Thursday, 6 December 2012

Just Catching Up

I think I should have like a standard paragraph with an apology for my laziness, which I can just copy paste every time I start blogging. I mean, seriously, this is getting ridiculous!! It's Thursday for goodness sakes! On the other hand, I have been blogging every day for the past three days but I've kinda been doing that on my CAS blog because I intend to get good grades for my first IB report. Actually, no, I've already ruined that. I recently received a Chem test with a 2 on it. 25%... NOT optimal, not even OK... Very bad! and I'm down to a 4 in Maths. Well, it's not my final grade and I should calm down probs!
I just realised, like, yesterday how close we are to Christmas!! I only have one-and-a-half weeks of school left and then holidays, ERMERGED! And then I'm going to Germanyyy, the only annoying thing is that I'll be gone for the full two weeks which means that I'm missing any awesome End-Of-The-World-Parties here in Portugal! And I haven't gone out in suuuuchhh a long time! I guess it has to do with the weather, this stupid rain really doesn't put me in the mood, as well as the fact that I just had a boyfriend so going out and flirting with other boys wasn't really on the top of my list anymore..
Since I've finished Skins as my fill in series I have been reading a lot more.. Remember those posts in which I was complaining that I wasn't able to finish that one PLL book? Well, I finished it and then I read the following two books of the series and THEN I read the first two books of the Percy Jackson series! And I still have a few Percys to go, as well as Tolsroy's Anna Karenina. I saw the trailer for the film and I read up on it and the stuff I found seemed quite interesting, I mean it's described as the best novel to have ever been written, how could I NOT read it? I got the book yesterday though and realised that even in paper back version it is seriously thick, and it has really, really, REALLY thin pages and tiny script! I'll be sure to write about that when I read it! Also about the film! (It has Keira Knightley in it.. I think she's really cool! :D)
What I've been doing in my free time otherwise is mainly watch my normal series which are wonderously dramatic and good! Recently I've been made to laugh out reeaaally loudly by Misfits! I really don't like the fact that now the ENTIRE original cast is dead or in America of something but I guess I'll have to deal, Rudy is still pretty funny! And HOW in the WORLD did he actually shag ninety-nine girls!? Not good looking and a d*ck! Moving on! The ''guy from the bar'' as Finn puts it is missing a p*nis... Ohmigod, I laughed so much!! Who comes up with this stuff!???? I mean misfits is always pretty crazy, Jesus Jr., Zombie Cheerleaders and now Murderous Golfer Rabbits!! I still wouldn't miss it!
In 90210 I'm scared for Liam (his bodyguard is creepy, plus there's the whole Vanessa-is-still-fcking-alive!?-:O-Thing!), happy for Annie, I like her new boyfriend a lot! :), and also scared for Ade! In the last episode Dixon was NOT in a good mood and also quite intimidating.. Quote: ''I OWN you!'' *stink face* Drama, drama, drama, blah! I'm still really happy for Silver and hope she does have Teddy's baby!
Gossip Girl is also interesting, since Sage brought b*tchfigths back to the Upper East Side things are a lot more interesting, Chuck may have been through a depressed spot but now Lily finally believes him!! YAY! Go Lily!! Dan is an a*s who should be punched in the face... THANKS NATE! And S and B are friends again. I'm quite happy with how things are but I'm still waiting for Little J - Jenny - and Eric to come back!!
My new fill in program is Never Mind The Buzzcocks, a British music quiz which is always reallly entertaining due to the very much comedic Noel Fielding!! I really, really, really hope that he and Russel Brand will be put on the same team for The Big Fat Quiz Of 2012!! Those two are legends! 
I haven't been very motivated to write this week because I didn't reallly have anything good to tell you but it was good just catching up I guess! :D
Byeeee! Keep readinngg! Thanks for the six hundred views last month!!


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