Monday, 18 February 2013

Une Femme Fatal

I felt a little bit empty inside (this is a joke, please do not send me a perscription for drugs or a recomendation o a mental institute :D) when I finished watching Sex And The City, I just really enjoy the friendship that the show is about. My favourite is Charlotte by the way, I love the way you can see the white in her eyes when she gets excited, little bit like a horse, I think it's sweet that she believes in true love and all that! Well yeah after all that, I went on the search for another fill in series, prefferably something to do with criminal investigation (WHOOP WHOOP Body Of Proof is back today!!) since I've had such good experiences with this genre recently :) Well, I was always intriged by Nikita because the posters are cool, so when recomended it to me I read something about it and it reminded me of the Uglies book series which I loved. I started watching it, and I am now obsessed.
I had holidays, so I had nothing to do all day, actually I had a hell of a lot to do but I decided that watching Nikita was more important.. O:) I watched twenty-two episodes in two days, DON'T JUDGE!
What I have to say about the show is that I kinda love it. It's brilliant from the first episode on, and I love the way they are unfolding the story line piece by piece so that you slowly get to know what happened in the past. The whole series is not so much a crime series but more action, this is a very uncommon genre for a series and is through this uniquness even more successful. I really like it due to this fact because I love action films and this is like bunch of tiny little Mission Impossibles.. The story is about Nikita (Maggie Q) who was forced to become a spy and assassin for a now-rogue government  organization, called Division, who is trying to bring this organization down, for all the killing they forced her to do etc. She has an inside agent, Alex (Lyndsey Fonseca), who is currently being trained to become a Division agent. Nikita's love interest is Michael (Shane West), who is her former trainer but later also turn on Division.
I'm only at the beggining of season two, but a LOT has happened and every episode is full of suspense and action and basicly reaaaally cool. By now Alex has turned out to be the thought dead daughter of a dead Russian power player, and she has turned on Nikita for not telling her that it was her who killed her family on a mission for Division, she has also 'graduated' from being a recruit and is now in the real world again, and there is always a sign that she is still a bit sympathetic towards Nikita. My favourate bit of the show was when she was inside dividision though, 'cos it was reeally risky and cool and stuff, and it got really tense because the scary investigator woman, Amanda, knew something was up and put her though a bunch of lie detectors and truth serum etcetera. But now it's still good.
Nikita's out to ruin any of Division's kill missions and bring them down through destroying the leverage their leader, Percy, has in some hard drives that are scattered all over the world. Nikita can't destroy Division before she does the 'black boxes' because the secrets are so bad the whole world would be crippeled by the truth. She has made allies a long the way, not just Alex and Michael, but there are also Owen (Devon Sawa, I love him.), a former Guardian of a 'black box', Birkhoff, the former Divison head technician, a bloody genius and hilarius because he kind of thinks he's god, and Ryan a CIA agent she ''made into a hero'' and who's life she saved. 
Owen Elliot (Devon Sawa) <3
SO yeah, I pretty much lovvvveee it, and I am ridiculously happy that Ive still got, like a twenty-two episode season to watch of it, and I HOPE that they're going to continue it for a long time. I really don't need another episode a week to add to my busy 'schedule' but I will deffenitley continue to watch this.
Today not a very long post but I just needed to tell you about my new obsession!

For my birthdaymy mom gave me a Beach Boys Greatest Hits CD... I love it, they're brilliant:

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