute fave quotes and a vid of the ''Riff Off'' which is basically an acapella street battle! Ô.õ

Not Acapella, But Still Aca-awsome:
Ain't Nobody Got Time For That - Sweet Brown (Autotune Remix) (I LOVE this for some strange reason!)

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Just Catching Up

I think I should have like a standard paragraph with an apology for my laziness, which I can just copy paste every time I start blogging. I mean, seriously, this is getting ridiculous!! It's Thursday for goodness sakes! On the other hand, I have been blogging every day for the past three days but I've kinda been doing that on my CAS blog because I intend to get good grades for my first IB report. Actually, no, I've already ruined that. I recently received a Chem test with a 2 on it. 25%... NOT optimal, not even OK... Very bad! and I'm down to a 4 in Maths. Well, it's not my final grade and I should calm down probs!
I just realised, like, yesterday how close we are to Christmas!! I only have one-and-a-half weeks of school left and then holidays, ERMERGED! And then I'm going to Germanyyy, the only annoying thing is that I'll be gone for the full two weeks which means that I'm missing any awesome End-Of-The-World-Parties here in Portugal! And I haven't gone out in suuuuchhh a long time! I guess it has to do with the weather, this stupid rain really doesn't put me in the mood, as well as the fact that I just had a boyfriend so going out and flirting with other boys wasn't really on the top of my list anymore..
Since I've finished Skins as my fill in series I have been reading a lot more.. Remember those posts in which I was complaining that I wasn't able to finish that one PLL book? Well, I finished it and then I read the following two books of the series and THEN I read the first two books of the Percy Jackson series! And I still have a few Percys to go, as well as Tolsroy's Anna Karenina. I saw the trailer for the film and I read up on it and the stuff I found seemed quite interesting, I mean it's described as the best novel to have ever been written, how could I NOT read it? I got the book yesterday though and realised that even in paper back version it is seriously thick, and it has really, really, REALLY thin pages and tiny script! I'll be sure to write about that when I read it! Also about the film! (It has Keira Knightley in it.. I think she's really cool! :D)
What I've been doing in my free time otherwise is mainly watch my normal series which are wonderously dramatic and good! Recently I've been made to laugh out reeaaally loudly by Misfits! I really don't like the fact that now the ENTIRE original cast is dead or in America of something but I guess I'll have to deal, Rudy is still pretty funny! And HOW in the WORLD did he actually shag ninety-nine girls!? Not good looking and a d*ck! Moving on! The ''guy from the bar'' as Finn puts it is missing a p*nis... Ohmigod, I laughed so much!! Who comes up with this stuff!???? I mean misfits is always pretty crazy, Jesus Jr., Zombie Cheerleaders and now Murderous Golfer Rabbits!! I still wouldn't miss it!
In 90210 I'm scared for Liam (his bodyguard is creepy, plus there's the whole Vanessa-is-still-fcking-alive!?-:O-Thing!), happy for Annie, I like her new boyfriend a lot! :), and also scared for Ade! In the last episode Dixon was NOT in a good mood and also quite intimidating.. Quote: ''I OWN you!'' *stink face* Drama, drama, drama, blah! I'm still really happy for Silver and hope she does have Teddy's baby!
Gossip Girl is also interesting, since Sage brought b*tchfigths back to the Upper East Side things are a lot more interesting, Chuck may have been through a depressed spot but now Lily finally believes him!! YAY! Go Lily!! Dan is an a*s who should be punched in the face... THANKS NATE! And S and B are friends again. I'm quite happy with how things are but I'm still waiting for Little J - Jenny - and Eric to come back!!
My new fill in program is Never Mind The Buzzcocks, a British music quiz which is always reallly entertaining due to the very much comedic Noel Fielding!! I really, really, really hope that he and Russel Brand will be put on the same team for The Big Fat Quiz Of 2012!! Those two are legends! 
I haven't been very motivated to write this week because I didn't reallly have anything good to tell you but it was good just catching up I guess! :D
Byeeee! Keep readinngg! Thanks for the six hundred views last month!!


