Wednesday, 11 January 2012

29th of February

Ok, I am really sorry. I said I woudn't be late again but now I am -.-
So that said first, I only have one more day of examss! Yayy! Portuguese Foreign Language tomorrow and them I'm finished!
I DID get Crossed (by Ally Condie, sequel to Matched) the same day I posted the last post, and I've already finished it. I must say, I do not particularily like the books, mostly due to the fact that I still live Xander more, even if you did get to know Ky a bit better. I actually started to like Ky, since half of the chapters are written in his perspective but, even if I now sympathise with him more as an individual, I still don't like the fact that Cassia runs after him while Xander is just perfect for her. Also, Indie, I liked her in the beginning but seriously, get over yourself, your an Aberration, fine, I get it, but you dont have to steal peoples Matches...! So, I liked this book if I can block out the stupid love story...
More books arrived: Eldest, Brisingr and Inheritance which are the rest of the Eragon series, YAY! I'm halfway through Eldest right now so Murtagh is still ''dead'', which is actually better than being a traitor I think, and Arya was just prooven to be a 100 year old princess... Nice... I really do hope Eragon and Arya will end up together, even if there is a massive age difference, she could basicly be his great-great-great-grandmother.... WOW! I just realised tht....
Then I just watched Leap Year which is such a nice film!! I really liked it! It's about Anna (Amy Adams) who wants to marry her long time slimy boyfriend and when he doesn't propose to her she goes to Dublin to propose to him, on leap day. But since there are weather problems, she lands in Brittain and then has to make her journey with the slightly arrogant guy who is willing to drive her to Dublin because he is broke... An then the car breaks and they have to pretend to be married and they slowly fall in love.... yaayyyyy.... it's an absolute chick flick but every girl needs those once in a while....
Then some funny things happened in school, 1st of ll I found out that my friend Ines has a photographic memory of something ;P and 2nd the other day after school a guy from one of the higher years lost his glove and didn't notice and she ran after him screaming ''Your Glove!!! Your Gloooovee!!!! YOUR GLOVEE!!!'' and he and she hadn't even noticed that she had behaved really embarrassingly..... I still love you sweety don't worry, sometimes you are just hilarious!
So not a very long post today.... since I don't want to annoy everyone by posting up every little detail about my failed exams (aka. all of them), Byee XX

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