Monday, 17 December 2012

Gollum Meets The Hobbit Bagginses

Last weekend I did no homework. Well done me! Pat on the back old chum :D But I did go to the cinema and watch The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey. I mainly did do because the hobbit Bilbo Baggins is portrayed by Martin Freeman, my dear sweet John Watson from BBC's Sherlock. I only once watched one of the Lord Of The Rings film, but it doesn't really count because I didn't understand much and I thought it was pretty boring. So this was kind of my first Lord Of The Rings experience and I can't say it was bad.
Well, the film is set in the past, In the beginning of the film we can see an older Bilbo Baggins writing down the story for his nephew Frodo. The story starts with Gandalf coming to Bilbo's house inviting him to his adventure to travel to Eriador and he sends a bunch of dwarves to Bilbo's house for a party, the latter isn't very happy about people messing up his ordinary - quite boring - life and refuses to come, but decides otherwise when he realises the offer was genuine the next morning.
They travel together, fight mountain trolls and orcs and they become friends. They also find some elf made swords for Bilbo, Gandalf and the dwarf prince Thorin. They find the elf capital while running from the orcs and their horrible massive dog horses and they meet the elves. I really like them and their style because I kind of really imagine elfves that way!! I already always thought of them Christopher Paulani's Inheritance Cylce like that! Like really straight hair, tall and thin and graceful. No disappointments there. :D Especially the old elven king was really cool, he looked like he was about a thousand years old! I really respect actors who act their whole lives and keep on going because they love it so much. I was actually scared the guy would suddenly collapse!
Then Bilbo and his friends meet some really unfriendly rock giants. Like, literally massive giants made of rock. They were so bulky and stuff, they reminded me of Lego transformers, heheh. And then they fall into a trap and end up in the halls of the Goblin king who is really really fat. There Bilbo meets Gollum. Now let me tell you about that little monster creep. On the one side he is really cute and reminds me of Dobby with is massive eyes and bony body, but on the other hand he's an evil little bastard who creeps me the f*ck out!! I was sitting there with my hands clamped together in order not to hurt my self from a scared reaction. I have this perfect technique of teeth and hand clamping and putting my body in the perfect position so that I don't hurt myself when I get a fright. :P
Well yeah, Bilbo meets Gollum and makes him tell him the way out through a game of riddles and accidentally finds the ring that Gollum lost. When the latter realises this he goes into a full out frenzy which is also quite scary and Bilbo puts on the ring and turns invisible. *Sigh of relief*
After that little incident they have to fight more orcs including the big white orc who has a personal grudge against Thorin, so yeah fight ensues, Thorin nearly dead, massive eagles save everyone and they set of again. The film ends with them seeing Eriador on the horizon and the dragon Shmaug  awakening in the mountain.
Over all I quite enjoyed the film, it was only strange that the film took 190minutes.. That's three hours and ten minutes.. And it only represented A THIRD of the book. And I haven't even read the books and I know that The Hobbit was the shortest by far.. People really just wanna make a mountain of money. One of the thing I really enjoyed though was the quality of the CGI which was really apparent to me due to my previous pretty bad experience with it in Breaking Dawn 2. Another thing I only found out afterwards but totally love is that Benedict Cumberbatch played the evil Necromancer that also appears somewhere along the story. I hope they give him a bigger role in the follow up films :D

Something else I got into through a friend, Lissa, was the TV show Perception.  It stars Eric McCormac as a schizophrenic paranoid neuroscientist who helps the FBI with some of their brain involving cases. And I guess if the cases are serious enough to be sent to the FBI they often involve some brain damaged people. Dr. Daniel Pierce hallucinates and is a bit eccentric but he is a really nice guy who everyone actually likes even though he's a bit quirky.. :D His hallucinations are reflections of his own brain talking to him, which help him figure out his life of riddles and puzzles, because he's also kinda a genius who is so smart he doesn't even realise what brilliant thoughts he thinks consciously.
It's another variant of the Sherlock Holmes stories, I am aware of that, and I like it nowhere near as much as the actual Sherlock or even Elementary but it's still pretty good. I watched the ten episodes of with the first series consists just this weekend which probably also contributed to my lack of homework-doing. The series came out over the summer so I'm kinda a bit late in a way, but I'm glad I found it. It's already been promised a second series with more episodes next summer which I'm looking forward too!!
The series has also made me think that neuroscience is seriously interesting and cool and that it's something I might actually be interested in, but I couldn't be a brain surgeon. Mwaaahh, I couldn't be any surgeon!! But yeah, the brain is a seriously complex and interesting thing and I might never major in it or become a Dr. but maybe it'll be worth taking for a semester when I am at uni! We'll see! :D
See ya next week and thanks so much for all the view this month has been crazy! About halfway through and already more than in November! :O :D Keep reading!!
Byeee! XX

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