Thursday, 10 January 2013

Pick And Mix

So, I feel like I haven't done this in a longish time.. I guess I've been busy... Actually, that's no excuse! Especially as so many of you are actually stumbling upon my blog recently, it really isn't fair for me to rest on my laurels... Truth is, I decided not to post during the Xmas hols because I was in Germany and I wanted to spend all my time with my family and not be the asocial person sitting in the corner on her laptop.
And then, when I came back, school hit me like a big fat truck, that is, work, work, work, and more work. Teachers really don't have hearts I sometimes think. Worst thing, soon as I get home from absolutely FREEZING Germany I caught a cold, to be more specific, a pharyngitis that turned into bronchitis and rendered me speechless - literally. Currently I wish I could do sign language, the only way I can talk is by whispering and in lessons I need a translator to ask my questions.. And worse.. people think it's SO funny!
God, I gotta stop complaining.. Well I know that I have had a stressful time but I still managed to watch some interesting stuff while doing art homework and whatnot..
The first thing I want to talk about is Paul Rudd's new film This Is 40. I watched it with quite high expectations because the trailer is funny, and in Knocked Up the couple were very funny characters, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I had hoped I would. To primarily angry middle aged people who can't get their sh*t together does not provide a lot of entertainment value for me.. Maybe I'm just not old enough yet, I should have asked my mom to watch it with me.
This film I did watch with my mom, Becoming Jane, the film about Jane Austen's life featuring Anne Hathaway and James McAvoy. I actually did enjoy this film, as I do most films that play in this time where people are civilised. I am such a sucker for a good romance... Don't judge!!
Tom, Jane and the poor Rich Boy
Well it opens a little bit slow, and at first the story is quite confusing.. I had some laughs in the arguments between Jane and Tom, and thought it especially funny how 'prude' they were in those times.. Reading about animal coitus in a nature book, equals reading 50 Shades in the now world. The dresses and the dancing and the gentlemen are just sooo nicee! I kept feeling sorry for that poor lonely rich boy that she rejected!! I mean he didn't even look that bad and he had excellent manners and he was rich, and nice as well, I kinds kept hoping she would realise that but, at the same time she HAD to get together with Tom! The scene in which she decided she can't elope with him, is so sad, but I really only felt it right in the end when they meet again and he called his daughter Jane!! So sad! THAT's when I got tears in my eyes!! Overall, I won't watch it again, not as good as Pride and Prejudice obviously, but still a good watch...
Happy Family - The Crawleys
Now, something I feel very passionately about. F*CKING MATTHEW from Downton Abbey F*CKING DYING, THE TW*T! Like seriously! I read up about it and found that the actor had quit the role in order to follow other projects and widen his range of opportunities of something... I was SO mad when I read this, I mean he is one of the main characters, they already killed of Sybill, now they've got to single parents and two babies... I mean at least Mary has a son, so there's a heir and all that but.. I can't even.. I already knew it would happen when he was driving home all happy and stuff. I can't believe he did this to millions of viewers. I love the character so much that I am so, so, so mad at the actor even though, as a person I should probably congratulate him... Still. He was such a nice person, he dealt with Mary's b*tching and was always friendly with everyone. I knew that something horrible would happen, I would even have been OK if the baby had died. But no. THIS is the only outcome i CANNOT accept.
I honestly doubt Mary can every be happy again, I think she might go crazy or something. Also, if more actors who are that important quit, say Maggie Smith dies of a heart attack (although this would be reasonable... She IS old), I will stop watching it. NO KIDDING.
Something I also won't be watching anymore is Gossip Girl, I know the series ended aaages ago, but I only finished the last episodes over the hols.. The last episode was a bit cheesy and a bit cramped full of everything but it was still good. Except for I didn't like Dan as 'Gossip Girl' I honestly thought it was going to be Nelly Yuki or Dorota, that would have been sooo much more interesting. As well as I didn't want Dan ending up with Serena, in the beginning they were a cute couple,... kind of.. but then they split up and got back together so many times that it got boring. I was hoping for a little bit of Dan/Georgina action and maybe a bit of Serena/Nate!! But I must say Georgina/Jack Bass was also kind of genius. Well, one thing I have to applaud though is Blair and Chuck, for a long time in the middle I wanted them to be apart 'cos Chuck had turned into a mega-gigantic-annoying-twit but now love is in the air again.. Yay, and yeah... The wedding dress: beauteous, gorgeous, wondrous, incredulous.. I don't know how better to describe it!! Jenny and Eric where also squeezed in there in the end, and a lot of other people, who I had kind of forgotten who they were... and Lilly and Rufus finally united again. Amen. That's how I like it!! I'm gonna miss the divas of the upper east side!! But the end was kind of hinting at a second generation.. We will see, I almost hope they leave it how it is because I think with another generation they have the power to absolutely ruin it!
Blair and Chuck - ''I Do.''
The last thing I wanted to inform you people of is that I am in love, like a twelve year old, with the Percy Jackson book series!! Seriously awesome!! I have finished the most recent book, and am now going to read the Egyptian series by Rick Riordan while waiting for August 2013!! If you don't know the book series or were fazed by the film, read it/give it another try!! I loved it! that can be just because I love ancient history or because the relationships and the stories are actually seriously cute!! I love how the ancient world is integrated into modern day life and how you learn about the Greek and roman gods while you read. I seriously feel like I need to draw a picture of this. I'll do that and then put it on deviantArt so that you can see it!!
So today was a bit of a pick and mix, the last thing I want to say is thanks for your patience and thanks for coming back to read my blog every now and then!!

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