Saturday, 5 March 2011

Can't Keep Up

Yup, I can't keep up... Not with all the GREAT/AWSOME/SAD/AMAZING films I watched or the stuff happening in school.
This is my second post today, because, I finally have half term holidays, YAY...! hehe, finally sleep as long as you want and no uncomfortable school uniform... (this has also a bad aspect because you actually have to think about what to wear). Teachers didn't even try to be nice, they gave us loads of homework and a test in the first day back.... :( Well and, yeah, I got a C on the last english assessment, on computergames.... (I mean, the only game I ever play is Paxcon)
What ever.... Weather is pretending it wanted to make up for all the weeks of lovely sunshine and warmth, by being horrible :( but at least it's not as bad as last year, when I first came here.... it's really weird to think of it that way, I've now been living here for exactly one year...
The thing I actually wanted to talk about is, as I already said, the great films I have been watching. I'm still totally stunned by '127 hours' because that is what actually happened... I've been researching and finding the stuff even more horrible than when I first saw them in the film, because I am now realising, everything actually happened...
The next film, 'Remember Me', brought me to tears, not that that is really hard to do (I cry in every sad film, have you ever watched 'My sister's keeper'? It's about the most sad film I've ever watched.).
Most girls already saw it when it came out in summer, »because it has Robert Pattinson in it!!!« Wow.
I love the 'Twilight Saga' but I did not think that he was actually acting very well in any of it,... Probably because the film isn't serious. (has never made me cry) But in this film he is amazing! It's so sad to look at, especially as his life is finally getting better again, the father starts realising, how bad he war behaving, he had an amazing girlfriend, he has to die.... When the attack on the world trade centers actually was I was five or something, I can only remember listening to the radio and thinking, Well thats terrible but I'm not affected by it.
Watching this film, is the first time I realise how big it was and how many people had lost some one they loved within about half an hour. I  read that 2752 people died in the attack. I'm pretty shocked, how anyone could have planned that and not have thought about the many people affected by it.
The last film I wanted to talk about, 'Pay It Forward', was unfortunally not a true story. It's a pretty old film (released 2000), but the story is so wonderful. It is about this little boy who has a huge idea how to make the world a better place, and how this idea affects his environment. In the end he dies (again... WHY????) and it is unrealistic because he gets stabbed by a knife in the gut. A) why would a 12 year old kid stab another 12 year old kid to death? And B) do you die from being stabbed in the gut within minutes? But the end is touching any way....
So this is a pretty cheesy blog because, now it seems like I cry when ever the slightes horrible thing crosses my way, but, I really feel bad about stuff right now... I need to watch something funny some time soon again......!
Night... x

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