Tuesday, 1 May 2012

A Documantation Of Normality

Laura changing glases in every frame just to show how normal she is. -.-
So, after several complaints from my very condecending and impatient friend Laura Marie Christie I was now forced to create a post just to show how awsome she was. Seeing as I had portayed her as a ''complete retard'' - and rightfully so - I now need to be a nice person and show the world that we are actually normal people... (Suuuuuree we are... Hear the sarcasm?) Ok, so here goes:

A Study In Pink - Sherlock BBC refference anyone? :P

Peace & Loveeee,  we're hippieees :)

Nerds... In preparation for our GCSEs o.O

And this one... just cos I like it and I think im pretty in it.... So ego-centric,.. I know... :D
Also I am supposed to say that Laura is really pretty..... True fact.... She IS REALLY pretty! And I love her sm!


Laura is my bestes friend in the world. She is reeeally pretty and always reeeally nice and she has blond hair an grey eyes and she is yay-high and she is really thin and like really sporty and she is like my idol. We are like so good friends that shes not just my idol shes my sister, and not just my sister shes my twin from another mother. Just that she is way prettyier and taller and wittier and awsomer than me. Laura is so cool that like I worship the floor she walks on because it is holy and I really believe that shes an angel sent from heaven to save the whole world from hunger and poverty and zomie apocaypse and the end of the world. Laura is like the most amazing person I've ever know and I am really glad that were friends. I wanna be friends with her forever and ever, and even longer than that if thats possible. She is such a nice person. She loves animals and horses and dogs and cats and she horserides and she takes her dogs for long romantic walks on the beach and unfortunately her cat is in england with her dad so I cant really say much about that. And also laura has a sister, who is called Jemima, and she is also really nice and pretty but Laura is way nicer and prettier than Jemima. I love you Laura youre my bestest friend in the world with Ines. ♥

Laura: Boyfriend - Justin Bieber (oh goood..)
Me: Used To Have It All - Maverick Sabre (Delta Heavy Remix)
Daydreamer - Flux Pavillion ft. Example
Together: We've Lost Our Way - Bill Downs
Better Days - Bill Downs ft. Arnob (Y do I always feel like saying 'Doorknob'??)

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