Monday, 25 June 2012

Because It's Brilliant. Just Needed To Put This Out There.

Lady Queen and Sparks

Hey people, it's only been like five days since I've last posted but, I wanna get back on schedule so you have to bear with me!
What I've been doing lately consists of A LOT of reading, watching TV series and losing stuff. :S The last part isn't rlly good... BUT I got everything back, so thats brilliant :D Lost my phone (in IKEA) and my keys (in my room *eyeroll*) but, as said, got everything back due to finally clearing up my room's floor and calling IKEA to see if they found my darling mobile; which they did. YAY! Seriously, I was SO happy to see it again. Imagine allll my texts and numbers and my phone and stuff lost. But, thank god, all is well.
On Friday I finally, finally, FINALLY read my darling Bitterblue, Kristin Cashore is an absolutely BRILLIANT writer and I think her books should be WAY more famous than they are. When I said I read the book Friday, I actually mean that. I read the book in one day. Did nothing else though... Was quite alot of work as the book had a good 400 pages, but it was so worth it. The doing nothing else part I mean. :) Queen Bitterblue/Sparks is a character with which I doubted that I could sympathise so much in the beginning, seeing as she is an orninary human, in contrast to Cashores former protagonists Katsa and Fire. But it turns out, that her extraordinary life is enough to keep me ensnared to read everything in one go. Bitterblue's character is pure and strong in a way, even though she has no additional abilities. Her search for the truth is very complicated and no doubt frustrating, with many twists and turns, and higlights her subbornness to be the best person she can be. This is also the reason for her ability to keep going when the extraordinary events of her life should be to overwhelming for a young and somewhat naive girl.
Hermione by alicexz
This book is also the book which contained the most surprises. SO many people whom she trusted so much just (sometimes even litterally) stab her in the back. From her advisers who all ended up killing themselves, which on its own was as much treachery as when they intitially were unfaithful, due to her close relationship with them, to on of her favourite servants and spies, Bitterblue has a hard time knowing whom to trust. I was especially hurt by Thiel's betrayal as I often had the feeling as if he was essentially someone she had adopted as a father substitute as her parents are both dead and her real father had never behaved like one, since he was a madman. I was only happy that she found new people she could trust including Giddon, who really needs a good friend, seeing as he's still in love with Katsa, whom on the other hand deeply loves Po, thank god. Also Hava, who turns out to be her half sister, which I really like because she seems like someone who needs a friend, and Bitterblue is perfect since they are both kinda lonely. And obviously Saf, Teddy, Bren and Tilda, Saf I love, his loyality to Prince Po but his stongmindedness (VERY stubborn boy) make her perfect for Bitterblue because he is quite a lot like her which makes it possible for her to trust him. I just didn't like that he had to leave in the end, but I can understand that it was nessecary for him because their relationship could only have worked in secret. This means that she will have to have her heart broken, because it is hardly possible for her to marry him, but she wouldn't want anyone else if she still loved him, and she needs to produce heirs so yeah, poor her. Teddy is the perfect friend for her, due to his interest in teaching and books which she shares. One thing I was genuinely shoked and then hilarified by was what Po said about Bren and Tilda wanting Teddy to give them a child, because I thought this was quite absurd, but funny, and what I have tosay is... POOR TEDDY! 
Finnick and Annie: One Last Time by xxIgnisxx
And finally, I was really happy for Fire to be included in this book because I loved her personality and it was so interesting to see her from an outside perspective and with a lot of years had past. It was also odd to see Katsa from the outside, especially as I really got the feeling as if wildcat-Katsa had calmes down and setteled a lot more in the 8 years between the books. It was so weird to see Katsa loving and soft, and Fire on the other hand wise and gentle. Fire and Katsa who used to hate, and irascible, but I guess it means that their lives are more happy now so I am happy for them in turn.
Virtuoso by alicexz
After that exceptionally long review - I think my longest yet - I am not going to be very explict. The most interesting thing is True Blood, which I watched right before writing this. The concept of Trara as a vamp is still weird and I only really now understand her full hatred of vampires as she seems to even try to kill herself in the end of the episode. I feel sorry for her. I am happy on the other hand that Sook told Alcide about killing Debbie, because that is the ONLY way that there is ever going to be a proper relationship between the two. If he doesn't forgive her, they are never gonna get together, which is what I've always wanted. 
Katniss by alicexz
And I really like Pam's backstory. I love how she was fearless of the vampired when she wasn't one and her determination to become one which had nothing really to do with anything but selfpreservation. The modern day Pam is way more cold and sarcastic than the human Pam and even though I love sarcastic Pam, it's good to know that she was more emotional once. But I was happy for Sook to zap her with her fairy power 'cos she CAN be a royal bitch sometimes.
One last thing. I recently joined deviantART, a website for artists to share and even sell their work, and even though I am not active yet, (meaning I haven't posted any art) some of the work I've seen there through browsing is amazing and I would like to share some here! My favourite artist on dA is a girl called alicexz and her work is absolutely amazing.
Finnick and Annie: Half Dead by xxIgnisxx
There is also xxIgnisxx who's work is not very realistic but so emotional, it nearly makes me cry, especially her hungergames work concerning Finnick.
Hope I can keep up with my posting kinda regularily in the future (WARNING! Im going to Germany in the beginning of July, so I might not make it then) anddddd... Byeeeee!

