Monday, 30 July 2012

Let The 116th Olympic Games Begin!!

The Olympic Rings rained down gold!
I hope you caught the Hunger Games reference there! So, the London Olympics are finally here and I'm watching as much as I possibly can online! Well, except for the opening ceremonies I saw those on a real life TV 'cos they were amazing! I was pretty impressed in Beijing 4 years ago but these were SO much cooler! I guess it's 'cos the world is generally more aware of Britain in comparison to China and people know more of the British pop-culture, so more people can enjoy appearences by Mr Bean, Mary Poppins and J. K. Rowling.
Since then the events have started and there are so many of them they run about TWENTY of them simultaneously, ohmifreakinggod! I am primarily watiching, and very much enjoying, the swimming, artistic gymnastics and equestrian, and have been fairly surprised on occasion. It started with Michael Phelps losing out on ANY medal in the 400-meter medley and THEN only getting second after FRANCE in the relay! What's UP with him!??? (But I must say he swam a good race in that one, wasn't his fault they lost!)
Fifteen year old Ruta after her gold medal win.
Then it continued with young swimmers, and I mean REALLY young, as in 15, 16, 17 years old young, winning gold medals in the pool! Including Ruta Meilutyte (Lithuania) and Missy Franklin (USA). WOW! I have a few questions A) Are you sure there aren't some new doping stimulants in Justin Bieber songs? Would explain why they only thake their headphones off the second before they step onto the block.. B) Why do these young ateletes not turn into zombies? Regular 5AM's for swim practice + school work + more swim training + eating healthily and sleeping enough does not seem to leave any time for any kind of fun. These teens don't seem to have normal friends or hobbies outside of swimming. How do they survive!?
Tom Daley, cute isn't he?? ;)
Tom Daley also ruined his chance for a medal in syncronized diving with one bad dive.. NO! I liked him! :'( But thankfully he can still compete for gold in the individual competition. He was also only fourteen at his first Olympics.... He won gold.. TWICE... What else d'you expect!?
No gold medals for the Brits yet, but just now they got a bronze for the men's team artistic gymnatics! YAY! And it was so sweet to see how happy they were for it! It's the first olympic medal in that disciplin in a hundred years after all! And finally, watching the horsie's crosscountry was also fun! I particularily enjoyed this event because both BR and GER are very stong teams wich are contesting for medals. I am cheering for both, WELL, Germany a bit more probably since I've actually grown up there, but I hope both teams win a medal! :D
I am paciently waiting for my next bunch of books to arrive soon as possible! I want to get reading: The paperback version of PLL! Well, I've already read the first but the events are pretty much the same as in the series,.. except for in a lot more detail. And about all the characters appearances are different. Which is completely fine by me, but I still preffer TV Aria, Spence, Em and Hannah!
Silvered and defenceless Jess
On True Blood tonight the vamps have sobered up but they still believe in what they saw while being ''f*cking high as a kite'' in the words of Eric Northman. Nora is starting to really annoy me, because shebrought Eric to tears on the subject of their maker, Godrick. Ungrateful, treacherous piece of vamp undeserving of sharing Erics blood thats what she is. Alcide was bumped then dumped by Rikki, really pretty were who is not to be trusted, before and after steping down from the pack master contest. Luna is shifing into humans again and this time into Sam, leading him to have an incredibly weird romantic scene with himself. Sookie has another big bad vamp after her blood called Worlow...... Must be Thursday! Is it an alias for another vamp on the show??? And Jess was tricked and trapped by the hate group as a present for Hoyt. Who was supposed to shoot her in the head. But c'mon it's Hoyt; he doesn't manage to do it and ends up helping her escape, or trying to, as when he encounters a friendly face comes face to face with a gun barrel himself. Ooops :/ And after Lafayette escaped from Jesus' crazy-as-sh*t uncle, he managed to contact the spirit of the woman that Terry killed.. She said she'd only stop the ifrit-fire-monter-thingy if either Patrick or Terry die. Sh*t. Terry dying would kill me 'cos he's just so lovable and Terry killing Patrick would surely rob him of what little of his mental health is still intact.
Again an early Tuesday moring post... well in the states it's still yesterday so I'm getting away with it. But I really shouldn't make it into a habit. :/
Going to bed now so tht I can watch the Olympis tomorrow morning. Night. XX.

