Monday, 19 December 2011

Jingle Bell Rock

Ho, ho, ho from Germanyyy!
Yes, I am writing this post form Germany, where I will be spending my holidays with my lovely family :) At the moment it is just my grandma, my aunt and uncle and 8 of my cousines (of which 7 are male, and from the same  aunt :P), and my mom. Family Christmases are always a big deal, and they are always really nice but also extremely exhausting.
The only bad thing, I think I already mentioned this on a previous post, I have fricking exams the frist fricking day I get back to school! Soooooo, I need to study in Germany. For this purpose I carried my ~10kg heavy schoolbag around various airports and train stations.... And now even though it IS the first day here I deffinightly SOULDN'T be blogging instead of doing actual work :S buttt it's so much more funnn, as you may have guessed I am very good at procrastination, which is not one of my best traits.
My journey was good except for the part where I had to wake up at 4:30 am IN THE MORNING! Oh but the rest was good, I relatively like flying and after I had to take a 2hr train for which I ddn't pay because no one asked for my ticket (my mom was there too, so it wasn't my fault :P).
 The Strictly Come Dancing Season ended! Guess who won? HARRY JUDD OF COURSE! I mean I had no doubt that he would because I had amazing talent and a great chemistry with Aliona, who is an absolutely amazing choreographer too! He was the only one who got to perfect 40 scores in the finale! And he just looked so amazing in all four dances! I am going to be actually sad that the season is over because I loooove watching those dances, in my oppinions it's not thattt much about the celebrities but they also make the whole thing more interesting. It would be worth it to be a british celebrity just to have the chance to go on to SCD! I wouuuuld absolutely love to do a show like that.... Yeahhh, that's not happening :(
I finished Matched (by Ally Condie) the day after I first posted about it, and I was completely right about the ending and her ending up with Ky. I mean, I get the appeal of something forbidden, but why can't any girls EVER be happy with what they've got,... in books...  I mean first of all Catniss, who can't accept her love for Peeta and then Gale and the can't decide, and with that she ruins everything! And thhhen, in Matched, why the hellll can't Cassia just stay with Xander??? It was obvious that she was pretty much in love with him anyways before the whole microcard incident, so why does she have to rebell? Ally Condie might have thought that it would make a more interesting ending, it probably did, but I think the whole aspect of a ''forced'' marriage in modern days is pretty interesting. Whatever, I don't agree with Cassia endling up with Ky, I guess he is a thoughtful guy and mysterious and the rest but Xander is every bit as thoughtful and he is good looking and totally in love with her at the same time. All I have to say is that, I would have chosen  Xander.
I also ordered and ready Uglies by Scott Westerfeld. Actually, I read it in one night. Which already explaines how good it is. It's about a world in which everyone is ''ugly'' untli their 16th brithday, on which they have an extreme beautifying operation, to make them all symetrical and beautiful. This is to stop discrimination and hate between the people who live somewhere in the future, where the current civilisation had basicly been whiped out. All Tally wants is to ''turn pretty'', because as the youngest of her friends she feels lonely in the specified area of her city in which the uglies live. Then she gets to know a girl called Shay who is completely different, she is tought, happy with whom she is and how she looked like, and she doesn't want to ''turn''. When Shay runs away to a vilage called the Smoke, estabished  by former doctors and scientists who found out that in the operation not only the appearance of people get's changed but also part of their brain gets washed. On her birthday, Tally is not allowed to be ''turned'' as the officials from 'Special Circumstances' noticed Shay's disappearance and now foce Tally to bring back her  friend of for ever stay ugly. Of course, Tally chooses to betray her friend, but when she arrives at the Smoke after a hard journey, she falls in love with the honesty and the people of the Smoke. Especially David, who is the son of Maddy and Az, the founders of the Smoke, who turns out to be beautiful in his own way. In the end she betrays them, even if she doesn't want to and she decides to fight witht the Smokies against the oppression of free will by the Special Circumstances department.
This book I really liked, because it had everything in it that I really like: a romance, a bit of action, and some thought provoking topic (beauty orperation/brain liasions in this case). I just think it is a brilliant book, which is why I immediately bought all other books in or connected to the series.... I won't get them now that I'm in Germany as they will be delivered to my appartement in Portugal but, that is actually not a bad thing as in this way, I won't get tooo much ditracted by shiny new books when I'm supposed to be studying for my mock GCSE exams... WAAHHH!!!
Wellll first of all I will try to enjoy Xmas!!
Happy Holidayysss, XX

My favorite Xmas songs:
Last Christmas - Wham
Let It Snow! - Frank Sinatra
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree - Brenda Lee
Driving Home for Christmas . Chris Rea

Jingle Bell Rock - Bobby Helms <3

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