Wednesday, 15 February 2012

I'm Sorry!

I'm sorry for the break!! Soo with my birthday being nearly two weeks ago, I now feel guilty with not writing anymore. As some prezzies I got the Mission Impossible boxed set, Whoooop Whoooop! I love it, I love ittt! I've already watched them all!
Also I finished Eragon, finally! Not finally because I was bored with it, but because I couldn't wait to get to the end! Galbatorix dies, thankfully! And basically the only thing that I didn't like was the fact that Eragon and Arya ended up seperated. I'm such a hopeless romantic! :( I can understand that it doesnt work since she is queen and he has to look for new land and stuff but I still cried in the end. Which just proves that it is really an amazing book! Inheritance is known to be the last book of the series, but Christopher Paolini said that he would return to Alagaesia at some point, so I am still hoping fiercely for another book! I really want them to end up together. Also, is Saphira going to lay an egg? Awww, Saphira is gonna be a mommy!
Otherwise, I am up to date on all my series, yayyy, and I was seriously shocked when Louis tells Blaire that she is basicly forced to be his fake wife. I mean, I really always wanted her to be with him so that she could become a princess! But I was also happy because she did love him to some extent! And because Chuck was a serious twat for a a long time now. And Oh My Goodness, Georgina as GG!? No Thank you! The best thing about the last episode was the two Charlie's meeting, I found that so cool!
I am off to Berlin for a few days tomorrow since next week is carnival holidays! Yayyyy! I am really looking forward to going to Germany with all my friends, and showing of my awsome language skills, and eating currywurst and going ice skating and evverythinggg! So this wil be an extremely short post :(
Ps.: I've still got to pack :S
Night! XX

Song of the next few days:
Disco Pogo - Die Atzen

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