Monday, 19 December 2011

Jingle Bell Rock

Ho, ho, ho from Germanyyy!
Yes, I am writing this post form Germany, where I will be spending my holidays with my lovely family :) At the moment it is just my grandma, my aunt and uncle and 8 of my cousines (of which 7 are male, and from the same  aunt :P), and my mom. Family Christmases are always a big deal, and they are always really nice but also extremely exhausting.
The only bad thing, I think I already mentioned this on a previous post, I have fricking exams the frist fricking day I get back to school! Soooooo, I need to study in Germany. For this purpose I carried my ~10kg heavy schoolbag around various airports and train stations.... And now even though it IS the first day here I deffinightly SOULDN'T be blogging instead of doing actual work :S buttt it's so much more funnn, as you may have guessed I am very good at procrastination, which is not one of my best traits.
My journey was good except for the part where I had to wake up at 4:30 am IN THE MORNING! Oh but the rest was good, I relatively like flying and after I had to take a 2hr train for which I ddn't pay because no one asked for my ticket (my mom was there too, so it wasn't my fault :P).
 The Strictly Come Dancing Season ended! Guess who won? HARRY JUDD OF COURSE! I mean I had no doubt that he would because I had amazing talent and a great chemistry with Aliona, who is an absolutely amazing choreographer too! He was the only one who got to perfect 40 scores in the finale! And he just looked so amazing in all four dances! I am going to be actually sad that the season is over because I loooove watching those dances, in my oppinions it's not thattt much about the celebrities but they also make the whole thing more interesting. It would be worth it to be a british celebrity just to have the chance to go on to SCD! I wouuuuld absolutely love to do a show like that.... Yeahhh, that's not happening :(
I finished Matched (by Ally Condie) the day after I first posted about it, and I was completely right about the ending and her ending up with Ky. I mean, I get the appeal of something forbidden, but why can't any girls EVER be happy with what they've got,... in books...  I mean first of all Catniss, who can't accept her love for Peeta and then Gale and the can't decide, and with that she ruins everything! And thhhen, in Matched, why the hellll can't Cassia just stay with Xander??? It was obvious that she was pretty much in love with him anyways before the whole microcard incident, so why does she have to rebell? Ally Condie might have thought that it would make a more interesting ending, it probably did, but I think the whole aspect of a ''forced'' marriage in modern days is pretty interesting. Whatever, I don't agree with Cassia endling up with Ky, I guess he is a thoughtful guy and mysterious and the rest but Xander is every bit as thoughtful and he is good looking and totally in love with her at the same time. All I have to say is that, I would have chosen  Xander.
I also ordered and ready Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. Actually, I read it in one night. Which already explaines how good it is. It's about a world in which everyone is ''ugly'' untli their 16th brithday, on which they have an extreme beautifying operation, to make them all symetrical and beautiful. This is to stop discrimination and hate between the people who live somewhere in the future, where the current civilisation had basicly been whiped out. All Tally wants is to ''turn pretty'', because as the youngest of her friends she feels lonely in the specified area of her city in which the uglies live. Then she gets to know a girl called Shay who is completely different, she is tought, happy with whom she is and how she looked like, and she doesn't want to ''turn''. When Shay runs away to a vilage called the Smoke, estabished  by former doctors and scientists who found out that in the operation not only the appearance of people get's changed but also part of their brain gets washed. On her birthday, Tally is not allowed to be ''turned'' as the officials from 'Special Circumstances' noticed Shay's disappearance and now foce Tally to bring back her  friend of for ever stay ugly. Of course, Tally chooses to betray her friend, but when she arrives at the Smoke after a hard journey, she falls in love with the honesty and the people of the Smoke. Especially David, who is the son of Maddy and Az, the founders of the Smoke, who turns out to be beautiful in his own way. In the end she betrays them, even if she doesn't want to and she decides to fight witht the Smokies against the oppression of free will by the Special Circumstances department.
This book I really liked, because it had everything in it that I really like: a romance, a bit of action, and some thought provoking topic (beauty orperation/brain liasions in this case). I just think it is a brilliant book, which is why I immediately bought all other books in or connected to the series.... I won't get them now that I'm in Germany as they will be delivered to my appartement in Portugal but, that is actually not a bad thing as in this way, I won't get tooo much ditracted by shiny new books when I'm supposed to be studying for my mock GCSE exams... WAAHHH!!!
Wellll first of all I will try to enjoy Xmas!!
Happy Holidayysss, XX

My favorite Xmas songs:
Last Christmas - Wham
Let It Snow! - Frank Sinatra
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee
Driving Home for Christmas . Chris Rea

Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms <3

Sunday, 11 December 2011

We're all wild about Harry!

Omg, I love him so absolutely-fricking-much! I just HAD to share this really quickly because he's sooo talented. And normally I am NOT the biggest fan of the Charleston because of the cheesy expressions ect. but this is rlly fun to watch and well done. I think Craig is a f**ktard for giving him a 9. I deserved that one more point! I love and hate Craig equally much because his criticism is always funny but true, but it's annoying that he always has to whine about something... But I mostly only feel this way when stuff is about Harry :D And last year it was Gavin Henson... 
Sooo, my modays posting schedule was rudely interrupted by this event, but whatever :) I'll just do it todayyy, YAY! First of all I'm happy right now because of all of Harry's amazing scores and that he is in the effing FINAL! Yesssss! And the also, I have got more pageviews this month than EVER before and it's only the 11th, which makes me feel proud, thanx you guys!
I had quite an eventful week, starting with not having to go to school on Thursday, so I went out with some friends and had a sleepover on Wednesday, which was really fun! And quite interesting actually, I learnt that it is possible to sleep with your face in a cussion and NOT suffocate, this is the preffered way of sleeping of one of my retarded friends (just kidding, luv u loaaads Lozza!), I call it planking with a death wish. Oh yeah, I forgot to say, that this method of sleeping requires you to have 95% of the duvet, most of which just randomy hangs of your side of the bed. Leaving ME, without ANY duvet. Thanks you very much *fake smile*...
I missed out on Thursd's and Sat's dance lessons.. :S because of time management problems (I'm very, VERY bad at getting things done in time.) annnd the fact that I went ice skating yesterdayyyy, Yeahhh! I used to skate a LOT in the winters, in Germany we had a huuuge pond right in the middle of the village where I would spend the majority of my afer school days! Sooo, it was good going again in the first time in maybe 2 years.... I didn't even fall. I even jumped over this kids annoying pusharound seal which would have probably been my cause of death otherwise.... I'm quite proud of that, as you can see :P As a treat, I allowed myself to have a thingy/stick (how the hell do you call that??) of candyfloss and a carousel ride... I'm SO immature... 
Further more, the Billabong Pipe Masters competition went of in Hawaii, and it was pretty cool I guess.. This competition was so much different from the ones I had watched previously, huge, perfect tubes and barrels and only the wish to come out the other end.... Also I saw alot of surfers which don't regularly take part in normal contests, such as Evan Valiere, with whom I am now also 'in love' with... Evan though it was particularily cruel that my darling Owen Wright went out because of him.... They had a good heat and Evan won, but not very highly... They were quite evenly matched even though Evan's been surfing there for 22 years of his life and Owen only started Pipe when he was 16 I think. John John Florence got two ''perfect 10's'' which is pretty impressive, he won against Kelly Slater (11 time world Champ) and he's only 18. But with him Pipe is also his backdoor wave so no surprise there... Oh, and I quickly have to mention, another favourite Gabriel Medinaaaa, 17 year old wunderkind from brazil!!! It was his first time EVER surfing Pipeline and he immediately won his first heat, he is amazing! I am competely in love with him as well... (I have a long list of guys I love) And I need to show you this pic of him which I found the other day, CRAZY IM TELLING YOU!
I diddd surf today but the waves were no where as perfect for me as last weekend, stilll, a good day for me. 
I got a book, which I had ordered on amazon, and where I hadn't actually thought it would still come before xmas, so YAY again...  It's called Matched (by Ally Condie) and it's about a girl living somewhere in the future, where in the name of planet preserverance, the govenment makes most decisions in the people's lives. It is a little bit similar to the HG's district 13, just that the people even get 'matched' their husband/wife gets chosen for them, as well as their breakfast, lunch and dinner. And the main, character, Cassia, get's matched to her best friend (Xander) whch is obviously great, but then there is some confusion and she thinks she is matched to a different person (Ky), soo this stirrs up problems as she decides to find out if this wasn't her actual Match. I think the idea of the story is quite cool and im only halfay through the book, but I think that she will end up breaking Xander's heart, and choosing to be with Ky, which I am not OK with. I guess Ky is quite nice and she finds out a secret about him and blahhh, and I guess I am also against having every decision be made for you by the 'Officials', but, in the beginning when she was matched with Xander she was really happy, why the hell does she have to 'explore' and break her own, annnd Xander's heart? I think she is being utterly stupid and annoying! There is a sequel and I am only halfway through the book but I believe that this is the thing that is going to happen and I am really annoyed. I am 100% team Xander. If she doesn't want him, I do. 
That's all for tonight and my untypical Sunday's post :)


