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Potential Graceling Movie Cast :)

SO, sometime ago I read on my favourite author, Kristin Cashore's blog that the film rights for the Graceling realm books have been bought. Graceling is my favourite book ever so you can imagine me leaping up and doing a little dance along the lines of:

Fangirling SO MUCH! Seriously I was SO happy! I even made my mom read that book, OK? It's absolutely incredilicious! DO READ if you haven't yet!! SO yah, the film rights were bought by Reliance Entertainment (Lincoln, Bodyguard, Cowboys VS Aliens) and so I hope that this endeavour won't take too long to happen!!!
But I guess that's not going to happen, it's at least going to be a few years, so in the meantime I can speculate along with the rest of the fandom!
Well, well, well, I really only wanted to write this post to discuss possible castings for my favourite characters! Yays! Let us start with the hardest of them all; the one and only Lady Katsa of the Middluns: So I was thinking really hard on this and I have come to the conclusion that she has to be small and lithe, but strong, as well as pretty (eventhough she doesn't know it), and most importantly incredibly fierce. So the actresses I was concidering for her role were Isabelle Fuhrman, Emilia Clarke and I also really like Alexandra Daddario, but she doesn't look quite elvish enough. I wouldn't mind an unknown actress to get a chance either, but it's just so much easier to find pictures this way. I know that all these actresses are iconicly linked to their roles as Khaleesi Daenerys, Annabeth and Clove but I just think that they all have the fighter qualities that make Katsa so special.

Next on our list we have Prince Greening Grandemalion / Po, he is another graced character, skilled with a kind of self conscience that makes him a great fighter, as well as a mind reader as long as the thoughts concern himself. He is lighthearted, charming, adventure seeking, unjudging and kind, and he later on becomes Katsa's other half. He is described to be tan and wearing loads of jewelry and due to other Lienid descriptions I think he must be dark haired. Not. I don't imagine him dark haired. No. To me he is to sunny of a person to have dark hair, I will have none of that Ian Somerhalder whispering (he can play Christian Grey if he wants to!). So for prince Po I was thinking along the lines of Drew van Acker. Maybe even - I hate to say it - Chace Crawford if you excuse his dreadful acting... Or Chris Zylka if he's up to a part where he actually get's to smile!! I'd say out of these six, it would be Chace with Alexandra, Chris with Isabelle and Drew with Emilia, these pictures I edited to give you a better idea of them, but now I won't anymore because the next characters aren't AS important. So, here you go, my three sunny boys from Lienied:

Now lets see for Katsa's friends.. I think that Max Irons would make an amazing Prince Raffin, Katsa's cousin and best friend, because I just love him. He's so cute and I want to see him play a more lighthearted role, with the blue hair and all :DD He is also a very clever, kind and peaceful guy, also he's gay but yeah, what actor doesn't like a challenge... For Giddeon, I do have to say why not Ian Somerhalder, after I so rudely banned him from being Po, I think he'd be a perfect Giddeon, charming, good looking, rich.. Likes Katsa but can never have her, tragic but ultimately funny. And now Bitterblue the little Monsean Princess, I have to admit I couldn't quite decide, because in the book she is said to be nine years old, but anyone I could think of was a lot older than that.. My top two choices are Elle Fanning, for her sweet and innocent look, and Georgie Henley.  Honestly I prefer Georgie, but I think she might look a bit too cheeky, but this is my blog so it will be Georgie! She might be a bit old for the part of young Bitterblue, but I doubt they will want to wait nine years to shoot part three, if they do decide to do the entire series, and I think she would be juuust perfect for Queen Bitterblue.

OK, now the rest of these aren't in the actual book Graceling but I have found some pretty perfect matches for other characters in my opinion. First of all, I'd like to say that I also really like Georgie Henley as Bitterblue because she can play the older Bitterblue as well, Queen Bitterblue. Her Boyfriend Saff is pretty perfectly described by Alex Pettyfer (I just want him in every film because he's so pretty!! Haha, get the pun?) Yeah, but imagine Alex with a lot of Jewelry on and a cheeky smile... Perfect.
Then we move to Fire also an amazing book about a very strong woman I find it SO hard to find any actress who could possibly play this Lady Monster. Fire is an incredibly self loathing, self conscious  beauty who is incredibly strong and beautiful at the same time, sound familiar? OK, for her I considered Saoirse Ronan because, imagine her with a whole mass of flaming red hair around her. Also, because she is pretty, but she's not conventionally beautiful, and I think that way it's easier to show that her beauty isn't like any other, it's magical. But then I went back to my dear Game of Thrones actors and decided, Rose Leslie would be even more perfect. Not just because she shares my name...
Cansrell only has a small role in the story, but wouldn't it be amazing if he was Johnny Depp? Yes, I know right? It's PERFECT. Also, Johnny with blue and silver hair would look awsommeeee!

OK, I think that's quite enough for now. I'm happy with that mini-cast I made the only one I haven't managed to pin down to anyone, who I feel is missing, is Brigan. Ohhh, and also Archer.. (but you know Viserys from GoT? I think he'd make a great Archer, I can't remember his name though!)
Well, I'd like you to leave me some idea's in the comments down below, if you too, are a MASSIVE fan of the series and have some ideas of who's be good, please no fighting though!

Here's the LINK to a thread talking about exactly THIS, from which I also took some of my inspiration! I love hearing what other people think!!!

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This girl is incredibly talented. Her name is Natscha Adams and she goes to my school and she really deserves to win this. I know everybody says this who wants to win this but, just listen to her song and see is it doesn't touch your heart!

Super talented 18 year old Natascha Adams!

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