Recently Played Songs: (A very random collection today!)
Primadonna - Marina and the Diamonds and this Mr. Larsson ft. DANGA Remix
All This Time - Maria Mena
Catgroove - Parov Stelar
Scream - Usher and this Reidiculous Remix

Thursday, 21 June 2012

Sunburn, Baby, Burn!

So, I realise that today is Wednesday. MWAAAWWWHHH! I didn't make it again!! I'm so sorry! :S Seriously! My last week was actually quite eventful! SO I do have a lot to tell you, but I didn't have the time to tell it! :S My 'PRECIOUS', if you know what I meannnn, is still broken so I'm like ''Waaahhhh!'' :'( SO, I have to use my mom's laptop which is reaaally annoying because I have to ask when I can use it and I can't do what I want and I have to stop IN THE MIDDLE OF WHATEVER IM DOING to let her check her e-mails. Hmpf. You may have picked up that I'm not too happy about that!
''Queen'' Jessica :P Love her!!
The only good thing about writing today instead of last night is that I can now talk about the new True Blood episode that came out in the States on Monday, but I can always only watch them the next day. SO, episode two was also good, I mean, it's TB what else do you expect!? I love the entire authority setting, and it's SO CUTE how Bill and Eric have eachothers backs by not giving up anything even though they're being manipulated during questioning and everything! I was really excited when I heard that they cast a child-vampire-autority-member but I wasn't as impressed as I tought I would be, but I guess acting a vampire's age and maturity isn't easy for a young boy, so I forgive him. Tara as a vamp is absolutely awsome! I love her cold fury, I just hope she will forgive her cousine and her best friend eventually. Jessica is forever my favorite vamp. I love her because she represents teenage perfectly, when she was still human she never had a really good teenage experience because her parents were strict and all, but now she's living her life to the fullest. I also love how she treats Steve! I don't think she was ever more powerful than another vampire in her life, so she really enjoys being able to deny Steve something. Also I think it's funny that she is now basicly the Crownprincess of Louisiana and since Bill is gone, it's more like she's the Queen actually :) And she still puts her feet on the desk! :P One thing I hate: Terry's supernatural wartime accident-thingy... I don't like it. I wan't him to be normal, he's lived through too much already! I love him, and I'm really scared that his mental health is going to get any worse!
Emily's memories reveal Jenna can see.
The most recent Pretty Little Liars episode was also good. I must say I find Mona still deeply creepy and what's Lucas' deal? Like seriously, can't he just turn off the borderline-psycho behaviour for a second and go back to sweet old Lucas, who was Hanna's best friend. But I guess it's not possible since he was in love with her and all that. I was really happy for the girls to finally find out about Jenna's ability to see too, because she was also really scary while she was able to do more than anyone else knew. And although I don't particularily like her for what she has done in the past, I think it's good that the girls promised to keep her secret, I'd actually like it if they team up with her, because either, she is now a genuinely nice and lonely person or she is just an amazing actress and I think, yes she's a b*tch but she's not cruel. And the end, with the body bag, sent shiveres down my spine. God, A was being serious about playing with body parts! O.o
Aylin and Blake kiss during spin the bottle,
now here's a good couple!
I don't know if I've mentioned this but I also integrated The Glee Project into my schedule, and I must say I actually really like some of the contestants. Aylin, Nellie, Blake and Michael beong to my favourites and Lily, Abraham, Charlie and Tyler just irritate me. I like Blake and Michael mainly because, ohmigod, they are SO gorgeous! But I like Blake more than Michael 'cos he has such a nice personality and he is such a good actor, and I'm worried that Michael just doesn't have enough unikenesss to stay on the show. As to the people that irritate me: Lily - bossy, ego-centric, self-pitying girl, whom I just *urghhh!* do NOT like. Abraham - not unike at all, way to old looking for the show and he also plays the poor-me-people-think-I'm-gay card and I just have to say, ''Do you have a problem with gay people!?'' Charlie - he thinks he's the leader of the group or something, he thinks he is better than the others because he was the one who was selected for the show first or something. From him questioning the song choice of the mentors, to him trying to grab their attention by taking away Mario's stick-thingy (he's blind), just turn it down for a sec OK? Oh, and can you get of off Aylin, poor girl doesn't acually want to be with you, she's just doing it to keep you happy. Oh and Tyler boy, I think he's just annoying, I don't think it's his fault, it's just I'm not used to seeing a male with all the bad atributes of a girl, clingy, nagging, urgh...
Looking forward to amaaazing dancing!
And I just now watched SYTYCD Vegas Week. I always like Vegas Week because you really get to see who's amongst the judges favourites and who just isn't good enough in the end. I'm actually happy because Alexa (my absolute fav girl) and Chehon (deffs my fav guy) are still in the competition, as well as Cyrus, Megan, Cole and Janelle are too! Wow, they really have a hard job narrowing it down to 20 next week! ALL of them are amazing dancers! I just hope Alexa's done enough, 'cos she did have some difficulties in the beginning.
Aw it's finally here :')
While I am just writing this, the door bell rings and the post man brought my COPY OF BITTERBLUE by Kristin Cashore!!!!! Finally. You have no idea how long I've been waiting for it! I was screaming and vicory dance/jumping around the appartment so that my dog was seriously worried about me. And I don't wanna seem crazy of anything, but, it's so beautiful! The book I mean, NO KIDDING! Like the smell and the cover design!!! :') I'm so happy it's finally here and even though I am currently re-reading Mockingjay (3rd HG's book) by Suzanne Collins I'll have it on my bedside table so that I'll have sweet dreams. About re-reading: I'm craying like a baby every 5 pages because I know the ending and I don't want people to die!
So yeah other than this I can only say my mom said this morning that we might try and go to a place so they can fix my computer because she's sick of me using hers.. :D Happy me!! And yes I was complaning about it earlier this post but you must know that this took me several days to write so the situation has changed :)