Monday, 5 December 2011

WARNING! Murderous Plant!

I just got into our school musical, Little Shop of Horrors, Yay!! Hence the title of todays post... I had to go through two auditions and got in even though I don't take singing classes or drama, so I'm pretty happy with myself. I got the role of one of the narrators which is a crowd of 3 - 12 girls, who aren't really involved in the plot, but they keep the whole story together in a way. It's going to be run in March, so that's still a long time but I'm actually quite worried as I am going to have mock GCSE exams in January and the real exams in May :S

Yeah, mocks, Urghhh. I don't even want to think about them. I am going to Germany and I am going to have a nice Christmas. And the 1st day back at school: BANG! A ten hour art exam. I mean I'm happy its only art, beacuse it's something I love to do and I am kinda good at but the rest of the next two weeks are going to be horrible. And I have only 1 month to revise for about 8 subjects.... -.- Buhuhuhuuuuuu! I feel like crying.
In 3 days the Billabong Pipe Masters are starting! Yessssss! I thought it was today actually so I was a little disapointed buttt, its so close I can wait for 3 more days :) I had the most amaaazing time surfing yesterday! The waves were perfect for me, some small ones, some big ones. and I got three really nice ones. It's such an amazing feeling when you're up on a wave, and everything is going perfect. The take off was fast, you're balanced well and 'the drop' is yet to come. You don't have to concentrate just go with the moment... Adrenalin. I couldn't stop smiling afterwards :) And in the beginning I didn't want to go because the weather was grey and there was no sun. It turned out to be a bright day (literally, my eyes were squinting and watering for about 2 minutes before I got into the water)...

I watched The Debt with Helen Mirren and Sam Worthington. It's a really good but scary movie, the first one I worried that I was going to have nightmares in agesssss (but I didn't). It's about three agents which are supposed to kidnap the 'Surgeon of Birkenau' (a concentration camp, where he did medical 'testing' on humans) and bring him to court. It's about them being young and on the mission and all the drama that surronds it. Fight training, Rachel (who is played by Jessica Chastain and portrays a young Helen Mirren) getting pregnant from one guy on the mission but being in love with the other (Worthington), and in the end failing at bringing him to court as he manages to escape. And then it shows what happens 30 year later. They told the world that they killed him and are celebrated like heroes. But a journalist threatenes to find the truth about the surgeon escaping and Rachel needs to take out the surgoen for good as her two co-agents are both unable to do it (dead and wheelchair). Rachel was the one who nearly died in a struggle with the surgeon befor he escaped and now she manages to kill him, after they had another stuggle, typically, in a bathroom; after he stabbed her with a pair of scissors. The whole scene is gross but less so than in Breaking Dawn because for some reason, I can handle action/war movies better than birth scenes... All in all it's a really good movie if you like that sort of suff and you should go watch it. :D

Songs of the Moment:
Let the Sun Shine - Labyrinth
Titanium - David Guetta ft. Sia
Geronimo - Aura Dione
Up In Flames - Labyrinth ft- Devlin, Tinchy Stryder

Monday, 28 November 2011

I Love Cole St Clair

Ok this pot will not be a film review, as I have not watched any very interesting films in the past week. Oh wait... Thats not true, I watched the new version of Footlose, wasn't my favourite, I'd already seen theoriginal movie and it wasnt any different... And except for some cool dancing and the ridiculous idea of banning dance I didn't find it very interesting. Also, the main character is ugly. The dance movie I am really looking forward to is Step Up 4ever, I love AAALLL the Step Up films, especially Step Up 2!! And in the cast is tWich, who is AMAZING. I 'know' him from So You Think You Can Dance.
What I really wanted to talk about is Forever, a book by Maggie Stiefvater, and the 3rd in the Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy. I finished reading it a week ago already, but I don't think I reviewed it. Shiver, the first of the series, introduces us to the world of Grace, who falls in love with a boy, Sam, who is a werewolf during the cold months. So she tries to keep him human as long as possible, also after inicially being bitten a wolf stops shifting after some years, and she is worries that she will never see Sam again...  So they she tries to find a cure, and he nearly dies, but thankfully turns out temporarily healed. Then Grace, who was once bitten but never turned into a wolf, becomes sick. They find out that it is the 'wolf inside her' that can't come out. So after they bite her again, she does finally become a wolf. And now it is Sam who is healed and Grace who is wolf.
In Forever there is also a new main character, Cole. He is also a wolf, and he is a kinda famous singer and a genius. But through drugs and family problems and fame he reegularly tries to kill himself. And through being a wolf he can accept himself better and he has a more balanced personallity.. And a problem arises, as no one knows that the wolves of Mercy Falls are actually people, and they want to shoot them all, becaue they are scared of the wolves, so Sam and Grace and Cole need to move them to a different territory. And Cole makes up this really good plan and then he risks his life to save all the others!!! And he makes lots of experiments to find a better, and less dangerous cure.... His personallity is a bit cocky and he is appareanly a lot like grown up toddler (messy, stubborn, hurt really easily) but also very handsome, and he really is a genius. And... I just love him! And did I mention that he nearly dies? And he has an amazingly funny sense of humor!... Hmmmmm!
Appareantly there is going to be a film (YAYY), no cast yet, but a handfull of producers and screenwriters...  And sooooo, I will soon (in 1 or 2 years I mean) review Shiver (the film)... and theeen I need to hope that it's going to be successful. AND THEN, they might make a film with Cole St Clair in it!!! At the moment I think suitable actors for him would be Tom Felton (<3) orrrr maybe Alex Pettyfer (I DO have a slight obsession with him! So hot he would be perfect for almost any character), I think either of these would be good, but I still preffer Alex. Who wouldn't?

