Monday, 28 May 2012


Impacience. I am STILL waiting for Bitterblue. Seriously. How long is this going to take!? Also impacience for the holidays which are beginning next weeekkk; Whoop Whoopppp! 
I am wasting my time by watching funny youtube videos, including Kassem G. I find him hilarious! And I admire his amazing social skills. Seriously. He talks dirty to random people he just met and it's brilliant. I know some people don't like him 'cos he comes across as cocky but I don't mind as long as the content of his videos stays funny. I am also currently constantly buying and reading new books. Mostly chick lit.
So as I promised I am going to talk about The Statistical Probability Of LOVE At First Sight also known as  SPLFS. I read it in approximately 2 days and I loved it. I bought it because of my intuition and I'm so happy that I did 'cos it's deffs one of my new favs. It's about a girl who flies to her fathers wedding to her new step mother whom she's never met and doesn't want to meet either. She misses her flight and ends up sitting to a hot English guy with whom she gets along really well and then they kiss in Heathrow airport before they lose eachother in the crowd without having exchanged numbers or anything. Then they go through some complicated suff trying to find eachother again and in the end all ends happily ever after. Joy. The way I just described the book id probably doesn't sound very good but I actually liked it, because I kinda like the weir concept of falling in love with someone over seven hours. The book takes place over 24 hours, which is weird/cool and there is a lot of flashbacks and random tense changes which really confused me, all this add up to be a really unconventional format for a book. So yeah I liked the slightly cheesy story and the excentric story telling style. All in all, probably a 4/5.
Now the other book: The Fine Art Of Truth Or Dare by Melissa Jensen and it's about an Italian, Ella, girl who got a massive scar and is really selfconcious and then she obviously falls in love with the hottest guy in her year and blah blah blah...He has a girlfriend though who is a massive twat and then he dumps her (YAY!) and then they get together blah blah blah... It's also really cliché, but sooometimesssss I just love a bit of kitsch! I love that it's funny in the way that she start of being in love with a late 19th century artist (fictional) to whom she talks etc.. So yeah shes a bit weiiird, but it's quite funny and gives a relief from the rest of the cliché story line.. I really liked about the first two thirds and then not so much the last thrisd because I thought she got together with Alex (I can't help imagining Pettyfer, hmmmmmm..) way to quickly! Like it's-not-even-realistic-quickly... The the problems section is about her feelin like she is his dirty little secret and basicly abandoning her best friends for him... Again cliché... Blah.. 
My favourite thing about these books really was that a) it included Alex P. b) the two main male leads are both like the two guys I have most recently liked. Mostly-friendly-English-guy and hyper-popular-hot-dude. None of these actually worked out for me but in the books they did so that is probaly why I like them so much!
I bought the first Pretty Little Liars book, as I love the series but hadn't read any of the books, as well as some spy books which seemed quite cool, but now I realise it's probably also really girly and cheesy... But I think I'll enjoy it anyways! My title hasn't got anything to do with what I've wrote about yet, but I will explain now. We have adopted a new baby kitten... Called.... You guessed right: Karma. I love the name because now I can tell everyone ''It's Karma Bitch!!'' and officially not insult anyone because I am talking about the cutest, fluffiest little kitten the earth has seen. So yeah, Karma. My grown-up cat, Mietzekatze, hates her.. I think he is jealous because he isn't getting as much attention anymore.. He growls at the poor little thing, but recently it's getting better.. Thank god!

I have currently got four exams to go and I have two of those tomorrow, and then I have my ehibition opening in a week. I feel so cool saying that! It's not actually just mine, but every GCSE Art student's but I am really excited because one of my paintings was chosen for the poster, which is SUCH a big honour!! Otherwise there is also alot going on in the the next few weeks concerning parties etc... I hope to have a lot of fun!
So yeahhh, not much else to talk about except for that I have now started the ninth season of  So You Think You Can Dance and I am really excited already! I really hope it's better than last season, which I really didn't like, and I am looking forward to the final of The Voice UK because even though three of my favourites, Adam and Bill and Max, didn't get so far and I was shocked that Vince is in the final instead of Beccy Hill, who I think has an absolutely amazing voice; I love Bo Bruce (I really want her to sing Zombie - The Cranberries!!!) and Leanne and I guess Tyler is ok, even though his voice is weird and I dont' like his constant use of his falsetto.
Tomorrow Chem and English so I better go now... Have already procrastinated wayyyy too much! The other day I learnt the first verse of 212 by Azealia Banks because I couldn't be bothered to revise... 