It's the first day of summer, officially, so enjoy it and party on! I know that's what I'm going to do!

My Welcome Summer Song:
Young Blood - The Naked And Famous (White Sea Remix)

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Row, Row, Row Your Boat..... GOAL!

0-1 against the Netherlands!! Whooooop!
Soooo, I know it's waaaayyyyyyy past Monday and I don't really have a good excuse for not posting either. All I CAN say in my defence is that I had just embarked on a 4 day canoeing trip for my Silver Premio, and Monday was the first day I was home. Canoeing was cool because I got to spend litterally 4 days straight with my friends and I didn't see my mom for like 7 days in a row :O lol. :) Also fun was accidentally-on-purpose pitching our (Nesi et Moi) tent close to the guys as possible because after we 'went to bed' they would start mucking around and doing impressions of eachother which were so funny Ines and I had to giggle into our sleepingbags reeeeally quietly so that no one would notice we were still awake and listening. God I nearly suffocated and cried of laughter. Having a Korean, Swede (REALLY tanned), partially Turkish and quarter Burmese calling eachother Wang-Tang, Tyrone and other stuff was the funniest thing of all of those days! What we really did most of the time though was canoeing, 45km in total... and we cooked on tiny little cooking stove thingies which were actually not too bad once you figured out how to put them together :D But the food was still to little and the grossest stuff I've ever tasted!
The good thing was though that I didn't miss the Portugal vs. Germany game which we wonnnnnnn! YAY! I mean I support oth teams but in that match-up I am still true to my roots! Gomez is the perfect German I realiezed. Except for his name I mean. But his look is so aryan even Hitler would have been happy with him... Self racism don't be mad!! I normally don't like him, but I can't be mad at him for scoring now, can i?
I am writing this while Germany is now playing against the NL and it's not looking very rosy at the moment......! Whahhhhhhhhhhh we need to win!!!!!! AND WE SCORED! GOMEZ SCORED AGAIN!!! 0-1! Come here boy and let me ruffle your hair!!!!!
Just posting this 'cos I temporarily love Gomez,
and this is a very nice pic of him!
OK, before I went to camp in the wild, I was still living in civilization but as my last post indicated, I was home alone, and what do you do when you're home alone and haven't got sh*t to do really? You do sh*t. So, the question is what sh*t did I get up to while my dear Mami wasn't home!??? I went to a party. What a surprise! Actually it wasn't that easy, because my mom called right when I had gotten ready and was on the train station waiting for the train to go to my dear Laura's house. I blatently lied severely times...... Lie no. 1: ''I'm not home, I'm walking the dog.'' In response to that she wanted me to call her when I got home. I had no intention on actually going home again and missing my train SO lie no. 2: ''I can't find the house phone, I think it's out of battery and I can't hear it when I ring it!'' (GOAAALLLLLLL! 0-2 for my beloved Vaterland!!) so then Mami called me again and talked to me about my day and then suddenly.... The train arrived. SH*T! So the doors beep - ''What was that!???'' - lie no. 3: ''Umm.. um.. uhh... My iPod's out of battery... uh..'' At this stage, I am already face-palmin myself, because that's the stupidest excuse I've EVER heard in my life, but she swallows it so I'm like *sigh of relief*!! But once I'm in the train, it obviously starts moving and getting VERY loud, and my mom, WON'T hang up the phone.... So I'm standing there praying that she doesn't notice the noise and she doesn't and when she finally says ''Bye'' I'm so relieved I sink onto a seat and I'm breathing so heavy people are looking at me as if I'd just turned yellow. So I scraped by getting found out that time. Thank god.
