Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Two Spies, One Girl

Just had my first surf lesson in 3 months. The 18th of March. It was amazing. I was already so happy last week, but this was a lesson and it was exhilarating... lol. My friend Laura always makes fun of me for using vocab like that... -.- It was a very good lesson! I loved it. I was surfing with a teacher who I havent had before, but he was also really nice and actually helped me quite a lot. And my lovely friend Tete was also there, which was good because I hadn't seen her in quite a while.
What I am really excited about this week is A) the performances of Little Shop of Horrors (god, tomorrow is the dress rehersal :/) and B) the Hunger Games film is coming out! OH YEAHhh! The only bad thing is that I can't actually see it on Thursday because I've got a show -.- But we all made plans to go see it Saturday morning....!! I am SO looking forward to seeing it! But I'm also a bit scared that it won't fullfill my expectations because I love the book so much. I'm actually reading it again right now in preparation kind of.... The thing I am seriously disappointed about is that neither Peeta NOR Gale are good looking. FML. Seriously? Am I going to have to wait till next year - when Hunger Games 2 will come out hopefully (????) - untill I can see anyone somewhat good looking? Finnick? Ok. I just hope that he'll be played by Alex Pettyfer. (BTW, don't you think there should be another ''R'' in his last name?) But then again I want Alex to play most male characters. It would be widely appreciated too I think! No one minds a film that Alex is in :D I'm looking forward to Magic Mike SO much! COME ON: Alex Pettyfer, Channing Tatum AND Joe Maganiello in one film.... oh god I'm gonna faint of hotness!
Let's move on, befor I get too excited! I watched This Means War the other day and I don't really know if I liked it or not. I definightly did NOT like the part where she chose Chris Colfer over Tom Hardy! I did NOT get that! Who can choose a hot American dude over a hot British guy? I'd go for the Brit anytime... The accent is hot. I'm not saying that I didn't appreciate Chris' good looks or anything and I have to say I do tend to go for the jerks, but lately not so much. I loved and hated the end because that really summed up the two guys personalities. Male slut and unbelievably nice awsome british guy. Maybe it's just my mothering instincts (oh god, the guy is, like, 30 or something) taking over bcause he is just so nice and sweet, and that's why I can't understand how anyone would want to dump a guy like that. And about his ex-wife/kid's mother: I really dont like her. I mean 1st of all she divorced/dumped/whatevered him and THEN when he turns out to be a secret agent shes all over him again? Seriously? And he's still so heart broken he goes for it? That's just mean! Like, abusing a helpless guy in a bad situation. Or taking away a kid's Lolipop. You just don't.
I just, like JUST now, watches the last episode of Pretty Little Liars. Ohmigod. A = MONA? Srsly? Nooooooooo! I as beginnig to LIKE her. I was also absolutely in love with the penultimate episode, because I adored the twist with Jenna and everything! I'm already sad that the season is over! I am glad tho that they left the end unclear so that it can go on. But at the same time I feel frustrated. It's like I've watched for so long can't I get a bit of a reward? And don't tell me Mona was more than enough rewarding....
I am STILL waiting for Hacking Harvard and quite annoyed about how long shipping from America takes! Waahhhhhh! I'm tired and I haven't done any homework yet, sooooo: BYE XX

Here's a song my bestie Lozza showed me.... Bleh, it's stuck in my head!

Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

Monday, 12 March 2012

The Key

Actually, quite a lot has happened in the last week :D
First of all Little Shop of Horrors rehersals are now on the final strech. We have ten days to go till opening night, but we are already performing two songs to part of our school tomorrow. The year 12 and 13's. -.- Hmpf. A) They are older so they WILL judge. B) My cousin is in year 12 and our relationship is complicated.... And also the songs aren't perfect yet... We only just learned part of one of the songs today. In the last 15 minutes of rehersals. Very hurriedly. but over all I am actually looking forward to it all! Today was also the first rehersal with the band, and at least three songs are absolutely amazing. 'The Dentist', 'Muschnik and Son' and 'Feed Me' are so good already, that everyone always feels excited enough again to proceed with rehersals (even though you're really tired!).
Second of all I went surfing sunday morning for the first time in about three months. I was so tired and sandy and salty afterwards and my hair was horrible and dry and tangled but it was the best feeling ever. I tried for half an hour and I only caught one wave (actually it was a foam wave -.-) so I was a little bit frustrated that I am so unfit again, as well as happy. The next surf competition will be a Rip Curl Pro in Bell's Beach, Auzzieland. And it will start on the 3rd of April hopefully. I reallt hope Owy can do better after his Quaterfinal end to the first event!!! I really want him to win a lot of events and become world champ. I don't particularily like Kelly (even though I am in awe of his surfing) because he WINS ALL THE FRICKING TIME. And as already said I want Owy to win!
Todays title has a lot to do with a book which is coming out in May. FINALLY. Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore. And the reason I am mentioning it in this way is because Amazon.com has released the Prologue and first Chapter as a sneak peek. YAYY! I was reading all through english. You can believe the teacher wasn't very happy :/ I'm posting a link to the site where you can read the extract HERE.
And finally: Superbad. The film. HILARIOUS. I know it's a little old already but: AMAZING. Seriously I now officially love Jonah Hill. And I think that Michael Cera is absolutely adroable. I watched the film with my lovely BFF InĂªs when she was sleeping over at mine and we both loved it. I love the way its rudely humorous and that its target audience is mainly guys. Because, weirdly enough, I actually find guys jokes funny most of the time even if other people can't understand them. So yeah the obsession with drawing penises and the way that they are totally uncool in reality but they think they are bosses in private make the film different than any other I have ever seen. On watching Superbad I also watched The Sitter because it is Jonah Hill's newest film and I must say in five years the guy has not changed a bit. I also loved that film because his way of dealing with three crazy kids when he can't even get his own act together is quite funny. And it is totally my kind of film because it all ends happily ever after and the kids are suddenly non-problematic, and everyone is BFFs. YAY.
I'm waiting for my newest book Hacking Harvard to come (tomorrow I think :D) and also for the release of THE HUNGER GAMES film. I actually even got my mother to read the first book (she is now on the second, and rapidly progessing too!) and I have also relapsed to starting over with book one!
And ONE more thing. I have started watching Geordie Shore. Also a brutally funny show. It is the enlish version of Jersy Shore and it is quite enjoyable; a thing I would NEVER have thought before I actually started it! The affected way the characters act as well as the fact that they are ALL complete drama queens and total sluts (girls AND guys!) make the show to surreally that it is hard to belive people like that actually exist. But I very much enjoy watching their little disasters!
Imma be off to watch the new Pretty Little Liars episode now :D BYE XX

I am quite obsessed with Mika at the moment so:
Lollipop - Mika
We Are Golden - Mika
as well as
Ridin' - Chamillionaire ft. Krayzie Bone
Stars - The XX
Queensland - Evil Eddie

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Sunday, 4 March 2012

Finally Almost Married!

I JUST finished the second season of Downton Abbey and I had to get rid of the happiness somewhere! FINALLY Lady Mary and Matthew are actually engaged! Seriously, took them long enough! The shows two series cover 8 years and it has taken them that long to admit to eachother that they love one another! I was really annoyed at the way Matthew acted after Lavinia's death. I liked her, because she was a really sweet character, but, it's horrible to say this: I'm also kinda glad she's dead! It was basicly the only whay that Mary and Matthew were ever gonna be together. So I was really annoyed when he was basicly forbidding himself to feel what he felt for Mary. I mean I get that he feels guilty but, after waiting so LONG for them to get over everything else, it was just ridiculous. I felt like saying ''WAHHHH! Just get overrr it! You know you want to!!'', even his MOTHER was urging him towards her! I just hope they actually get married now. They are shooting the 3rd series at the moment and it will come out some time later this year, and who knows what they come up with to make everything difficult again.
One thing that made me particularily happy in the christmas special was that Sir Richard finally got slapped. Well more like punched... By Matthew. YAY! I DID NOT LIKE HIM AT ALL! I thougth he was a reall twat for making Mary marry him. And the way he treated her and other people wasn't just unfriendly and maybe unbritish, but really really rude and mean and cunning and purposefully so!
Also, there is Sybill who finally married the chauffeur, thank god. With them it was also a huuuuge build up and then evrything happened at once. I'm especially happy that they're still on good terms with the family, because it would have been really bad if she had gone out of the show. I like her so much! Also Edith who was a really big b**** in the first series has finally become a nice girl... I hope she finds someone who will marry her. Because with every guy she likes there always is something in the way.
Anna and Mr. Bates are married and he is NOT gonna die. Thank god. Neither of them deserved it, such nice people. I liked Anna from the 1st episode!
This seems to be just some post ranting on about Downton... let's talk about something else now.
I had my first Little Shop of Horrors weekend rehersal yesterday. It went on for 5 hours and was really exhausting. But also really good because At least two of the actors, the canibalistic plant and the sadistic dentist Orin Scrivello, are really good and it was hilarious to watch/part take!
Otherwise: I don't have any books at the moment, care to recomend some? And yay, season 18 of ANTM has started. They call it ''british invasion''.. Americans vs. Brits... I'm so voting british! Nothing against the Americans, but I just preffer the UK! Even though me being partially british probably makes me biased :/ Lol.
Other than this, I have no news. So bye. XX

PS.: I think I might hve gotten over THE BOY. Yay..! I hope this doesn't jinx it!

Banana Pancakes - Jack Johnson
Bring Me Flowers - Hope
American Woman - Lenny Kravitz
and, even tho I hate myself for liking it:
Live My Life - Far East Movement ft. Justin Bieber