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Thursday, 26 July 2012

It's 2:17 O'Clock In The Morning...

Sorryy for not posting again, but you know how it is, you get lazy in summer :) A) I didn't know what to post B) I just didn't feel like making enough of an effort and always ended up procrastinating. It says a lot of things about my self-discipline... Unfortunately.
In preparation for the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises I watched the two previous films in the series. And I must say I didn't mind it, I meaaan we all know that I love superhero films etc. Also Christian Bale aka. Batman's voice is SO nice. I mean I never realy noticed people's voices before this. I just suddenly thought ''Ohmigod, his voice is so comfortable!'', like, I just wanna record it and listen to it as my bedtime story every night, I bet I cud sleep so well. Who wudn't when they have Batman watching over them? :P
About the films; they are actually really well done. I thought that the first one was pulled out a little and the villan wasn't too evil, just crazy some how, but that was OK because batman was still getting used to his role at that time and so was the viewer. I don't think this often, but I think the second film was the best. You know normally the first is good, the second disasterous and the third OK, but in this case that wasn't true. Yay! The Dark Knight had the most incredible-slash-horrible-slash-evil villan - the Joker. I was SO impressed with Heath Ledgers performance as the crazy psychopath sadist killer. I mean this guy really scared me. I spent a very good portion of the film with my hands and teeth clasped together so that I wouldn't be able to hurt myself. (I do that when I suspect that I might get frightened during a film. It's a good method as long as you don't cramp a muscle when the fright actualy comes.) I alse read afterwards that many people thng the Joker was what killed Ledger, and I can understand that that might be true for a mentally fragile person, but he couldn't have been that fragile when he played the character because he wouldn't have been allowed to play that character if his psyche was really that damaged.
Onto the last part: The Dark Knight Rises. I was a bit dissapointed in Bane. Not evil enough after getting spoilt by Ledger, but still a good job! The twist at the end was completely unexpected and all, but I ddin't really get the point. I was confused about the story with the child from the beginnig because I had heard it was a girl, but Batman still insisted on thinking it was Bane, throughout the story and clearing that up was all that this twist was really good for. She wasn't a super-villan or anything so I was thinking ''What's the point?''. I am really happy that Gordon survived the whole affair because he kindof is the one that takes all the hits and gets shot/servely injured most often. Selina Kyle (played by Anne Hathaway) was very well done, except for the fact that she wasn't enough cat-like I liked her. Her partiality to weapons was a fun balance for Batman, and portrays their slight moral differences perfectly. Her morals are ver close to her own heart, she could be described as selfish but I think there just aren't many people she CAN care about. And it was also clear that Batman couldn't fall for an ordinary girl, who can know nothing about his noctual activities. The whole thing was only not the perfect romance because it was very rushed and not ''explained'' enough to the viewer. But I guess there wasn't much time for romance in that film.. And The end was lovely, because the city got a new Batman, Bruce Wayne finally could live a happy life and Alfred (whom I love) can see him being happy!
I also watched Magic Mike as I said I would at first opportunity. I mean I can't keep shirtless Alex (Adam) and Channing (Mike) waiting long can I? They'd get cold! I enjoyed the first half of the film a lot and the second half a bit less. but over all it was a good film and it got some out loud laughs from me which Batman didn't. The cast for this film is incredible, the story lacked something I can't explain though. My favourite bits where Alex' intorduction into the whole scene because he seemed so helpless and innocent in a way. He just had no clue about the world and what to do with himself.  Also his ''dance lessons''. I mean I was just imagining the filming of that: How hard must it be to keep a straight face when Matthew McConaughey is thrusting you from behind. My respect Alex. The other thing I thoroughly enjoyed was seeing Channing's character dealing with  himself inexplicably liking Adam's sister. Those scenes were hilarious because, seeing Mike timidly trying somekind of halfway-flirt and then immediately abandoning it, made the situation ao awkward but funny, as it is something the viewers can empathsize with.