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The One In Which Carlisle Dies

So, this week I'm actually trying to get this sh*t posted on time, so I'm blogging in my free period. The internet is lagging so I can't watch Misfits... :( This is only second choice entertainment.
Well in this room there are currently a girl crying about her bad maths grade which totally annoys me because, f*cking hell, it's a maths grade.. Get over it dude.. And she is cuddeling with her best friend in a slightly inappropriate way, seeing as he has a girlfriend him self.. Sorry, I don't know why this annoys me so much, I just don't like attention seekers..
On Friday night, I went to watch Breaking Dawn Part Two with two friends. It was to my expectations... I didn't particularly like it. I mean, I didn't really like any of the films. The one before this one wasn't so bad due to the really gross scenes involving breaking spines and birth and injections to the heart and a lot of blood.. But in this film it seemed like there was so much CGI done in so little time that it wasn't completely finished. Also they left out so many little details that were really sad! I can understand that in a film you can't put in all the details but, often, they're the thing that makes the book worth while.. Things like Bella's first hunting trip in which she is scared to jump out of the window because there still are human remainders in her and then getting to know more of the foreign vampires and the scenes with the guy who makes false papers for Renesmee and Jack.. One of my favourite characters in the book was Maggie, a gifted vamp from Ireland who knew if people were telling the truth, hasn't even got lines in the film. The complicated vampire politics and coven structures are some of the more interesting things that were completely left out. 
Badass Chick And Kinda Hot Vampire
Really Cool Vampires From The Amazon
My favourite things were the nomad Alistair, and the relationship between voltage Kate and Garrett! And the amazones are pretty cool to I guess! And also the twist at the end. And also I think they did a good job from transforming her from human Bella into pretty vamp Bella. But otherwise, not worth it. Baby Renesmee was completely CGI and her ageing process really doesn't work. The wolves have gotten a lot better since their first appearance but they're still not realistic enough. One good thing though, they were actually tell-appartable, so it allowed the audience to sympathize more. Another thing: They had the whole credits at the beginning of the film, which is very retro, and sometimes I think it's quite cool, but in this case it goes on and on and ON, and that just gets really boring after a while if only acompanied with landscape shots...
Some girls in my class said they cried because the end was so beautiful... Bullsh*t. I only liked the song, because Christina Perri is quite cool, and I like her music and A Thousand Years is actually a nice song, but all the pictures and the cast roll were again actually quite boring.
Such a pretty child!! Renesmee Cullen...
And don't even get me started on the flower meadow scene. We get it! It's one of the stories consistent images that binds the fricking story together. It represents her innocence and her fragility as a human...  Yeah, yeah, nice way to end the film by making her sparkle.. All is RUINED by making her sparkle!! The sparkling is a really bad effect!! Seriously, ALL integrity that the makers of the film had earned through the fight scene that didn't actually really happen, which was the most awsomest bit of the film, is LOST, by making her f*cking sparkle. It takes away allll the reality and action and whatever there was and makes it a ridiculous cliché again.
Stupid Meadow Scene -.-
The scene I just mentioned, is something that happens in Alice's mind, it's a vision she had about what is going to happen if Aro attacks, which she transferees to him. It kind of starts of without the audience realising that it's not real, and immediately Carlisle dies. And all the people went: *GASP* it was probably the best and the most horrible moment in the film! and then there is some absolutely brilliant fighting and loads of people die, including Seth and Lea, most of the Cullens and even Jake and Renesme, and finally the three Volturi brothers!
I will stop ranting now, because it's late and I could go on forever....
Sorry for slacking with my schedule again.... I've seriously got to get my discipline up again... :-/
So yeaaah, byyyyyyye!