Music of the moment is:

Monday, 21 November 2011

Breaking Spines

Anorexia, breaking spines, cutting up people with scalpels and stabbing people in the heart with GIANT needles. This is Breaking Dawn. I saw the movie on Saturday, the day after it premiered. I was really surprides that FOR ONCE the film came out at the same time in Portugal as everywhere else in the world. In my last post I said I was only going to watch this movie out of feeling obliged now that I had already seen the other 3. Turned out I'm really happy I went! It is the absolute best film of the series yet. They finally did something right; I mean they did have some stupid lines eg.

''I played around with our mother's names Renée and Esme'' 
''So, what is it?'' 

But otherwise, thumbs up! I would have loved to have seen a little more Rosalie-Jacob action, like in the book where she brings him his food in a dog bole etc. I thought that was so funny. I thought it was really good the way Rosalie was portrayed especially in the end of the film where she seems ok with the fact that Bella might die, as long as she get's ''her'' baby. And I was really surprised about how absolutely georgeous the new born Renesmee is. Oh and also the flash we got from her future, I thik they chose the actress really well! She is beautiful. The way Bella looked when she was ill/pregnant was also really good, I would have never imagined it to be so real. I was surprised by Jasper because he was so friendly an sociable all of a sudden.... And also: I LOVE SETH!!!
And then the birth scene. I guess it was really well done, but the thing I can remember best about the whole scene was that from when her spine broke on I felt really, really sick. I was SO scared of throwing up in the cinema. Seriously, I had to close my eyes and keep sipping on my ice cold drink in order to restore myself. I guess you could say I have a weak stomach, which is the reason for me not watch horror films. I really don't get why people like them, action films give you the same abount of adrenaline but they are never so terrifying that you get nightmares. (I didn't actually get nightmares!) So all in all I guess its the best film of the series, but also the most gross film I have watched in my life. Nonetheless, I loved it.
Oh yeah, I forgot to say that my friend Laura, who was with me, is now constantly making fun of me. I just DON'T like ''broken'' humans. I did this test in school, to find out what I should do as a job later on etc. It suggested sugery doctor. I guess thats not happening anymore. :)
My dear friend also makes fun of me because I still like that one boy, (it's been reaally long :/) I have become much better at behaving normally around him and we're friends and all, but I still go red sometimes. And today, in Art, Laura steals my iPod (Yay, I'm actually using it now!!), plays Crush On You by Nero and tells him that he should listen to this song bacause it was a message from me. NOOOOOO!!! My life is officially over. Out of embarrasment. I talked the earth into swallowing me up whole.
This and another event, in the same lesson, involving me swearing at my iPod and the teacher listening, are now overshadowing the rest of the day. A Chem test and a PE lesson...
These will be the last words you will hear from me. Goodbye people-who-don't-actually-read-this.

And as a tribute to the most embarrassing day in HISTORY:
(But also cuz I do actually like the song)
Song of the Day: Crush On You by Nero

Monday, 14 November 2011

Not 25 Yet!

Time is money.... Literally! In the new movie In Time the rich are immortal and the poor die young. The movie stars Justin Timberlake, Amanda Seyfried and Alex Pettyfer (YAY), and a few other people, none of whom are important enough for me to know. Alex plays a badguy, and I must say it actually suits him quite well! Even if I am supposed to hate him, I can't, because who can hate someone with a gorgeous face like his? The concept is that every person gets to live till age of 25 and then stops ageing, but they only get one more year to live and their 'clock' (see picture) gets activated. In order to live longer you need to work, and instead of money you get more time, depending on how good your job is. You can capsule time and put it in a bank but none of the poor people can do that because they have so little time anyway! And you can be robed of your time. That is what Will Salas (J. Timberlake) does, he prevents a rich guy from being robbed, the latter tells him about the bad points about being able to live forever, and he ends up giving will all of his time, he 'times himself out'. The Police think he got the time illigaly and chase him down, In the end he ends up kidnapping Sylvia (Amanda), a rich guys daughter, in order not to get shot by bounty hunters. In the end the two end up falling in love and they lose their time to ALEX, and then they decide to rob her father and give all his time to the poor people, because her father has several millions worth of years.
I really liked this film, I think the concept is horrible and I hope that nothing like that ever actually happens. I think it's really scary. Because at the moment being poor doesn't mean being dead, it doesn't even mean that you're nessesarily unhappy all the time. And If you are one of the few rich people, living forever must get boring at some point! I mean at one stage you've tried out everything there is to life and then you should be able to die, in my oppinion!
Thats all for now, I already made a date to see Breaking Dawn next weekend, and I'm really interested in how that's gonna turn out, because till now I really haven't loved any of the movies very much and the trailers don't look too great! I love the books tho, so I think there is hope that they're gonna get it right this time.
Bye, XX

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Fast and Furious: My Week

First week back at school and I wish holidays would come back! I'm so tired and cold. It's raining. A lot. I just wanna curl up somewhere warm and not care about what I have to do when.  It's not just school, but sooo much has been going on I have not been able to catch up on any of the series I normally watch... Gossip Girl, 90210, Gleeee, Strictly Come Dancing, ANTM.... Yes I know it's a lot, but it's only temporary :D..
My Aunt and Uncle and their 7 sons (Can you believe it? Not one girl!) live in Portugal too. They live in an amazing Quinta and they had their annual ''Festival de Nossa Terra'' which is basicly a harvest and wine festival... They porduce wine, organise weddings and have about 4 guest houses for tourists, I don't know how thy do all of it! It was a lot of fun, I had to run a waffle stand with my mom, and we sold quite well! then there were a few amazing bands and dance groups, and lots of food and wine! I danced with one of the dancers because they took random people out of the audience... I don't think I embarrassed myself! 
I promised I would review What's Your Number?. I loved it! so much fun, it was exactly the kind of film I absolutely LOVE! And I have to say, I love Chris Evans. I do, I really do! He 'made' me watch Captain America, which was also good but, were not talking about that now. I thought the concept was brilliant, and Anna Farris was also very funny. The film is about a girl who reads that a gwoman who has slept with more than 20 guys in her life will not find a husband, so she says she won't sleep with another guy until she knows he is the one. She makes a deal with her neighbour, Chris, to help him 'escape' his exgirlfriends if he helps her find her exboyfriends. In the end she almost marries a guy, before she realises that she actually loves Chris. And they lived happily ever after... YAY!
AND HERE COMES: I watched the entire Fast and the Furious films! They are truly amazing! LOVE THEM, they were the perfect balance to the chick flick :) I alway was kind of repulsed by Vin Diesel, but now I think Dom Terretto is like the coolest guy on earth.. next to Brian O'Connor. I especially loved the last one, Fast Five, because it was kind of like a summary to all th other films and it was amazing, and it was also the first of the films I saw. Ludacris and the Asian guy were my second favourite! I thought it all was the perfect balance between comedy and action. And there's another one coming out! Whoop Whoop!
I pre-ordered Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore, which is coming out May 2012! YESSSSS! I'm so excited! She said on her blog that ''Bitterblue is longer and more complicated than the other books I've written''.... Yay, I absolutely love her books and if she said that it is longer than the others thats deffinightly a positive! 
There has been a huge new news item to do with both surfing and Portual (which is a very nice combination). Yesterday, an American big wave surfer, Garett McNamara surfed a ~30 meter wave in Nazaré - which isn't very far from Lisbon!  AMAZING! That's the video, go SEE IT!
Bonfire night is going to be in school this weekend, and I am co-organising the Haunted House for the little kids, so I'm now going to go and do some more organising whilst you can a) keep reading my blog (which is very unlikely) or b) go and do something more fun than that! BYE!

