Saturday, 20 April 2013

Fangs: Love Nips and Blood Lust

Heyaaa, I'm back! Soooo, I went on my usual England Trip in the holidays! So much fun, I love seeing my British family and my older cousins! We did the usual stuff... A night out in London (we went to this cocktail bar 'Bluebird' and I had a drink called the 'Tiffany Rose' [what else? :P] and it was SO GOOD! Like seriously I was drinking it so much way faster than I should have that I ended up juuuust a little tipsy... :D OOoops! Well, yeah, we did that, I also went to see the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition at the Tate Modern and the Light Show at the Hayward Gallery! AND, BEST THING: I GOT TO SEE MY BESSTTIIIIEEE! LOZZA, I missed you so much! It was amazing to see you, and now I miss you again!

I also started watching a little series called The Vampire Diaries, mostly because it's on the CW, it's vampires and there's hot guys involved! It was supposed to be like a teenage kind of True Blood, turns out, without a few minor changes... It IS! Vampires can't be dis-invited from houses, daywalking rings, but there's still vamps and wheres and witches... The usual!
I think you probably know the story: girl meets boy, girl falls for boy, boy falls for girl, boy turns out to be a vampire... sound familiar?? Twilight much? Yeah but it's better. So Elena Gilbert is the main character, she's is portrayed by Nina Dobrev, who is super pretty etc, is in love with Stephan (Paul Wesley) and his bother Damon (Ian Sommerhalder) is in love with her. Et voilĂ , here we have the Human, Good Vamp, Bad Vamp sandwich we all know so well. Except for this time, Stephan and Damon are both equally hot, and at least for now I want her to end up with Stephan.. Even though I love Damon, he's a sweetheart deep down, and he deserves to have something good in his life. I find him hilarious, just as I find Eric Northman hilarious, they're both so cat-like and arrogant that they act all dramatic and shoot a bit over the top sometimes!
The Salvatore Brothers
Supernatural friends (vamp and witch BFF, werewolf friend) start popping up everywhere and death ensues. Typical, but I must say for a show where deaths are as gory - but maybe not as iconic - as in True Blood there is no sex what so ever. I get that it's a teen show and isn't supposed to be as explicit, the characters are younger and so forth, but it's supernatural my god there's supposed to be some rawness and it's supposed to get our blood pumping... *eyebrows raised suggestively* :P
I also dislike the aspects that are different as mentioned above, vamps that can walk in the day, my god they're becoming all powerful now!! Why? And if I invite some vamp into my house I f*cking want to be able to recede that invitation at some point! WHY Vamp Diaries, why? I understand that it's more realistic and dangerous and is probably supposed to make up for the serve lack of adult display of affection (;P) by an increase of suspense and danger, but this is just unrealistic. Also if there are vamps and there are weres then there must be some kind of curse (the 'Curse of the Sun and the Moon' has been discredited but there must be some kind of equivalent) and if vamps are able to defy that by walking in the sun, why can't were shift whenever they want or stop shifting at all..?
Battle of the Bloodsuckers
Both series are based on a different set of books so I'll just have to take them both as they are and try to love them the way they are, just as if they were my own children, hehe, weird metaphor :/ All in all, I prefer True Blood but that's because I've stuck with it longer, I've read all of the books and I love Jess and Alcide and Eric and Jason and obvs Sookie. The Vamp Diaries are really addictive and a great fill in show to numb my ''Saudades'' of True Blood. (Saudades is one of those untranslatable Portuguese words that mean homesick or missing something, hard to explain..) Especially as I'm feeling like TB is coming to an end.. Show runners swapping around constantly and the last season deffs wasn't the best, I mean too many different storylines and characters (seems to be a fortĂ© of the CW's, I mean look at Game of Thrones, not even all of the characters get to appear each episode!). I'll be really really sad if it isn't renewed but it's had a good five season run, and if they wrap it up well this season, I won't get too disappointed that they never cast Quinn the weretiger or let Alcide and Sook be together.
Enough with the emotional stuff! I've still got Game of Thrones which is only in season three and an absolutely BRILLIANT series, CW I applaud you: all the gore and sex you could want, along with a brilliant cast and script, as well as British actors :D. I'm not seeing that one going anywhere soon! Season three has just started and ohmigosh, I'm so exciteddddd!! I love them all, except for Joffrey the little c***! He needs to get slapped... Again... Over and over again. I also don't like Margery, but she's smart and I'll give her that,. In my humble oppinion a Stark should sit on the iron throne.. They seem to have loyalty and honesty running in their blood. Maybe Robb's girl gets killed (NOT that I'm hoping for that!! I like her) and then he can marry the Kahleesi... That'd be cool don'tcha think? My favourites Arya and I quite like Ygritte!

Finally found inspiration, hope you do actually enjoy reading my rants about stuff that really, isn't really of any importance what so ever.. See you next week, hopefully! :/
Ps: OMG, I just realised Paul Wesley is married to 'Melissa Hastings' from PLL!

All I Want - Kodaline
Laura Palmer - Bastille
Best Intentions - Bill Downs (only starts at 0:40 really but bear with him!!)

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