Monday, 18 March 2013

Raging Hormones All Around

One week to holidays!! Yaaayy! I'm soo happy, I'mma see my English people, heheheheh!! Ohmigod, I'm so happy, I mean I know the last hols were just three weeks ago, but it's not every holidays that I get to see my awesome cousins and uncle and aunty!! Alsooo, I'm hoping to see my darlin' Laura too! Wild nights out and lots of shopping and maybe a showing of ''Les Mis'' (YAY, YAY, YAY!! <3) HERE I COME!!
Dean and Sam (Jensen Ackles <3 and Jared Padalecki)
In the mean time I've not been up to very much.. After I finished Smash I started my search for a new fill-in series again.. On my list: Revenge and Supernatural.  I tried Supernatural first and thought that I might really like it, I mean Jensen Ackles... Hello-o... Have you SEEN his pretty face? But then I watched episode two and episode three and I realised that it's a bit too scary for me! I might have liked it more if I hadn't tried watching it before bed, and then tossing and turning for some twenty minutes...  I mean it's proof of a brilliant series when that kinda stuff happens to the viewers but I just can't take the suspense. I don't even watch horror films because I'm such a softie. I wasn't too upset by the Woman In White but then the Wendigo.... I get shivers running down my spine just thinking about it.. So I might actually watch some more episodes at some point when I'm bored but it won't be my new fill-in.
Revenge was also interesting... I watched it 'cos my friends recommended it and stuff and it's on the same channel as Pretty Little Liars so I guessed it MIGHT be to my tastes.. But it turned out to be a bunch more boring than I expected.. I mean I am a person who doesn't support holing a grudge so I guess I'm kinda against the whole principle of the show.. Except for in Nikita.. That b*tch Amanda really needs to die. I digress.. (Hihi, I love that word :D) The concept of taking down rich b*stards one by one is rather attractive but U don't thing that they made the Hamptons crowd seem mean and evil enough to actually dislike them enough to wish for their downfall. Especially when the hot boy, who is totally supposed to be with Emily/Amanda, dies at the end and you know this from the beginning. The only thing that I actually like is finding out how she managed to kill their reputation.

The series that finally won the battle of the fill-in series last weekend ended up being... Drum roll... Game Of Thrones I thought about watching it some time earlier already, but then someone gave me a bad advice about it and I decided against it.. But now I thought ''this is apparently HBO's best series I should totally check it out..'' I mean, it's kind of a little bit like a brother of True Blood and ohmigod I LOVE True Blood, but you all know that anyways :D What I have to say about this show is much nicer than what I said about the others. I actually really enjoy it like really! SO much sex and violence - apparently like fourteen deaths per episode - but the story lines are very good and the characters are amazingly built, such good actors (all British which I think is pretty cool for an American production!!).
The Stark Family (without John and Theon)
Daenerys Targaryen
The story is about the conflicts and scandals of several noble families in kingdom where there are such things as dragons and magic. Most of the story lines are somehow including the Stark family, which consists of Eddard 'Ned' and Catelyn Stark, Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon, there is also Ned's bastard son John Snow and their ward Theon Greyjoy who have basically become part of the family but have to deal with still not really belonging. Ned is the best friend of the king Robert who is eventually killed by a boar while hunting and his teenage son Joffrey (who is actually the product of his mother, the queen, sleeping with her TWIN brother :S) becomes son. Sansa is wants to marry Joffrey, but he turns out to be a bit of an evil b*stard and after he kills Ned, Robb goes to war against him and Sansa has a hard time choosing between 'her beloved' and her family.
Khal and Khaleesi 
On the other side of the Narrow Sea Daenerys Targaryen the last surviving daughter of the king before Robert and the last person with ''dragon's blood in her veins'' is forced to marry a wild horse lord who is basically double her size and the whole arranged marriage thing is explored. I actually quite like 'Dany's' storyline because she comes to actually love Kahl Drogo and later becomes 'Mother of the Dragons' as three of the last and apparently ornamental dragon's eggs hatch. I don't want to spoil any more so I'm gonna move on to something else now it's deffs a good series to try out if you like medieval sci-fi kinda stuff.. It's a bit like Merlin.

On advice of my dearest Nesi I watched the amazing chick-flick The First Time last weekend too. It's typical boy meets girl they hit it off and kinda fall in love with each other rather quickly and, as you may guess from the title, sleep together and afterwards break up.. Themes explored in the film are the process of getting into a relationship at a teen age as well as being in the ''friendzone'' and the importance of loosing your virginity. It's a typical romantic comedy aimed at teenagers, but it is very refreshingly different. A little bit 'hipster', a little bit 'indie'.. I really enjoyed it because due to the lack of cheese it was way more realistic and just touched my heart in a different way (god, now I sound cheesy :S), and I must say I am normally a sucker for the traditional cheesy rom-coms.
Well it's a story about Dave and he meets this girl Aubrey who he clicks with immediately due to the fact that he thinks he's in love with another girl who 'really values him as a friend' and then they hang out more and slowly Aubrey realises that she is actually falling for him and he starts caring less and less about the other girl. Aubrey is totally artsy and has a seriously cool room, in which she has collage-ed all the walls with new papers to make giant waves and it's amazing and I don't even know why I'm going on about this but I just thought it was SO cool! Well yeah, there's loads and loads of butterfly moments, because they're just SO SWEET I was like... I can't.. I just can't!! And then also majorly awkward moments were I was having to look away as to bear the awkwardness without laughing out loud. So it basically describes a teenagers life perfectly. Awkwardness and raging hormones!!
The actress was Britt Robertson (formerly The Secret Circle) and she's such a sweetheart and such an everygirl that you can totally imagine yourself to be and the guy was Dylan O'Brien (Teen Wolf) who is super cute and rawr that body ;P hehe, but he still looks quite normal due to his not quite perfect looks and I can't even say how perfect the film was!! Just brilliant, I'm voting it best romantic comedy of 2012 for sure!

Kay, today I'm on schedule again.. Yay, hashtag-so-proud.. and yeah just before I leave I need to show you this new song I found.. It's a cover of Rihanna who I have started to not like anymore, she's not just become too commercial but her voice which is pretty unique, now just blends in with all the other pop singers :S Shame.. But yeah, I watched this cover by Lana McKissack and Chester See which is pretty much a parody but if you don't look at the video it's a f*cking amazing cover! I can't get this song out of my head since then! So, just give it a listen please, it's seriously good! Byeeee see ya!

Stay - Lana McKissack ft. Chester See

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