'Cos it was the only good part of the film:
A Thousand Years - Christina Perri

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tossers Smoking Spliff

I am really sorry for being such a lazy cow! I am just under immense stress due to my seriously massive homework load! Two essays and a chemistry write up, and also four double pages in my art book... F****ckkkkkkk!
I had started watching Skins ages ago, but I only watched one episode and never really got into it... Now Inês loved it and convinced me to start it again since I finished my other fill in series.. I watched all 10 series of Friends, hehe..
Tont Stonem
Turns out, Skins isn't so bad! I really started to like Tony's arrogant cockiness and who doesn't love sweet little Sid and kooky Cassie!? I just kept watching and I started to like it more and more.. Michelle was the only character that frequently annoyed me really! It's just 'cos she's so self centered and in love with Tony that she doesn't really give a sh*t about her friends anymore.. Like for instance, when Jal tries to tell her she's pregnant it takes FOREVER to her to actually realize what's going on. Yeah but Tony, he kinda IS a twat because he really isn't a very good boyfriend and he even tried to set up his best friend with his girl friend because he knows, Sid loved her and he's bored. But, we've gone through this a million times... I just always love the arrogant f*cks because I find them funny! And really he isn't that much of a f*ck.. He just pretends to be because it's what people expect.
Effy Stonem
I really liked him, and felt sorry for him, in the second series, because due to his accident he becomes much more vulnerable and nicer too. And you really see his relationship with his sister which I love. It's so sweet! I always think that she is the only person that he really trusts ant loves, and the other way round too! Effy is a really intriguing character anyways because in the first series she has like literally no lines ans she seems like a mysterious and cool girl. Also the fact that she parties as hard as, if not harder than, her brother makes her also cool. I'm happy that she's a central character in the third and fourth series.
Chris and Jal
Chris is also one of my favourites because I find his relationship with his teacher funny and then his relationship with Jal adorable. He is such a niche guy and even though he's kind of a f*ck-up and his like isn't very good, with both his parents running away, he always is in a good mood and up to anything.. Jal is also a sweet girl that has to be pretty much independent due to her distant family, I mean at least she has one, but her dad really doesn't seem like he's doing a good job.. I like her brothers though, because they'll protect her for any price, even though they seem like really annoying little gits in normal day-to-day life.
Anwar and Maxxie
And then theres Anwar and Maxxie, I thought Anwar was so funny! And Maxxie is such a nice guy! Anwar's modern-muslim-ness is so funny in my opinion! He is such a bad muslim, even after he feels guilty for sleeping with the Russian girl he doesn't get any better.. I really wanted him to end up with the pretty girl from the end of season one but instead he had that thing with that Sketch girl... But atleast he and Maxxie end up together! I think they're the sweetest friends!
Sid and Cassie were the couple that I was rooting for all the time. Mostly because I could identify so well with Sid's stupid longtime crush on Michelle, and I know that it's not really healthy. I wanted him to snap out of it and I thought Cass might need a little of the love he needs to give. I think Cassie's eating issues are caused by the lack of love she gets, because she thinks that if she starves herself people will like her more. When Sid stands her up on one occasion she said ''I didn't eat for tree days, to be pretty for you!'' I  felt so horrible! And then she leaves to Scotland and there's no hope for the two of them! :'(
The end of the second series also killed me a little inside! I was soooo happy for Cass to finally have a real friend and Sid at once! And it was also good for Chris to have someone there during the hard part. And it was horrible for Jal to find out about it and then when he diesss! :'( :'( I felt so bad for Cassie, cos he died in her arms, I could totally understand that she just ran away, and I wanted to punch that stupid American dude for leaving her right away too! The Funeral was so sad too! I was actually crying on that bit! And Jal's speech was so beautiful! I hate that they exchanged the cast, because I miss the original people sooo much, I've only watched a few episodes of season 3 and I hope that I only have to get into it again, but I think it's gonna be hard.
Well yeah, I'll keep on watching and I might tell you what I think of it then.
I'm not writing much today 'cos the bell just rang and maths is over... I really should be concentrating, but who cares about Geometric Sequences and Series and Logs and all that stupid stuff!
See ya next week, when, hopefully, I will manage to be more punctual!

Gold Dust - DJ Fresh (Flux Pavillion Remix)
Little Things - One Direction (You don't even konw how ashamed I am of liking this song!! Seriously, I don't normally like boy bands..  But I guess that it's because Ed Sheeran wrote it..)

