Monday, 10 December 2012

The Adventures Of Fat Amy

This week I finally feel inspired again and I actually know what I want to write about! Yaayy!
So I watched this film yesterday that is called Pitch Perfect, and it's been out since September, but I've only seen now, and I actually liked it a lot!
It's a musical comedy, it's cheesy and predictable, but sometimes even those films are good! :D Especially if they've got Rebel Wilson in them! She's such a funny person! I think she's the female Jonah Hill, ohmigod, if they got together and had babies!! :') But they're probably too similar for that! Well, she plays an auzzie girl who calls herself ''Fat Amy'' so that other ''twig b*tches'' don't do it behind her back, and she's quite funny and confident in herself and a really appealing character! But she's not the lead character.
That is a girl called Beca played by Anna Kendrick, who's best known for playing Twilight's Jessica. She's a really cool character I think! She's wants to be a DJ, and is mixing tunes all the time, and I actually think that's quite a cool job to do! Ever since I've started listening to BBC Radio 1, and especially Grimmy (Nick Grimshaw) and Scott Mills I've SO want to become a radio DJ! Well, Beca is forced to join a club in Uni by her Dad, who says that he will only support her quitting Uni and doing music instead if she really tries to fit in and like Uni. 
So she joins the ''Bellas'', an acapella group who is lead by a totally up-tight, controlling girl, Aubrey, who failed embarracingly at the last Collegial Accapella Nationals, which means she's even more up-tight and controlling because she wants to redeem herself. This girl is portrayed by Anna Camp, who is also True Blood's Sarah Newlin, which I realised about halfway through. Another reason to like the film. :)
The Bellas are a complete chaos with all the new members and the pressure. But they all get along quite well and Beca even finds herself a romantic interest, a fellow intern at the local radio station. And then they go to regionals and come in second place, and then they lose in the semi finals, but through Elimination of another finalist they're back in the running. They have a fight because of Aubrey's behaviour, and Beca finally shows them that they need to freshen up their song choice and do something more modern. So at finals they do a really cool mash up of 'Price Tag', 'Don't You (Forget About Me)', 'Give Me Everything', 'Just The Way You Are', 'Party In The USA' and 'Turn The Beat Around'. And then Beca and the guy finally kiss and the film ends on Beca leading the Bellas in the auditions for the past year, perhaps leaving space for a sequel...? 
I also got a new cutie from the film, the runner of the radio station that Beca interns at. He is a cute Brit played by Freddie Stroma, who is actually half German and half Swedish, and I must say he's got a nice six pack!!! And also he played Cormach McLaren in the Harry Potter series. I like him. He's cute! A lot cute! And German.. :D I wonder if he actually speaks German... 
Well yeah, really, really funny film that I enjoyed quite a lot, will watch sequel if they do make one and I haven't matured much more than I have now. :D
I'll leave you with a few of my absolute fave quotes and a vid of the ''Riff Off'' which is basically an acapella street battle! Ô.õ

Not Acapella, But Still Aca-awsome:
Ain't Nobody Got Time For That - Sweet Brown (Autotune Remix) (I LOVE this for some strange reason!)

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