Monday, 27 February 2012

I Love Berlin

I keep apologizing at the beginnings of my posts. So here it is again: SORRY for not being regular and organised anymore! The thing is, my life is quite a mess at the moment, so it is hard to keep on track with all my obligations or wishes. :( I still haven't surfed :( and I havent gone to dance since Xmas either..... now after admiting that, I feel somewhat guilty.
What I have been doing is moving house.... well appartment really, from the 2nd to the 12th floor; which I don't ming but my mom can hardly look out the window without getting a heart attack. I find the view quite nice as I can see my old ''house'' and my school (what a joyfull sight, meehhh..) and the sea from the window. So right now I am sitting in an unbrearibly empty living room of my ''old'' appartment and am supposed to be doing school work... Ooops.... History Coursework to be precise. Procrastination is one of my biggest qualities :D
History has been an important part of my half term holidays, which now saldy lie behind me. I went to Berlin, and I even got to miss a few days at school :D No one can resent that.... Berlin was a very exciting experience, first of all I had never been to Berlin, even if it is the capital of my home country, but also I enjoyed being in the company of my frinds for longer than a few hours, and in a different environment than school. The trip still had a lot to do with history, as we visited a large amout of museums, memorials and such to learn about the time of anti-semitism and the cold war era in Germany. But even if we did have a lot to do there was always still alot of time to have fun. One night we went ice skating, which was definightly one of the main reason I wanted to go on the trip in the first place. I love it so much! I might not even be the best at it, but I enjoy it very much! 
The hostel/hotel in which we stayed was amazing! For 12€ a night, and included 3 meals, free internet, pool and SAUNA. Amazing. Loved it. Seriously, it was also one of the best things from the trip. evryone crowded into the tiny 6 person sauna, and we ended up having to stand because there were 14 peole in it. 
The bad thing was the weather, when we arived it snowed and when it left it snowed again, but inbetween there was rain, and wind, and freezing coldness. It was so cold, I was semi-ill immediately and I lost my voice for basicly the entire trip. Here again, I need to credit the sauna, with out which I would have been way more ill then Ireally was. But appart from that the trip was absolutely amazing, and I really already miss it. 
Part of why it was so fun also was because even though we where in seperate corridors, we did manage to ''smuggle'' some boys into our room every night, to have more fun. Sleep? We had 4 hours at the most. Which explains why I slept 19 hours once I got home. And also alcohol. I'm not going to say much about it except for that it ended in us getting in trouble over someone throwing up in their bed. Not good. But most of us where OK actually. Including me.
One of the new discoveries I have made since I have come home, and boredom has shook me is Downton Abbey, which is a british television series playing in they early 1900's and which includes Maggie Smith, who makes everything hilarious, even though she is a very dry and posh woman. I have now finished the first season, and I must say I like all the characters very much, especially Anna the head housemaid. Of course I hope that Mry and Matthew will end up together happily every after but we will see. I knew about the show for sometime through the blog of one of my favourite authors Kristin Cashore who writes about it, and made it seem interesting for me. But I only started now, when I felt I had nothing else to do. (Which is not true there is always a lot to do, the problem is, they're things I don't feel like doing most of the time.) And I regret leaving it for so long because I really like the show.
My first longer blog post and I am talking about history throughout most of it..... I hope I didn't bore you too much.

My Berlin songs:

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I'm Sorry!

I'm sorry for the break!! Soo with my birthday being nearly two weeks ago, I now feel guilty with not writing anymore. As some prezzies I got the Mission Impossible boxed set, Whoooop Whoooop! I love it, I love ittt! I've already watched them all!
Also I finished Eragon, finally! Not finally because I was bored with it, but because I couldn't wait to get to the end! Galbatorix dies, thankfully! And basically the only thing that I didn't like was the fact that Eragon and Arya ended up seperated. I'm such a hopeless romantic! :( I can understand that it doesnt work since she is queen and he has to look for new land and stuff but I still cried in the end. Which just proves that it is really an amazing book! Inheritance is known to be the last book of the series, but Christopher Paolini said that he would return to Alagaesia at some point, so I am still hoping fiercely for another book! I really want them to end up together. Also, is Saphira going to lay an egg? Awww, Saphira is gonna be a mommy!
Otherwise, I am up to date on all my series, yayyy, and I was seriously shocked when Louis tells Blaire that she is basicly forced to be his fake wife. I mean, I really always wanted her to be with him so that she could become a princess! But I was also happy because she did love him to some extent! And because Chuck was a serious twat for a a long time now. And Oh My Goodness, Georgina as GG!? No Thank you! The best thing about the last episode was the two Charlie's meeting, I found that so cool!
I am off to Berlin for a few days tomorrow since next week is carnival holidays! Yayyyy! I am really looking forward to going to Germany with all my friends, and showing of my awsome language skills, and eating currywurst and going ice skating and evverythinggg! So this wil be an extremely short post :(
Ps.: I've still got to pack :S
Night! XX

Song of the next few days:
Disco Pogo - Die Atzen

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Are You OK?

WOW, I just watched the new glee episode, and I had not expected to be so amazed. I am a glee fan and I watch it regularly but this is probably the BEST cover they've done! Without a doubt! WOW. AMAZING. I'm so flattened. I don't even have words. Just this: I'M OBSESSED.
I think this composition of the voices together and the Cellos is making me speechless. I am now listening to it for the 7th time consecutively. I JUST LOVE IT! The Cellos and the voices.... Wow. I'm getting all upset, that's how good I think it is.
You can just see how this impressed me by the fact that I'm ignoring my Mondays posting schedule. Just Wow.
OK, I better stop now. I don't know if you even begin to understand how amazing this is but. I won't bore you any longer with random outbursts or emotion.
And you can already guess my Song of the Moment, so all that remains for me to say is, Night. XX

PS.: 8th time. Just Wow.