''Hey, I can be the answer...''

So my songs of today are:

Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Just finished the last book of the Sookie Stackhouse Novels... Deadlocked... Yesterday... Sadness... I love the books so much.. I mean I'm not like a vampire/werewolf/fairy fanatic but it's sad to think there are not going to be anymore to look forward to!!! I just got the book on Monday, so even though I was having exams I read as much as possible and finished it in two days straight.. I don't think this fully describes the amazingness of these stories but, yeah maybe you can get a tiny idea... If you have never read them or heard about them, you should totally check them out, but don't be prejudiced or anything 'cos it's better than any ramnom fantasy teen novel. The end of the last book kind of surprised me because I didn't think it was an ending that gave me any closure what so ever and I don't like that in a book... Also, I would have liked Sookie to actually end up with some guy because in this way, I kinda got the feling it was going to be Bill or Sam. And I do not, repeat NOT, like those two. As friends they're OK I guess, but Bill with his stupid undying love and Sam too just remind me of a par of clingy lap dogs. -.- My favourites for Sook to be with were always Eric, Alcide and Quinn, because I guess that's the type of guy I would want, but obviously, all of them end up otherwise engaged (litterally in Eric's case :S).. Eric just stormed off last minute when I thought everything would end up alright, so I felt like that was really frustrating for me, and I mean I gettit she saves her bestfriend because that's onle less innocent person that dies in the book which is good.. But I REALLY don't want a relationship to evolve out of that...
My favourite also left! :'( I LOVE DERMOT SO MUCH! He is really the sweetest guy in the entire series and it was soo sad for me when he left for faery never to return.. Of all the fairies I really liked him the best! Not just because his appareant good looks, but because he is like an innocent little kid, that needs mothering constantly, which might be annoying but he is so loyal and only the tiniest bit dirty minded to make him hilarious :D I really, really hope that Charlaine Harris decided to take a little break rather than completely quitting on Sook.. And I do still hope that she ends up with one of the three guys mentioned above!

The TV series True Blood is also coming back soon, 10th of June actually, and I am really excited because I have been keeping up with spoilers and the season seems really good... Russell is returning  :O AND Steve Newlin (Jason: ''Honesty my ass!'').. So it will get quite exciting hopefully! The promos and posters also all look amazing.. I'm also really glad for this because all my current series are ending by next week latest... Gossip Girl, 90210, Glee (finished today, and was bawling throughout the entire episode because the topic is so relatable for me, I am actually going to miss school when I finish in two years..).. I only have The Voice UK and ANTM left and they are finishing so sooonnnn... In The Voice there aren't very many left but I am supporting Becky, Max and Bo.. I was really annoyed when both Adam and Aleks left but it was forseeable -.-  So, luckily I won't ave to last tooo long without my much loved series...
Coming shows to watch: So You Think You Can Dance (And I hope they have a better cast then last year, more like Season 7, I loved that one), The Glee Project (Watched some contestant interviews and am not impressed so far, my last seasons favourite was Cameron :D), True Blood (obviously!! YAY!), Pretty Little Liars (Am SO excited! Cannot wait! I love all of them! And I wanna have another look at Drew van Acker [see previous post]) and Geordie Shore is also returning for another dose of tashing on, parcnips and tears... (Oh yeah also, Ricci and Vicky are ENGAGED!??? :O)
Moving onnnn, I have still not recieved Bitterblue, but what doesn't matter for the moment because I've got a new book called The Statistical Probability Of LOVE At First Sight and I will try reading it soon as possible :D (Btw, I might want to talk about it in the fututre and I will probably be more likely to call it SPLFS because I cannot be bothered to wite out its entire name.) And concerning exams I am actually at 14/21 I am two thrirds DONE! BAM! And I had my last French exam yesterday... The happyness was flowing out of my body and I felt all fuzzy and warm inside, also I did a vicetory dance :D Otherwise I'm doing OK, had Physics today and actually did quite well, ended half and hour early and fell asleep, and APPAREANTLY startes sleeptalking, according to my dear Nesi who sits infront or me because we're candidate numbers 0039 and 0040... I hope I didn't disturbe anyone else though!
At this very moment, well before I was blogging, I actually was youtubing aroud randomly and fond this absolutley amazing Russian beatboxer, who I now love. The name is Masta Mic and his skills are crazy! (Also I love his beats! [the headphones]) I am seriously in awe of him!