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

What the Hell Man?

I finished the HG's. Nooooooooo! I mean, I loved the books and the ending, except for the part where the kill of Prim!! I blaming it completely on Gale! I REALLY don't like how he turns out in the end! He becomes really frustrating.... I guess it's justifiable if you say, he becomes that way because he can feel that Katniss is slipping more and more in direction Peeta. I always wanted her to finally realise that she was in love with him because she was from a really early point in the books. SO, I get Gale being all frustrated, but when he engages in making new war weapons, it's like, ''what the hell man? When did you become a mass murderer?''... I'm still really disappointed in him! I think Peeta deserves her, but if Gale really loved her he shoulda have tried a little harder... 'Cause she does always say, how much she need him by her side and so on...
Now I am trying to order Forever by Maggie Stiefvater which is the third book in the Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy any I hope I'm going to like it as much as I did the first two.... I loved the 1st one, because it had a relatively happy ending and the second one I liked and disliked, because I don't like at all what happens to Grace. I want her to stay alive and whole and human! Yes, thats me, always looking for ''happily ever afters''... That's why I like action and romantic comedies best, in the spectrum of movie genres... Acutally I think they're pretty similar, just a little more fighting and stuff, but they allways end well! YAYY!!
My most recent cinema aquaintance is Abduction, which I absolutely loved. NOT because of Taylor Lauter, who reminds me SOOOO MUCH of some one I know,... I'm really surprised I never noticed the resemblance between the two ;) If you ask any of my friends who go to the cinema with me, they will tell you how hard I find it to surpress my emotions while watching a film, I always have to comment on something and I laugh when the whole of the cinema is deadly quiet.... My friends ''love'' me for it, it's SOO embarrassing OMG :P

Wellll this time around I got a huge fright at some point, and my leg started cramping really badly!! And everyone was really fixated on the screen and I was just trying to figure out how to get rid of the horrible pain in my fricking right leg, in the end I had to stan up, in the midle of the cinema and everyone was really annoyed at me... nothing new that.... OK, soo Abduction is amazing and I especially loved the ''popcorn'' you know what I mean :P
Nothing else to talk about, just, OH YEAH: I'VE GOT HOLIDAYS!! WHOOP!!
So maybe I will have some time now between watching a LOT of Strictly Come Dancing! Maybe I will make the next post about another new movie I just watched What's Your Number? so funny, and, of course a romantic comedy! YAY!

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Katniss and Peeta

Warning: This will be a long post!

First of all, I am finally in reach of my halfterm holidays!!! So happy, I am really starting to feel the pressure of Year 11 and having to be all responsible and grown up even if you don't want to be...  Holidays always mean reports and as far as mine goes I am really immensely happy, a string of As and Bs and even an A* (in Art). I am still wondering how i got out of the C range in subjects like French (Here we go again,... you know my hatred for these lessons!) or PE (I have NO idea what I did to convince them I was good a Badminton.....). I overstood parents evening without to many humiliating incidents, oh execpt for walking around with a big blob of paint on my face because i had stayed in school to finish my Art project, and no one bothered to tell me this.
Have just come home from an exhausting dance lesson, and I am ALMOST able to do the splits..! Almost! Just about 10 - 15cms missinggg... YAY yay YAY!!
I missed my last Ballroom lesson because there was a formal Debutant's Ball in a big Hotel in Lisbon and my teacher had to attend there... I was in fact invited too, but I found, as allready said, my scedule is fricking tight and Saturday is the one day to relax a little... I know it's a missed opportunity but I still have next year and I don't fell all that bad about not having to stand around in highheels while dancing with abnormally bad partners all night... :)
It started RAINING here..... Nooooo autumn go awayyy, and after half term I am going to have to wear my tie again. Rain also means that i seldomly can go surf... the last time i've been seems ages ago... the weather is horrible and I know that most people would shrouder at the idea if penetrating the freezing Atlantic when there is freezing weather anyways, but with my wetsuit dont think that should be much of a problem.. It's the fact that the bad weather produces ''low quality'' and/or too big waves for my level of capability.
Book news: I recently read a couple of very, very good books, which will definightly go down for my favourites!
The Power of Six - sequel to I am Number Four (by ''Pittacus Lore'') and ending in ahorrible cliffhanger. Now I have to wait another year to read the next one, Thr Rise of Nine. The books play on Earth at around this time, and is about John and in this book in particular his fellow alien Six have to fight against the opposing alien race trying to destroy Earth. There natturally is a romance involved... which escalated into a love triangle!!! All I can say is: I hope Six getts the guy. If you are also low on The Lorien Leagcies stories you should check out the new ebook  The Lost Files: Six's Legacy, haven't read it yet myself but I hope to soon!
Then I started reading The Hunger Games Triology (Suzanne Collins) and I am currently on book 3. I am absolutely obsessed witht he book and some of the funnest thing about them is actually that my two best friends  also read them and we are all fighting who ''the best'' guy in the series is... For me it's deffinightly Peeta but i can see the appeal of Gale and Finnik too :) I love Peeta because of the sweetness and protectiveness of him towards Katniss, also I hate/loce the way she really loves him but doesn't know thiss herself... M other friend was shocked when she found uot I was reading a ''blood-and-gore'' book but the HG's are so much more than that. I hate the principle of a tv-show like that because that is just inhumane and gross, but in this book it does not have such a frightening effect as it could have.
Actually, it as clear to anyone who knows me well that I would love these books, as they do reseble my still favourite book of all times Gracelling by Kristin Cashore.

Further more.... I convinced my Mom to be able to use her iPod (which she never uses [it doesn't even have music on it]) and I am now preparing it for myself... This means transferring my entrie online song libary onto my iTunes.... I promise myself to do at least one letter of the alphabet's worth in artists a day... It doesn't work most of the time though..... All I can say is ''Bye-bye Grooveshark and hello iPod''... Grooveshark was great though, I really like it... might still use it occasionally in remebrance of the good old days....
I promised this was going to be a long post... and I am now tired (not tired enough to not read a few more chapters though ;P)
Soooo, night! X