The latest True Blood episode was the weakest this season, because A) I can't remember much of it and B) it just wasn't really grasping and interest sucking as usually. The expectations and stakes are always set high for TB so it's easier to be disappointed, even though that doesn't generally happen much. My highlights of the episode where some incridible swearing on Eric's part and him giving Bill a piggy-back in their ''drunken-haze''. And, obviously, Godrick coming back. I love him. He is the best vampire there is in the series and it is a great shame he met the true death as his and Eric's relationship is as beautiful as Eric and Pam's.
What TB lacked in was made up for in Pretty Little Liars this week though. Mona-Hanna-Aria action was brilliant. I hate and love Wilden accusing Hanna of being Ali's killer. It's a genius stroke from the writers, but obviously makes more trouble for the girls. Next, Emily: What is going on with Nate!? Seriously is she going back to liking boys!? And that creepy Ali-be-alike, Cece, who's she? And why didn't Jason elaborate on her!? Cece seems way to egocentric Ali-like to become freinds with the girls. I really don't wan't her to because I don't trust her one bit. Aria and Ezra: I am really happy that the longest and most unlikely couple are still together, but may they be just breaking up? Ezra's got a mightly heap of cash in his sock drawer that promises a lot more problems to come.
I don't have a lot to say about The Glee Project, but I still want to add that I love Blake. I love Blake so much. He is A) So cute when he is normal/happy/nervous/and just about anything else B) he is a super talented singer/actor. I reallly want him to win the whole thing, partially because I would love to see him on glee for a longer amount of time and also because he really deserves to win, as do the rest of the contestants unfortunately. His only drawback is that he hasn't any flaws. Which will make it a lot harder for Ryan Murphy to write a character for him which is interesting enough to stay on the show. Mwaaawww, I would  watch him just because of his looks but I guess e.g. Aylin's muslim backstory would make a way more intersting character, even though by now she has become 70% annoying and I don't really support her anymore. Oh and Nellie, was kicked of... I knew it was coming so it wasn't so bad, but waaahhhh no more 'Bellie'!! I BET that there was actually something going on between them.
What did I do before I chained myself to my blogger in order to get this done?? I was chatching up with Geordie Shore. I fricking love the show! I was actually writing most of this blog-essay-thingy with a geordie accent modeled on Charlotte's in my head. I am loving the series, the people are just so funny. Especially Charlotte. And Garry. He kinda loves her, but he's kinda too much of a prick to admit it. EVERYone is saying that they'll end up marrying eachother, and I sure hope they do too! Also, a mega-surprise was that Vicky and Riccy were starting to actually get along with Joel... WOW! Man, something has deffs changed, I just hope it'll stay like that for Sophie's sake. While watching I always have a mint time and I love watching Gaz and Char in a sort of pulling competition, just 'cos I know they'll end up togethe in the end anyways. 
Mwaw, allredy 02:17AM over here so I am NOT gonna say much about SYTYCD this time. I haven't seen this weeks ep yet anyways. Just one thing... Alexa and Daniel went home and I surprised myself by being fine with it! I was a really strong Alexa supporter but for some reason, since I was already expecting them to leave I didn't get terribly upset about it. I had originally planned to watch the new ep after finishing this thingy but since it is already so late/early and I've still got time to do it tomorrow, I will do it then. Plus, I just did a reeeally latenighter/earlymorninger last night, 'cos I was finishing my book. Seriously, it was already getting light outside when I finally went to sleep. Let's not let that happen again, so, niiiight! XX

