Monday, 31 January 2011


I had to make a collage with images to show my identity in class today,... On the way to that I found this,...

I just had to post it, immediately :) I love that poem/whatever it is :)  I'm gonna make that my moto for now :) (Lol, thats a lot of smileys, hehe) 
Especially because I like dancing! It's one of the things which I want to be able to do really well of all things. Next to painting and drawing and awww, actually there's quite a lot of stuff :)

Here's another one:

And my List of favourite songs today is:
Rocketer - Far East Movement
Take Your Shirt Of - T-Pain (yay!)
Big Big World - Emilia (don't judge)

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Movies, Lisboa and Freckles

I really liked today!
I did most of my Hw yesterday so that I could do what ever I wanted today. :)
I even woke up really early today, FEELING GOOD??!!! Then I had my breakfast on the balkony (it was really nice and warm, I LOVE SUNSHINE, cant believe it's almost February) and got FRECKLES - I get these whenever I'm in the sun for longer than 15 minutes. And because of the Biology test tomorrow I even studied for half an hour!! YAYYY!
Rarity: I actually understood something....!
So then I went to Lisbon with my friend (ly Is!), caught the train and then the metro and went to the cinema to see TRON. REEALLLY GOOD FILM!! I can't remember who said it but one of my friends told me it was really boring so I was kind of worried, but, no need!! :) I really liked it, and you must have been really annoyed at my random squeels of laughter throughout the film, Izzy. (I like to do that.... If you know me well you probably know anyway that I like to be a noisy person :) )
The film is set mostly in the digital world. There is this man who was a computer genius and who created this huge digital world, which was populated by ''programms''. He had found a way to ''beam'' himself into that world for a short period of time (about eight hours) and had once overdone that time field, so that he got stuck in that world. He created a system that could build the world alone during his absence (when he was in the real world). That system turned on him wanting to take over the real world when there was nothing to perfect in the digital one.
Well, finally that guy's son gets sucked  into that world too and has to fight to live on. Then he tries to beat this independent system and get his father and the digital ''programm'' he falls in love with back into the real world. In the end the ''bad guy'' is gone and the son and his girl live happily ever after in the real world while the father keeps an eye on the digital one.

After all, quite a successfull and fun day all in all. Even though we came home quite late (about 2-3 hours ago) and I still had to do my History Hw. I had no clue what to write on three questions about the Nazi regime in Germany and their use of propaganda to controll the public. So I couldn't be bothered while I was actually supposed to be doing that and listened to music.... My Mom got kinda annoyed tho so now I have less than 5 mins to get to bed (with brushing teeth).

For listening to music I mostly use this site: because youtube with all it's vidoes is too distracting while doing Hw. 

My favourites for today are:
Imma shine - Young bloodz
Remember the name - Fort minor
American Pie - Madonna (I KNOW, it's soooo old but I still love it :) same as many ABBA songs.)

Friday, 28 January 2011

The last Week

OK, soooooo where do I begin??? Haven't posted something in AGES!!
I'll start with my insight, that life might suddenly be a LITTLE bit like from the movies.  I noticed this when I was finally watching 'Life as we know it', yaayyy, a romantic comedy (my favourites next to good action films, NOT horror though...) and I needed LESS than 10 more minutes to finish and my mum was being seriously annoying and not letting me watch the end, OMFG, 10 MINUTES!!!!!!!!! And I got REALLY annoyed and even tried if crying might help (it did not, my mum is kinda hard hearted in that sense.) and then I had to give in, URGGHHH!!! Here one more thing I absolutelly verrry much dislike: HAVING TO GIVE IN!!! Well, on this occasion I, unfortunatelly had to (it was verrrrry unpleasant) and I couldn't even SLAM my bedroom door!!!!!!!
I constantly listened to Rockstar 101 - Rihanna, Remember the name (I loooove!) - Fort Minor, Pump it - B.E.P. and Bumpy Ride - Mohombi. I really like all of these, kinda old bt, So What??
But I'm having fun at school, I lived through two more french lessons and actually got some questions right. PE is a bore and we'll have interhouse crosscountry run on Tuesday (why????!!!). :( But lunch times are the best parts of the day,... Ines and me just sit there and judge people. I know, you shouldn't do that but it's soooo much fun. OH, and then my other friend, Laura, got ill so out of revenge of leaving us alone school, we told people she was pregnant from some guy at her riding place. OMG that was SO MUCH FUN,.... People actually believed us! I'm soooooo sorry-y Laurinha,... (NOT)! Then today was mufti, yayy,... finally a bit of freedom!! I'm still not really used to school uniform (after a year, that sound kinda weird, I know :) ).
OH, and iI wrote and got a Chemistry test back, it was soooo much better than I would have hoped for even though I could have easily had an even higher mark if I'd had 5 mins more time, i did two stupid mistakes out of hastity on the last question. Ok, here it comes: 75% Yayyyy! I coul have got 80, I KNOW!! but I'm reaaaaally happy with what I've got now!! Laurinha, thanks for ur awsome theory about cleverness ans the science sets :)
Havent written something for a while now,... Hehe, acutally only a few days. But there's loads of Hw to do and also, tests and courseworks to hand in and ufffff,....