Monday, 3 October 2011

Quiksilver Pro France, Love and Life

SO, today it's one day before the begin of the Quiksilver Surf Pro in France, I am really excited and I really hope that its gonna be big waves and good surfing :) One thing which is really good for me is the fact that it takes place in Europe wich means that the times aren't so drastically different as they were the two last competitions. (They were in America)
I am most looking forward to seeing Owen Wright, who is definightly one of my favourite surfers, hes still young but already world number two! And he always gets really nice waves. Also, John John Florence who is another ''youngster'' and Josh Kerr who is reakky cool. I hope that some one except for Kelly slater will win this one because - even though hes undoubtedly an amazing surfer - I like to see a bit of a change up in the competition; and I don't like people who win all the time much...
Otherwise, schools back to normal and the teachers are giving me 5 tests and exams in the next 10 days, why does this feel like exam week? It's the beginning of October... :/
I am not completely terrified of French lessons anymore, which is really good news, as is that I am finally getting out of a crush on someone, which I have had for agessss and which has gotten kind of annoying... (he's not annoying, just my feelings towards him) and even though I am happy about this, my feelings are also really confused. Do it's like one day I like him the next I dont... :S
I have successfuly completed my 4th Ballroom lesson, which I am starting to really like partly because I am actually good at it and even if I have to dance with someone who is completely untalented it's at least a little fun (and it helps alot with me learning Portuguese). I did convince another friend to come along who also loves it so now I'm not alone which is good because it's just so much easier to start something new with a good friend at your side... :) Tomorrow I have Hip-Hop and I am looking forward to it!
As I finished HP and the Deathly Hallows I am now back at reading the Sookie Stackhouse novels (The books to True Blood). The last Harry Potter was definightly one of my favourite along with the Prisoner of Azkaban and the Half Blood Prince. I was really sad when it ended because I had gotten so used to Harry and the end IS really sad there is no denying. When Fred dies, and when Kreacher leads the house elves into battle :) I never thought I would feel so lovingly towards Kreacher....
I also bought the sequel to I am Number Four, which is called The Power of Six and I really look forward to reading it as I loved the first book so much :)
OK, tis late gotta GOooooo!

Music of the Moment:
Stereo Hearts - Gym Class Heroes
Wish You Were Here - Avril Lavigne
Numb/Encore - Linkin Park and Jay-Z
Oh yeah and Ultraviolet - Stiff Dylans (This one is from the incredibly cheesy but AWSOME movie Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging :) I  it!)

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

"Um, Dois, Para Trás, Para Frente"

Soo, I said I would write whe I had my first ballroom lesson and now I am.... 2 days into the new school week Im gonna go for Hip-Hop later :) Yayyy,.... But back to Ballroom!
It was in my school in one of the Gyms and it seemed as if no one was going to come, but it turned out that the most people were just late (we are in Portugal, right? ;P). The teacher was a downright Austrian, which was funny because allthough he said he lived in Portugal for 15 years now, the Austian side - and accent - was still very much seeping through :) I thought he was the Austrian version of Mr. Bean as he also had some similarities with the former :) In the end it was about 30 people ad allthough there were a few women more then men we all had fun. And the first lesson was obviously NOT just a 'get to know eachother thing' as we learend basic steps for Waltz, Rock-n-Roll and a Quadrille, a really exhausting experience. I never had to stand up straight for 2 hours, at least i think not as straight because I was nursing a backache for the rest of the evening.
I still dream of "um, dois, para trás, para frente"...
In other news.... OH, I am now waiting for Amanzon to finally send me Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and waiting is soooo annoying as I have noted once again! Urghhhh, I just want to finish the story! Yesterday I read the end of book number 6 and once again realised how sad the part where Dumbledore dies is! Wahhhh! :'(
Also, I am now regularly watching the Hurley Pro 2011 professional surfing competition in Tresltles! It's awsome! My favourite surfers up until now are Josh Kerr, Owen Wright and John John Florence and it's a really good comperition!.... Sadly through school and other extracurricular activities I miss some of the heats
Hope to speak soon :)

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Really long Time, no Speak!

Hey People!
Don't know if anyone missed me, but I do hope so. Loads of catching up to do!
Now a new school year has started, I am now in yr 11 (scary, i know, only 2 years to go!) and this is really getting hard work. First math test behind me, I'm thinking, oh S**t! Final year of GCSE's was bound to be hard, but never had expected this!

'Nough bout school! Hope you had a good summer? I did anyway... visited Germany (Loads of family, I think we were 9 'kids'... It was deff's lots of fun!) and France (Hossegor, right by the sea, i loved it!) for a short time, then had a firend with me for a week. Got a LOT of reading done too! Amongst my new favourite books belong deffinightely the Sookie Stackhouse novels(!!) finally began reading them after 'falling in love' with the series True Blood ;) I think I read the first 8 books within about 2 weeks, it is soooo addictiveee! I really like both the series and the novels, even though many people see it in a black-and-white kid of way. Sookie Stackhouse is for me an source of endless laughter and her adventures never get boring. The series is the same way, with slight alterations of the story - against which I until now have nothing bad to say - it is an amazing, adreanaline throbbing adventure that you never want to stop (kind off like 'V' itself, if you know what I'm talking about).
Then another book series which I have actually owned for at least 7 years but never before attempted to read. Only after I was lured into the films - which are also unbelivably good - did I start to read Harry Potter. Most of you will find this ridiculous but, you can be sure of it, I regret having waited so long! Harry, Hermione and Ron are just such a brilliant tripplet of friends, I don't want to stop reading about their growing up.
I wont even mention all the films I watched over the holidays because it would be ridiculous.
I am really happy to be back to seeing my best friends every day even though I could do with out some of the lessons and the homework (like Harry) and I am really happy to say that I am going to start modern and ballroom dance lessons in the next week!
Hope I will be able to come back here more often again, I've really missed it! X

Friday, 29 April 2011

Union Jacks

I'm back from England and I can only say it was amazing! Not only seeing my family again but having so much stuff to do. After the flight delay due to the stupid Portuguese laws under which I don't even actually belong because I am officially living in Germany. Anyway. 
After one day of relaxing and planning my now remaining 9 days, I went to see 'Red Riding Hood' with my awsome cousine Charlie :) I really liked it. Actually even more than the first twilight movie directed by the same director. The theme is very similar in both films there is a love triangle and a werewolf involed. It stars Amanda Seyfried (Valerie), who is beautiful, and two new hotties called Max Irons (Henry) and Shiloh Fernandez (Peter). The story was about a old village which was haunted by a werewolf every full moon. But in a 'blood moon' there can be a new werewolf created, by only one bite. The wolf is trying to turn Valerie were wolf and in the end it is revealed that her father is the wolf. After killing him there is another wolf created, but it is not her. The love story:  she was in love with Peter since she was a little girl but as he was only a woodcutter, her parents decided to marry her to Henry (who loves her and is a really good and sweet guy - I am Team Henry) who she doesn't love. In the end she does go with Peter, but there things are no less difficult. I can understand that this way was more the typical fairy tale romance but I had still hoped for Henry to 'get the girl'...
The next day we did some clothes shopping in a HUGE mall!! awsome shoes, shorts, bikinis... it's summer! The weather was better than it is in 'sunny' Portugal at the moment..... (which was fine then but now that im back... :S) One more day of relaxing on Thursday when my older beautiful cousine Kate, arrives.... Oh, and my aunt.... Meg...
The next day London was on the program, seeing the musical 'Chicago' in Cambridge Circus Theater was amazing. The film was very different from the musical mainly as it was not nearly as funny. But I still love both. And of course the music was incredible.
Nothing was planned for Saturday, but we decided to go to a point-to-point horse race. It was basicly, a racing course and opportunity to park all aroud it. Families got out blankets and had picnics. Also there was betting and cake sales, ice cream vans and how about a go on the bouncy castles...? Amazing photos and feeling sick because of all the food was the result.
Easter Sunday - lots of family, food and croquet, thats about it. :D
On my last real day, the beach. This really put Portugal to shame. A) The sand was way finer than back home B) the weather was equally much better and C) not even the water was much warmer.... seriously!
The flight back was no problem except for the fact that someone forgot to pick me up from the airport... brilliant!! still finally I've made it back, just in time to watch the Royal wedding.
Here I have to say, some people might be sick of hearing about it, but its a thing that happens just every 30 years or so. I mean the REALLY important ones. Like Kate, the first 'commener' to marry into the royal family. And did you see her dress? So beautiful. I really hope that this marriage will last, and not end in some sinister mystery, that is horrible every possible way.
Well anyway, I really enjoyed everything Union Jack related that has happened these holidays, it was an amazing holliday. Not even Ibiza or the Carribeans could have been better.
Thanx for the amazing time to the Hugills!! I love u all!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Lisboa to London Gatwick