Monday, 12 November 2012

Love Stories Are Sad

My bestie, Nesi, made me watch a film called KiDULTHOOD the other day and I think I need to talk about it. It's about a day in a bunch of kids lives in West London, actually when I say kids I mean fifteen year olds but I still think that that's pretty young for the themes in the film. It's British film, written by Noel Clark who is the actor that also played Rose Tyler's boyfriend in Doctor Who all those seasons ago!
Well, the film came out in 2006, but it's still an amazing film which could just as well be brand new. The film starts with bullying in school resulting in the suicide of one girl, which gives the students a day off, which is the actual span of the film. So through this you got to know the main antagonist of the film, Sam Peel (Noel Clark), as well as Alisa, Trevor ''Trife'', and their friends. On their day off the guys steel and drink and get high, and decide to go visit Sam to get back Trife's game boy, they end up messing up his room, steeling his weed and having sex with his girlfriend. Sam comes back and to escape the boys beat him up and run.
Sam ( Noel Clark)
At the same time, the girls, Alisa and Becky, find out that Alisa is pregnant (with Trife's baby), but shop for a party, drink and do drugs anyways. What shocked me was that for this stuff, Becky payed with sex. These are fifteen year old girls. I hadn't even kissed a guy yet at age fifteen. I was so shocked!
Later Trife has to go meet up with his ''Bad Man'' uncle Curtis, who welcomes him to the ''family'' after handing over a working gun that he made. And as a kind of ritual he has to carve a ''C'' into a guys face with a knife. It is the most gruesome scene I have seen recently. I felt sick afterwards. And again I need to say, this boy is fifteen, even though he acts so much more maturely than that. And I just wanted to hug him and hold him, and all my maternal feels came to the surface. He  musta have been scared for life. He did break down crying after he ran away, I felt so horrible.
All the people meet again at the party and Trife and Alisa get together again and he tells her that he's going to be there for her and the baby, and it's such a sweet scene, it's way too perfect tho. Sam comes up behind him and starts beating Trife up as revenge. Alisa goes to get help but when she gets back Sam smashes in Trife's scull with a baseball bat.
The violence and the pain seem really real in the film, the film in general feels really real and raw and it's really hard to go to sleep after watching it. It's so upsetting!  The stuff these kids go through at that age is crazy, and I can totally believe that that is how it is in real life. The characters are really relatable even though they are completely different from anything and anyone I've ever met. It's just because they're teens I guess and I feel so sorry for them.
The film is also really good because it highlights things like bullying, suicide, teen pregnancy, drinking, drugs, violence, criminality and the consequences. It's a really important message that is good for all teens to hear and I guess the film is kind of inspirational for some of the people that might actually be in situations similar to those.
The film is very, very good and I recommend it to anyone because it is serious and deep but comedic at the same time. For me the language and the degree of chavyness displayed, definitely cracked me up sometimes. Safe Blud?
There is a sequel called AdULTHOOD which is also very good but not quite the same because it isn't as relatable due to the fact that it plays six years later and its not as funny. It is still a good film to watch afterwards and I like the way Sam Peel's character growth is portrayed.

Inês, normally a non-cryier - contrasting with my definitely very blubbery ways, also advised me to watch One Day. Having earned a great amount of respect for her due to her previous stellar recommendation, I also watched this film. Again, deeply sad but very sweet. The relationship between Emma (Anne Hathaway) and Dexter (Jim Sturgess ;P) is so sweet and relatable!! Their friendship is sooo unexpected since she is so weird in contrast to his incredible self confidence (It's kinda ironic he has a tattoo of the ying-yang symbol on his ankle huh?) but really heartwarming because you can totally understand the crush she has on him. I mean who hasn't been in the ''friendzone'' at least once in your life? Worse.. You have a serious crush on one of your best friends.. :S I can very much relate...
Well, the story starts the day of their graduation and follows them for over twenty years every year that day. This format is really interesting because at some points it doesn't have to seem like a very special day; like in real life, a year which was really special one year, can be very insignificant the next.. The film follows their friendship and their lives, how they go though ups and downs and they never seem to have compatible lives really. It's like they want to be together but as soon as one is single the next one is married and having a baby..
Em and Dex <3
Finally they DO get together and it's such a happy moment, the viewer can feel really happy for them because of the over ten years of struggle to get there. And then Emma dies. Emma dies, and it's not fair. She dies and I cried and cried and cried. They were so happy! And I felt so sorry for Dex! She was his everything. And it wasn't fair to him. I really couldn't understand how he dealt with that. I guess he just had to... But then I stopped crying because I thought, in the short time that they had, they were SO happy! Like nothing could be bad. And they really didn't have the two years that they were officially together, they had like twenty years together. That's definitely more than many couples have these days. And then I thought one more thing before I went to sleep: it's wrong to thing that we do or don't deserve our lives. It's the other way around. Our lives deserve us.