Sunday, 23 January 2011

Finally weekend!

First you think: Yay, finally le weekend, but then you realise.... and I have about eight homeworks to do, Yay! (Not.)
But this weekend was pretty awsome, first on friday night a friends birthday party (Izzy we all loved it, SO much fun!). We went out to Cascais, first time I actually went here, and had loads of fun until about two in the mornig... lots of dancing and singing karaoke, yeah and then there was other stuffff..... :)
Then another friend, stayed over till the next day,.... and I went to visit Izzy again.
Unfortuantely that was about it with the fun part of my weekend.  The rest consits of doing my 8 home works and studying for the #%&$ Chemistry test om Monday (aka. tomorrow, but I don't like to think of it that way because it seems so soon :( )
OH, yes and I just ate a 'Bratapfel', hmmmmmmmm!! SO GOOD, it basicly is a very German winter food. (baked apple with nuts and raisins and honey and then cream, but it still has to be hot, like burning your mouth, then its the BEST!) Mom made it for me,..... because I am working SO hard doing my homework!!! Yes I'm such a good girl!!!! Wow, I just realized I only have to do three more (and then studying for Chemistry) home works,.... Of which two unfortunately are Physics, WHY??!!!! I never thought I would actually get something done today.
Urghh, this now 'shooed' away my good mood and I will start doing the rest.....
Have fun! (Hopefully not doing homework)

Thursday, 20 January 2011

Physics, go die in a hole!

I've heard that sentence a lot lately. Actually, I think, Chemistry and Biology can go and help Physics die in a hole! I'm doing my Physics homework at the moment, as you can see. I don't understand Hooke's law and should definitely NOT be in Science set 1, it has proved itself yet again....
No one who could actually help me with this is online on skype or facebook, so I'm officially screwed now. The homework was actually due last week but, I understood even less then so now I actually HAVE to do it. I will leave it for tomorrow and then go and see the teacher. (And probaly get shouted at for not sending it in on time and stuff.... :( )
Otherwise today my day was quite good, even French didn't kill me. And even though one of my best friends made fun of me all day because of some stupid conversaiton, I had fun...
I'm not feeling really inspired today so I'll just leave you be and stop spaming my blog with whining about school,... Sorry 'bout that!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

I'm so tired!

I'm REEALLY tired, mostly physically though....
We had to run 3km in PE today - as always :( - my time was,.. here it comes...... 16.35 mins. Yeah, I know thats not THAT awsome. It's not my best time either. And then we played basketball because it was a double lesson. That was actually quite fun cuz although, I might say I'm quite, well, how do I put it, bad,... But I still like competitive team sports! Most of all: Football, yayy! Favourite team: Werder Bremen. I know  that you probably don't know them and even if you know the German 'Bundesliga' you probably still don't understand me. I don't even come from Bremen... Still,... And then I have to say, since I lived with my 7 cousins (all male) for half a year, I got quite used to Rugby to,.. I mean, it looks fun!
Ok, after the, even without PE, exhausting school, I still had dance class, in which at the moment we are trying to grasp the spirit of Street Dance. Hip Hop and Breakdance two things I reeeallllly like, and which I reeally wish I could do.
Now I'm listening to 'Who's that chick' by Rihanna, awsome song!! Although I lately discovered my hatred for the word 'chick'. Seriously why can't you just say girl, or woman or what ever but WHY do we have to be equivalent to BABY CHICKENS!
Today my post isn't as long - due to my tiredness, I discovered I'm also really hungry now, so I'll get something to eat now.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

A partly awsome day.

