Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Story Of Getting Chased By A Deer With No Horns

''Review of the small things in life: Getting chased by a FRICKIN DEER!!!! (at least it ...: OhMyGod... I just got chased by A FRICKIN DEER!!!! So scary.  SO SCARY!!!! I always thought they were quite passive creatures... but no.''

Heya Peoplessss,
just another favour to ask... Acutally no. This isn't a favour, it's a blessing that I am bestowing on you!! This story is actually hillarious. I can HONESTLY say: ''made my day''.
The blog is new, my bezzie Laurita created it and it reflects her crazy pesonality and her darling dog (really it's the devil, even though it's ears are SO SOFT!) Zuza, and it's amazinnggg, so go check out and enjoy yourselves.. You can thank me later!

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