Monday, 28 November 2011

I Love Cole St Clair

Ok this pot will not be a film review, as I have not watched any very interesting films in the past week. Oh wait... Thats not true, I watched the new version of Footlose, wasn't my favourite, I'd already seen theoriginal movie and it wasnt any different... And except for some cool dancing and the ridiculous idea of banning dance I didn't find it very interesting. Also, the main character is ugly. The dance movie I am really looking forward to is Step Up 4ever, I love AAALLL the Step Up films, especially Step Up 2!! And in the cast is tWich, who is AMAZING. I 'know' him from So You Think You Can Dance.
What I really wanted to talk about is Forever, a book by Maggie Stiefvater, and the 3rd in the Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy. I finished reading it a week ago already, but I don't think I reviewed it. Shiver, the first of the series, introduces us to the world of Grace, who falls in love with a boy, Sam, who is a werewolf during the cold months. So she tries to keep him human as long as possible, also after inicially being bitten a wolf stops shifting after some years, and she is worries that she will never see Sam again...  So they she tries to find a cure, and he nearly dies, but thankfully turns out temporarily healed. Then Grace, who was once bitten but never turned into a wolf, becomes sick. They find out that it is the 'wolf inside her' that can't come out. So after they bite her again, she does finally become a wolf. And now it is Sam who is healed and Grace who is wolf.
In Forever there is also a new main character, Cole. He is also a wolf, and he is a kinda famous singer and a genius. But through drugs and family problems and fame he reegularly tries to kill himself. And through being a wolf he can accept himself better and he has a more balanced personallity.. And a problem arises, as no one knows that the wolves of Mercy Falls are actually people, and they want to shoot them all, becaue they are scared of the wolves, so Sam and Grace and Cole need to move them to a different territory. And Cole makes up this really good plan and then he risks his life to save all the others!!! And he makes lots of experiments to find a better, and less dangerous cure.... His personallity is a bit cocky and he is appareanly a lot like grown up toddler (messy, stubborn, hurt really easily) but also very handsome, and he really is a genius. And... I just love him! And did I mention that he nearly dies? And he has an amazingly funny sense of humor!... Hmmmmm!
Appareantly there is going to be a film (YAYY), no cast yet, but a handfull of producers and screenwriters...  And sooooo, I will soon (in 1 or 2 years I mean) review Shiver (the film)... and theeen I need to hope that it's going to be successful. AND THEN, they might make a film with Cole St Clair in it!!! At the moment I think suitable actors for him would be Tom Felton (<3) orrrr maybe Alex Pettyfer (I DO have a slight obsession with him! So hot he would be perfect for almost any character), I think either of these would be good, but I still preffer Alex. Who wouldn't?

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Monday, 21 November 2011

Breaking Spines

Anorexia, breaking spines, cutting up people with scalpels and stabbing people in the heart with GIANT needles. This is Breaking Dawn. I saw the movie on Saturday, the day after it premiered. I was really surprides that FOR ONCE the film came out at the same time in Portugal as everywhere else in the world. In my last post I said I was only going to watch this movie out of feeling obliged now that I had already seen the other 3. Turned out I'm really happy I went! It is the absolute best film of the series yet. They finally did something right; I mean they did have some stupid lines eg.

''I played around with our mother's names Renée and Esme'' 
''So, what is it?'' 