Just listen to THAT!^^

Songs of Today:
212 - Azaelia Banks (Yeah, swearing I know, but I love the ''Ayooo'' part)
Feel So Good - Masta Mic (I love how he makes all his music in his kitchen :D and the way the kids dance)
Head Down - Masta Mic
Shut Eye - Stealing Sheep

Monday, 14 May 2012

Hot And Sweaty

Chris Zylka
Hot and sweaty describes the feeling that most people have now that summer has FINALLY arrived on Portugal. It also describes my feeling to wards the recent hot-guy-posting-war i have immersed in with Nesi (Nickname: downsyndrom alien baby). The rules are just, posting pictures of a guy that is hotter than the one that the other person posted before that. I thought I would share some examples of this with you :)I have to say, most of these guys are the ones I chose. I just think I have a better taste in men; no offense babes. Channing and Matt and Alex were her choices though.. Well done!!! I didn't choose any of these guys for random reasons so I will talk about them now..

Beau Mirchoff
Chris, I love mostly because he litterally is the only hot guy from The Secret Circle and I think I might actually be more attracted to him because of his somewhat arrogant personallity than just 'cos of his looks. I tend to go for guys that are slightly full of themselves :/ And the fact that he is tall and muscly also helps.. (Tall and muscly DEFFENIGHTLY is my type :P) The first season of TSC just ended and I quite liked it. I am still absolutely grossed out by demons. And I was actually quite happy that Adam and Melissa seem to be getting on quite well ;) I don't like 'Cadam', I ship 'Jassie' but I am also fine with Jaye as long as Cassie and Adam DON'T end up together. And I was like ''WTF!???'' when Adam decided to keep the fricking black skull.. Well actually I shouldn't have been surprised at all. Emo-boy.
I lied... Sorry... I said I wouldn't post random guys: Beau Mirchoff... I mean he is on the tv series Awkward which I watch, but not regularily or anything. I watch it when I have nothing better to do, and I quite like the series but it's not my favourite.. I just like Beau :)
Drew van Acker
Drew van Acker plays Jason in PLL which I am obviously very excited is coming back in the beginning of Junnneeee :D I don't actually think he is THAT gorgeous in the series, mostly because long hair REALLY DON'T suit him tho. In these pictures... just WOW. I now officially love him. And I can't wait for Pretty Little Liars to come back. It's under 30 days :D YAYY!
Kellan Lutz
OK, another rule brake. Kellan. No reason. Just NICE ABS! And he plays Emmett. I wuv Emmett. He is like my favourite character from the Twilight books. Probably also because he is big and muscly and like a bear. A teddybear judging by that cute smile on his face ;)
Channing Tatum
Channing is going to be starring next to Alex P(r)ettyfer in Magic Mike which I am obviously excited to see... C'mon. Multiple hot guys stripping!? Yes please.

