Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Its been 'raining numbers this week! Good numbers mostly - thankfully. 
The first numbers on Thursday, Chemistry results. My best test this year, or at least I like to call it that because I am most proud of it. 85% which is an amazing A*. I have never in my life gotten an A* for Chemistry. Art maybe, English (when I was in Germany - sure!), but Chemistry????! You can see how happy I am about this. So this basically made my day totally, my average is now an high A, YESSSS! Then on Saturday we fianally went to the cinema again :), FOUR of my friends and m, to watch 'I am number FOUR'.... heheh.. Brilliant movie, not too much, not too little realistic, a romance and an awsome end-fight against the 'badies'. Also, who could forget the fact that the main actor, Alex Pettyfer, is totally gorgeous! He is number four..... On finding out that there is a novel, on which it is loosely based, and a sequel coming out in August, made me happy too.

Otherwise my weekend was crammed full with studying Physics (actually only Sunday, and not much of Sunday anyway...), sleeping and drinking hot chocolate. *OBSESSED* (Yes I know it's childish, don't judge me.) 
So, yesterday was also quite a quiet day, oh, except for one of my teachers atmitting she likes neither my personallity nor my way of thinking and me writing the actual Physics test, which remembrance awakens, almost, physical pain (because it was so bad)... That was pretty much all. AND THEN CAME TODAY! heheh.... awsome day, even though it was supposed to be the worst of the week (as in double French). But then, for the first time in about four days the sun decides to come visit us in not-so-sunny Portugal. My Biology test does not disappoint me and then the shocker of the day: French results :O (never thought French would be on the 'pro' side of the list one day...) wellllllll,.......! almost 70% I am really happy! its not an A but who in my position would not be happy with a very high B? In French?!!
For the week to be perfect i just need to get my Physics results back positively (hopefully ~70%, although I don't think so...) :S !!! 
Lots of homework still to do :( English essay (which, ofcourse, I left for the last day...)
Good night, xxx

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Men With Hats


Reffering to the 'Watchers' in 'The Adjustment Bureau'. My latest film encountry. I really like it, it is playing with the ide that all our lives are controlled and that we go a path which is planned for us. David Norris falls instantly in love with a women when they first meet, but is not supposed to see her ever again.  He is a young politician who wants to be selected into the Senat and when through the lazyness of one of the watchers he meets Elise again on the way to work, he decides that he does not want to live without her. On being shown some of the 'behind the scenes' of the watchers world (who now try anything to keep the two appart) he fights for his love, being helped by one of the watchers who has sympathy for him, and in the end being awarded his love for his brave fighting.
I liked this film, because of it's amazing coordination. There are so many elements involved into it that there is something in the film for every one. A really sweet romance - which, however, is still not cheesy - some action for the male audience out there and also some aspects of the serious life. David is told that, he has great chances of becoming President of America at some stage in his career and that Elise is set to have an amazing career as a dancer and that if he still stayes with her, both of their dreams will be destroyed... This is also happening in reall life, sometimes you have to let go of something or someone that you love for their own good. It does not mean that you don't love it/him, in the contrary, it has to be done because of love.

School has again begun after a very relaxing week of holidays, but the next ones are already in sight; only four and a half weeks to go!! Then Easter. I'm so happy, I am going to go to england to visit my english relatives, finally, it has been so long. But for now I am happy to be with my awsome friends now again every day, I didn't realise how much less fun I had in the time that I haven't seen them....
We all had a most enjoyable english lesson today, supposedly doing essays on our book 'To Kill a Mockingbird' by Harper Lee, we had a very fun time joking around or playing online games. Well, I do not think that that went so well, our teacher did not, or pretended not to care what we were doing because she thinks it is not her problem if we gat a bad grade.... Mine will defenightly not be as good as it should be. From two or so pages on two questions, I wrote about one for both... I hope I will not be the only one who gets a D or C AGAIN.... :(
I'm going now, its weird I feel like I have this obligation to write something on my blog every few days but in the same way I feel like I am a) boring some random strangers to death or b) just writing this and no one actually reads this, which would be sad but which is probably highly possible....
So I'll just go to bed now until I loose some important part of my brain to this unimportant 'worryment' of mine... xx

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Can't Keep Up

Yup, I can't keep up... Not with all the GREAT/AWSOME/SAD/AMAZING films I watched or the stuff happening in school.
This is my second post today, because, I finally have half term holidays, YAY...! hehe, finally sleep as long as you want and no uncomfortable school uniform... (this has also a bad aspect because you actually have to think about what to wear). Teachers didn't even try to be nice, they gave us loads of homework and a test in the first day back.... :( Well and, yeah, I got a C on the last english assessment, on computergames.... (I mean, the only game I ever play is Paxcon)
What ever.... Weather is pretending it wanted to make up for all the weeks of lovely sunshine and warmth, by being horrible :( but at least it's not as bad as last year, when I first came here.... it's really weird to think of it that way, I've now been living here for exactly one year...
The thing I actually wanted to talk about is, as I already said, the great films I have been watching. I'm still totally stunned by '127 hours' because that is what actually happened... I've been researching and finding the stuff even more horrible than when I first saw them in the film, because I am now realising, everything actually happened...
The next film, 'Remember Me', brought me to tears, not that that is really hard to do (I cry in every sad film, have you ever watched 'My sister's keeper'? It's about the most sad film I've ever watched.).
Most girls already saw it when it came out in summer, »because it has Robert Pattinson in it!!!« Wow.
I love the 'Twilight Saga' but I did not think that he was actually acting very well in any of it,... Probably because the film isn't serious. (has never made me cry) But in this film he is amazing! It's so sad to look at, especially as his life is finally getting better again, the father starts realising, how bad he war behaving, he had an amazing girlfriend, he has to die.... When the attack on the world trade centers actually was I was five or something, I can only remember listening to the radio and thinking, Well thats terrible but I'm not affected by it.
Watching this film, is the first time I realise how big it was and how many people had lost some one they loved within about half an hour. I  read that 2752 people died in the attack. I'm pretty shocked, how anyone could have planned that and not have thought about the many people affected by it.
The last film I wanted to talk about, 'Pay It Forward', was unfortunally not a true story. It's a pretty old film (released 2000), but the story is so wonderful. It is about this little boy who has a huge idea how to make the world a better place, and how this idea affects his environment. In the end he dies (again... WHY????) and it is unrealistic because he gets stabbed by a knife in the gut. A) why would a 12 year old kid stab another 12 year old kid to death? And B) do you die from being stabbed in the gut within minutes? But the end is touching any way....
So this is a pretty cheesy blog because, now it seems like I cry when ever the slightes horrible thing crosses my way, but, I really feel bad about stuff right now... I need to watch something funny some time soon again......!
Night... x

127 hours

An unbelievable true story about a man who fought for his life.
It's about Aron Ralston, a american mountain climber who got stuck in a canyon in utah while canyoneering. It is an amazing story, and the way it is filmed is also very well done. Even though most of the film is playing in the canyon, it never gets boring. It begins with Aron ignoring everyone around him, who cares, he tells nobody where he goes, to show the world he can handle anything on his own.
He knows his way around the canyons better than any one, but when huge rock falls onto his right hand, he can't move anymore. No one knows where he is, he only has a limitted amount of food and water and his film camera. He trys everything to come free and ends up cuttin his own hand off. The good thing is that he survives at all. In total he spent 127 hours in the canyon, and its a true story this is Aron Ralston (he did not play himself in the film) and even though he only has one arm, he still climbs.

(A picture he took of himself in the canyon, while still thinking he would die)