But otherwise, thumbs up! I would have loved to have seen a little more Rosalie-Jacob action, like in the book where she brings him his food in a dog bole etc. I thought that was so funny. I thought it was really good the way Rosalie was portrayed especially in the end of the film where she seems ok with the fact that Bella might die, as long as she get's ''her'' baby. And I was really surprised about how absolutely georgeous the new born Renesmee is. Oh and also the flash we got from her future, I thik they chose the actress really well! She is beautiful. The way Bella looked when she was ill/pregnant was also really good, I would have never imagined it to be so real. I was surprised by Jasper because he was so friendly an sociable all of a sudden.... And also: I LOVE SETH!!!
And then the birth scene. I guess it was really well done, but the thing I can remember best about the whole scene was that from when her spine broke on I felt really, really sick. I was SO scared of throwing up in the cinema. Seriously, I had to close my eyes and keep sipping on my ice cold drink in order to restore myself. I guess you could say I have a weak stomach, which is the reason for me not watch horror films. I really don't get why people like them, action films give you the same abount of adrenaline but they are never so terrifying that you get nightmares. (I didn't actually get nightmares!) So all in all I guess its the best film of the series, but also the most gross film I have watched in my life. Nonetheless, I loved it.
Oh yeah, I forgot to say that my friend Laura, who was with me, is now constantly making fun of me. I just DON'T like ''broken'' humans. I did this test in school, to find out what I should do as a job later on etc. It suggested sugery doctor. I guess thats not happening anymore. :)
My dear friend also makes fun of me because I still like that one boy, (it's been reaally long :/) I have become much better at behaving normally around him and we're friends and all, but I still go red sometimes. And today, in Art, Laura steals my iPod (Yay, I'm actually using it now!!), plays Crush On You by Nero and tells him that he should listen to this song bacause it was a message from me. NOOOOOO!!! My life is officially over. Out of embarrasment. I talked the earth into swallowing me up whole.
This and another event, in the same lesson, involving me swearing at my iPod and the teacher listening, are now overshadowing the rest of the day. A Chem test and a PE lesson...
These will be the last words you will hear from me. Goodbye people-who-don't-actually-read-this.

And as a tribute to the most embarrassing day in HISTORY:
(But also cuz I do actually like the song)
Song of the Day: Crush On You by Nero

Monday, 14 November 2011

Not 25 Yet!

Time is money.... Literally! In the new movie In Time the rich are immortal and the poor die young. The movie stars Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried and Alex Pettyfer (YAY), and a few other people, none of whom are important enough for me to know. Alex plays a badguy, and I must say it actually suits him quite well! Even if I am supposed to hate him, I can't, because who can hate someone with a gorgeous face like his? The concept is that every person gets to live till age of 25 and then stops ageing, but they only get one more year to live and their 'clock' (see picture) gets activated. In order to live longer you need to work, and instead of money you get more time, depending on how good your job is. You can capsule time and put it in a bank but none of the poor people can do that because they have so little time anyway! And you can be robed of your time. That is what Will Salas (J. Timberlake) does, he prevents a rich guy from being robbed, the latter tells him about the bad points about being able to live forever, and he ends up giving will all of his time, he 'times himself out'. The Police think he got the time illigaly and chase him down, In the end he ends up kidnapping Sylvia (Amanda), a rich guys daughter, in order not to get shot by bounty hunters. In the end the two end up falling in love and they lose their time to ALEX, and then they decide to rob her father and give all his time to the poor people, because her father has several millions worth of years.
I really liked this film, I think the concept is horrible and I hope that nothing like that ever actually happens. I think it's really scary. Because at the moment being poor doesn't mean being dead, it doesn't even mean that you're nessesarily unhappy all the time. And If you are one of the few rich people, living forever must get boring at some point! I mean at one stage you've tried out everything there is to life and then you should be able to die, in my oppinion!
Thats all for now, I already made a date to see Breaking Dawn next weekend, and I'm really interested in how that's gonna turn out, because till now I really haven't loved any of the movies very much and the trailers don't look too great! I love the books tho, so I think there is hope that they're gonna get it right this time.
Bye, XX