My PARTLY awsome day, was actually not that awsome untill now,....  The best thing was a talent show at school, which was REALLY good. Two of my friends took part, both singing songs by Christina Aguilera ('Hurt' and 'Ain't No Other Man'), and both totally rocked it! The 'Ain't No Other Man' was the best song in the whole show! With the first note, everyone was saying, WOW! Then there was a reeeally good breakdancer!!! I already said I love dancing and people who are good at it, and he was seriously good! Tomorrow is the deciding show, for me it's one of those two.
But after that I tortured in French by my nice, but sometimes quite impatient French teacher. First I had to do a presentation on 'une personne francophone' (Urggh!) my choice for this was Albert Uderzo, who is the artistic creator of Asterix and Obelix (which I totally LOVE). That didn't go tooooo well, as I was so nervous that I told everything there was to tell in almost twice the time it should have.
Here a note, French is my absolutely weakest subject! In my old school I was always ok and in the top 4 of the class, but that was in Germany and it seems that in a SERIOUSLY EXPENSIVE international English school in Portugal the level of French education is a little bit (very much) higher. Last year all that was OK for me, I was in the lowest French set, with others who seemed even more unfortunate than me. But now in the GCSEs I've had to choose subjects, to my regret French was among them as I thought Portuguese was much to hard for me. Anyway, I chose both and French has been killing me since then. If the teacher asks me a question which I don't fully understand or to which I'm not sure what to answer, I panic. I go through the five stages of blushing, my ears quit their job and unfortunately I was never trained in lip reading, so I fail dramatically. Now today there was a little alteration to this process, I KNEW the answer, but failed anyway...   It seems like I couldn't figure out fast enough how to form my answering sentence.
Sorry I annoyed you with all of this stuff (FRENCH!) but I felt like, I had to get it of my chest. So thanks!

Monday, 17 January 2011

The Tourist

As a told you people yesterday I was watching the tourist yesterday. REALLY good film, I really liked it! The only not so totally great part was when I was sent to buy to big popcorns ALONE, in Portuguese!!!
It was OK then but I think I kinda made a fool of myself because the guy at the till kept asking me 'O que?' (means 'what?' in Portuguese), and I had to repeat my self over and over again. »Which one is bigger 'media' or 'normal'? Two please,... Yes, sweet.«
The film was as I already said, really good. About an agent (Angelina Jolie - she is so beautiful, I'm jelaous!) who loves a criminal (Johnny Depp - awsome actor! I love him!). He writes her letters and tells her to find some random guy, who kind of has his hight and his body and then make the agency think its him. So she does that and then everyone wants to kill him. The agency, the bad guy (from whom he had stolen loads of money, thats why he was a criminal). And then the agency notice that he actually isn't the guy and the bad guy kidnaps Angelina and he saves her and the agency shoots the bad guy. And then she falls in love in Johnny and find out that it's actually the guy she loved in the first place (who spent $20 million on surgery).
Sounds complicated and weird, but it's a really good and also funny film, with awsome actors, so GO WATCH IT! 
And sorry if I have spoilt the plot for you!!

Sunday, 16 January 2011

A list of my Favourites.

True Blood (Series) - Awsomely adicive series!! Seriously, I watched the first episode of season and couldn't stop watching, I finished Season 3 two weeks after that. Now I have to wait 'till summer for the next one to come out.

Graceling (Book) - One of the BEST BOOKS EVER, I think. It's the first book of Kristin Cashore who is my favourite writer, at the moment ,...

Twilight (Book) - You all know it! Before I read this I wasn't even a fan of fantasy books, so I actually wanted to resist the whole twilight wave, but then couldn't. I love the books but the films all disappointed me a bit.

Step up 2 (Film) - I'm a BIG fan of dancing and dance-films and this is the best one yet. Not even the 3rd 'Step up' in 3D could beat it!

I'm going to the cinema now to watch 'The Tourist'!! Yay,... Wanted to see that one for ages now,... I'll tell you what I thought about it afterwoods...

Hello, Hallo, Bonjour and Olá!

So I'm trying out this whole blog-thingy for the first time, and I don't really know how it works, but I'm doing it for my English homework so I'll at least try to make it kind of interesting,...

I live in Portugal since almost a year and have loads of awsome friends.
I love Pizza, Ice cream and Pancakes.
I hate Eggs, Patatoes and leaving people or places.