Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Tossers Smoking Spliff

I am really sorry for being such a lazy cow! I am just under immense stress due to my seriously massive homework load! Two essays and a chemistry write up, and also four double pages in my art book... F****ckkkkkkk!
I had started watching Skins ages ago, but I only watched one episode and never really got into it... Now InĂªs loved it and convinced me to start it again since I finished my other fill in series.. I watched all 10 series of Friends, hehe..
Tont Stonem
Turns out, Skins isn't so bad! I really started to like Tony's arrogant cockiness and who doesn't love sweet little Sid and kooky Cassie!? I just kept watching and I started to like it more and more.. Michelle was the only character that frequently annoyed me really! It's just 'cos she's so self centered and in love with Tony that she doesn't really give a sh*t about her friends anymore.. Like for instance, when Jal tries to tell her she's pregnant it takes FOREVER to her to actually realize what's going on. Yeah but Tony, he kinda IS a twat because he really isn't a very good boyfriend and he even tried to set up his best friend with his girl friend because he knows, Sid loved her and he's bored. But, we've gone through this a million times... I just always love the arrogant f*cks because I find them funny! And really he isn't that much of a f*ck.. He just pretends to be because it's what people expect.
Effy Stonem
I really liked him, and felt sorry for him, in the second series, because due to his accident he becomes much more vulnerable and nicer too. And you really see his relationship with his sister which I love. It's so sweet! I always think that she is the only person that he really trusts ant loves, and the other way round too! Effy is a really intriguing character anyways because in the first series she has like literally no lines ans she seems like a mysterious and cool girl. Also the fact that she parties as hard as, if not harder than, her brother makes her also cool. I'm happy that she's a central character in the third and fourth series.
Chris and Jal
Chris is also one of my favourites because I find his relationship with his teacher funny and then his relationship with Jal adorable. He is such a niche guy and even though he's kind of a f*ck-up and his like isn't very good, with both his parents running away, he always is in a good mood and up to anything.. Jal is also a sweet girl that has to be pretty much independent due to her distant family, I mean at least she has one, but her dad really doesn't seem like he's doing a good job.. I like her brothers though, because they'll protect her for any price, even though they seem like really annoying little gits in normal day-to-day life.
Anwar and Maxxie
And then theres Anwar and Maxxie, I thought Anwar was so funny! And Maxxie is such a nice guy! Anwar's modern-muslim-ness is so funny in my opinion! He is such a bad muslim, even after he feels guilty for sleeping with the Russian girl he doesn't get any better.. I really wanted him to end up with the pretty girl from the end of season one but instead he had that thing with that Sketch girl... But atleast he and Maxxie end up together! I think they're the sweetest friends!
Sid and Cassie were the couple that I was rooting for all the time. Mostly because I could identify so well with Sid's stupid longtime crush on Michelle, and I know that it's not really healthy. I wanted him to snap out of it and I thought Cass might need a little of the love he needs to give. I think Cassie's eating issues are caused by the lack of love she gets, because she thinks that if she starves herself people will like her more. When Sid stands her up on one occasion she said ''I didn't eat for tree days, to be pretty for you!'' I  felt so horrible! And then she leaves to Scotland and there's no hope for the two of them! :'(
The end of the second series also killed me a little inside! I was soooo happy for Cass to finally have a real friend and Sid at once! And it was also good for Chris to have someone there during the hard part. And it was horrible for Jal to find out about it and then when he diesss! :'( :'( I felt so bad for Cassie, cos he died in her arms, I could totally understand that she just ran away, and I wanted to punch that stupid American dude for leaving her right away too! The Funeral was so sad too! I was actually crying on that bit! And Jal's speech was so beautiful! I hate that they exchanged the cast, because I miss the original people sooo much, I've only watched a few episodes of season 3 and I hope that I only have to get into it again, but I think it's gonna be hard.
Well yeah, I'll keep on watching and I might tell you what I think of it then.
I'm not writing much today 'cos the bell just rang and maths is over... I really should be concentrating, but who cares about Geometric Sequences and Series and Logs and all that stupid stuff!
See ya next week, when, hopefully, I will manage to be more punctual!

Gold Dust - DJ Fresh (Flux Pavillion Remix)
Little Things - One Direction (You don't even konw how ashamed I am of liking this song!! Seriously, I don't normally like boy bands..  But I guess that it's because Ed Sheeran wrote it..)

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