The rest of the night I actually had a really good time, made some new friends and got a kiss out of it right in the end :D That doesn't really mean anything other than that I was slutting around tough :P And please don't misunderstand me, I am not actually a slut, I just like to flirt :D
(1-2, Holland scored :/ but we're still winningggg!) I also went to see The Dictator with a minha querida Ines on Tuesday and I though it was absolutely hilarious. Sacha Baron Cohen is a genius. From the songs that were translated to arabic, to the incredibly ''lacist'' jokes and the WEIRD pervy ones: A really good film!
My favourite part:
This part is so funny, when I watchid it the subtitles were actually in portuguese so I didn't get half of the things they were actually saying but it's still hilarious! And in the beginning I couldn't stop giggling because of ''Loger Labbit''!! Thank god there weren't any other people in the cinema! I also now frequently use the neck-cutting-gesture behind peoples backs and I was quite surprised at Anna Faris' performance, I didn't think she could actually be that funny!
I also finished reading You Don't Have To Say You Love Me by Sarra Manning, which is basicly her first adult book, she wrote it in 2010 and I only discovered it now, which is weird because the book before that, Nobody's Girl, was my favourite at the time. Well, it's a nice concept, it's about a woman in her mid-20's called Neve (I do not know how to pronounce that name is the 1st 'e' like in 'the' before a vowel or before a consonant?), she is on a weight losing trip after being morbidly obese for a few years for the guy she fell in love with at uni and hasn't seen since. She has absolutely no clue about relationships so she asks her sisters womanizer boss to be her pancake-boyfriend (you throw the 1st pancake away, and only actually eat the second one). So everything goes fine and they actually start to like eachother more and more and the story is quite nice because you can feel how it then becomes a real relationship. And then Mr. California comes back and Neve is all excited etc. and he doesn't even show he notices that she lost at leat half her weight ot anything, but instead, intoduces her to his fiancĂ©e, Ms. California. I really like her, because other than her weightloss obsession, she is A LOT like Inesi and I find it hilarious imagining her in all the same situations. The pancake-boyfriend obviously turns into a real boyfriend by the end of the book, YAY, chick-lit is amazing, happily ever after!!! The then that actually really shocked me was that there was so much S*x in the book! Ohmigod, I was blushing and squirming out of embarrassment of reading such things in public places. But yeah, it all amounts to a good story! AND Bitterblue STILL HASN'T ARRIVED YET! RANT!
Don't have time or inspiration to write anything else, soooooo, I hope I'll be on scedule next week! Till thennn!

Aladeen song of the week:

Monday, 4 June 2012

Oh Happy Days, I'm Home Alone!

