Wednesday, 9 February 2011

YAY, Happy Birthday Me!!!

HEEEYY, sorry i haven't wrote anything in the whole of february!!! *gasp!!!*
Well, there is a reason!...
I was in GERMANY!!!! YAY!!! FUNN!!!
heheh, and I had my birthday on the 5th, Yipieee! Well I was in germany at the time, 6 days. I missed sometime in school, but most of you know that that isn't a reason for an average Teenager to actually start crying....! :D hehehe, who DOESN'T like having a day off?? Or two, or maybe 4.....
It was an extremely exciting, but soooooo exhausting!! And looooads of fun. I arrived on Thursday morning on Munich airport (after waking up sometime after 3am) and had to go by train and FOOT to my ''Aunt's'' flat. (She's my moms best freind, so technically not my aunt) And on the way the train decided to stop for half an hour, AND I didn't even have a good book,.... So I had to be happy with listening to a German/French couple. (Remember the issues I have with French??!!) The woman (French) was deteminded to learn Bavarian (German + southern slang) and it was actually quite funny. Even tho the guy wasn't stopping correcting her, POOR her....
I went to school with my best friend one day, in order to meet the rest of the class who I hadn't seen in almost a year. And suddenly it seems as if I went into the wrong class room. *shock/horror* Wasn't wrong afterall but they had all GROWN! They are OMG-tall!!! Seriously! And I was the smallest person in the class :S (Here, in Portugal, there are always atleast five  people which are smaller than me :( )
So on Saturday, half of the class came over for a Party-slash-Film-watch-evening-slash-night,.... Fun too! Good music and one, actually two of the boys had ''composed'' a song, which wasn't even bad!
Next day we (Lea and Lynn aka. my best bavarian friends and me) went to this MASIVE lake, which froze so that you could go on the ice,.... SO much fun! But then I went back to Munich for the last few days, dentist and other stuff-- (I decided that I hate the dentist - even tho my actual dentist is really nice - because after having loose braces - which she told me, would solve all my tooth-problems - now I probably need ''proper'' aka. bracket-braces. But only in two years,.... I don't want them in two years!!! I mean, if you have braces now, everyone does and it doesn't matter. If you have them when you're twenty then, well, your the poor loner who still has braces...!! I do NOT wanna be having braces when I'm twenty!!!!!)
Ok, now I got carried away again a bit!! I should practice summarizing myself in my blog, but exactly this is why I love blogging, NO LIMITS!!! YAY,... Eventhough you probably, couldn't be bothered to read this post until here so that, in the end, I still am the boring loner who sitts there and writes bloggs all by herself which no one reads,... :( sad.
What I actually wanted to say: I'm really happy to be back in Portugal again,.....!!! All my friends and the normal, boring, old school life was fun and exciting today and some people even seem to have missed me!!!! NO I'm not that sad,.... Ok, loads of people missed me and my awsomely loud laughter,... HEHEH!!!! Sorry guys!
So, because I'm a very nice person (with a loud personallity) and my birthday just passed, I feel like saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to everyone who was born on the 9th of february!!
ARRGHHH,.. I need to stop writing!! (Like in the SHORT story we wrote for english Hw, 22 pages, Well Done Rosa!!!)
So, Bye!! Xxx

Ps.: Here awsome Germany pic (+ me)


  1. super bild meine süße!
    wie hastn das mit der seite geschafft?
    sehr unterhaltsam hier! vor allem der text in dem ich auch drin vorkomme!!! WOW! sehr schmeichelhaft :D
    hab dich sau lieb und vermisse dich!
    glg lynn

  2. auf irgntwie ging des ganz leicht weil ich eh schon nen google account hatte :)
    ich dich auch, mein schatz!