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Fast and Furious: My Week

First week back at school and I wish holidays would come back! I'm so tired and cold. It's raining. A lot. I just wanna curl up somewhere warm and not care about what I have to do when.  It's not just school, but sooo much has been going on I have not been able to catch up on any of the series I normally watch... Gossip Girl, 90210, Gleeee, Strictly Come Dancing, ANTM.... Yes I know it's a lot, but it's only temporary :D..
My Aunt and Uncle and their 7 sons (Can you believe it? Not one girl!) live in Portugal too. They live in an amazing Quinta and they had their annual ''Festival de Nossa Terra'' which is basicly a harvest and wine festival... They porduce wine, organise weddings and have about 4 guest houses for tourists, I don't know how thy do all of it! It was a lot of fun, I had to run a waffle stand with my mom, and we sold quite well! then there were a few amazing bands and dance groups, and lots of food and wine! I danced with one of the dancers because they took random people out of the audience... I don't think I embarrassed myself! 
I promised I would review What's Your Number?. I loved it! so much fun, it was exactly the kind of film I absolutely LOVE! And I have to say, I love Chris Evans. I do, I really do! He 'made' me watch Captain America, which was also good but, were not talking about that now. I thought the concept was brilliant, and Anna Farris was also very funny. The film is about a girl who reads that a gwoman who has slept with more than 20 guys in her life will not find a husband, so she says she won't sleep with another guy until she knows he is the one. She makes a deal with her neighbour, Chris, to help him 'escape' his exgirlfriends if he helps her find her exboyfriends. In the end she almost marries a guy, before she realises that she actually loves Chris. And they lived happily ever after... YAY!
AND HERE COMES: I watched the entire Fast and the Furious films! They are truly amazing! LOVE THEM, they were the perfect balance to the chick flick :) I alway was kind of repulsed by Vin Diesel, but now I think Dom Terretto is like the coolest guy on earth.. next to Brian O'Connor. I especially loved the last one, Fast Five, because it was kind of like a summary to all th other films and it was amazing, and it was also the first of the films I saw. Ludacris and the Asian guy were my second favourite! I thought it all was the perfect balance between comedy and action. And there's another one coming out! Whoop Whoop!
I pre-ordered Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore, which is coming out May 2012! YESSSSS! I'm so excited! She said on her blog that ''Bitterblue is longer and more complicated than the other books I've written''.... Yay, I absolutely love her books and if she said that it is longer than the others thats deffinightly a positive! 
There has been a huge new news item to do with both surfing and Portual (which is a very nice combination). Yesterday, an American big wave surfer, Garett McNamara surfed a ~30 meter wave in Nazaré - which isn't very far from Lisbon!  AMAZING! That's the video, go SEE IT!
Bonfire night is going to be in school this weekend, and I am co-organising the Haunted House for the little kids, so I'm now going to go and do some more organising whilst you can a) keep reading my blog (which is very unlikely) or b) go and do something more fun than that! BYE!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

What the Hell Man?

I finished the HG's. Nooooooooo! I mean, I loved the books and the ending, except for the part where the kill of Prim!! I blaming it completely on Gale! I REALLY don't like how he turns out in the end! He becomes really frustrating.... I guess it's justifiable if you say, he becomes that way because he can feel that Katniss is slipping more and more in direction Peeta. I always wanted her to finally realise that she was in love with him because she was from a really early point in the books. SO, I get Gale being all frustrated, but when he engages in making new war weapons, it's like, ''what the hell man? When did you become a mass murderer?''... I'm still really disappointed in him! I think Peeta deserves her, but if Gale really loved her he shoulda have tried a little harder... 'Cause she does always say, how much she need him by her side and so on...
Now I am trying to order Forever by Maggie Stiefvater which is the third book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy any I hope I'm going to like it as much as I did the first two.... I loved the 1st one, because it had a relatively happy ending and the second one I liked and disliked, because I don't like at all what happens to Grace. I want her to stay alive and whole and human! Yes, thats me, always looking for ''happily ever afters''... That's why I like action and romantic comedies best, in the spectrum of movie genres... Acutally I think they're pretty similar, just a little more fighting and stuff, but they allways end well! YAYY!!
My most recent cinema aquaintance is Abduction, which I absolutely loved. NOT because of Taylor Lauter, who reminds me SOOOO MUCH of some one I know,... I'm really surprised I never noticed the resemblance between the two ;) If you ask any of my friends who go to the cinema with me, they will tell you how hard I find it to surpress my emotions while watching a film, I always have to comment on something and I laugh when the whole of the cinema is deadly quiet.... My friends ''love'' me for it, it's SOO embarrassing OMG :P

Wellll this time around I got a huge fright at some point, and my leg started cramping really badly!! And everyone was really fixated on the screen and I was just trying to figure out how to get rid of the horrible pain in my fricking right leg, in the end I had to stan up, in the midle of the cinema and everyone was really annoyed at me... nothing new that.... OK, soo Abduction is amazing and I especially loved the ''popcorn'' you know what I mean :P
Nothing else to talk about, just, OH YEAH: I'VE GOT HOLIDAYS!! WHOOP!!
So maybe I will have some time now between watching a LOT of Strictly Come Dancing! Maybe I will make the next post about another new movie I just watched What's Your Number? so funny, and, of course a romantic comedy! YAY!