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Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Losing Stuff And Growing Up

I recently started to feel like a full on retard after losing my phone, purse and PASSPORT all in ONE day and I can't find any of them. And I'm  needing to go home soon. As in 2 days soon. Well I've got my new pictures for my temporary passport and they are horrible. I look like I'm about 19, which is scary. I DON'T WANNA GROW UP! I am really unwilling to give up my lack of responsibility and ignorance towards tax etc. Also, normally I always look YOUNGER not older, I was annoyed at that until very recently but I just realised today I WAY preffer being younger.
I loved the recent True Blood ep, especially the Eric-Alcide glamouring scene! So funny. Aside from the fact that Eric prooves that he still has some very weird feelings (for an ancient vamp) towards Sookie, I found it hilarious the way Alcide was helpless and agreeing with whatever Eric said. It's so typical for Eric to do a task but change it into something he also profits from. And it shows how the ancient vampire really still hasn't completely grown up, he is not beyond dirty tricks and is NOT willing to share is ''toys'' with other kids.- (Appareantly he doesn't see Bill as a threat anymore... Is it because of their new bromance or because he really thinks he has no chance with Sook. I desperately hope for number two because I really don't like Sookeeh-Bill. He was always sweet with her etc., but SO annoying with the way he was like a dog. I realised That I don't like guys who are like dogs. all tail-waggely and ''PLEAAAASE STROKE ME;  LOVE YOU!''-y. That's why I preffer Eric if I had to chose one of the vamps, he's like a cat. (I nicknamed my cat Eric :D) Most of the time his ''fur'' is silky and smooth and his behaviour is supple and perfectly balanced, only somtimes and for special people he purrs and sometimes he whips out his deadly fangs when he doesn't get his way. Mwaw, (or should I say Meow?) what a cute metaphor for Eric. :) 
Oh, and I said I don't like dogs.... Wellll, I haven't said anything about wolves, HAVE I??! NOPE... Didn't think so! I love wolves they're ''f*cking majestic'' in the words of Jenna Marbles :D Also shifters are just awsome. Were's can be VERY weird and they're often really irascible and they have the STRANGEST traditions but when they decide not to be crazy sometimes they turn out to be OK or even cool people... Like Alcide, who finally accepted the role as packmaster YAYY (will we meet Quinn at the contest? No please not yet!! I like Sook-Alcide and Sookie-Quinn and I want both to happen!!) and Rikki, who may be a powerhungry b*tch whom I do NOT trust but she proved to be really smart and also pretty so momentarily I think she's cool. And one more thing about a wolf whom I thought was crazy-as-f*ck, I know that Emma's granny is playing at something but I can't help kinda liking her anyways, she seems like a good person to have to protect your daughter and I deffinightly wouldn't like crossing her. Even if she is bat-sh*t-crazy.
Not gonna say much more except for: SYTYCD, Ohmigod, I love Cole and Lindsay! They did a grogeous Passo Doble, which was dark and sharp and vicious and absolutely perfect. And I still think he is one good looking asian guy!! Chehon didn't do so well which worries me, cos I think he is a beautiful dancer and Alexa was paired with Daniel the aussie. and I love her and I hate him. No offence I think he's a geat dancer but he's just not a goof enouth partner for alexa. A) hes kindof old and slimey looking and B) urghhhh he just has a weird feeling about him. I want him to go soooooon!!
Now I'm rlly tired cos I've been doing tuff all day so I'm going to bedddd! Night, XX

This is the amazing Passo Doble I was talking about! Check it out!!