And on that very deep note, I will leave you for another weeekkkkk!!

What's in my head:
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Old Pine - Ben Howard
Give Me Love - Ed Sheeran

Monday, 5 November 2012

The Product of Procrastiantion

Time to get back to my usual posting schedule guys!! Holidays are over and the stress starts again! Fuuuunnnn!... That was sarcasm by the way!
So, November has come and men all over the world are growing mustaches... Hehe, this will be funny! I'm especially looking forward to the endresult of Sam Pepper, who looks like he can't grow much more than a few millimetres of peach fuzz! The worst thing is that he will actually have to walk around like that for the entire month! God, he'll be happy when December comes!
So in a last ditch effort in procrastination I watched Percy Jackson & The Olympians: The Lightning Thief last weekend. I had heard that it was a good book series and wanted to make my mind up before actually buying it. I mean I always like Greek mythology, I think it's really interesting and it also helps that Logan Lerman is so goddamn cute! So yes I am going to read the books, I've already bought the first three so now there's no way back. The problem with these reeeeally long book series, is that if you're not completely obsessed with if you'll get really bored eventually, kinda like what's happening to me with the Pretty Little Liars books. I'm currently on Twisted or something like that, and I cannot get myself to keep reading! It's shameful I know! As a self pronounced bookworm something like that shouldn't happen and I especially shouldn't read any other books while I've still got that one. I feel guilty, I think I've already explained this concept to you!
Well, the film was not as good as I had hoped it would be, I guess I have watched so many teen romcoms that they are also getting a bit repetitive! I still liked it nonetheless.. It's about a boy who suddenly finds out that he is a demigod, son of Poseidon, and that he is suspected of stealing Zeus' thunderbolt. So he gets thrown into this weird mythological world and has to deal with some pretty weird stuff. He has to return the lightning bolt within fourteen days of the gods will wage war.. Something that must be prevented, so his mother sends him to half-blood camp which is a place where demigods are trained to deal with their specialness.. He immediately makes friends, he's pretty popular because he's the son of one of the ''big three'', Athena's daughter, Annabeth, and a satyr (half goat, like a centaur but a goat) named Grover and Hermes' son Luke (Jake Abel). He decides to go looking for Hades who has kidnapped his mother in am attempt to make him give up the lightning bolt, which he doesn't actually have.. So Percy, Grover and Annabeth set out on a quest and defeat Medusa (Uma Thurman), some weird many headed dragon thing and the Lotus Eaters. And then they get to Hades and he's not actually that scary, turns out though that Luke was a stupid tw*t and put the lightning bold in the shield he gave Percy in order to get Hades to over trow the other gods.
But they get out of ''hell'' with the bolt and bring it to Mount Olympe, and war is prevented yaaaayyyyy!! And in the end Annabeth and Percy nearly kiss, it was predictable really.. Her being the only girl on the mission,...