My mom left for Germany for three days leaving me in charge of the house and animals.. :D I'm really happy that I got to stay, because normally I always have to stay at my aunts house.. I love my cousins and all but it's so boring there.
My computer charger is broken so now I can listen to the 'relaxing' ticking noises the fuse makes everytime I plug it into the wall! God, it's annoying!!! First of all, my darling mother allowed me to use her laptop for the time being but MY laptop is my ''PRECIOUS'' and I hate not being able to use it. My mom's is much faster than mine because she has much less 'useless' random c**p on it, but that doesn't outweigh the fact that the random c**p the thing is which makes it mine!!! :'( I NEED my thousands of pictures of hot guys like Alex P! And it also has the folder of pictures that I put on my blog. K, I just need to get over it for now... Deal with it and I can have my baby back soon!!! :'(
I have recieved and read my newest book The Edumacation of Jay Baker by Jay Clarke, which was a nice book. I got it second hand of course (my mom would absolutely kill me if I bought so many books otherwise) and I now officially love the Denver Public Library! I have never in my life been to Denver or seen it's library but I got the book from there and it is immaculate! It's covered so perfectly and yeah of course it's got a library stamp, but it really doesn't matter because it's in such perfect condition! I have to respect any institution that treats their books so well!
The book itself is about this little bit nerdy guy, who is 'in love' with his best friend (oh, I can relate so well already!) and she is the most popular girl in school. His parents are on a trial seperation so his life is basicly falling appart and then he learns that this is because his mother cheated with his best friend, whom he likes, father.. So yeah everyone's mad at eachother and doesn't communicate anymore but through this he finally starts getting on well with his hyper-popular sister, future homecoming queen, and he falls for another girl. She is a pro tennis player and her dad has her on an army drill type schedule so that she will have a tennis career. Jay starts going out with her and now plays tennis with her every day. In the end of the book I actually really start liking Caroline's dad, 'cos even if he makes her work like a slave, and eventually, Jay too, he obviously actually really cares for both of them! Awwww.. Book ends with Jay's parents getting a divorce but everyone seems to be OK with it, so yeah, happily ever after.. YAY!
Aside from books I have watched several films and series, including: Men In Black, the first MIB is deffinightly the oldest film I have seen in a very long time, not in ever because I watched my fair share of Audrey Hepburn films a while back! I really liked the films, they had some hilarious scenes with Will Smith, whom I think is a genius. I laughed so hard in the last film when he immitated the way Agent K smiled, and I absolutely love the ADHDness of the future telling alien Griff, and also the end in which J sees himself as a kid and finally finds out what happened to his dad.
Also watched Snow White and the Huntsman with Kristin Stewart and Chris Hemsworth.. I quite liked the film and I LOVED the dwarves for their hillarious Britishness! I thought the way they portrayed the evil stepmother was brilliant and I loved the story, except for the part where innocent little Snow White who fights with a nail becomes an armored fighting queen who can hold her piece amongst the men who fought basicly their entire lives. It's just wayyy to unrealistic. I think they should have had a few more fight instruction scences featuring Hemsworth during their flight induced with a little or a lot of romance! PLEASE! This film was lacking LOVE! And at the same time there is a random love triangle there anyways.. I mean just cos Kristens in the film doesn't mean there have to be more than one love interest! Also, Kristen should smile more; her grumpy face is getting boring. I'm not saying that I am totally against her though, I actually think she's pretty cool. If she smiles more.
I also haven't mentioned the audition episodes of SYTYCD, in which I must say I have found already six contestants who I support. I think that these are really amazing dancers and I really want them all to get onto the live shows. You should really check out their auditions which I will post beloooow.
Um, in addition to that the last episode of The Voice was reallt good, I am still mad that Bo didn't ONCE sing a The Cranberries song. Would have sounded amazing with her voice! I really don't mind than Leanne won, because I had been supporting her from the start and I think her voice is just WOW! I really want her to duet with Adele :)
And then the first episode of The Glee Project season 2. I like some of them, especially Blake and Michael, both HOT! Seriously! But I was annoyed that the one black girl with the shoven hair didn't get in as well as the amazing Jon Cozart whom I know from his awsome Youtube vids and whom I recognized in the crowd! Shame!
This post is now really long which is totally unexpected since I dared myself to learn typing without looking at the keyboard. I have painfully failed. I've looked at the board 12 times during this entire post :/ 13 now... :( It is really tiring and I think I am going to give up on it. Oh no, 14 now... :'( My delete key feels physically abused and the constant type-delete-type-ing is very annoying and time consuming but since I'm home alone and got nothing better to do I will keep doing it. Just for this post though. So now bye! I wanna be able to look at my keyboard again without feeling guilty!!!!!

Here are the audition from my favourite most amazing dancers on SYTYCD:
Alexa Anderson, 19yrs
Megan Branch, 18yrs
Sam Lenarz, 18yrs (even though she had to go to choreo to get through)
Eliana Girard, 20yrs
Chehon Wespi-Tschopp, 22yrs
Cole Horibe, 26yrs (Wow, have I found my seconf best looking asian guy after Ryan Higa)
Stephen Jacobsen, 22yrs (S**t first audition, AMAZING second audition just stick to classical ballet pls!)