Tuesday, 20 August 2013

My Youtube Family

So I've dedicated a few posts already to my youtube boys and recently I've been having more time to stalk them due to holidays and all, also there were events like VidCon and Summer in the City in America and the UK, which always means more content, more collaborations, blogs and fun stuff for us viewers. SO I again feel the need to talk about my boys on this public forum of my thoughts...
Grace Helbig (dailygrace) did a video with Louise (sprinkleofglitter) in which they built a pretend family with only youtubers, it sounded like a fun game and I wanted to give it a try as well! I liked their channels to their names in the picture caption,if you wanna find out more, just click! OK, here goesss:

Mum & Dad 

Jim Chapman
Sprinkle of Glitter

I chose these two 'cos both of them seem like genuinely succcch nice people and Louise actually has a baby and I can just imagine her being an amazing mum, Jim is really funny but also not assss immature as some of the other boys.

Auntie & Uncle

Tyler Oakley
Jenna Marbles

Jenna and Tyler were chosen because, they're both kind of crazy! In my family it's my aunts and younger uncles who are the cool ones, I love Jenna's randomness and Tyler's sass!! But at the same time they're really sweet, so it's a good contrast.

Brother & Sister

Grace Helbig
Alfie Deyes

These two were picked for different reasons, Alfie is still relatively young and immature and at the same time has a heart of gold and can always help with everything. Grace seems like the perfect older sister, similar to crazy auntie Jenna, I guess it runs in the family. (I really think Grace COULD give really good advice if she wanted to though!) PS.: Notice how I didn't let Zoe fill any position in my household? It's so that she can still date Alfie sans incest! #ProZalfie


Finn & Jack Harries

Jackamo and Finnola are totally sweet and gorgeous. They seem like reaaallly nice people and I would really like to hang out with them! Also they're bloody gorgeous and in general, I think it's not too unnatural to be able to appreciate it if your cousins are beautiful; less than if it was your brother or son!


Troye is a) only slightly older than me and b) seems like a really sweet guy. The fact that he is an internet junkie might bring us together, uniting us under a common cause. Also I bet he wouldn't mind me crying my eyes out in films. He seems like a boy who would join in!


Caspar Richard George Lee - my dearest slut!
My dearest husband. Caspar. I very much adore this particular human being. The fact that he's tall and blue eyed and South African only helps, but really it's his humour and his smile that makes him so awfully attractive. Again he seems like the nicest guy in the world even though he is a self proclaimed slut! And not even two years of age difference, that can totally be breached. And due to his youtube career he must have a flexible schedule so he can drive the kids to school and stuff. :)


Joe Sugg
Joey Graceffa

The only thing that confuses me is: why would I call both of my children Joseph? But beside that, look at them they could literally be brothers. I just like both of them loads! Joey seems like a really funny, but a bit hyper guy, his randomness kind of reminds me of my bestie Lo, and Joe just kind of got stuck in the little brother role due to Zoe and can never really grow up since. Also I love all those silly faces he pulls.

There have recently been major incidents of fangirling all over the world that all of you internet savvy people will probably have heard about. Yeees, I'm talking about ZALFIE! It has finally been confirmed by both of them on Zoe's blog and I was quite surprised to find it was actually true. They had been dating for some time already in private, and now they've gone public, I was never a ultramassive Zalfie shipper, but I'm really happy for them both, they're totally cute together, and I just thought, good for you Alfie! I don't knw Zoe awfully well, but I hope you two last.
And as one relationship goes public, another one breaks apart, or at least goes underground. Finn Harries and girlfriend Jo Dunbar apparently split up sometime earlier this year, it has only been confirmed by the lack of the statement ''in a relationship'' though, so it might not actually be over, as to my knowledge Finny hasn't spoken about it himself. I feel sad for him, it must be hard to have relationship being him, all those fangirls and the media and stuff. Noooo privacy! Oh well, I can't say I mind single Finny :)

I'm tired!!!! Nightynight, XX


''Hush little baby, don't you cry!....''

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