Saturday, 5 March 2011

127 hours

An unbelievable true story about a man who fought for his life.
It's about Aron Ralston, a american mountain climber who got stuck in a canyon in utah while canyoneering. It is an amazing story, and the way it is filmed is also very well done. Even though most of the film is playing in the canyon, it never gets boring. It begins with Aron ignoring everyone around him, who cares, he tells nobody where he goes, to show the world he can handle anything on his own.
He knows his way around the canyons better than any one, but when huge rock falls onto his right hand, he can't move anymore. No one knows where he is, he only has a limitted amount of food and water and his film camera. He trys everything to come free and ends up cuttin his own hand off. The good thing is that he survives at all. In total he spent 127 hours in the canyon, and its a true story this is Aron Ralston (he did not play himself in the film) and even though he only has one arm, he still climbs.

(A picture he took of himself in the canyon, while still thinking he would die)

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