Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Two Spies, One Girl

Just had my first surf lesson in 3 months. The 18th of March. It was amazing. I was already so happy last week, but this was a lesson and it was exhilarating... lol. My friend Laura always makes fun of me for using vocab like that... -.- It was a very good lesson! I loved it. I was surfing with a teacher who I havent had before, but he was also really nice and actually helped me quite a lot. And my lovely friend Tete was also there, which was good because I hadn't seen her in quite a while.
What I am really excited about this week is A) the performances of Little Shop of Horrors (god, tomorrow is the dress rehersal :/) and B) the Hunger Games film is coming out! OH YEAHhh! The only bad thing is that I can't actually see it on Thursday because I've got a show -.- But we all made plans to go see it Saturday morning....!! I am SO looking forward to seeing it! But I'm also a bit scared that it won't fullfill my expectations because I love the book so much. I'm actually reading it again right now in preparation kind of.... The thing I am seriously disappointed about is that neither Peeta NOR Gale are good looking. FML. Seriously? Am I going to have to wait till next year - when Hunger Games 2 will come out hopefully (????) - untill I can see anyone somewhat good looking? Finnick? Ok. I just hope that he'll be played by Alex Pettyfer. (BTW, don't you think there should be another ''R'' in his last name?) But then again I want Alex to play most male characters. It would be widely appreciated too I think! No one minds a film that Alex is in :D I'm looking forward to Magic Mike SO much! COME ON: Alex Pettyfer, Channing Tatum AND Joe Maganiello in one film.... oh god I'm gonna faint of hotness!
Let's move on, befor I get too excited! I watched This Means War the other day and I don't really know if I liked it or not. I definightly did NOT like the part where she chose Chris Colfer over Tom Hardy! I did NOT get that! Who can choose a hot American dude over a hot British guy? I'd go for the Brit anytime... The accent is hot. I'm not saying that I didn't appreciate Chris' good looks or anything and I have to say I do tend to go for the jerks, but lately not so much. I loved and hated the end because that really summed up the two guys personalities. Male slut and unbelievably nice awsome british guy. Maybe it's just my mothering instincts (oh god, the guy is, like, 30 or something) taking over bcause he is just so nice and sweet, and that's why I can't understand how anyone would want to dump a guy like that. And about his ex-wife/kid's mother: I really dont like her. I mean 1st of all she divorced/dumped/whatevered him and THEN when he turns out to be a secret agent shes all over him again? Seriously? And he's still so heart broken he goes for it? That's just mean! Like, abusing a helpless guy in a bad situation. Or taking away a kid's Lolipop. You just don't.
I just, like JUST now, watches the last episode of Pretty Little Liars. Ohmigod. A = MONA? Srsly? Nooooooooo! I as beginnig to LIKE her. I was also absolutely in love with the penultimate episode, because I adored the twist with Jenna and everything! I'm already sad that the season is over! I am glad tho that they left the end unclear so that it can go on. But at the same time I feel frustrated. It's like I've watched for so long can't I get a bit of a reward? And don't tell me Mona was more than enough rewarding....
I am STILL waiting for Hacking Harvard and quite annoyed about how long shipping from America takes! Waahhhhhh! I'm tired and I haven't done any homework yet, sooooo: BYE XX

Here's a song my bestie Lozza showed me.... Bleh, it's stuck in my head!

Call Me Maybe - Carly Rae Jepsen

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