It was an good film, but not a great one and not one I will be likely to watch again, doesn't mean I'm not going to see the sequel which is coming out in, like, a year or something. I like the way they included the gods and the mythical creatures into the modern world and one really cool effect was that they made the god be giants, in contrast to the normal people, even  their children. I liked that. And I mean Logan Lerman, right? :D Pretty boy!!
I also watched Knocked Up, Role Models and Funny People. Now you know the full extent of my laziness :S Heheh.. All three films being traditional comedies I only really liked one of them. Role Models was actually a really sweet film! I like Paul Rudd (Danny) and I LOVE Seann William Scott (Wheeler)! Its about two friends who have to od community service in order to escape jail and they get paired up with kids to be a big-brother to them. Danny's ''little'', Augie, is actually a teenager who is obsessed with medieval live-action role playing games and Wheeler's is a foul mouthed little guy called Ronnie. They both connect to their littles really sweetly and due to being able to somehow identify themselves with each other. Wheeler and Ronnie bond over their obsession with breasts and Danny finds that he can understand Augie's loner-like ways, as his girlfriend recently broke up with him and he feels like he has no friends. I really liked this film, all though I'd put off watching it for a really long time. It also stares Jane Lynch as the leader of the program, and she, as always, gives a hilarious performance.
Knocked Up was my second favourite, I always like Katherine Heigl (Alison) and I found Seth Rogen's character, Ben, really sweet, especially his willingness to take responsibility and trying to make it work. The supporting characters are also very well cast. His friends, Jonah Hill, Jason Segel and Jay Baruchel are also funny, in a guy-humor way that I generally like! They represent his bachelor life that is a very big part of his personality.. Alison's friends are on the other hand very different, they represent the perfect happy family, that lives in a nice house and has a nice car. This is the background that Alison comes from and expected to stay in. So their relationship kind of is in a noman's land of social standing. The support of their family and friends is so sweet and a scene at the end during the birth made me laugh a lot!
Seth Rogen also stars in Funny People as Ira Wright the personal assistant and opening act of comedian George Simmons (Adam Sandler). George found out that he has a form of leukemia and will most probably die and searches for a friend. The building of their friendship and the first half of the film is even quite nice but then it turns out that George survives, he hooks up with his ''One That Got Away'' again and ruins her marriage and his friendship with Ira in the process. The film drags on and becomes hard to follow, unfunny and boring in the second half and is much too long with two hours and twenty minutes. The trailer made it look funnier than it actually was. I will definitely not watch it again.
So that was that and now I won't have as much time to do nothing again.. Mwaaaw, I already miss being lazy all day!
One more thing: THANK YOU SO MUCH for over SEVEN HUNDRED VIEWS last month!!! This is incredible and completely crazy!! I hope you will keep reading my rants and I will try to make them a bit entertaining!
Byeeeee.... (Hehe, I'm turning into Marcus Butler! :D)

