Monday, 19 August 2013

Happy Blogday TO YOU!

Hey guys, I know it's been a loong time since I last wrote, as you might have guessed, I am currently enjoying my last school holidays ever. Which are now kinda coming to an end, sad really.. Also I've got
 sooo much work to do, it's fricking cray-zeee! LIES, I've not been doing much work all summer which is the ONLY reason that I now have to do EVERYTHING in the last two weeks, wish me luck that I get it all done!
ANYWAYS, today is a time for celebration! You might have noticed on the side board view counter it says that I hit 20,000 views on this blog last night I can't really believe it! It only seems suiting that I should write my 100th blog post TODAY! So double celebration: 20,000 views and 100 posts!!! GIMME A WHOOP WHOOP!
I don't have anything reeeally special to tell you all for this momentous occasion, I'll just do what I've done for the last two and a half years! WOW, I can still remember posting several times a day because I was so excited to tell you stuff about my life! I guess the novelty has worn off now, along with my laptop keyboard; my backspace key broke so now it's an effin pain to type just about anything and I have to make do with my 'Delete'and 'Ctrl+X' buttons. Now you should appreciate me doing this even more!!
In the time that has passed I have as you might have guessed, watched a lot of TV and I want to recount some of those experiences for you. First of all, - this is madness - I started watching historically inspired/drama kind of series, right when school ends! Why I don't use the time to shovel shallow sh*t down my throat I don't know, but I really got into two British shows called The White Queen and The Tudors. I really only got into them because they star Max Irons (his royal hotness) and Johnathan Rhys Meyers, and then I stayed because they're actually really interesting (to me) and they had me looking up stuff on for hours. I think I taught myself more British history that way than I learn in class.
Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodville - Love
I primarily want to talk about The White Queen, because Max, jokes.. Because it's reportedly closer to the truth than The Tudors except for that magic actually exists, I kinda just think the time period portrayed is older, hence, less is known about this time, hence you can invent a bit. I just liked it better, truthfully. It's the story of a widowed lady (Elizabeth Woodville), though a commoner, whom the young king falls in love with and eventually marries. There are enemies at court because suddenly the king listens to her and not his advisers and treachery, plots, death and magic happens. I like this story because even though she is not the kind of woman to completely control her husband she is fiercely strong in her own right and there are a couple of moments where you feel like reaching though the screen to give the other characters a bag of frozen peas to apply to the BURN!
It starts with her marriage and ends with a lot of death and betrayal. She had ten children and even though he slept around a bit, because she was pregnant most of the time, in the end as he dies, it is clear that she was the only woman he loved and is really sad to see him go. Also because Max Irons is definitely a hottie! (I'm not gonna say much about The Tudors, it's about Henry VIII's six marriages and it fits quite nicely to watch with TWQ as Elizabeth's daughter (portrayed by Freya Mavor from Skins) was the mother of Henry. Also it's got Henry Cavill in it and he doesn't have that horrid American accent that he put on for Man Of Steel. [TERRIBLE, TERRIBLE film, do not watch it. I hate Amy Adams in it and the story is shallow and stupid!])
Teen Wolf Cast!
My second love of the summer was something that I am truly embarrassed to admit that I now incredibly love: Teen Wolf. I had been successfully avoiding it for a really long time, but in the end the combined powers of Colton Haynes and Dylan O'Brien pulled me to the dark side, and I stayed there willingly. Teen Wolf is a fantasy series about a guy, Scott, who gets bitten by something in the woods and the turns into a werewolf. The first season is him kind of dealing with that and then he learns more and more about the horrors of the world and the other monsters there are. He even starts dating the daughter of the werewolf hunters and it immediately becomes a thousand times more predictable, bad teen TV-series. It's like a McDonald's burger dripping with frying fat and all things bad, but its JUST SO D*MN DELICIOUS. Like brain calories.
Teen Wolf's Stiles and Isaac
It's really the guys that make this series. There's Derek, totally hot werewolf and Scotts mentor and Scott himself isn't so bad, and then there's Stiles (Dylan) who is cute-ish but oh so funny, and Colton who plays a massive douche but still sexy as hell. And later on Isaach joins the crew, cue totally cute BRIT actor Daniel Sharman, who is really lovable and cute.
Along the same lines is Beauty And The Beast, I don't even KNOW why it is on the CW, because the CW is a good channel - it has True Blood and Game Of Thrones, I just couldn't keep watching that one! You know how some series have voice over recounts of what happened last? This show has it but it is so terrible I want to kill myself when I heard it. It's something like this:

''From the moment we met, we knew our lives would never be the same. Vincent saved my life.''
''And she saved mine.''
''We're destined.''

Beauty and the Beast - Guess who's who?
OH MY GOD, that last sentence kills me. Like I can feel my braincells dying, while screaming in agony. It's what happens one step on from fat dripping brain burger. LETHAL BRAIN BURGER. Oh well, the series might have been OK, but I wouldn't know, I could never get past that first voice over. Warning!! Death and destruction falls upon anyone who shall watch this disgusting pile of radioactive waste.
On a happier note I will now speak about an Australian show called Dance Academy, which is basically about a group of teenage students at an elite ballet academy. What makes it good is that it's a twenty minute program, insuring not only less time wasted, but also a fast paced story line. Another benefit, for me at least, Auzzie accents, I really enjoy listening to them talk and I find the slang funny and it's just kinda refreshing after constant American and British accents. The dancing is also quite nice, although the show is really more about the relationships and drama behind the scenes.
Dance Academy 'students' with Sammy <3
It's definitely worth a try, even though the main character Tara can annoy the living f*ck out of me. She is just a little bit immature and insecure and totally way too relatable. See, people wanna be able to relate but really they wanna be like the person (who is supposed to be idealised) rather than having them being like little old imperfect you. OK, after this little psych-self-analysis I just wanna say one more thing. There is love and drama and it's relatively realistic and that's what makes it good, but also makes you want to kill them. But yeah, I love dancing, if you do to you can put up with the rest!
Lastly, I want to thank everybody who visits my blog regularly, or just occasionally, or just once for coming here and making me actually want to write a new post every once in a while. I get inspired when I see that people actually read this stuff, so 20,000 is a really happy thing for me! I know I'm not a very good or reliable blogger, and I beg for your forgiveness :P, but I just wanted to say, if you're new to the site or you have any questions, add a comment and I will most likely respond. Except for if you're being a tw*t. So yeah, come tome with questions, and also suggestions, maybe you know something I may like! 


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