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Monday, 9 July 2012

The Fascinating Case Of The Hazelnut Spy Vampire

My newfound love for hazelnut ice cream is deffinightly starting to go in the wrong direction. Direction Obsession. This always happens to me when I first start loving something... Remember what happened with Bill and Adam and Alex Pettyfer (wellll, I'm still not over him and the fact that I HAVEN'T watched  Magic Mike yet)?? Well yeah, summer is a time of frequent ice cream eating and I find myself looking for hazelnut flavour first thing when I order.... I don't think I ever liked any flavour quite as much as hazenut though... Not even after-eight...
My books have finally arrived at home and I think I'm starting to restart trusting amazon... Thing is, I've now already read two of the three books that I have been waiting for online.... AND the follow up book.. Ooopsy Daisy!! This might mean that I really liked the books though.. Which might also be the explanation for the deep, dark rings around my eyes which come from severe lack of sleep. The books I've been talking about are the Gallagher Girls books by Ally Carter. I know the theme and topic is quite immature and might be more appropriate for a tween than a fully proper teen but every girl needs a good piece of a hoplessly romantic and impossible but awsome story to keep her going sometimes. Sometimes Chicklit and flicks are just the best thing in the world... With me this is quite constantly....
The books are about a spy-in-training called Cammie 'The Chameleon' and she is a pavement artist who always gets herself into trouble with her best friends. And boys. There's always a boy which makes everything more scrambled up and confusing. First Josh who is actually a completely normal, but cute, guy whom she starts secretly and covertly dating, but the whole thing doesn't work out well because he finds out that she was lying about most things and what being a Gallagher Girl really means. Then there is Zach - whom I love - his badass spy skills, dark hair and gorgeous body are the things that Cammie finds obviously attractive, and I think he likes her a lot too. This is shown by the way he always turns up in the end when things are getting serious. And he kissed her once...Well yeah...
The spy part of the book is also pretty cool, Carter did a really good job because secretly every girl wants to be a BAMF like the ones in the book, because Cam and Bex and Macey and Liz are just so incredibly cool for their flipping skills and incrdible brains!! The spy life is quite realisticly represented which makes it possible for the reader to still hope that it might be real on some level. Wishful thinking etc.. :)
I'm really tired so I'm not going to talk about True Blood for very long. I loved this week:
- Tara and Jess getting together and hanging out, a needs a friend her own age, I think it must have been hard for Jess to stay away so long anyways.
- Sookie's quote: ''A big old vampire is coming after me.... MUST BE THURSDAY!''
- Sook puking un Alcide's shoes when they were narly having sex and Eric's consecutive observation that Alcide ''really know[s] how to treat a lady''.

Yeah, those were the best bits. I must say though, I'm actually quite happy that Alcide and Sook didn't get to actually do it, 'cos I always wanted them to be together, not just hook up... And if they'd slept together it'd have been weird between them for the rest of the season. This way they found out that they liked kissing eachother (hopefully!?) and they mught (hopefully!?) get together for real... FINALLY!????? We can hope.
And just one thing. I still thing Russell is deeply creepy/scary even in a hospital be with his bloody flesh exposed.
Tomorrow I've got to go to the dentist. Joy. Sooooo.... Wish me luck?? *battering lashes*
Nigggghttttt, XXX


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Must be Thursday!!

Monday, 2 July 2012

I Admit To More Crying Than I Should In This One, So Alons-Y!

