Tuesday, 27 November 2012

The One In Which Carlisle Dies

So, this week I'm actually trying to get this sh*t posted on time, so I'm blogging in my free period. The internet is lagging so I can't watch Misfits... :( This is only second choice entertainment.
Well in this room there are currently a girl crying about her bad maths grade which totally annoys me because, f*cking hell, it's a maths grade.. Get over it dude.. And she is cuddeling with her best friend in a slightly inappropriate way, seeing as he has a girlfriend him self.. Sorry, I don't know why this annoys me so much, I just don't like attention seekers..
On Friday night, I went to watch Breaking Dawn Part Two with two friends. It was to my expectations... I didn't particularly like it. I mean, I didn't really like any of the films. The one before this one wasn't so bad due to the really gross scenes involving breaking spines and birth and injections to the heart and a lot of blood.. But in this film it seemed like there was so much CGI done in so little time that it wasn't completely finished. Also they left out so many little details that were really sad! I can understand that in a film you can't put in all the details but, often, they're the thing that makes the book worth while.. Things like Bella's first hunting trip in which she is scared to jump out of the window because there still are human remainders in her and then getting to know more of the foreign vampires and the scenes with the guy who makes false papers for Renesmee and Jack.. One of my favourite characters in the book was Maggie, a gifted vamp from Ireland who knew if people were telling the truth, hasn't even got lines in the film. The complicated vampire politics and coven structures are some of the more interesting things that were completely left out. 
Badass Chick And Kinda Hot Vampire
Really Cool Vampires From The Amazon
My favourite things were the nomad Alistair, and the relationship between voltage Kate and Garrett! And the amazones are pretty cool to I guess! And also the twist at the end. And also I think they did a good job from transforming her from human Bella into pretty vamp Bella. But otherwise, not worth it. Baby Renesmee was completely CGI and her ageing process really doesn't work. The wolves have gotten a lot better since their first appearance but they're still not realistic enough. One good thing though, they were actually tell-appartable, so it allowed the audience to sympathize more. Another thing: They had the whole credits at the beginning of the film, which is very retro, and sometimes I think it's quite cool, but in this case it goes on and on and ON, and that just gets really boring after a while if only acompanied with landscape shots...
Some girls in my class said they cried because the end was so beautiful... Bullsh*t. I only liked the song, because Christina Perri is quite cool, and I like her music and A Thousand Years is actually a nice song, but all the pictures and the cast roll were again actually quite boring.
Such a pretty child!! Renesmee Cullen...
And don't even get me started on the flower meadow scene. We get it! It's one of the stories consistent images that binds the fricking story together. It represents her innocence and her fragility as a human...  Yeah, yeah, nice way to end the film by making her sparkle.. All is RUINED by making her sparkle!! The sparkling is a really bad effect!! Seriously, ALL integrity that the makers of the film had earned through the fight scene that didn't actually really happen, which was the most awsomest bit of the film, is LOST, by making her f*cking sparkle. It takes away allll the reality and action and whatever there was and makes it a ridiculous cliché again.
Stupid Meadow Scene -.-
The scene I just mentioned, is something that happens in Alice's mind, it's a vision she had about what is going to happen if Aro attacks, which she transferees to him. It kind of starts of without the audience realising that it's not real, and immediately Carlisle dies. And all the people went: *GASP* it was probably the best and the most horrible moment in the film! and then there is some absolutely brilliant fighting and loads of people die, including Seth and Lea, most of the Cullens and even Jake and Renesme, and finally the three Volturi brothers!
I will stop ranting now, because it's late and I could go on forever....
Sorry for slacking with my schedule again.... I've seriously got to get my discipline up again... :-/
So yeaaah, byyyyyyye!

'Cos it was the only good part of the film:
A Thousand Years - Christina Perri


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