Ps.: I LOVE FINN HARRIES SO MUCH! <3 <3 <3 He is so beautiful, I dreamt about him... :S Not in a sexual way....!

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Friday, 2 November 2012


So I am currently in my hafterm holidays! Yay-yay-yay! And what better to do than nothing much.. Lol, I guess a lot of things.. My bestie Laura came back from the UK and we went to watch the new Bond film together on the premiere day here! Skyfall really is a good film! I hadn't actually watched many Bonds beforehand, I'd seen Quantum of Solace but I couldn't remember a lot of it and I didn't like it a lot, so I was really impressed with this one!!
It was about a computer hacker, Silva, who was actually hacking MI6 and destroying them from the inside. So Bond goes and kills someone and finds a hot girl who turns out to be controlled by this guy through fear of him. Bond, womanizer as he is obviously sleeps with her and she brings him to the guy. The hacker turns out to look ''like a gay Voldemort'' according to Laura and was an MI6 agent, the former Bond-caliber agent even, until M betrayed him apparently. And then comes my favourite scene, in an attempt to scare Bond, he hits on him and suggests to you-know-what, Bond just responds ''well maybe it isn't my first time'' or something like that and basically encourages him, and scares Voldemort through reverse psychology. I laughed so much at that scene, it was just too funny seeing Bond flirt with Silva!! I think Bond is one of the type of people who would flirt with a stone :D Naw! Daniel Craig and Javier Bardem (Silva) did a brilliant acting job! Well then Bond alerts his people with a radio and returns to the MI6 headquarters with Silva in tow.
There Silva finally reveals what happened to him, he survived taking hydrogen cyanide which made his bone structure corrode or something because he takes out his prosthetic and he's missing a cheekbone and his entire face has gone ''droopy''. God such a gross image. Nesi had to hide her eyes because she was so grossed! Well when everyone thinks all is good, Silva breaks free and there is a chase through half of London. Bond realises he wants to take his revenge on M and stops him from killing her and drives him away.
He escapes to his birth estate ''Skyfall Lodge'' with M, using her as bait because he knows Silva will follow, and he installs various boobie-traps and arms himself, M and the old groundskeeper, Kincade, who he find there, while waiting for Silva to find him.
When Silva does come he arrives with a f*cking ARMY! So many people, but no problem for Bondsy & Co. :D Just a few bullets and a helicopter later the two old people abandon house and escape to a chapel while Bondsy and Voldy fight, finally in the last scene Bond rescues M from Silva by throwing a knife into his back, thus killing him. Such a shame though that M was already badly injured and dies in Bond's arms anyways.
The scene was actually really sad! I've seen all the 007 films since Pierce Brosnan and M and Bond never were very good friends, but in the last film she does kind of assume a bit of a maternal figure towards Bond, who was a orphan. So yeas it was really sad to see her go, also because Judi Dench is just a terrific actress, (I mean, she earned herself a ''Dame'' for it!!) and I've never seen a film with another M, it's gonna be weird!
One thing I was thinking afterwards was that, ohmigod, Daniel Craig has an amazing body for a over forty year old man. And then I felt guilty for perving on a guy who is nearly the same age as my mom! :O Still, holy crap his arms are nice! AND his back.. Not so much his stomach, cos he hasn't actually got a six-pack but his arms and back o.O Heheh..
I was also comparing Daniel Craig to Pierce Brosnan. I mean it's almost impossible to because they do represent such different times, like in Brosnan times the ''high-tech'' computers were still massive square boxes! Craig is a much more sleek and modern version of Bond, which is much more suiting of this time. It's like changing from a Nokia to an iPhone. Personally I prefer Daniel Craig because when he says ''she means nothing to me'' I am much more likely to believe it. Brosnan just wasn't hard and armoured enough, if you know what I mean... They have a brilliant explanation for that though. God, that girl he loved who betrayed him in Casino Royale, it nearly broke my heart to see how much he changed afterwards. Stupid woman. Again brilliant piece of acting though.
One thing that is a curse with being Bond is though, that you'll never get any other good roles. I guess you won't need the money but, you'll be bond forever!! Never will you ever e seen as anything else and consequently, you won't get any more acting jobs.. It's sad but true. I am quite curious to seeing if Craig can actually play a completely different character!
Ok, this post has been veeeryyyy 007. So much Bond. Hehe, I guess it was just on my mind!
Imma leave you with his and apologize again for my despicable tardiness. (Heheh, that was such a brilliant sentence! I'm so proud! Do you know the feeling? ;D)

Soooo, byeeee people, I hope you had a brilliant Halloween!!

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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

