Monday, 23 January 2012

International Love

Brian Jeong & Ethan Leeman: "International Love" by Pitbull (Ft. Chris Brown) - YouTube

I absolutely love, love, looooooveee this! Especially Ethan.... the guy on the right, with the white cap. Wow those guys are so amazing! My lovely friend Laura showed me this video because she was researching dance for her GCSE PE Dance and she found it and now we are both absolutely obsessed.
I am still reading Brisingr but I am on the last 100 pages so I will hopefully finish it fairly quickly. Eragon is now in Ellesmèra and Oromis just told him that Brom is his father rather than Morzan! So that is a veryy good thing, and also Orik is now King of the dwarves thank god. Nasuada is really annoying me because she has become so posessive of Eragon, I kann understand that if you are on the brink of war, you woudn't want your best fighter to disappear but a) for a small about of time they would be fine without him and b) I think it's stupid of her to be like that, when her behaviour only aggrivates and alienates Eragon even more than necessary. It seem like she is really full of herself...
The some of the other books I bought via amazon have finally arrived, I was really beginning to worry. I have now got The Power of Six (by Pittacus Lore) which is a sequel to I Am Number Four and I had allready read on but now I have the book, which I preffer way more than just reading it. And a third squel was announced which is called The Rise of Nine. Yayy! Also I have now got Pretties by Scott Westerfeld and Extras also by him. Now I just need Specials to complete the series.
My birthday is in a little less than 2 weeks which on one hand is reallt good but on the other hand not because I have not fullfilled my list of things to do befor I'm 16.... But I am staying in Portugal this time! I'm going to Berlin another 2 weeks after thaat though, because I am taking a trip with my History class there in the Carnival Hols. I am really excited mostly because the program is quite fun (we're going ice skating!!!!) and also because I will be very much enjoying to boast about my German skills..... hehe...
This post isn't particularily long as I a) have to still do my homework and b) am watching Sherlock 2 again, for the 3rd time. Soooo byee! XX

Song: International Love - Pitbull ft. Chris Brown

Ps.: I found a whoooole new bunch of Chaos Theory Crew vids just nowww yayyy! Check them out at

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