Monday, 28 November 2011

I Love Cole St Clair

Ok this pot will not be a film review, as I have not watched any very interesting films in the past week. Oh wait... Thats not true, I watched the new version of Footlose, wasn't my favourite, I'd already seen theoriginal movie and it wasnt any different... And except for some cool dancing and the ridiculous idea of banning dance I didn't find it very interesting. Also, the main character is ugly. The dance movie I am really looking forward to is Step Up 4ever, I love AAALLL the Step Up films, especially Step Up 2!! And in the cast is tWich, who is AMAZING. I 'know' him from So You Think You Can Dance.
What I really wanted to talk about is Forever, a book by Maggie Stiefvater, and the 3rd in the Wolves of Mercy Falls Trilogy. I finished reading it a week ago already, but I don't think I reviewed it. Shiver, the first of the series, introduces us to the world of Grace, who falls in love with a boy, Sam, who is a werewolf during the cold months. So she tries to keep him human as long as possible, also after inicially being bitten a wolf stops shifting after some years, and she is worries that she will never see Sam again...  So they she tries to find a cure, and he nearly dies, but thankfully turns out temporarily healed. Then Grace, who was once bitten but never turned into a wolf, becomes sick. They find out that it is the 'wolf inside her' that can't come out. So after they bite her again, she does finally become a wolf. And now it is Sam who is healed and Grace who is wolf.
In Forever there is also a new main character, Cole. He is also a wolf, and he is a kinda famous singer and a genius. But through drugs and family problems and fame he reegularly tries to kill himself. And through being a wolf he can accept himself better and he has a more balanced personallity.. And a problem arises, as no one knows that the wolves of Mercy Falls are actually people, and they want to shoot them all, becaue they are scared of the wolves, so Sam and Grace and Cole need to move them to a different territory. And Cole makes up this really good plan and then he risks his life to save all the others!!! And he makes lots of experiments to find a better, and less dangerous cure.... His personallity is a bit cocky and he is appareanly a lot like grown up toddler (messy, stubborn, hurt really easily) but also very handsome, and he really is a genius. And... I just love him! And did I mention that he nearly dies? And he has an amazingly funny sense of humor!... Hmmmmm!
Appareantly there is going to be a film (YAYY), no cast yet, but a handfull of producers and screenwriters...  And sooooo, I will soon (in 1 or 2 years I mean) review Shiver (the film)... and theeen I need to hope that it's going to be successful. AND THEN, they might make a film with Cole St Clair in it!!! At the moment I think suitable actors for him would be Tom Felton (<3) orrrr maybe Alex Pettyfer (I DO have a slight obsession with him! So hot he would be perfect for almost any character), I think either of these would be good, but I still preffer Alex. Who wouldn't?

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  1. OMG I LOVE "COLE" (alex pettyfer)
    Anyway, I love this post you wrote, it's really interesting!I like Step Up, but I love the movie FAME it's so cool!