From The Upper Eastside to 90210, LA

Hey Guyyys,

I'm really sorry that I'm lagging with my posting again! I don't even have an excuse! I had actually no homework yesterday and just procrastinated.. :S I feel so guilty!
Two shows started again recentlyyy :) Gossip Girl and 90210 so now I've got even more shows to watch and even less time. Oh joy! I love them though so I'll take the hardship upon me gladly!
GG started really strangely, with Serena refusing to fit in with her friends again for the sake of her new boyfriend, who has a seventeen year old daughter, who is VERY much like Serena herself at that age, due to her rebelliousness and her horrid personality. Her name is Sage, and she's also dating Nate, which is really weird because he is an actual adult! Another thing, she's a proper little b*tch! She pretty much hates Serena for dating her dad, and has some really annoying parent-issues, and all she does is try to split them up, and generally cause havoc wherever she can, like at Blaire's first ever runway show, which is relaunching her mother's old brand, with Ms. Waldorf Jr. in charge. Blaire is forced by S, who is being blackmailed by sweet little Sage to let the latter walk B's runway show. But darling Sage ruins a) Blaire's future in fashion and relationship with her mother and b) Serena's relationship with a guy who seems actually genuinely nice and whom S really likes.
You may notice by the frequent use of sarcastic nicknames for Sage, that I currently really detest her. I mean Blaire is Queen Bee, bully and major b*tch, but she was still likable enough because she didn't destroy things for fun, she did it because it ''needed'' to be done. And I really don't approve of Serena's super-boring relationship with daddy but, but she really doesn't deserve to be treated like that our of spite. I really hope the girls reunite, teach the girl a little lesson and then become the Upper Eastside's queens again!
 I am also really annoyed at Nate because he just continues to date the little minx, even though he knows that she hates all his friends and is basicly destroying all he has.. And FFS boy, shes about five years younger than you, I mean she's still a teen.. I'm her age in February.. I find that rrreaally bad of him that he is just ignoring all the contra's. Actually I just realized that he seems to be constantly into the younger girls... Who here rememberes Jenny Humpfrey?
Chuck Bass is still trying to outfox his father.. It IS going to happen sometime 'cos that guy truly was a selfish bastard, ans that TO HIS OWN SON! How much more of an a*shole can you be? Danny-boy is also having problems with his Daddy. He is sleeping with Dan's ex - which Dan had to walk in on. He must be scarred for life, and ohmigod how inconsiderate from the Rufus! You DON'T sleep with your best friend's ex, YOU NEVER SLEEP WITH YOUR SON'S EX! Consequently Lonely Boy wrote about it for Nate's Spectator and now hes a hotshot whom everybody wants and is now writing for Vanity Fair, and is friends with Nelly Yuki. Also though this, he crashed his friendship with Nate into the Titanic. WHY IS ALL THE FRIENDSHIPS FALLING APART!? The only nice person right now is Dorota!
SO after all these messed up city people, we get to the more chilled and tanned LA crowd. 90210 is good again, during some point in last season I really started to not care about it as much anymore, but now it's got new and pretty shocking storylines!
Dix in a wheelchair, Liam back together with Vanessa, Naomi married and Silver having a baby, are all such absurd concepts. But I liiikkkeee, there's gonna be a lot of dramaaaa! The Dixon storyline is a bit annoying, I don't particularly like Adriana and his relationship very much and his constant whinging is making me sick.. I'm sorry it I'm being disrespectful, but people are concerned, and trying to help him and he's playing the victim and making everybody feel bad for pitying him at the same time... Attention wh*re. I like the other wheelchair guy, the one who's pretty much an a*s and with whom Annie has countless fights with. He is really nice actually and he really does know what will help Dixon for his recovery. I soooo hope him and Annie end up together.. I mean it was clear for me from the beginning. I'm putting my bets on them! I am also putting my bets on Naomi getting a divorce. Yes, she loves Max, sure, but it's very typical for her to get bored quickly! And also who really wants to marry at twenty? Another thing, she kissed Max best friend, I mean she was horrified about it afterwards but she kinda had the right to after that! I don't think that she's gonna make it!
I love, love, love the Silver-Baby-Teddy thing that's going on! I think it's so nice for her to have chosen Teddy to be her sperm donor because that means that he'll also be able to have a kid, even though he's gay, and he can raise his kid well and kinda take his revenge on his own parents in that way! And it also just shows how amazing their friendship is!
On to the next really absurd thing. Liam and Vanessa. She is a witch. She is a horrible, warts and all witch. She MADE him do anything she wanted through blackmail, basically told the world that they were engaged, and Liam is HATING it all the time! So then she falls of the balcony into the sea and is deeeaaaad and never to be seen again.. And Liam just doesn't even call the police, what a corrupt world we have come to! I was soooo worried that he'd have to go to jail! I don't want him to go away! He's hot! Well the hottest of them all!
A thing that I've noticed more and more over the last two seasons was that now everyone is friends! Before when they were all still at school, they were sooo hurtful to one another, and now they're all really nice and supportive of each other, and the best friends!
I'm reeeally, reaaally tired so I'll post this tomorrow only OK? I'm sooo sorry!

Ps.: I'm sorry for the excesive amount of swearing in this post! As you can see, I have a lot of feels!

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