Liam from 90210. I personally actually DON'T think he's hot.. Just cute.. Don't kill me for saying this but even though he TRIES to be a cool (formely bad) guy, it just doesn't work for me. Might have to do with the fact that he's not enough of the protective type...
Matt Lanter, Liam from 90210
And then Willy Monfret. Absolutely beautiful. I found this man during art class trying to prove to my darling friend Laura (see former posts) that tanned guys with blue eyes are REALLY, REALLY attractive. I think I put in ''Hot black guy with blue eyes'' (no rasim intended) and this french male model popped up :) Hmmmm.. Anyways, I am very happy we found him because he is so beautifullll! I had forgotten about him until a few days back so I felt it was appropriate to put him in this post.
Willy Monfret

Owen Wright
Owen Wright is my favourite surfer, my friends do not understand why I think he is attractive but I think so anyways. I guess it's the tall thing again. And the surf thing. And the fact that he is Auzzie!! SO CUTE! At the moment I am watching the Billabong Rio Pro and he is obviously in it. At the moment we are only in Round Two but there is only one more heat to go 'till Round Three in which Owy WILL feature. YAY. I am so looking forward to this. The best thing is that Kelly Slater dropped out SO, I really hope that Owy can win this one. He went second by about 0.03 last year and he really deserves to win. Also I can't believe he is only ranking no. 8 in the world atm. He needs more POINTS, which he will get by winning.
Alex Pettyfer
Who could do a post about the hottest guys without including this gorgeous boy!?? ''Mirror, Mirror on the wall who is the fairest of them all!?'' I know the answer already. It's obviously Alex. This hot young Brit is my absolute favourite male actor, and that even though he doesn't really have the body type that I normally like so much. Alex just is gorgeous. Alex is also starring in Magic Mike which is amazing 'cos if I am excited to see Channing strip, how do you think I'll react to ALEX? Hyperventilation. Also, me being obsesses with the HG's thinks that it would be PERFECT if he would play Finnick. A lot of people on the internet are hoping that he will be it, and I just hope that the wish of the crowd will make some kind of miracle happening. I would be SO happy if I heard it was really him.
Ok so this was a fairly deep going emotionally important post right?? (Sarcasm) Yeah, I thought I might lighten the mood a bit by saying that I have finished  4/21 exammms and I still three weeks to go. Happiness.
Otherwise we decided to get another cat/kitten and we went to a kennel and looked at some kittens and there was one which was absolutely adorable BUT it might already be promised to someone else :'( we will find out on Thursday! ONLY! I want it! It was a grey-brown tabby female, and we decided to call it Karma if we do get it.. I think it would be hillarious 'cos then I could say ''It's Karma B*tch'' to my friends :D
This is a really long post that is proof of my horribly amazing procrastination skills. So I better go now. And procrastinate while watching surf :P

Recently Added to my iPod:
Youth - Foxes (Adventure Club Remix)
Imagination - Adam Isaac 
Picking Up The Pieces - Paloma Faith
No One Does It Better - You Me At Six

Monday, 7 May 2012

Happy Exams! And May The Marks Be Ever In Your Favour!

