Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Story Of Getting Chased By A Deer With No Horns

''Review of the small things in life: Getting chased by a FRICKIN DEER!!!! (at least it ...: OhMyGod... I just got chased by A FRICKIN DEER!!!! So scary.  SO SCARY!!!! I always thought they were quite passive creatures... but no.''

Heya Peoplessss,
just another favour to ask... Acutally no. This isn't a favour, it's a blessing that I am bestowing on you!! This story is actually hillarious. I can HONESTLY say: ''made my day''.
The blog is new, my bezzie Laurita created it and it reflects her crazy pesonality and her darling dog (really it's the devil, even though it's ears are SO SOFT!) Zuza, and it's amazinnggg, so go check out and enjoy yourselves.. You can thank me later!

Monday, 3 June 2013

Dun, Dun, Dun!

It's been six weeks since I've last blogged, and I will apologise for that and tell you that it was partially due to the fact that I was just lazy as f*ck and really uninspired, but also 'cos I had exams, WHAAAAHH, and before you say summin like ''welll, shut the hell up, they don't even count!'' actually b*tch, they do... predicted grades are based on them, so yeah. If I don't do well on these.. I'm fucked for Uni.. I mean I know I can get the grades I need to get in by next year, but for them to admit me in the first place I need to do well NOW. Okok, rand over, sorry for being so aggressive.
Edmure Tully and Rosalind Frey's Wedding
But I am currently also over flooded with emotion from watching the latest fricking episode of Game Of Thrones. It started so well and happy making, and it ended so badly and horribly gross ans sad and just gruesome!! UUURGGHHH! Whaaaah, poor Starks!! And ohmigod the IRONY with Bran and Rikkon and Jon all in the same place. I was like bursting from the seams.. ''DRAMATIC IRONY! DRAMATIC IRONY!'' 'cos yeah, English Literature SL. And then I was sooo touched that Jon refused to kill that guy, but Ygritte still stuck by him!! I love her, she's so awesome! I hope they end up together.
Robb and Talisa 
And then in the next moment there's the Hound and Arya and their SO close to reuniting her with Mummy Stark and big brother Robb and it's all YAY *clap clap* happy!!! yay! And Lord Edmure gets married and when his bride is really pretty and Lord Frey just makes that face I was laughing so much!  As if he was saying to Robb ''thats what you could have gotten... SHAME!'' But I was happy that everything was happy and that Robb would attack Casterlee Rock and WIN and then that little "#$%& Joffrey can die. But I guess I had hoped too soon! Because DUN, DUN, DUN: After the bedding ceremony everyone attacks the STARKS and Talisa (Robb's wife) gets stabbed in the belly (F*CK she's pregnant!!) and dies. NOOOOOO!! And then Robb is crying on the floor over her and fighting and everyone dies and then Catelynn is all awesome and threatens to kill Frey's wife to make him let her son go unharmed, but he wont leave his wife so Catelynn kills the woman and then also gets her throat slit, and Robb is killed AND ARYA IS RIGHT OUTSIDE. Fuck. No. I hate it!!
I was sitting there with my jaw dropped down and like thinking 'What. The. F*ck.' and 'What am I supposed to do with my life now!! There is no way that they're still gonna win that damn war without Robb. And Joffrey needs to die.
Right now my perfect outcome is: The Khaleesi on the Iron Throne, Sansa married to a guy she loves, Arya part of the Kahleesi's guard or something, Rikkon heir to Winterfell, Bran some see-er or something.. Oh yeah, and Jon and Ygritte can also be at Winterfell to help Rikkon, and Theon can be master of the Iron Islands.. Oh my god, I JUST realised that they are now actually Orphans, that's so sad! Nawwww!! I hope that about covers it...
Daario Naharis - ''My heart is yours Khaleesi''
One more thing. The Khaleesi with Ser Jorah (who obviously loves her) or with Daario Naharis (the Second Sons guy, who is so prettty :D).. I feel sorry for Ser Jorah but I'll have to say Daario, just out of personal preference.. Seriously, have you seen him? He is such a wild cat.. like a Jaguar or a mountain Lion or something.. Well, I like him.
OK, enough rant. I just watched that latest episode just now, and I couldn't hold it in. This was the first time that I NEEDED to write in ages, sorry that it's been taking so long for me to find back here! I hope I find more inspiration next week! Bye byeeee!

Revision Tunes:
Get Lucky - Daft Punk (Daughter Cover)
Clown - Emeli Sandé
Clouds - Zach Sobiech (This guy is incredible. He has cancer and went into songwriting in his last months as a way to say goodbye to his family and friends. It is really heart wrenching and you should really watch the documentary about his last weeks HERE.)
Sandcastles - Zach Sobiech