Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Its been 'raining numbers this week! Good numbers mostly - thankfully. 
The first numbers on Thursday, Chemistry results. My best test this year, or at least I like to call it that because I am most proud of it. 85% which is an amazing A*. I have never in my life gotten an A* for Chemistry. Art maybe, English (when I was in Germany - sure!), but Chemistry????! You can see how happy I am about this. So this basically made my day totally, my average is now an high A, YESSSS! Then on Saturday we fianally went to the cinema again :), FOUR of my friends and m, to watch 'I am number FOUR'.... heheh.. Brilliant movie, not too much, not too little realistic, a romance and an awsome end-fight against the 'badies'. Also, who could forget the fact that the main actor, Alex Pettyfer, is totally gorgeous! He is number four..... On finding out that there is a novel, on which it is loosely based, and a sequel coming out in August, made me happy too.

Otherwise my weekend was crammed full with studying Physics (actually only Sunday, and not much of Sunday anyway...), sleeping and drinking hot chocolate. *OBSESSED* (Yes I know it's childish, don't judge me.) 
So, yesterday was also quite a quiet day, oh, except for one of my teachers atmitting she likes neither my personallity nor my way of thinking and me writing the actual Physics test, which remembrance awakens, almost, physical pain (because it was so bad)... That was pretty much all. AND THEN CAME TODAY! heheh.... awsome day, even though it was supposed to be the worst of the week (as in double French). But then, for the first time in about four days the sun decides to come visit us in not-so-sunny Portugal. My Biology test does not disappoint me and then the shocker of the day: French results :O (never thought French would be on the 'pro' side of the list one day...) wellllllll,.......! almost 70% I am really happy! its not an A but who in my position would not be happy with a very high B? In French?!!
For the week to be perfect i just need to get my Physics results back positively (hopefully ~70%, although I don't think so...) :S !!! 
Lots of homework still to do :( English essay (which, ofcourse, I left for the last day...)
Good night, xxx

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