Saturday, 13 April 2013

Beautifulest Specimen Of Man And Music

Heyyaaaa Guyss! I know I haven't posted in forever.. I'm so sorry! It's just, I had holidays and decided not to post in them because I wanted to chill for a bit, also 'cos I was plain lazy and unmotivated. But here as an excuse for my irresposible actions is a gif of Finn Harries. This beautiful specimen of man has a youtube channel with his twin brother Jack. They are 19 year old Brits and every so hot! I've already posted about them twice I think so my obsession with these magestic creatures is becoming clear to you. 
I've been watching them for about half a year now and I am so proud, but also a little bit sad, to say that ''my babies'' are becoming famous! :') (It's sad because then they won't belong to just me.. [And I intend to marry this man]) Well they've recently been in newspapers and magazines and are becoming internationally known through their trips to the USA and South Africa, making videos everywhere and with everyone and gathering a bigger audience in the mean time! 
One thing, I think is really great is that they are part of a ''youtube community''.. Their friends also make videos and have channels on youtube, for example Caspar Lee, A South African dude who met them via the internet and now lives in London to be near them.. And is also one of my favourite males right now.
I really have no purpose for wrighting this post other than promoting my love for Finn and Jack (but especially Finn)... I found this gif and I HAD to share it on all of the social media because I love it so much! I mean it's so brain-shatteringly beautiful that I can only look at it for three seconds at a time! Hehe, I TOLD you... FULL ON obsession mode.. Not saying obsession is a good thing.. DON'T stalk people, OK? Except, like, on the internet where they dont know who you are :P And except if they are like Finn-Harries-gorgeous.. And if that is the case.. Stalk them from a distance, like you would stalk a deer on a hunt, but without the gun! HEAVENS WITHOU THE GUN! Don't scare him so that he will stop making public appearences or stop making videos or hire a bodyguard before I had the chance to run up to him and hug him!

Finn ''Finnegan'' or ''Finnola'' Harries - Beautiful Boy!!

Without further ado, I will leave you now to stare at this rare sample of human born with gorgeous gene... Have fun staring at those blue eyese and that cheeky smile..

Edit: I just found out that this fittie has actually got a girlfriend, sorry to break your hearts and destroy your hopes and dreams fangirls everywhere.. I was massively disappointed at first due to an obsessive streak that lies in my personality that I am not completely proud of, but after a few hours, the pain lessened and I began to feel happy for him. A) The boy's internet famous and super-hot, totally out of my league :'(  B) he's three years older than me which is the boarderline on my dating-age (don't tell me you don't have one :D) and also even more totally out of me league, so C) he's happy and I'm a loyal fangirl and decided that it was probably better if we just stayed friends anyways. 
Feel free to stalk her though, you can be sure I did, the name's Jo Dunbar and she's totall pretty.. Please don't give her any hate, imagine it was you, you'd feel lucky to have him just like she does, essentially she's one of us! (At least as long as she doesn't break his heart, then we can totally diss her!!)

Music that is just so brilliant I HAVE to share:
Brother - Matt Corby (SO good! Like eargasm-brainspaz good! LISTEN FOR GOODNESS SAKES!)
Demons - Imagine Dragons (One of my now fav bands!!!)
No Angels - Bastille ft. Ella (The other of my now fav bands!!)

 ^^SO good! All of them! Seriously! LISTEN!

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