1/21 Done. Had my first proper IGCSE exam today (Portuguese). It's so scary come to think about it! It wasn't too bad actually, I finished the first half of the paper in about fifteen minutes (multiple choice) and then I still had way over an hour to complete the rest of the paper, and it's not like I actually had a lot of time on my hands when I was finished. Just a bit.. Enough to first be completely stressed out because now, it actually counts and then unbelievably excited and hyper 'cos I've finished my first exam! Ohmigod!!! And I was then really surprised by how weird I was because I was checking if people were wearing shoes.. And then I was like ''wtf Rosa!??'' and THEN I was like ''WHY am I having this strange conversation in my head!??'' I've only done ONE exam and I already doubt if exams are good for my health... I think not. Tomorrow I have French. Joy.
My title is very random today, I am not going to post about the HG's, except for maybe that I found out that if I was living in Panem right now I would have been entered for the reaping at least 16 times, if I wasn't really poor. Kinda scary..
What I might actually want to talk about though is The Secret Circle which is a relatively new series by the CW. I started watching it mainly because I saw alot about it on facebook from a Lucy Hale page I like, 'cos Lucy is now dating Chris Zylka, Jake from The Secret Circle.. The show is about a girl (Cassie) who finds out that she is a ''one hundred percent, fullblooded witch'' after her mother dies and now she and her witch friends get into all kinds of troubles.. Starting with demons, gross little beings that are a slimy cross between snake and worm and that lives underneath the skin of whomever it posesses. Most gross thing EVER. I'm serious. Just remembering that episode I've got shivers running down my spine out of grossed-outness. And then there are also witch hunters and lots of other suff I havn't found out about yet. The thing that irritates me about the series though is that Cassie can't decide if she wants to be with Jake or Adam (aka. Emo-boy)... You may have noticed I'm not Adam's biggest fan. Because I love Jake and I think he deserves better than that irritating b***h Faye who hasn't gotten over her long time crush for him yet... I'm shipping Jassie :D
Jassie kissing for truth or dare, they seem to be into it :)
SO while I'm shovling my way through TSC I'm still on a tight schedule concerning my other series. Gossip Girl and 90210 have each two episodes to go, Suburgatory has three and Glee has four more. This means that I will be finished with all of those SOON. Which is good, 'cos I have new series starting in the beginning of June and I don't wanna have to watch all of them at the same time. I am SOO excited for Pretty Little Liars, True Blood and Geordie Shore to start again. These are seriously three of my absolutely favourite shows in the whole world much better than ANY of the ones that are ending which are listed above :) I don't know yet how everything is gonna work out with exams and tight series schedule, but I think I might have to put school first just this once...
It's late, or early, I meant to write this yesterday (Monday) and I did start but it took me lots longer than I expected! sorry for that!

Recently Played:
Shake It Out - Florence and the Machine (Even though I couldn't listen to this song for a day after the demon ep on TSC.)
She Said - Plan B (First brought to me by Bill Downs... Hmmmmm <3)
He's A Pirate - Hans Zimmer (Pirates of the Carribean Soundtrack yayyy)

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Documantation Of Normality

Laura changing glases in every frame just to show how normal she is. -.-
So, after several complaints from my very condecending and impatient friend Laura Marie Christie I was now forced to create a post just to show how awsome she was. Seeing as I had portayed her as a ''complete retard'' - and rightfully so - I now need to be a nice person and show the world that we are actually normal people... (Suuuuuree we are... Hear the sarcasm?) Ok, so here goes:

A Study In Pink - Sherlock BBC refference anyone? :P

Peace & Loveeee,  we're hippieees :)

Nerds... In preparation for our GCSEs o.O

And this one... just cos I like it and I think im pretty in it.... So ego-centric,.. I know... :D
Also I am supposed to say that Laura is really pretty..... True fact.... She IS REALLY pretty! And I love her sm!


Laura is my bestes friend in the world. She is reeeally pretty and always reeeally nice and she has blond hair an grey eyes and she is yay-high and she is really thin and like really sporty and she is like my idol. We are like so good friends that shes not just my idol shes my sister, and not just my sister shes my twin from another mother. Just that she is way prettyier and taller and wittier and awsomer than me. Laura is so cool that like I worship the floor she walks on because it is holy and I really believe that shes an angel sent from heaven to save the whole world from hunger and poverty and zomie apocaypse and the end of the world. Laura is like the most amazing person I've ever know and I am really glad that were friends. I wanna be friends with her forever and ever, and even longer than that if thats possible. She is such a nice person. She loves animals and horses and dogs and cats and she horserides and she takes her dogs for long romantic walks on the beach and unfortunately her cat is in england with her dad so I cant really say much about that. And also laura has a sister, who is called Jemima, and she is also really nice and pretty but Laura is way nicer and prettier than Jemima. I love you Laura youre my bestest friend in the world with Ines. ♥

Laura: Boyfriend - Justin Bieber (oh goood..)
Me: Used To Have It All - Maverick Sabre (Delta Heavy Remix)
Daydreamer - Flux Pavillion ft. Example
Together: We've Lost Our Way - Bill Downs
Better Days - Bill Downs ft. Arnob (Y do I always feel like saying 'Doorknob'??)