Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Consulting Detective: Sherlock.

At the moment it seems I am quite obsessed with Sherlock Holmes. No wonder, with the second film being even more brilliant than the first. (I have now already seen it twice and the devil pony and the urban camouflage are still as good as the first time! A lot of my friends said I should watch the BBC version of Sherlock. And because of this so called obsession, I did. I have now finished the first season :( which only has three episodes anyways :'( and I am absolutely in love with this modern portayal of Sherly, Watson and Moriaty. Where I have to compare Robert Downey Jr. and Benedict Cumberbatch I just have to say that they are both brillian in their own way and completely suited for the different portrayals of Holmes that they act as. Downey Jr. is perfect in his 1890ish area in which modern technology has to be replaced with an even higher level of unike brilliancy which edges onto madness. And Cumberbatch presents Sherlock as a modern megamind who is droven by an aspegerish focus which repersents the modern day life well. Both Watsons are portayed amazingly as well of course, where I have to say that where in the film Sherlock is the childish one in the series Watson is the one who I worry about most of the time.
I have moved on to Brisingr. It is amazing as are all the others. I have just realised that he is only 28 and he has released four 1000-page-bestsellers already! WOW! I know that there is not going to be a 5th book of Eragon, since he had already only planned on writing tree books in the beginning but I really hope that there is another one to come beause I know I will miss Eragon once I have finished his story.
Brisingr is as espected, and already said a really good book, and Murtagh reappears. Yay... kind of... or not. I absolutely loved him in book one, but now he has become Galbatorix' tool and tries to kill his own brother, what a f**ktard! Also Elva, the girl who Eragon intended to bless, but actually cursed, has become a slightly annoying character. I find her decision to keep her gift good, it was exactly what I wanted, but I never wanted her to ABUSE her power!!! I guess she is just a two year old toddler but for the adult brain she owns she shud behave more wisely.
So one and a half more Eragon's to go and I am already dreading the end (which doesn't cause me to read any slower but still,..). I did buy the rest of the Uglies on Amazon some time ago but they havent arived yet... Arghhhhhh! *rage* I want them noooww! Also I want my newest Sookie book! I miss True Blood.
This is the first week I went back to normal school, mocks are over and I have already got some results... thre B's in History, Chemistry and Maths.... In all of which I am aming for A's at the end of the year. So life is just going on I guess... Oh, and I also had my first Little Shop of Horrors rehersal yesterday, which was basicly only learning parts of two of the songs but I am really happy because it sounds really good!
Nothing else to tell.... Byeeeeee!

Music of the Moment:
Little Shop of Horrors Song (Sorry, I don't know the composer)

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