Saturday, 21 April 2012

When High School Is Over I Will Be King

Sooo, first week back from holidays. Yay, school. Yay, exams are coming up. (In case you havent noticed: I am being sarcastic right now.) I haven't started doing any hardcore revision or anything yet. This might or might not have to do with the fact that FINALLY Dead Reconing arrived. Yesss....! I loveee the Sookie Stackhouse novels so much!! I am so happy that it is finally here. I am reading it when ever I can, actually I am having a competition with my mom, about who finishes first. Both of us reading it at the same time makes things slightly more difficult but I am ahead of her, even though I am 'doing revision' etc. :P
I have DONE my first official GCSE exam. A portuguese aural, I think it went OK, even though I made a few reaaally stupid mistakes. And I will have my nest exams, Art and a German aural on monday,... Joy. I love Art and it is probably going to my favourite exam, but there is SO much work to do till the exam!! Seriously. God, I don't even want to think about it. I haven't done anything but Art all day. -.-
When High School is over I want to take a gap year and go traveling or something like that! And then go to Uni in England prefferedly. Do Art.. My favourite Uni is Leeds at the moment cos their entry requirements for Art are quite high and I want to challenge myself!
The title of this post is also derived from me watching Ametican Reunion yesterday in the cinema with my friends. SO funny. And for once there was someone in the cinema who laughed louder than me! I went with my 3 best friends and Yes it is incredibly pervertive but it is also soo funny. My dear friend Inês will forever have a photographic memory of Jason Biggs' penis. :D  I mean it was the first American Pie that I have seen I must confess but I will deffinightly catch up now. I especially loved Paul Finch and Stiffler (who doesn't). Stiffler is abslotuley hilarious because of his unbelievably blunt attitude to life. He kind off lacks an appropriateness filter. Come to think off it, he reminds me lots of my BFF Laura :) She has that 'problem' too. And then Jim's dad and Stiffler's mom hooking up is also hilarious. I thiought they were perfect for the roles because I think they are both incredibly comedic actors.
Appart from all of that my life really hasn't been very interesting. :(  As I said before I have been spending most days in art after school and then doing more art when I finally came home. And then on top of that doing the rest of my homework. In that sense it is actually quite good that my free films/series hosting site is really annoying at the moment. At least I didn't get distracted. Appart from this morning when I watched The King's Speech. (I'd forgotten about that until just now!)
I loved the film. I knew I would because my dear Inês, again, told me that I would, and I thought that Colin Firth made an amazing stammering king! Aside from him there was also Helena Bohem-Carter, who has already proven herself to be an absolutely amazing actress in Harry Potter obviously. But those two together gave a perfectly regal couple, and they could not had been more royal if they actually were aristocratic. I really liked watching the relationship forming between Lionel and Bertie, and how they helped and hurt eachother. And I knew from the beginning that they would be life long friends. It was also a really weird thought for me to think of someone else being on the throne on Brittain before Elizabeth II. And in all the history lessons I have had on WW2  there was never any talk about any kings etc..
Actally I had a really embarrassing encounter yesterday. Totally not royal. The day before yesterday I left school and I put my earphones in and there was a good song and I was kinda hyper so then I was kind of dance/skipping along and I thought that no one saw me. But then yesterday I leave school normally cos people are there and my iPod ran out of battery and the guard askes me ''no music today??'' and he ;)'s at me and then he does this weird impression of me. OMG I was SO emarrassed! I go really red when I'm embarrassed cos my skin is so light so I was litterally as red as a rasberry. :S
I do not plan on keeping up this weekend posting thing, but I thought that I wouldn't have any time monday becasue of a fricking 10hour art exam. So now I'm posting early. I hope that next week will be more eventfull and less embarrassing. So 'till thenn! Bye XX

My 'revision' songs:
LevelUp - Sway ft. Kelsey
L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N - Noah and the Whale
Only Love - Ben Howard
Laserlight - Jessie J ft. David Guetta

Somebody That I Used To Know - Gotye ft.Kimbra

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