Wednesday, 16 February 2011

All Alone

So, since wednesday I am living at my friends house (thanks Iz!!) because my mom is in Madrid, YAY!!
Also, I got a new (portuguese) phone number so that I can text with half of the class for free, YAY again!!
Nothing else really interesting has happened in my life,...
Except for a (almost) failed mathstest, a physics test which probably does not look any better and the fact that a majority of my friends started calling me a flirt... So NOT true. (Yeah, and by the way my new nickname is carrot... wth??? Laurihna, WHY??) Some of my friends found out who I like and WON'T STOPP nagging me about it,.... :P arggghh!!!
Going back to school after Germany takes some getting used to. It's really amazing how such a small change in your repetetive daily life can throw you out of your usual habits so drastically. Missing One Chemistry lesson has lead me to not understanding a word anyone is saying anymore. My portuguese teacher has changed her lovely personality and has become stricter. :( I LOVED portuguese before. It reeeally was my favourite subject, we used to have so much fun just messing around all the time and learning at the same time. Now nothing of that sort. I mean I still like the subject because I'm a huge fan of languages, but it's just not the same any more,... :(
Oherwise I have become obsessed with the song 'Price Tag' by Jessie J and also her older song 'Do it like a Dude'. Both have been going around in my head all day, it is getting really annoying!
I want to show you this awsome site:, which is a site were you can lisen to music for free! And if you create an account you can save your songs in playlists. It has almost every song you can possibly want (even classic, I've introduced my mom to it too...). Just try it out!! and it really is good because the vidoes in youtube kindof distract me from my actuall work most of the time. Oh, and I forgot you can also listen to the radio... hehehe!!!
This is probably one of my less fun bloggs, but I felt that i had to write something again. Laura gave me a t-shirt for my birthday saying »I LOVE MY BLOG!« so totally true!! thank you Laura, EPIC prezzie!!
Good night!!!



  1. OMG I love the song Price tag!!! I am obsessed with it as well!! Love you xx And you are not a flirt, boys flirt with you lol. BTW you are probably called carrot because of your hair hehe

  2. You are such a fail because you lost the phone with your new Portuguese number on it like I day after you got it lol (but I still love you)