So. After a complicated flight I am finally in England! YESSSSS....! Love it! Haven't been here for about 2 years, it's so weird!
The flight was complicated because appareantly by the portuguese law you are not allowed to travell alone with out a declaration signed by your parents with a lawyers stamp under neath... :S Well I was caught at the passport controll and the police wouldn't let me through. As a result i missed the flight and had to fly the next day... Now I am finally here and plans are being made. Shopping, cinema, theater, easter, so much to do, I am so excited for it all to start.
Yesterday when I had been able to fly (with declaration and everything) I stood in front of three Londoners at boading and allmost laughed out loud. I never believed that some people actually have an accent like that, it couldn't have become more chavvy... I really believed that it was just some exaggarated 'mockation' of some sort, but no. :) They really remided me of Lauren Cooper, except that this is in fact a'mockery'. And then they came to sit behind me on the plane which then DID become annoying...
Soon gonna review Red Ridinghood!
Byee! Happy Holidays :)

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Mike Tompkins

YouTube - Canal de pbpproductions

This guy is amazing! He is a 24 year old record producer and writer and he covers famous songs 'A Capella'. And he is REALLY good! The songs he does may gave become annoying by the 'radio over use'.... (you know what I mean...) BUT they're still amazingly done and he shows how he did them at the end of each song, it's so cool! Oh, and have I mentiond he is amazing?
Well, everything is going fine with me at the moment, I've got my rport which has not turned out as good as I hoped to, but still no Es or Fs so I'm kinda (not very) happy... Last week of school *YAY!* just 45 more minutes and a parents evening to go now and then I'm of to ENGLAND!!! I'm so happy! I'm visiting my english family there, celebrating my cousin's birthday and easter and hpoefully doing loads of shopping!! Also I am flying alone, which I love!
Oh, and appart form all this holiday stuff going on, there is perfect beach weather outside. (in comparison of Germany where it is raining :P lol!) Beach!! This years first sunburn has already shown up after a day in the full sun (Do not call me stupid!) at the sports festival... I am extremely white skinned and allthough because of this I am usually carefull and able to prevent a sunburn, I still burn very easily :( And I don't get tanned either, which here in Portugal is mildly depressing!
See you in England, if I can find the time :)

Friday, 1 April 2011

I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore - read the free ebook now from ePub Bud!

This is the eBook to "I am Number four", which is even more brilliant than the film, and at parts so devastingly sad. It came out only a month before the film because the film rights were already sold way before the book was finished being edited and stuff. It's brilliant and as most times I like it even more than the film, because there is no way of going into enough detail to make me happy in aproximately 120 minutes. (If I read the original book before.) Also the plot is shortened and bits left out. One thing that I preffer in the film, however is that the changed the amin characters age, John, from 15 to about 17 and that the end fight makes a) more sense and b) is much more awsome, the book lets him look like a total whimp.
So this is just a short blog in order to progress my feelings after just having finished reading and crying. I am happy though, that appareantly the second book, this time based on a different character of the remainig 6, called Marina, is going to be released in summer some time, and hopefully not shortly the second film. As I till think this is a good book-film convertion. In relation to the twilight series, I LOVE the books and was quite sad when the films came out as they did, especially as they have a brilliant cast.
So, it's already late and I finally feel tired enough to be able to sleep... :)
Good night, xx

Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Its been 'raining numbers this week! Good numbers mostly - thankfully. 
The first numbers on Thursday, Chemistry results. My best test this year, or at least I like to call it that because I am most proud of it. 85% which is an amazing A*. I have never in my life gotten an A* for Chemistry. Art maybe, English (when I was in Germany - sure!), but Chemistry????! You can see how happy I am about this. So this basically made my day totally, my average is now an high A, YESSSS! Then on Saturday we fianally went to the cinema again :), FOUR of my friends and m, to watch 'I am number FOUR'.... heheh.. Brilliant movie, not too much, not too little realistic, a romance and an awsome end-fight against the 'badies'. Also, who could forget the fact that the main actor, Alex Pettyfer, is totally gorgeous! He is number four..... On finding out that there is a novel, on which it is loosely based, and a sequel coming out in August, made me happy too.

Otherwise my weekend was crammed full with studying Physics (actually only Sunday, and not much of Sunday anyway...), sleeping and drinking hot chocolate. *OBSESSED* (Yes I know it's childish, don't judge me.) 
So, yesterday was also quite a quiet day, oh, except for one of my teachers atmitting she likes neither my personallity nor my way of thinking and me writing the actual Physics test, which remembrance awakens, almost, physical pain (because it was so bad)... That was pretty much all. AND THEN CAME TODAY! heheh.... awsome day, even though it was supposed to be the worst of the week (as in double French). But then, for the first time in about four days the sun decides to come visit us in not-so-sunny Portugal. My Biology test does not disappoint me and then the shocker of the day: French results :O (never thought French would be on the 'pro' side of the list one day...) wellllllll,.......! almost 70% I am really happy! its not an A but who in my position would not be happy with a very high B? In French?!!
For the week to be perfect i just need to get my Physics results back positively (hopefully ~70%, although I don't think so...) :S !!! 
Lots of homework still to do :( English essay (which, ofcourse, I left for the last day...)
Good night, xxx

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Men With Hats


Reffering to the 'Watchers' in 'The Adjustment Bureau'. My latest film encountry. I really like it, it is playing with the ide that all our lives are controlled and that we go a path which is planned for us. David Norris falls instantly in love with a women when they first meet, but is not supposed to see her ever again.  He is a young politician who wants to be selected into the Senat and when through the lazyness of one of the watchers he meets Elise again on the way to work, he decides that he does not want to live without her. On being shown some of the 'behind the scenes' of the watchers world (who now try anything to keep the two appart) he fights for his love, being helped by one of the watchers who has sympathy for him, and in the end being awarded his love for his brave fighting.
I liked this film, because of it's amazing coordination. There are so many elements involved into it that there is something in the film for every one. A really sweet romance - which, however, is still not cheesy - some action for the male audience out there and also some aspects of the serious life. David is told that, he has great chances of becoming President of America at some stage in his career and that Elise is set to have an amazing career as a dancer and that if he still stayes with her, both of their dreams will be destroyed... This is also happening in reall life, sometimes you have to let go of something or someone that you love for their own good. It does not mean that you don't love it/him, in the contrary, it has to be done because of love.