I'm writing really quickly because I'll be going to Germany tomorrow! Yay and Nay at the same time. I'm happy to go because I'm going to do an art course with my aunt who is an amazing artist and then Imma see my family and my friends from my old school! But I also don't want to because I will be gone for two-and-a-half weeks and afterwards I will have less than two weeks with my darling Laura who, sadly, is moving back to Britain. :'( It's rlly sad because I've always been shit at keeping contact with people regularly and I probs wont see her for ages, and I'm just thinking ''who the f**k will I party with now!?''. Seriously, I'm really socially awkward with strangers and stuff so I totally need her to be her amazing, self-confident (and a liiiittle bit condescending), posh accented self, who drags me to random people in order to make friends...
Well yeah. So I feel pretty annoyed about that. Especially as I was gonna go see Magic Mike in an open air cinema with her last night, and that totally didn't work out because I'd organised it badly. Mwaaawww! :( I REALLY wanted to see that film. C'mon. Alex Pettyfer, Channing Tatum and Joe Manganiello... Who would NOT want to see that?
Speaking of Joe, his True Blood character seemed to be hooking up with Sook last time I watched.. Ô.õ (that's supposed to be an eyebrow waggle..) I like this. I have said like a hundred times that Sookie and Alcide are destined to be together.... Being a little bit dramatic, but who cares.. A few thing though, she had just recently shot down his ex-girlfriend/fiancee/abjuree and I mean it literally... She KILLED her. Alcide was recorded saying that he still loved this girl and will forever, earlier that evening... AND there seemed to be unknown quantities of alcohol involved. This really doesn't seem like there's a healthy relationship developing. Shame. I really wanted them to properly get together.
In the last episode, something that I really appreciated were the maker-child relationships that were highlighted, due to the reunion of certain couples. First of all: Eric and Pam; he must love her like nothing else, except for maybe his own maker, Godrick, who heartbreakingly died. Eric decides that he must ''release'' her for her own safety. I loved this scene because It's the first time I have seen Pam so human and week and emotional since she became a vampire. She looked really vunerable, like a young mother who is now forced to grow up quickly in order to raise her own child. Pam also did seem to be warming up to Tara in this episode. Wellll, at least a bit.. Second couple is Bill and Jess because he was actually forced to create her by the old vampire authority and now he really does love her and she him too. I love Jessica because even though she's a bad ass vamp she's incredibly loyal to the ones she loves, including Sookie, for whom she covered by glamouring Andy into not being interested in the Pelt-case anymore. Sookie isn't that much older than her but she was Bills girlfriend when she was first made and I think that she kinda adopted her as a step-mom. Which is SO sweet. and also Bill told her he thought he'd ''done a good job with you'' which is also so sweet.
The last thing is, faeryland-slash-Hooligans? Well Jason went to a wild party at which he met his only cousin again! And the party is full of faeries. HAS to be Hooligans. At least I hope so, I mean we've seen Claude once but he didn't seem nearly enough arrogant and I wanna see him again. And I want Dermot. I love Dermot. Dermot is the SWEETEST guy in Bon Temps history and he just seems good through and through, like a kid almost, once no one thinks he's a crazed serial killer anymore.
The other thing I wanted to talk about was the British TV-show Doctor Who. I started watching it a while ago and watching all six seasons takes some time even when I've got nothing much else to do. Doctor Who is the kind of show I only watched because everyone said it's amazing and also because any series by the same guy who makes Sherlock must be amazing. And yes, I obviously did like it. One of the things that's become really clear to me though is that I WAY prefer the time travel episodes to the space travel ones. I just think that it ads another layer of interesting to everything and History IS one of my favourite subjects so I think it would be uber-cool if I could time travel. My favourite companion was Rose. Rose is A) nearly called 'RosA' B) made to be the accessible character more than any of the other companions and C) her relationship with the Doctor was just special. The other companions are not supposed to be an everyperson, Martha is the smart one, Donna is the funny one and Amy is the red-head. Jokes, Amy is the one who is cool and Scottish and independent in a way. Rose is the one who made me care the most. Rose is the one who made me cry when she left.
I think I cried about three or four times throughout all the series. Most of them with David Tennant. The Tenth Doctor is the one who I felt understood the role best. The Ninth is too serious and the Eleventh is way too self-obsessed in a way. Tennant was perfect because he had the perfect balance of recklessness, bravery/courage and sadness. He made the Doctor seem like an old man with a long life who has loved and lost so many times it seems hard to imagine that he could still be the funny mostly happy guy he is/pretends to be. And THIS is the reason I like Rose. She understands him and she's there for him and makes him keep going, and I think that is also why for once he allowed himself to love someone again. I wanted them to be together since Tennant first came because the Ninth Doctor just has a father-like role for her (replacing her dead dad in a way) and when he regenerated he was different. Way more lovable and way more human. This was one of the times I cried, when Tennant talks about not wanting to regenerate because I feels like it's a death in a way. Another time: when him and rose get ripped apart, I seriously wanted him to say ''I love you'' but I can understand that The Doctor probably had that looked away in a million boxes inside each other, so that he can't get hurt again. And then I cried so much when the human version of him asks Rose if she wants him to stay with her. At this point I thought, I really loved her till then. Past Donna and Martha (who liked him) and Donna again. He still liked Rose. And also he seemed really unsure and vulnerable in that scene, you don't see The Doctor go vulnerable for many people. Also I LOVED how that turned out, because even though you're not supposed to travel inter-dimensional without riping a gigantic hole into time and space, it does give Tennant an opportunity to return to the show, 'cos that Doctor can't regenerate. YAY!
One last thing, actually it's two, I love Captain Jack Harkness, oh so flirty and hilarious, REALLY makes me laugh and I REALLY hope there is going to be a Sherlock/Doctor Who cross over next season because it would be brilliant to see those two geniuses working together.

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