Monday, 30 April 2012

''If We Can't Save The World, We'll Avenge It''

Iron Man. Thor. Captain America. The Black Widow. Hulk. Hawkeye.
Ohmigod, I'm turning into such a nerd. I absolutely loveeeeeee The Avengers, new Marvel Studio's film that just came out, which I watched yesterday! Á cause d'aniversaire de une de mes meilleurs amis Inês. Wow. French skilllllz! (Don't know why I just did that.... Blaaah.... I'm hyper right now :D) Um yeah, back to the film. I really enjoyed it. I love superhero action films so much and this one was like 'la crème de la crème' 'cos it had SO MANY supes in it! :O YAY! I really can't decide who was my favourite... Iron Man, funniest quotes ever (''Motherfuckers''). Thor, OHMIGOD how can you not LOVE him.... A) hes really cute B) like so hot C) OMG those muscles and D) I'm, like, SO jealous of his hair. It's beautiful. And ''He's adopted'' drove me to hillarity. Captain America is soo sweeet 'cos he's so loyal and stuff... The Black Widow, what can I say... Interrogating is an art I guess.. and she's so awsome when she fights obviously... Hulk just ''smashes'' everything... and Hawkeye is AMAZING. I love him 'cos I live people who shoot with bows and arrows and who can shoot on target without even looking (wtf??).. And I hadn't seen him in anything before but I loved him from the begining so I was really annoyed when he turned to the dark sidee! Got so much more to say but this is already one massive paragraphh!
In other news. I regularily watch The Voice UK and there are some really good contestants. I love Beck Hills, Francis, Leanne, Max Milner and - OMG, WHY DID HE HAVE TO GO!!??? - Bill Downs. He is amazing. His duet/battle with Max 'Beggin'.. just wow. (<-- click the LINKK!!!!) I think those two shud just  become BFFs and sing together for ever and everrrrr! Love, love, love the harmonies, which Bill is like a pro at. I know this because, I have now been stalking Bill. Watched all his videos in one go on youtube and am obsessed. He's really cute and he sings really well and he's also really nice and I think he shud get rich and famous and succesful and happy and I think he shud dump his fiancée and marry me instead. (It's actually legal, I researched it. Girls are allowed to marry at age 16 in most countries!! ;D) So yeah there is a little evil streak in me... but still: O:)
Had my German aural today and hope to get about 120% 'cos of course I was brilliant :) This means tho that I had to go into school in study leave which is like :(.. But I was there with minha amiga melhor, Laura, who actually thinks she is hilarious, so it was ok. Pff.... I just think she is a really very strange little girl. And sometimes she's retarded and then thats funny for me :D (Dude, you know I love you..) It results in stuff like this:
Me, Laura, Me, Laura
I'm trying to keep it short todayyyy! Make sure you check out Bill and his youtube channel HERE! And make sure to laugh at my dear little Laura being a spazz. And, oh! yeah!! I'm so excited 'cos Pretty Little Liars, True Blood and Geordie Shore are back in the beginning of june... GET IN THERE!

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