Tuesday, 20 September 2011

"Um, Dois, Para Trás, Para Frente"

Soo, I said I would write whe I had my first ballroom lesson and now I am.... 2 days into the new school week Im gonna go for Hip-Hop later :) Yayyy,.... But back to Ballroom!
It was in my school in one of the Gyms and it seemed as if no one was going to come, but it turned out that the most people were just late (we are in Portugal, right? ;P). The teacher was a downright Austrian, which was funny because allthough he said he lived in Portugal for 15 years now, the Austian side - and accent - was still very much seeping through :) I thought he was the Austrian version of Mr. Bean as he also had some similarities with the former :) In the end it was about 30 people ad allthough there were a few women more then men we all had fun. And the first lesson was obviously NOT just a 'get to know eachother thing' as we learend basic steps for Waltz, Rock-n-Roll and a Quadrille, a really exhausting experience. I never had to stand up straight for 2 hours, at least i think not as straight because I was nursing a backache for the rest of the evening.
I still dream of "um, dois, para trás, para frente"...
In other news.... OH, I am now waiting for Amanzon to finally send me Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows and waiting is soooo annoying as I have noted once again! Urghhhh, I just want to finish the story! Yesterday I read the end of book number 6 and once again realised how sad the part where Dumbledore dies is! Wahhhh! :'(
Also, I am now regularly watching the Hurley Pro 2011 professional surfing competition in Tresltles! It's awsome! My favourite surfers up until now are Josh Kerr, Owen Wright and John John Florence and it's a really good comperition!.... Sadly through school and other extracurricular activities I miss some of the heats
Hope to speak soon :)

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  1. Good news, so glad youre interested in Pro Surf... such an entertaining sport!