School has again begun after a very relaxing week of holidays, but the next ones are already in sight; only four and a half weeks to go!! Then Easter. I'm so happy, I am going to go to england to visit my english relatives, finally, it has been so long. But for now I am happy to be with my awsome friends now again every day, I didn't realise how much less fun I had in the time that I haven't seen them....
We all had a most enjoyable english lesson today, supposedly doing essays on our book 'To Kill a Mockingbird' by Harper Lee, we had a very fun time joking around or playing online games. Well, I do not think that that went so well, our teacher did not, or pretended not to care what we were doing because she thinks it is not her problem if we gat a bad grade.... Mine will defenightly not be as good as it should be. From two or so pages on two questions, I wrote about one for both... I hope I will not be the only one who gets a D or C AGAIN.... :(
I'm going now, its weird I feel like I have this obligation to write something on my blog every few days but in the same way I feel like I am a) boring some random strangers to death or b) just writing this and no one actually reads this, which would be sad but which is probably highly possible....
So I'll just go to bed now until I loose some important part of my brain to this unimportant 'worryment' of mine... xx

Saturday, 5 March 2011

Can't Keep Up

Yup, I can't keep up... Not with all the GREAT/AWSOME/SAD/AMAZING films I watched or the stuff happening in school.
This is my second post today, because, I finally have half term holidays, YAY...! hehe, finally sleep as long as you want and no uncomfortable school uniform... (this has also a bad aspect because you actually have to think about what to wear). Teachers didn't even try to be nice, they gave us loads of homework and a test in the first day back.... :( Well and, yeah, I got a C on the last english assessment, on computergames.... (I mean, the only game I ever play is Paxcon)
What ever.... Weather is pretending it wanted to make up for all the weeks of lovely sunshine and warmth, by being horrible :( but at least it's not as bad as last year, when I first came here.... it's really weird to think of it that way, I've now been living here for exactly one year...
The thing I actually wanted to talk about is, as I already said, the great films I have been watching. I'm still totally stunned by '127 hours' because that is what actually happened... I've been researching and finding the stuff even more horrible than when I first saw them in the film, because I am now realising, everything actually happened...
The next film, 'Remember Me', brought me to tears, not that that is really hard to do (I cry in every sad film, have you ever watched 'My sister's keeper'? It's about the most sad film I've ever watched.).
Most girls already saw it when it came out in summer, »because it has Robert Pattinson in it!!!« Wow.
I love the 'Twilight Saga' but I did not think that he was actually acting very well in any of it,... Probably because the film isn't serious. (has never made me cry) But in this film he is amazing! It's so sad to look at, especially as his life is finally getting better again, the father starts realising, how bad he war behaving, he had an amazing girlfriend, he has to die.... When the attack on the world trade centers actually was I was five or something, I can only remember listening to the radio and thinking, Well thats terrible but I'm not affected by it.
Watching this film, is the first time I realise how big it was and how many people had lost some one they loved within about half an hour. I  read that 2752 people died in the attack. I'm pretty shocked, how anyone could have planned that and not have thought about the many people affected by it.
The last film I wanted to talk about, 'Pay It Forward', was unfortunally not a true story. It's a pretty old film (released 2000), but the story is so wonderful. It is about this little boy who has a huge idea how to make the world a better place, and how this idea affects his environment. In the end he dies (again... WHY????) and it is unrealistic because he gets stabbed by a knife in the gut. A) why would a 12 year old kid stab another 12 year old kid to death? And B) do you die from being stabbed in the gut within minutes? But the end is touching any way....
So this is a pretty cheesy blog because, now it seems like I cry when ever the slightes horrible thing crosses my way, but, I really feel bad about stuff right now... I need to watch something funny some time soon again......!
Night... x

127 hours

An unbelievable true story about a man who fought for his life.
It's about Aron Ralston, a american mountain climber who got stuck in a canyon in utah while canyoneering. It is an amazing story, and the way it is filmed is also very well done. Even though most of the film is playing in the canyon, it never gets boring. It begins with Aron ignoring everyone around him, who cares, he tells nobody where he goes, to show the world he can handle anything on his own.
He knows his way around the canyons better than any one, but when huge rock falls onto his right hand, he can't move anymore. No one knows where he is, he only has a limitted amount of food and water and his film camera. He trys everything to come free and ends up cuttin his own hand off. The good thing is that he survives at all. In total he spent 127 hours in the canyon, and its a true story this is Aron Ralston (he did not play himself in the film) and even though he only has one arm, he still climbs.

(A picture he took of himself in the canyon, while still thinking he would die)

Monday, 21 February 2011

Remember The Name

It's a song by Fort Minor, which I think that I already have mentioned in any of my former posts. But its just so good, I reeeallly like it! Especially these chorus lines:

»Ten percent luck, twenty percent skill
Fifteen percent concentrated power of will
Five percent pleasure, fifty percent pain
And a hundred percent reason to remember the name.«

I am not gonna say anything particularly deep about what I think about this, just that I think this is a really good song and that this is what I think, is what life is about. (At least for the percon singing, I think the message is 100% beliveable :) )
Not that I have been through anything exceptionally hard, or that I have experienced the 50% of pain which life has; but I can say that life has as many good as bad things in it and that you have to enjoy them. The song is GREAT if you feel down, and you are in one of your crying, omg-the-world-is-horrible-and-unfair-and-no-one-understands-me phases. Try it out.
I have noticed that I mostly have the desire to write something on my blog when something has happened with what I'm unhappy and I just use this to scrible down all my annoyed and 'ununderstood', whiny feelings,... I'm Sorry!
Today I am writing with no other reason in mind and here it is. I did not at all do well in my Physics test,... :( very, very, very bad!!!
I had hoped that, even though I knew, I had not studies enough, I would do well in this test because my other one was already horrifying.... This one was not at all good either. I got my worst percentage so far. This year I did not fail a test,..... until NOW :( My average has gone down drastically and I would have to get something like 90% in my next test in order to correct it so that am not completely ashamed of myself. (I will NEVER in my whole LIFE get something like a 90 on a Science, especially PHYSICS test,.... EVER!!)
But otherwise my day was good, I was stuck in a bad mood for the next 2 hours unfortunally, ruining my favourite lesson - Portuguese - and pissing off one of my best friends in Maths class,.... OOoopss, SORRY for being a b****!!! My mood got better because of the portuguese test we wrote and got back imediately, 90%!!! yayyy, why cant i just do the same in Science??? Oh, yeah, I don't study hard enough, thats the 50% pain mentioned above...
My art class was my best lesson today, I had to finish my transcription of a piece by Gustav Klimt ('Birch Forrest') and I can't say that I hate it as much as I did in the beginning,... Luckily..!!

That ^^ up there is it. Well, it's the original and not my version but that's what mine is supposed to look like. My art book, is something I am proud of, and which I really like because it's like it's a part of me,... I am not proud because I think it is good or because every one always tells me »Rosa, you're amazinggg at art!!!« (I dont think this is true btw)...
I just read a book I got for my Birthday called, 'Lament' and it's witten by the amazing Maggie Stiefvater  (who also has an awsome, german name Stiefvater = Stepfather). I really recomend it, I finished it yesterday (-night) and my friend allready lent it from me today. Another amazing book by her is 'Shiver' (sounds creepy and killer like but isn't), which is officially a favourite book of mine. 

