Monday, 5 December 2011

WARNING! Murderous Plant!

I just got into our school musical, Little Shop of Horrors, Yay!! Hence the title of todays post... I had to go through two auditions and got in even though I don't take singing classes or drama, so I'm pretty happy with myself. I got the role of one of the narrators which is a crowd of 3 - 12 girls, who aren't really involved in the plot, but they keep the whole story together in a way. It's going to be run in March, so that's still a long time but I'm actually quite worried as I am going to have mock GCSE exams in January and the real exams in May :S

Yeah, mocks, Urghhh. I don't even want to think about them. I am going to Germany and I am going to have a nice Christmas. And the 1st day back at school: BANG! A ten hour art exam. I mean I'm happy its only art, beacuse it's something I love to do and I am kinda good at but the rest of the next two weeks are going to be horrible. And I have only 1 month to revise for about 8 subjects.... -.- Buhuhuhuuuuuu! I feel like crying.
In 3 days the Billabong Pipe Masters are starting! Yessssss! I thought it was today actually so I was a little disapointed buttt, its so close I can wait for 3 more days :) I had the most amaaazing time surfing yesterday! The waves were perfect for me, some small ones, some big ones. and I got three really nice ones. It's such an amazing feeling when you're up on a wave, and everything is going perfect. The take off was fast, you're balanced well and 'the drop' is yet to come. You don't have to concentrate just go with the moment... Adrenalin. I couldn't stop smiling afterwards :) And in the beginning I didn't want to go because the weather was grey and there was no sun. It turned out to be a bright day (literally, my eyes were squinting and watering for about 2 minutes before I got into the water)...

I watched The Debt with Helen Mirren and Sam Worthington. It's a really good but scary movie, the first one I worried that I was going to have nightmares in agesssss (but I didn't). It's about three agents which are supposed to kidnap the 'Surgeon of Birkenau' (a concentration camp, where he did medical 'testing' on humans) and bring him to court. It's about them being young and on the mission and all the drama that surronds it. Fight training, Rachel (who is played by Jessica Chastain and portrays a young Helen Mirren) getting pregnant from one guy on the mission but being in love with the other (Worthington), and in the end failing at bringing him to court as he manages to escape. And then it shows what happens 30 year later. They told the world that they killed him and are celebrated like heroes. But a journalist threatenes to find the truth about the surgeon escaping and Rachel needs to take out the surgoen for good as her two co-agents are both unable to do it (dead and wheelchair). Rachel was the one who nearly died in a struggle with the surgeon befor he escaped and now she manages to kill him, after they had another stuggle, typically, in a bathroom; after he stabbed her with a pair of scissors. The whole scene is gross but less so than in Breaking Dawn because for some reason, I can handle action/war movies better than birth scenes... All in all it's a really good movie if you like that sort of suff and you should go watch it. :D

Songs of the Moment:
Let the Sun Shine - Labyrinth
Titanium - David Guetta ft. Sia
Geronimo - Aura Dione
Up In Flames - Labyrinth ft- Devlin, Tinchy Stryder

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