I painted my nails red, with the cooool nail varnish I got on my b-day-party (Thanks Ana!! loveee it!) for which we went to the cinema, to watch 'No Strings Attached', good and funny film. My favourite quote: »You can't fight, you're miniature, you fight like a Hamster!!!« heheheheh
You may have figured out that I am not a fan of Horrooorrr!! :O Neither in books not in films!! Although I LOVE action films and ROMANTIC COMEDIES!! And the people behind us would not STOP making fun of  me, if you know me, you know that I laugh VERY loudly....

I really like blogging as long as I have this, I don't need a therapist or anything like that. I just need some nice people out there who read what I have to say here and who leave me coments every now and again telling me that everything that I write about is not total c***......

Thank You!!

Wednesday, 16 February 2011

All Alone

So, since wednesday I am living at my friends house (thanks Iz!!) because my mom is in Madrid, YAY!!
Also, I got a new (portuguese) phone number so that I can text with half of the class for free, YAY again!!
Nothing else really interesting has happened in my life,...
Except for a (almost) failed mathstest, a physics test which probably does not look any better and the fact that a majority of my friends started calling me a flirt... So NOT true. (Yeah, and by the way my new nickname is carrot... wth??? Laurihna, WHY??) Some of my friends found out who I like and WON'T STOPP nagging me about it,.... :P arggghh!!!
Going back to school after Germany takes some getting used to. It's really amazing how such a small change in your repetetive daily life can throw you out of your usual habits so drastically. Missing One Chemistry lesson has lead me to not understanding a word anyone is saying anymore. My portuguese teacher has changed her lovely personality and has become stricter. :( I LOVED portuguese before. It reeeally was my favourite subject, we used to have so much fun just messing around all the time and learning at the same time. Now nothing of that sort. I mean I still like the subject because I'm a huge fan of languages, but it's just not the same any more,... :(
Oherwise I have become obsessed with the song 'Price Tag' by Jessie J and also her older song 'Do it like a Dude'. Both have been going around in my head all day, it is getting really annoying!
I want to show you this awsome site:, which is a site were you can lisen to music for free! And if you create an account you can save your songs in playlists. It has almost every song you can possibly want (even classic, I've introduced my mom to it too...). Just try it out!! and it really is good because the vidoes in youtube kindof distract me from my actuall work most of the time. Oh, and I forgot you can also listen to the radio... hehehe!!!
This is probably one of my less fun bloggs, but I felt that i had to write something again. Laura gave me a t-shirt for my birthday saying »I LOVE MY BLOG!« so totally true!! thank you Laura, EPIC prezzie!!
Good night!!!


Thursday, 10 February 2011

Boring English Lesson

I have no Idea what to write about at thes precice moment in time as I told you everything interesting in my life yesterday. And since then nothing actually interesting happened yet.
I could of course review the film I watched yesterday,...? Good idea?? Ok, yep.
I watched: CHICAGO. (With Catherin Zeta Jones the one from 2002)
I watched it because I am going to England in May! YAY! And my godparents sent me a few shows to choose from, which we can see in London when I'm there. And on my process of choosing one I watched the film (Which, by the way, I really like!). Other shows from which I can choose are:

Pricilla Queen of the Dessert
Legally Blond
(And there was another one which I forgot)

I like Chicago most though. The ''Cell Block Tango'' still goes around in my head.... :) 
»Pop, Six, Squish, Uh uh, Cicero, Lipschitz,....«

It's just really good song. Put it in in Youtube. And also I wanted to say, Yes there is a lot of girls in underwear in this movie but, you can enjoy it ever without that!!

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

YAY, Happy Birthday Me!!!

HEEEYY, sorry i haven't wrote anything in the whole of february!!! *gasp!!!*
Well, there is a reason!...
I was in GERMANY!!!! YAY!!! FUNN!!!
heheh, and I had my birthday on the 5th, Yipieee! Well I was in germany at the time, 6 days. I missed sometime in school, but most of you know that that isn't a reason for an average Teenager to actually start crying....! :D hehehe, who DOESN'T like having a day off?? Or two, or maybe 4.....
It was an extremely exciting, but soooooo exhausting!! And looooads of fun. I arrived on Thursday morning on Munich airport (after waking up sometime after 3am) and had to go by train and FOOT to my ''Aunt's'' flat. (She's my moms best freind, so technically not my aunt) And on the way the train decided to stop for half an hour, AND I didn't even have a good book,.... So I had to be happy with listening to a German/French couple. (Remember the issues I have with French??!!) The woman (French) was deteminded to learn Bavarian (German + southern slang) and it was actually quite funny. Even tho the guy wasn't stopping correcting her, POOR her....
I went to school with my best friend one day, in order to meet the rest of the class who I hadn't seen in almost a year. And suddenly it seems as if I went into the wrong class room. *shock/horror* Wasn't wrong afterall but they had all GROWN! They are OMG-tall!!! Seriously! And I was the smallest person in the class :S (Here, in Portugal, there are always atleast five  people which are smaller than me :( )
So on Saturday, half of the class came over for a Party-slash-Film-watch-evening-slash-night,.... Fun too! Good music and one, actually two of the boys had ''composed'' a song, which wasn't even bad!
Next day we (Lea and Lynn aka. my best bavarian friends and me) went to this MASIVE lake, which froze so that you could go on the ice,.... SO much fun! But then I went back to Munich for the last few days, dentist and other stuff-- (I decided that I hate the dentist - even tho my actual dentist is really nice - because after having loose braces - which she told me, would solve all my tooth-problems - now I probably need ''proper'' aka. bracket-braces. But only in two years,.... I don't want them in two years!!! I mean, if you have braces now, everyone does and it doesn't matter. If you have them when you're twenty then, well, your the poor loner who still has braces...!! I do NOT wanna be having braces when I'm twenty!!!!!)
Ok, now I got carried away again a bit!! I should practice summarizing myself in my blog, but exactly this is why I love blogging, NO LIMITS!!! YAY,... Eventhough you probably, couldn't be bothered to read this post until here so that, in the end, I still am the boring loner who sitts there and writes bloggs all by herself which no one reads,... :( sad.
What I actually wanted to say: I'm really happy to be back in Portugal again,.....!!! All my friends and the normal, boring, old school life was fun and exciting today and some people even seem to have missed me!!!! NO I'm not that sad,.... Ok, loads of people missed me and my awsomely loud laughter,... HEHEH!!!! Sorry guys!
So, because I'm a very nice person (with a loud personallity) and my birthday just passed, I feel like saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to everyone who was born on the 9th of february!!
ARRGHHH,.. I need to stop writing!! (Like in the SHORT story we wrote for english Hw, 22 pages, Well Done Rosa!!!)
So, Bye!! Xxx

Ps.: Here awsome Germany pic (+ me)

Monday, 31 January 2011


I had to make a collage with images to show my identity in class today,... On the way to that I found this,...

I just had to post it, immediately :) I love that poem/whatever it is :)  I'm gonna make that my moto for now :) (Lol, thats a lot of smileys, hehe) 
Especially because I like dancing! It's one of the things which I want to be able to do really well of all things. Next to painting and drawing and awww, actually there's quite a lot of stuff :)

Here's another one:

And my List of favourite songs today is:
Rocketer - Far East Movement
Take Your Shirt Of - T-Pain (yay!)
Big Big World - Emilia (don't judge)